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Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Kiev – by Donn Marten, OpEdNews.com – “The grotesque nature of the neo-Nazi murderers and torturers that the Obama administration has backed is a shameful blot on the pissed-away for chump change legacy of this once great country. Not even Bush and Cheney ever went so far as to back neo-Nazis as Obama has. But when a man is a disciple of the psychotic anti-Russian fanatic Zbigniew Brzezinski it is not hard to understand how a charlatan with no soul like Obama would bring back the horrors of Nazism to Europe.”

Putin adviser: Transition to new global economy will require war – from SecretsOfTheFed.com – “The world today is going through a year of overlapping cyclical crises. This is a period when the global economy is changing as the structure that has driven economic growth for 30 years has exhausted itself. The world needs to transition to a new system and transition has always come about through war… The last elections to the European Parliament showed that all European citizens are not fooled by the false pro-American, anti-Russian propaganda… and by the constant stream of lies… In order to avoid the constant threat of foreign asset confiscation, we need to build our own sovereign monetary macro-economic policy.” –Sergei Glazyov

Nigeria-Mastercard-IDNational ID Card With Master Card Logo Launched In Nigeria – from GovtSlaves.com – “People also say the deal was made amid the intense global data spying by the National Security Agency of the United States, which is home to MasterCard. Nigeria’s government has shared the biometrics of 170 million Nigerians to the firm. The government says the card is a means of certifying the holder’s identity, payment card and a personal database repository. But, many analysts say the deal between Nigeria’s National Identity Management Commission, MasterCard and Access Bank hands over all adult Nigerians as direct and compulsory customers of MasterCard.”

natoNATO, the finger of death – from english.Pravda.ru – “This same criminal irresponsibility was demonstrated in Libya, where they again intervened, this time joined by that sickening wannabe Napoleon, France, this time not only creating but actively using terrorists on their own lists of proscribed groups, which Muammar al-Gaddafy (the first international leader to issue arrest warrants against al-Qaeda) was fighting. Again, military equipment was deployed against civilian structures, civilians were slaughtered by NATO aircraft, the Libyan water supply system was targeted (war crime), the electricity grid was destroyed (war crime) and the result, once again, was the wholesale destruction of a State. Under the Geneva Conventions, any military intervention must leave the area invaded functioning properly attending to the needs of its citizens… In not managing to guarantee this, the USA and its poodles in Europe have failed miserably in their task and have shirked their responsibilities. They are also responsible for criminal acts breaching every fiber of international law. Their leaders are, in plain English, war criminals and murderers.”

Tyler_Durden-SoapIt Begins: “Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “The most powerful sources of resistance to cash transfers are political and ideological. In the United States, for example, the Fed is extremely resistant to legislative changes affecting monetary policy for fear of congressional actions that would limit its freedom of action in a future crisis (such as preventing it from bailing out foreign banks). Moreover, many American conservatives consider cash transfers to be socialist handouts. In Europe, which one might think would provide more fertile ground for such transfers, the German fear of inflation that led the European Central Bank to hike rates in 2011, in the middle of the greatest recession since the 1930s, suggests that ideological resistance can be found there, too.”

Who’s going to be sacked for making-up global warming at Rutherglen? – by jennifer, JenniferMarohasy.com – “The unhomogenized/raw mean annual minimum temperature trend for Rutherglen for the 100-year period from January 1913 through to December 2013 shows a slight cooling trend of 0.35 degree C per 100 years. After homogenization there is a warming trend of 1.73 degree C per 100 years. This warming trend is essentially achieved by progressively dropping down the temperatures from 1973 back through to 1913. For the year of 1913 the difference between the raw temperature and the ACORN-SAT temperature is a massive 1.8 degree C… There is absolutely no justification for doing this.”

From the There-Ought-To-Be-A-Law–Oh-There-Is Desk: Florida couples can be arrested if caught living together before marriage – from PoliceStateUSA.com – “798.02 Lewd and lascivious behavior.—If any man and woman, not being married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together, or if any man or woman, married or unmarried, engages in open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, they shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. – “Indeed, Florida’s cohabitation law is still actively enforced. Between 2007 and 2011, nearly 700 Florida residents were charged with misdemeanors for living together, WCTV reported… The enforcement process remains extremely arbitrary, as there are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of unmarried residents living together in Florida who have not been charged. There is be no practical manner for distinguishing a romantic couple from a pair of platonic male and female roommates. Interestingly, the law doesn’t punish same-sex couples living together.” (emph. added)

Cameron-worriedCameron: ‘Yes’ Vote Will Make Scottish ‘More Vulnerable to Islamic Terror’ – It’s official: the UK are in full panic mode on Scottish independence. – by 21stCenturyWire.com – “Tell us why would ISIS or al Qaeda would want to target the Scots?.. Is Scotland flooding the Middle East with arms? Is Scotland regularly lying its way into war after war? On the contrary, by separating itself from the Empire, Scotland’s Jihadi Threat Index would drop somewhere down near Ireland… ‘With terrorist threats and other threats, isn’t it better to be part of a United Kingdom that has a top-five defense budget, some of the best intelligence and security services anywhere in the world, that is part of every single alliance that really matters in the world in terms of NATO, the G-8, the G-20, the European Union, a member of the security council of the UN?’ Cameron said… With all due respect Dave, your proposition sounds just like a protection racket.

N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke – from SmartMeterHarm.org – “Many people have been visiting this site to learn about Stephen’s situation, particularly in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, as well as in Europe and the United States. Stephen says this has been very encouraging. But his medication has now been doubled to 10 mg.”

Ellen_BrownPreparing To Asset-strip Local Government? The Fed’s Bizarre New Rules – by Ellen Brown, OpEdNews.com – “The first major hit to US municipal bonds occurred with the downgrade of two major monoline insurers in January 2008. The fault was with the insurers, but the taxpayers footed the bill. The downgrade signaled a simultaneous downgrade of bonds from over 100,000 municipalities and institutions, totaling more than $500 billion. The Fed’s latest rule change could be the final nail in the municipal bond coffin, another misguided move by regulators that not only does not hit its mark but results in serious collateral damage to local governments — maybe serious enough to finally propel them into bankruptcy.”

How Empires End – by Jeff Thomas, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Costs of goods rise, without wages keeping pace… Tax revenue declines as the economy declines (due to excessive taxation). Taxes are increased again, in order to top up government revenues… In spite of all the above, government leaders personally hoard as much as they can, further limiting the circulation of wealth in the business community… Governments issue bonds and otherwise borrow to continue expansion, with no plan as to repayment… Dramatic authoritarian control is instituted to assure that the public continues to comply with demands, even if those demands cannot be met by the public… Economic and social collapse occurs, often marked by unrest and riots, the collapse of the economy, and the exit of those who are productive… In this final period, the empire turns on itself, treating its people as the enemy.”

ISIS-Shaken10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop – Scripted Oddities Portray ISIS As “James Bond” of Terrorism – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com – “I declare humanity too intuitive to buy into this psychological operation and hopefully I’m right. So while the core TV-watching, mainstream media-believing community drinks the government Kool Aid, let us get started by pointing out several glaring observations regarding the ISIS psyop… Glancing ahead, the ISIS kids have knowledge of things that require you to have education, modern technical skills, a little bit of decency, structure, conformity to societal norms and somewhat transparent connection to the outside world. What are these things and what are some of the surreal oddities surrounding ISIS? Let’s examine…”


Must See! Russian Video: Why America Needs a Major War in Europe

Over 100,000 Homeless People Have Been Moved Into Homes & It Isn’t Stopping There! One Of The Most Profound Movements Ever! – from PeoplesTrustToronto.wordpress.com – “The organization’s manifesto boasts, ‘The bottom line is that it is just too difficult to battle addiction, take care of serious physical and mental health conditions or find steady employment while simultaneously battling homelessness. That’s why all 100,000 Homes communities adopt a ‘Housing First’ approach.’.. The housing first philosophy dictates that the most vulnerable and chronic people experiencing homelessness be offered the choice to move into permanent housing combined with available supportive services (“permanent supportive housing”) right away… Since launching their campaign, 100k Homes has earned more than their goal of housing 100,000 homeless people. The total number of homeless people housed is now at a whopping 105,580! It’s incredible to see such a massive effort being made to solve this major issue.”

Vatican Pope Pope Francis And Shimon Peres Discuss The Establishment Of A ‘United Nations Of Religions’ – by Michael Snyder, TheEndOfTheAmericanDream.com – “After his private meeting with Peres, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said that the Pope “listened, showing his interest, attention, and encouragement” while Peres shared his ideas.  The Pope did not commit to anything, but he also did not dismiss the idea of a United Nations of Religions… And the truth is that such an organization would fit in very well with what the Pope has been trying to do his entire tenure.  He has been doing just about all that he can to “build bridges” to other religions.”

Russian Retaliation Begins: Gazprom “Limiting EU Gas”, Cuts Poland Supplies By 24% In Past Two Days – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “So is this the beginning of the quite literal, ahead of the winter, European cold war? It looks like it, although for now it is all covered up in diplomacy with Bloomberg reporting that the Russian exporter “set volumes of daily natgas deliveries to Poland at level of end of last week due to preparations for heating season in Russia, Gazprom official says by phone, asking not to be identified in line with corporate policy.” That, and conveniently Gazprom decided to “carry out some maintenance work at its pipeline system in Russia.” Some maintenance work which suddenly saw Poland, which is 80% reliant on Russian gas, receive up to a quarter less Russian gas… Finally, Gazprom noted that it also has to pump additional 7.3bcm of fuel to local underground inventories for winter in next month.”

Zim_Djibouti“Refuse Israeli Ships Campaign”: Palestine Solidarity War Coalition in Vancouver Blocks Israeli Ship – by Free Palestine Movement, GlobalResearch.ca – “The ship then returned to open water along the Pacific coast and stayed there several days, until midnight last night.  At that time it set course for Port Angeles, on the US side of the passage to Vancouver.  By unloading at an unexpected US port, the company apparently hoped to circumvent the blockade… It didn’t work.  Perhaps the logistics of arranging passage by land through another country for the hazardous cargo on board was too much, or perhaps the docking facilities were inadequate for the huge ship, but it turned back and returned to the open sea.  At the time of this report, it has still failed to declare a new destination and arrival time.”


Web Research Links for the week of 9/1/14:

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 NATO’s Options in Ukraine – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “As the West has done in Syria, it now seeks to do in Ukraine – a complete retrenchment of the official narrative regarding the nature of the ongoing conflict. Previously, the Western media has gone through great lengths to obscure overt Nazism running throughout both the political front it is propping up in Kiev, as well as across the irregular forces sent alongside what remains of Ukraine’s national army. Western media outlets have briefly touched on the issue in attempts to mitigate and manage growing public concern.”

Are Police More Damned Trouble Than They’re Worth? – by J.D. Tuccille, Reason.com – “Modern saturation policing—when cops swarm a neighborhood or randomly throw roadblocks over major roadways—is openly intended as a form of intimidation. The Tennessee Highway Patrol plans ‘driver’s license, sobriety and seatbelt checkpoints, as well as saturation patrols and bar and tavern checks’ over Labor Day weekend to scare the public into compliance with a laundry list of rules and regulations. It’s probably more effective at making people afraid to leave the house on a holiday lest they trip over lurking troopers. It’s also at odds with the idea that ‘the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action.’ “

Christiana FigueresUN Climate Chief: ‘Not Very Far’ from Considering ‘Climate Change as a Public Health Emergency’ – by Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com – “In her speech Figueres, who is executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) said that while it was easy to view climate change as ‘the equivalent of a disease’ it was actually the symptom… ‘The disease is something we rarely admit,’ she said. ‘The disease is humanity’s unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels, deforestation and land use that depletes natural resources.’.. ‘At the heart of an effective response to climate change is the challenge of taking responsibility for our actions and above all, making tough decisions to change the patterns that have been at the base of our development over the past 100 years…’ “

Robbing Argentina in the US court in Manhattan – fraud of medieval style and proportions – by Joseph Zernik, OpEdNews.com – “In plain language, a single hold-out debt holder, NML Capital, can undermine the consensual agreement of the Republic of Argentina and the majority of its debt holders, and extort favorable treatment through the ruling of a US judge in New York… Beyond the commonsense absurdity of the situation, one must in such a case doubt the integrity of the US court and Judge Thomas Griesa…”

Donestk-Press_ConfVideo: Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials (MUST SEE!) – from VineyardSaker.Blogspot.com – “There is no overstating the importance of this press conference by by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic.  As as soon as I saw it myself, I asked two of our Teams (Russian and Oceania) to work together on a translation as fast as possible.  They did as stellar job and I can now share this video with you.”

The West, the greatest cause of War in human history, stands stripped of all Legitimacy — by Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org – “In the last couple of days the newly formed military units of the Donetsk National Republic have defeated and surrounded large portions of the remaining Ukrainian military. Russian President Putin asked the Donetsk Republic to allow the defeated Ukrainians to return home to their wives and mothers. The Donetsk Republic agreed to Putin’s mercy request as long as the Ukrainians left their weapons behind. The Donetsk Republic is short on weapons as, contrary to Western lies, the Donetsk Republic is not supplied with weapons by Russia… Washington’s puppet government in Kiev declined the mercy extended to its troops and said they had to fight to the death. Shades of Hitler at Stalingrad…”

Meir&NixonNewly declassified documents reveal how U.S. agreed to Israel’s nuclear program – Documents reveal contacts between Washington and Jerusalem in late 1960s, when some Americans believed the nuclear option would not deter Arab leaders but would trigger an atom bomb race – by Amir Oren, Haaretz.com – “The Obama administration this week declassified papers, after 45 years of top-secret status, documenting contacts between Jerusalem and Washington over American agreement to the existence of an Israeli nuclear option. The Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), which is in charge of approving declassification, had for decades consistently refused to declassify these secrets of the Israeli nuclear program.”

Totalitarian Collectivism – NWO Enforcer:  NATO Threatens WW III – from BATR.org – “Students of world affairs are not strangers to the practice of lies and deception. One of the grand daddies of the Nefarious Warrior Organism, and infamous war criminal, Henry Kissinger has a new book, World Order. An excerpt published in the Wall Street Journal, Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order, spews the same poppycock that underpins the destructive policies and practices that has the world ripe for an apocalyptic conflict, needed to rescue the banksters of international finance from their derivative Ponzi scheme.” – “I think that NATO is itself a war criminal” -Harold Pinter

Bloodied-anders_fogh_rasmussenKafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen –  by Jim Kirwan, Rense.com – “It should be pointed out that Rasmussen is not a general, not an expert on weaponry or global military strategy—he was not elected. He’s a puppet who represents NATO that serves the global-bankers as global corporate pirates. As such Rasmussen is just a mouthpiece for a criminal-mob with an agenda that is not equal to the scale of what he’s proposing, as NATO’s solution to a problem, that NATO has no business participating in at all.”

Arundhati Roy: How Corporate Power Converted Wealth Into Philanthropy for Social Control – The new book, ‘Capitalism: A Ghost Story,’ explores the blurred connection between corporations and the foundations they endow – from Alternet.org – “Among the first foundations to be set up in the United States were the Carnegie Corporation, endowed in 1911 by profits from Carnegie Steel Company, and the Rockefeller Foundation, endowed in 1914 by J. D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil Company. The Tatas and Ambanis of their time… Some of the institutions financed, given seed money, or supported by the Rockefeller Foundation are the United Nations, the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), New York’s most fabulous Museum of Modern Art, and, of course, the Rockefeller Center in New York…”

Mexican Judge Departs From Script, Turns Monsanto’s Mexican Dream Into Legal Nightmare – by Don Quijones, Wolfstreet.com – “The latest country to put a spanner in the works is Mexico. This past week the country’s Federal Court voted to uphold Judge Marroquín Zaleta’s 2013 ruling to suspend the granting of licenses for GMO field trials sought by Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Pionner-Dupont and Mexico’s SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Ministry). Zaleta’s ruling was in response to a suit brought by a collective of 53 scientists and 22 civil rights organizations and NGOs.”

Stop and seize – Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes – by Michael Sallah, Robert O’Harrow Jr., Steven Rich, WashingtonPost.com – “Behind the rise in seizures is a little-known cottage industry of private police-training firms that teach the techniques of “highway interdiction” to departments across the country… One of those firms created a private intelligence network known as Black Asphalt Electronic Networking & Notification System that enabled police nationwide to share detailed reports about American motorists — criminals and the innocent alike — including their Social Security numbers, addresses and identifying tattoos, as well as hunches about which drivers to stop.”

NEO – Kiev Coup is Collapsing – by Jim W. Dean, VeteransToday.com – “During the entire slaughter of the civilians in the New Republics, not a word of reproach was heard from the US or EU to reign Kiev in… eternal shame on them. When Kiev troops found the self-defense forces more of a match than they expected, they pulled back to shell and punish the civilian areas in return — the tactics of cowards… The EU only began to finally show some flexibility, not through any real moral concern of the innocent being killed for their poor leadership, but solely due to the blow-back in Europe from the food sanctions… The business community is on the war path, and new concern has been shown for getting the energy Gordian Knot addressed before winter comes… But the catch there is that Kiev has no intention of paying, as it will be broke when it shells out the $1.5 billion to get the gas pipelines flowing.”

Web Research Links for the week of 8/25/14:

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Gaza-12_Floor_Apt_leveledFascism in America – The Devil Went Down to Georgia – by Philip Giraldi, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The attitudes expressed by at least some of the residents of Augusta Georgia suggest that they essentially support a “might makes right” and “you do what you have to do” attitude as it applies both to the United States and Israel. That the policies of both Washington and Tel Aviv have frequently created enemies abroad is apparently immaterial and not worthy of consideration, nor is there much receptiveness to a Christian appeal for peace and understanding. If that assessment is correct, it reflects a dangerous hardlining of attitudes held by Americans vis-à-vis the rest of the world.”

Israeli air strikes level 12-floor apartment block in Gaza after giving residents just ten minutes’ warning to get out – by Lucy Crossley, Dailymail.co.uk – With many photos, including shopping center gutted by flames after Israeli attack and of the funeral of Daniel Tregerman, a four-year-old Israeli boy killed by a mortar bomb said to be fired by Hamas.

Obama Destabilizes Europe’s Economy: Sanctions Deepen the Recession – by James Petras,  InformationClearingHouse.info – “No European country can benefit from embracing the failed regime in Kiev. . . Ukraine’s currency is in free-fall – ranking below soiled toilet paper.  Its major industries, totally dependent on trade with Russia, are bankrupt or have been bombed by the NATO-putsch regime in Kiev.  Its agricultural exports are devastated.  Meanwhile Ukrainian families are advised to chop their own wood or dig their own coal in anticipation of a winter totally cut off from Russian gas because the oligarchs in Kiev have been unable or unwilling to pay the huge energy debt.  .  For their staunch support of this bankrupt regime, ruled by a ‘Billionaire Oligarch’ in Kiev, for upholding the ‘principles’ so lauded by Finnish President Stubbs, one million European farmers will bury their own apples, pour their own milk in the streets and dump their grapes, oranges and tomatoes in rotting heaps. . . And this is so their leaders, Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Hollande can uphold their real ‘principles’ of territorial expansion, extend their military operations to the borders with Russia and posture as warriors while destroying their countries productive economies, bankrupting their farmers and manufacturers, driving millions more into unemployment and deepening the pains of recession.”

ChatterGrabberNew Social Media Surveillance Program Violates Privacy to Keep You Safe – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – “Future versions of ChatterGrabber will feature interactive visualization via the EpiDash system and an enhanced partner interface, allowing users to adapt ChatterGrabber to their local dialect and public health conditions. Epidemiologists will also be able to customize the software to search for particular disease symptoms, and a version of the system is also being developed for 911 emergencies, including weather surveillance… ‘ChatterGrabber and EpiDash are great examples of Virginia Tech’s motto ‘Ut Prosim’ in action,’ said Eubank. ‘We are designing and building surveillance systems based on individual behavior to better inform preparedness services.’ “

Robots Receive Internet Brain For Machine Learning – A new system called Robo Brain is being funded by the usual suspects in the military-industrial-surveillance complex – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – ” ‘Our laptops and cell phones have access to all the information we want. If a robot encounters a situation it hasn’t seen before it can query Robo Brain in the cloud,’ said Ashutosh Saxena, assistant professor of computer science at Cornell University. Saxena and colleagues at Cornell, Stanford and Brown universities and the University of California, Berkeley, say Robo Brain will process images to pick out the objects in them, and by connecting images and video with text, it will learn to recognize objects and how they are used, along with human language and behavior… The project is supported by the National Science Foundation, The Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Office, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the National Robotics Initiative, whose goal is to advance robotics to help make the United States competitive in the world economy.(emph. added)Just whom, may I ask, is this “United States”?

looting-ferguson-400x225Ret. Police Captain: Feds Use Provocateurs to Influence Public Opinion -
Feds also use provocateurs to “justify” the militarization of local law enforcement – by Kit Daniels, Infowars.com – “For example, radio host Dave Hodges claimed a Department of Homeland Security source told him the violent rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, last week ‘was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers.’.. The police used this violence to justify giving unconstitutional orders to peaceful protestors in Ferguson, who were the vast majority of those present, while armed with combat gear more suited for war in Iraq and Afghanistan than the American Midwest.”

BREAKING: Failed Rapper Identified as Suspect in James Foley Beheading – British Intelligence is actively hunting the 23-year-old former Londoner – by Rachel Browne, Alternet.org – “The hooded man with an English accent is believed to be 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known to fellow Islamic State militants as Jihadi John.  The former rapper left his family home in an affluent west London suburb last year to fight in the civil war in Syria.  In early August he tweeted a photo of himself wearing military camouflage and a black hood, while holding a severed head in his left hand.” – As if there is actual evidence to suggest the “hooded man” killed anyone. Perhaps guilty of participation in a Psy-Op? Interesting that he’s being sought by “British Intelligence.”

Gazan_Child-Hospital-2014The Historical Perspective of the 2014 Gaza Massacre – by Ilan Pappé, PIPR.co.uk – “The only chance for a successful struggle against Zionism in Palestine is the one based on a human and civil rights agenda that does not differentiate between one violation and the other and yet identifies clearly the victim and the victimizers. Those who commit atrocities in the Arab world against oppressed minorities and helpless communities, as well as the Israelis who commit these crimes against the Palestinian people, should all be judged by the same moral and ethical standards. They are all war criminals, though in the case of Palestine they have been at work longer than anyone else. It does not really matter what the religious identity is of the people who commit the atrocities or in the name of which religion they purport to speak. Whether they call themselves jihadists, Judaists or Zionists, they should be treated in the same way.”

Governments resort to medieval quarantine tactic to halt spread of Ebola – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “Discussions to quarantine a triangular area that includes parts of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia occurred as early as Aug. 1, WND reported, adding that troops began to close roads several days later, in a bid to prevent spread of the deadly virus… The UN agency admits, however, that sealing off the disease zone cannot be done without consequences, with more than 1 million people affected who ‘need daily material support, including food.’.. ‘The isolation of this zone has made it even more difficult for agencies, like Doctors Without Borders, to bring in staff and supplies,’ WHO said.”

Ferguson MO: Another Manufactured Media Crisis? – by Patrick Murphy, MemoryHoleBlog.com – “NOW, what will the reaction be?  How will the blacks react to the spin Al and Jesse and the rest give it when they read the script?  How will the whites, who already felt vaguely uncomfortable siding with the pretty much hard-to-justify behavior of the guns-a-blazin’ white cop, respond to this new plot twist?.. As I say, I’m only beginning to get a handle on the potential of what is happening here, but it might be a real humdinger of a false flag, one most of us may not have noticed.”

Hypothalamus: The Connection between Diet, GMO and Decline? – by Aaron Dykes, TruthStreamMedia.com – “Our hypothalamus and HPA-axis encompass a host of vital brain regulators – essential and dynamic bodily functions including growth & hunger mechanisms (overeating, anyone?) that are connected to the digestive & bowel systems, as well as pituitary gland; our glandular and endocrine systems which drive hormones, reproduction and sexual behavior as well as our pineal gland, which affects many complex brain activities and associated “Third Eye” consciousness and much more… The hypothalamus is under attack by modern life, however impersonal; unlike many other critical brain areas, the hypothalamus is NOT protected by the blood brain barrier.

China’s Reaction: America Is A “Disgusting Thief Spying Over His Neighbor’s Fence” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “Such remarks are laughable. As we all know, the United States is the world’s largest hegemonic force and biggest rogue country… Their various reconnaissance aircraft have been wandering around foreign airspace for decades and watching the military secrets of other countries like a disgusting thief spying over his neighbor’s fence… However, when the neighbor comes back with a big stick, the thief will turn tail and run away, blaming the neighbor… When you show people weakness, they will bully you. When you show people strength, they will respect you.”

Dr. Brian Hooker: Father of Vaccine-damaged Child and His Relentless Pursuit to Expose Fraud at the CDC – from HealthImpactNews.com – “Many people, even in the alternative media, have been reluctant to give much coverage to this story, wondering if it is indeed true? Some have even suggested that there is no whistle-blower, but that this is all a setup by the CDC to make the “anti-vaccine” crowd look foolish. I am sure that will all change soon, since the whistle-blower’s name has now been revealed. The news will develop quite fast from here on out… Dr. Hooker is a hero, and I believe history will bear that out. He faces a tough road ahead, as he continues to analyze the CDC data that has been covered up and withheld from the public for so long. He needs our prayers and support during this time, as does Dr. Thompson the CDC whistle-blower.”

EU-flag-burnsSpanish Farmers Burn EU Flags Over Brussels’ Policy Toward Russia – from en.RIA.ru – “According to the newspaper, the protesters made a pile of several tons of peaches in front of Lleida city government in Catalonia, placed the EU flags on top of it and set them on fire… ‘No matter how much Brussels allocates – 155 million euro [$20 million] or 1500. As in the case of crises that the country saw before, all the funds go to government bodies, social insurance, as well as to the companies that work with transportation and packing of goods, while the farmers get nothing,’ a JARC representative David Bordas was quoted as saying.”

Source: California women’s shelters now only taking illegal aliens – by Dave Gibson, Examiner.com – “Further evidence of this can be found in a recent report, detailing how the Dekalb County (Ga.) School District is being flooded with illegal alien minors, registering for the upcoming school year. “Nearly two hundred families with immigrant children had lined up outside a school registration facility in DeKalb County Monday by the time officials arrived around 7:30 a.m,” the article stated… Of course, the good citizens of Dekalb County will be forced to pay the bills for these foreign nationals, in an already overcrowded school system.”

Shelling Kills Hundreds in Besieged Luhansk in East Ukraine – from en.RIA.ru – “Luhansk has been left without running water, electricity and phone communications for 20 days as government troops continue to besiege it, pounding indiscriminately militia positions and residential quarters in and around the city. All deliveries of food, medication and fuel had long been stopped due to heavy shelling… In a recent incident, a mortar round launched by government forces hit a water distribution facility in the inner city instantly killing fifteen people who had come to replenish their supplies, local authorities told RIA Novosti… City morgues are filled with shelling victims, and the staff find it hard to remove all bodies from the streets leaving some of them exposed to elements for days.”

Saleh Al-ArouriCOVER-UP: Is Hamas Leader Al-Arouri A ‘Double Agent’ for Israel? – by Shawn Helton (and Joe Quinn), 21stCenturyWire.com – “Questions must be asked about Al-Arouri’s motivation for making this claim and whether or not he is in a position to make any authoritative statements about Hamas, or the operations of any other Palestinian groups or individuals in the West Bank or elsewhere in the occupied territories. First of all, the Turkish government is no friend of the Palestinian people, so why is Al-Arouri living there?.. Writing last year in the pro-Zionist US rag mag ‘Foreign Policy‘, Johnathan Schanzer said this about Al-Arouri’s presence in Turkey: ‘Given the strategic importance of Turkey to the United States, particularly in light of Turkey’s role in helping to support the Syrian opposition, officials in Washington have demurred on confronting Ankara. Obama, who has maintained cordial ties with Erdogan, has given no indication that Turkey’s relationship with Hamas is a problem for Washington.’ “

Study Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic – by Mike Barrett, VegFriend.com – “Non-GMO Corn 20x Richer in Nutrition than GMO Corn: The 2012 report, entitled 2012 Nutritional Analysis: Comparison of GMO Corn versus Non-GMO Corn, found numerous concerning and notable differences between GMO and non-GMO corn, none of which are particularly surprising. First, the report found that non-GMO corn has considerably more calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, and zinc.”

Ukraine’s transition to EU trade will cost €165bn – Putin – from RT.com – “Switching over to EU trade standards and nixing duty-free trade with Russia will cost Ukraine €165 billion over the next 10 years, President Putin warned at a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko in Minsk on Tuesday… Russia will be forced to cancel all preferential trade agreements for Ukraine’s imports and switch to a standard regime when it ratifies its EU trade association agreement in September, the President said.”

Putin, Ukrainian president meet for first face-to-face talks since June – from AP via FoxNews.com – ” ‘The fate of peace and the fate of Europe are being decided in Minsk today,’ Poroshenko said as the talks began… Under pressure to seek a negotiated settlement and not a military victory, the Ukrainian president said the purpose of his visit was to start the process of searching for a political compromise and promised that the interests of Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine would be taken into account.”(emph. added) - Oh yeah.

Is Portugal Next in Line for Wealth Confiscation? – by Nick Giambruno, InternationalMan.com – “Deceptions like this don’t happen by accident. The politicians and media deliberately lull the people into complacency so that they can optimize their forthcoming theft… The next thing that happens needs to come as a surprise, otherwise it loses its effectiveness. It starts with a bank holiday or capital controls. It’s usually optimal—from the government’s view—to impose these measures on weekends or during a holiday to catch people off guard. They need the element of surprise or else people would take protective measures, like moving their money abroad and safely out of reach… Once the banks are closed and capital is trapped, the government is free to confiscate as much wealth as it can get away with.”

Miami_Food_LineWhat economic recovery? – 1,000+ line up for free food in Miami – from LiveLeak.com – “Brittany Payne, a mother of three, stood in line for hours with her baby boy because ‘It’s something I have to do to feed my kids. It’s a blessing because if it wasn’t for them I couldn’t eat today.’.. Julio Exposito said he never thought he would be doing this, ‘Not in my wildest dreams.’.. The distribution was on a first come first serve basis. By 11:15 a.m. the food had run out. For those who were still in line Commissioner Suarez spoke with them promising another giveaway soon.”

Petro-dollar era is officially over as Gazprom begins sales in Yuan and Rouble – by Kenneth Schortgen Jr, Examiner.com – “although this is not the first real transaction for oil done outside the petro-dollar, as this occurred covertly by Iran for gold during the days of economic sanctions, it is the first official global offering by a major oil producer and will likely bring an end to the solitary system of nations being forced to buy dollars first before buying oil from producers such as OPEC and Russia.”

Dozens of police departments suspended for losing US military-grade weaponry – from RT.com – “Already, the investigation has found that police departments in Arizona, California, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, and others have lost or cannot account for various types of weapons. This list includes M14 and M16 assault rifles, .45-caliber pistols, shotguns, and even vehicles… So far, 184 state and local departments have reportedly been suspended in a program that involves the participation of more than 8,000 agencies. Since 1990, the 1033 program has administered more than $4.3 billion worth of equipment and weapons.”

Oksana_LashchenovaPravda.Ru freelance correspondent arrested in Ukraine – from english.Pravda.ru – “All our attempts to find out some information about the fate of Oksana and her current whereabouts have not been successful. We could only see Bacchanalia on the part of some of our Ukrainian colleagues, who wanted to send her to the SBU, to basements, to shoot her, to punish her for ‘terrorism’ and ‘aiding separatists.’ “

Tanks on the Streets? Police Required to Use Military Equipment within a Year or Return It – from AllGov.com – “This from the state of Missouri’s ‘application to participate’ in 1033: ‘Property obtained under this SPO must be placed into use within one (1) year of receipt, unless the condition of the property renders it unusable, in which case the property can be returned to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site. If property is not put into use by the LEA (law enforcement agency) within one (1) year, the State/LEA must coordinate a transfer of property to another LEA or request a turn-in to return the property to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site.’ “

The ‘War On Terror’ – Formula for Endless War

Detroit to send crews for water service shutoff today as moratorium ends – from AP via Freep.com – “The city says 1,140 customers signed payment agreements at a fair Saturday at Cobo Center, while others came and paid in full… Detroit says 25,000 customers were enrolled in water payment plans Monday, up from 17,000 a month earlier… The city stepped up shutoffs in March of those 60 days behind or owing more than $150. About 15,000 customers had service shut off in April-June.”

California bill requiring kill-switch on smartphones becomes law – Governor signs bill that would give owners a way to remotely wipe their phones. – by Megan Geuss, ArsTechnica.com – “The EFF has also opposed the bill (and remains opposed to the law), saying that companies like Find my iPhone and Lookout already offer the option to wipe a phone to consumers. The digital civil liberties group also says that it’s unclear from the legislation whether government actors could authorize turning the kill-switch on a phone.”

Jolly_Stan_FischerFed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money to Recapitalize Itself – by Mac Slavo, ActivistPost.com – “But this time around, it won’t be the government that bails them out directly. Instead, if you have an account with the bank, you are an unsecured creditor for that institution, just like the people of Cyprus were for their banks. And when that bank inevitably comes under pressure because of an inability to cover their debts, it is you who will become the bailout mechanism.”

More U.S. Hospitals Using Organic Produce Gardens for Recovery – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “St Luke’s Anderson Campus (Pennsylvania) has 300 acres of farmland which used to sprout typical ag crops like corn and soy, EcoWatch reports. Not so anymore, as the hospital administration fully realized the holistic impact of not only providing “organic” (which can be vague) but also the fresh-factor of local and importance of soil health. Thus, Rodale was asked to start transforming the plot to foster organic vegetables, not only to revitalize hospital patients, but also provide for the cafeteria… It’s a three-year plan with hopes of expansion, hiring more farmers including those without access to their own land, building greenhouses for year-round production, and utilizing a small batch cannery for winter meals.”

Shujaiya-8-16-14Why Israel’s bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers ‘stunned’ – Analysis: Military sources say Pentagon’s assessment of Shujaiya shelling alarmed even Secretary of State John Kerry – by Mark Perry, America.AlJazeera.com – ” ‘Eleven battalions of IDF artillery is equivalent to the artillery we deploy to support two divisions of U.S. infantry,’ a senior Pentagon officer with access to the daily briefings said. ‘That’s a massive amount of firepower, and it’s absolutely deadly.’ Another officer, a retired artillery commander who served in Iraq, said the Pentagon’s assessment might well have underestimated the firepower the IDF brought to bear on Shujaiya. ‘This is the equivalent of the artillery we deploy to support a full corps,’ he said. ‘It’s just a huge number of weapons.’ “

Israel-Gaza : No Victory for Israel Despite Weeks of Devastation – Palestinians have won: they are still in Gaza, and Hamas is still there – by Robert Fisk, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Many times has it been said that the founders of the Israeli state faced a problem: a land called Palestine. They dealt with that problem coldly, ruthlessly and efficiently. But now their problem is the Palestinians. Their land may have been taken for Israel, their surviving land may be eaten up by Israeli colonies; but the wretched Palestinians simply won’t go away. And killing them in large numbers – especially in front of the world’s television cameras – is getting to be a bit much, even for those who still shake in their boots at the mere whisper of the calumny ‘anti-Semitism’.”

David_Tice-Stocks_will_fallTwo experts warn correction could total 60% – by Matthew J. Belvedere & Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC.com – “A jolt to international confidence in central banks will lead to a 30 to 60 percent market decline, David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” When this happens, he said, markets will face a ‘period of extreme turmoil.’.. This crash will be precipitated, he said, by a disillusionment with the Federal Reserve’s ‘confidence game,’ which will then see inflation rise, and the Fed scramble to raise rates. At that point, Tice added, ‘the Fed starts to lose control.’.. Another market watcher also called for an impending fall… The Fed’s low interest rates could bring a “scary” 50-60 percent market correction, said technical analyst Abigail Doolittle.”

Did You Know? 1 in 6 Children Now Has a Developmental Disability in the U.S. – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “Even if you pretend that isn’t happening, America has the most aggressive mandated vaccine schedule in the world. The CDC now recommends up to 37 shots of 14 different vaccinations by the age of two, prompting the National Vaccine Information Center to ask, ‘Is the atypical manipulation of the immune system with more and more vaccines in early life setting some children up for chronic disease and disability?’.. In short, are our children healthier for it? As disease, auto-immune disorders, and permanent disabilities continue to trend perilously upward year after year, the answer is nope, not really.”

“Russian Invasion” Of Ukraine, Turns Out to Have Been a Translation Error – After all major news-entities repeated the “invasion” claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back – by Moon Of Alabama, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The ‘momentum’ the Ukrainian troops had was never as big as the Ukrainian government had claimed. A few motorized brigades ran through open territory held by few insurgents and when coming to a halt at their primary target were immediately cut off and surrounded. Their moral is bad, their equipment old, ammunition is low and the entire aim of their campaign is dubious. Now even a few weak counterattacks, the “counteroffensive”, have them on the run… While the piece repeats the Ukrainian claim that Russian material, including ammunition, passed over the border the third picture shows some 20+ wooden boxes of RPGs and the caption says: “A villager opened a box of rocket-propelled grenades left by the Ukrainian Army in Starobecheve, southeast of Donetsk. Pro-Russia rebels took over the town after the military withdrew.’.. Obviously the fleeing Ukrainian troops are leaving a lot of goodies behind.”

Seven NATO allies to create new rapid reaction force-report – from Reuters.com – “Seven NATO allies plan to create a new rapid reaction force of at least 10,000 soldiers as part of plans to boost NATO defences in response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, the Financial Times reported on Friday… The aim is to create a division-sized joint expeditionary force for rapid deployment and regular exercises. The British-led force would include air and naval units as well as ground troops, the newspaper said… Countries involved include Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands. Canada has also expressed an interest in taking part, it said.”

Web Research Links for the week of 8/18/14:

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euro-crash-lFrance rebels against austerity as Europe’s recovery collapses – France’s finance minister sends tremors through European capitals with a defiant warning that his country would no longer try to meet deficit targets – by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph.co.uk – “Growth slumped to zero in the second quarter, with Germany contracting by 0.2pc and France once again stuck at zero. Italy is already in a triple-dip recession… Yields on 10-year German Bunds fell below 1pc for the first time in history, beneath levels seen during the most extreme episodes of deflation in the 19th century. French yields also touch record lows. Much of the eurozone is replicating the pattern seen in Japan as it slid into a deflation trap in the late 1990s… ‘What is absolutely necessary is to adjust the pace of deficit reduction to the exceptional situation we are in today. Growth is too weak in Europe and inflation is too low. We must therefore stop reinforcing the causes of this depression,’ (Michel Sapin, French finance minister) told RTL television… ‘We must face the figures in front of us with realism. The truth is that, contrary to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund and the [European] Commission, growth has broken down, both in France and in Europe.’ “

13 cops dispatched to arrest one 15-year-old girl, because a cop ‘smelled weed’ – by Mike Sawyer, Intellihub.com – “The 15-year-old was then arrested and held in jail for 3 days. Her requests to go to the hospital were denied and instead she was given aspirin and ice packs. According to the family, there was never a urinalysis, nor a blood test performed on her, despite the police arresting her for ‘smelling weed.’ “

Meet_William_SchabasIsrael and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas – by Alex Kane and James North, MondoWeiss.net – “Schabas doesn’t get to tell his side of the story until the eighth paragraph. The story has 26 paragraphs. Only three of the paragraphs actually list potential Israeli war crimes, and what the charges are. The rest of them are either attacks on Schabas or special pleadings from Israeli officials justifying what they did and claiming that they already started their own investigation… And two crucial pieces of context are missing in Kershner’s piece. The first is what is known as the “Dahiya doctrine,” which refers to an Israeli military policy that calls for overwhelming force to be directed at areas where rockets are fired from–with no distinction between civilian and combatant targets. In fact, the doctrine treats civilian targets in areas run by militant adversaries as legitimate targets, which is a clear violation of international law and leads to massive destruction and civilian deaths.”

Obama’s Secret TPP Deal Would Be Disastrous For America – by Daniel Mills, EconomyInCrisis.org – “Alan Grayson (D-FL) was one member of Congress who viewed the draft. ‘What I saw was nothing that could possibly justify the secrecy that surrounds it,’ he said. ‘It is ironic in a way that the government thinks it’s alright to have a record of every single call an American makes, but not alright for an American citizen to know what sovereign powers the government is negotiating away.’ “

Luminous-heart7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is – by Michael Forrester, WakingTimes.com – “Emotions are vibrations which influence consistently our reality. We not only think and work our way through a day, meeting, assignment, but also feel and believe our way through it. The outcome depends on both… Simply put, the number one cause of health is your energetic and emotional state. How you connect emotionally to your overall wellness and wellbeing is more important than any supplement, food, exercise or health treatment. There is only one cause of disease and that has to do with the energy and frequency imbalances that exist within your body. Rectify that, and disease cannot exist…it would be impossible.”

Biotech firms sue local Hawaii government for protecting citizens and environment from GMOs – by J. D. Heyes – ” ‘Hawai’i is one of the most biologically diverse, as well as spectacularly beautiful, places in the world, but the chemical companies have been turning the islands into experimental laboratories, unleashing a fountain of pesticides and genetically engineered material into the air, land and waters,’ said Paul Achitoff, Earthjustice’s managing attorney based in Honolulu. ‘We stand with the people of Hawai’i Island who are trying to protect their island from being transformed into another toxic waste dump.’ “

Clifford_BrandtThe Clintons, Duvalier, Martelly and Haiti – by Jean Saint-Vil, GlobalResearch.ca – “Rubbing shoulders on stage, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries were Haitian President Michel Martelly, former US President and UN Special Envoy, Bill Clinton, and, Jean Claude Duvalier. To understand the future of Haiti, we have to shift our focus from the “poor Haitians” who dominate Haiti coverage and understand the significance of these three figures to the shaping of US imperial designs on Haiti.”

Vanishing point … – by Pepe Escobar, ATimes.com – “So as MH370 totally vanished, the MH17 story must also totally vanish. The Dutch and the British might eventually come out and hold a high-profile press conference telling the world what His Master’s Voice finally redacted. Still, one may count on certified, residual outrage, if not puzzlement, by a large number of grieving Dutch families. And one may count on certified outrage by Malaysia as a nation. As in Why Us? And not once but twice?”

Azov-Wolfs_HookGaza, Ukraine and US preparations for urban warfare – by Bill Van Auken, WSWS.org – “In Donetsk and Luhansk, the Pentagon is overseeing something that it views with even greater interest—a full-scale siege of a modern city and a center of the industrial working class of over a million people… Combat in large cities is central to the military doctrine that is being developed by the US armed forces. This is spelled out in a document entitled “Megacities and the United States Army: Preparing for a complex and uncertain future,” which was released in June by the Army’s Strategic Studies Group and endorsed by its chief of staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno.”

Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers – by Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews.com – ” ‘But Kiev’s use of volunteer paramilitaries to stamp out the Russian-backed Donetsk and Luhansk ‘people’s republics’, proclaimed in eastern Ukraine in March, should send a shiver down Europe’s spine. Recently formed battalions such as Donbas, Dnipro and Azov, with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the interior ministry but their financing is murky, their training inadequate and their ideology often alarming. The Azov men use the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on their banner and members of the battalion are openly white supremacists, or anti-Semites.’.. In interviews, some of the fighters questioned the Holocaust, expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and acknowledged that they are indeed Nazis, a fact also known by Kiev authorities.

14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “In fact, as you will read about below, the market for high yield bonds just experienced “a 6-sigma event”.  But this is not the only indication that the U.S. economy could be on the verge of very hard times.  Retail sales are extremely disappointing, mortgage applications are at a 14 year low and growing geopolitical storms around the world have investors spooked.  For a long time now, we have been enjoying a period of relative economic stability even though our underlying economic fundamentals continue to get even worse.  Unfortunately, there are now a bunch of signs that this period of relative stability is about to end.”

Boys-with-toys-2What Combat Veterans See in Ferguson, Missouri – by Matthew Farwell, VanityFair.com – ” ‘Why they’re wearing woodland camo is beyond me,” he said, much less pointing their weapons at people. We’d both been well-trained that when you aimed your rifle at a person, that meant you were prepared to kill them. “If someone tells me what to do without telling me the reason, I’m liable to be resistant too. So, when I’m dealing with people I try to let them understand why, show them some compassion. If you don’t treat people like savages, you can get people to do anything.’ “

Debacle of a “Great Game”: The Islamic State (IS) and America’s War on Iraq and Syria – by Adeyinka Makinde, GlobalResearch.ca – “The declaration on 29thJune, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, of an Islamic Caliphate by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fi al-Iraq wa-al-Sham –the jihadist organisation known also as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – marks a watershed of sorts since the commencement of what used to be commonly termed as the ‘Clash of Civilizations’… For in the post-Cold War era, even before the ‘catalyzing event’ that was September the 11th of 2001, the avowed goal of the Osama Bin Laden-led al-Qaeda movement was to create a Sunni-led Caliphate.”

Ukraine calls on NATO, EU for military aid – from PressTV.ir – “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin made the call on Saturday while talking on a Germen radio station and added the Western military alliance should come up with a new strategy in relation to his country.”.. ‘Yes of course. We need military aid because if we got such aid, it would be easier for our troops on the ground to act,’ he replied when asked if he was calling for military aid.”

Iraq-3_StatesOrder Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union” – by Steven MacMillan, Journal-Neo.org – “Israel is merely an extension of Anglo-American power and has been since its creation in 1948, so any expansion of Israeli territory is synonymous with an increase in Anglo-American hegemony in the region. Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary from 1916 to 1919 and author of the 1917 Balfour Declaration – which declared British support for the creation of a Jewish state (Israel) in Palestine – was also a member of the Milner Group, according to CFR historian Carroll Quigley in his book the Anglo-American Establishment (p.311). The Milner Group was the precursor to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) or Chatham House; the British arm of the CFR, with both organisations sharing the collective objective of creating an Anglo-American global empire.

Kiev’s War Without Mercy Continues – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com – “Kiev wants more time to continue its war without mercy. It wants maximum punishment inflicted on beleaguered Southeastern Ukrainians… It wants them deprived of essentials needed for survival as long as possible… An ICRC letter said ‘(t)he recipient of humanitarian aid is the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine.’.. ‘The cargo will be moved into Ukraine by the ICRC through the ‘Donetsk’ checkpoint.’.. According to ICRC official Pascal Cuttat, one major challenge remains. ‘(W)e absolutely need security guarantees from all parties concerned before we can start moving.’ “

Author: Gov’t Should Use Microchips To Deny Births To The Unworthy – by Ben Johnson, GovtSlaves.com – “After careful thought, in an effort to “give hundreds of millions of future kids a better life, I cautiously endorse the idea of licensing parents,” Istvan wrote today… The process, he said, ‘would be little different than getting a driver’s license.’ Parents must ‘pass a series of basic tests’ in order to ‘get the green light to get pregnant and raise children.’.. ‘Those applicants who are deemed unworthy’ for a variety of reasons – he lists homelessness, criminal history, and poverty among his examples – ‘would not be allowed until they could demonstrate they were suitable parents.’.. However, he questions how far governments would go to enforce its birth control mandate. ‘Would governments force abortion upon mothers if they were found to be pregnant without permission?’ he asked, saying the idea seems ‘unimaginable in most societies around the world.’ “

Robocops-Fergusson-MOTurning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy – by John Whitehead, OpEdNews.com – “In a war zone, you have no rights. When you are staring down the end of a police rifle, there can be no free speech. When you’re being held at bay by a militarized, weaponized mine-resistant tank, there can be no freedom of assembly. When you’re being surveilled with thermal imaging devices, facial recognition software and full-body scanners and the like, there can be no privacy. When you’re charged with disorderly conduct simply for daring to question or photograph or document the injustices you see, with the blessing of the courts no less, there can be no freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The bailiffs using spy cameras to snatch cars off the street for minor traffic fines – by Nicole Mowbray, Dailymail.co.uk – ” • Nicole Mowbray, from London, did an ‘illegal manouevre’ in December 2013 • She was fined £130 for breaching no right turn but did not receive the letter • 18 months later, her VW Golf was unexpectedly towed away by bailiffs • They had used an Automatic Number Plate Recogntion camera to find her”

New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “In section 1-2., the manual states that  “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots.’ This section of the manual clearly states that protesting is a right protected by the Constitution. However, the authorities leave themselves an out to ‘legally’ engage in lethal force toward protesters when the manual states that ‘peaceful protests can turn into full-scale riots” and field commanders have the right to make that determination. Subsequently, all protests, peaceful or not, need to be managed by the potential for violence. In other words, all protests are to be considered to be violent and handled accordingly. This certainly explains the violent manhandling of the media by the DHS controlled and militarized police in Ferguson, MO.”

MMR-vaccinesVaccine bombshell: CDC whistleblower reveals cover-up linking MMR vaccines to autism in African-Americans – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “If what we are hearing so far is true, it means the CDC has deliberately run a decade-long cover-up which condemned tens of thousands of African-American children to a life of autism caused by MMR vaccines. It would also mean the CDC has engaged in a shameless conspiracy to hide the truth about the damage caused by vaccines, confirming the agency’s primary mission of protecting pharmaceutical profits even at the expense of human life.”

Russia to request MH17 probe report (from UN) – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘We will ask for a briefing by the UN Secretariat on the progress of the implementation of Resolution 2166,’ Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday… ‘Paragraph 13 of the resolution requires the secretary-general to provide the Security Council with investigation progress reports. We hope that this will happen already today,’ he added.”

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions – by Julie Hirschfeld Davis, NYTimes.com – “While Mr. Obama has issued fewer executive orders than presidents before him — 183, according to the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, compared with 291 by George W. Bush and 364 by Bill Clinton — experts say he has been at least as aggressive as his two immediate predecessors in taking unilateral action, often through memorandums or other administrative moves.” – Franklin Roosevelt suspended the Constitution with a proclamation of an emergency in 1933, which required another presidential proclamation to end it. The second proclamation has never issued.

Staged Provocations Ahead of Possible US-Syrian War – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Warnings that these weapons might be “diverted to extremist factions” when they have been in their hands for years, portends a possible gambit involving the downing of yet another civilian airliner to serve as a pretext to further advance the West’s agenda. The tragic MH17 disaster in Ukraine has long been buried and forgotten by the Western media after baseless accusations against Russia allowed the West to push forward further sanctions against Moscow and further military aid for the regime in Kiev”

GMO_Soybean-infoMexico bans Monsanto from planting GMO soybeans – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “As Pena reported earlier this year, on March 16, the federal permit approval also came despite objections from several hundred scientific research scholars who are associated with Mexico’s Union of Concerned Scientists Committed to Society. Reporting further, the Pena said that, at the very heart of the Mexican court ruling is an all-important conclusion that co-existence of GMOs and other living things is not really possible: ‘The court is in effect agreeing with scientists, farmers, beekeepers, and indigenous communities that Monsanto GM soy and honey production are incompatible.’ “

No Weapons Seen Crossing Russian-Ukrainian Border – OSCE – from en.RIA.ru – “On August 17, the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) working in Ukraine under the auspice of the OSCE also could not confirm the reports of Russian military convoys crossing the Ukrainian border… On August 18, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow supports the idea of equipping the OSCE monitoring mission with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to improve the monitoring of the border.”

EU advisors advocate use of military against strikes and protests – by Denis Krassnin, WSWS.org – ” ‘Within the framework of the joint foreign and security policy, the responsibilities of the police and armed forces are increasingly being merged, and the capacities to tackle social protest built up,’ radio station Deutschlandfunk reported on the study last month. Officially this was concerned with interventions in countries outside the EU… ‘But under article 222 of the Lisbon treaty, a legal basis has been created for the deployment of military and paramilitary units within EU states in crisis.’ “

Police Captain: Ferguson Police Will Continue to Arrest Journalists – “Some of you may just have a camera around your neck, so yes, we are — we may take some of you into custody,” he says – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – “The proper action for the police, however, would be to respect the freedom of the press guaranteed under the First Amendment. No where does the First Amendment state that members of the press are subject to arrest if their cameras are “too small.”.. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened last night in Ferguson when a cop reportedly ripped a press badge off of a Vice News reporter while proclaiming, ‘this doesn’t mean ****.’ “

hemp_fieldHemp-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever – by Marco Torres, GlobalResearch.ca – “One approach researchers are taking to boost supercapacitors’ energy density is to design better electrodes. Mitlin’s team has figured out how to make them from certain hemp fibers — and they can hold as much energy as the current top contender: graphene… ‘Our device’s electrochemical performance is on par with or better than graphene-based devices,’ Mitlin says. ‘The key advantage is that our electrodes are made from biowaste using a simple process, and therefore, are much cheaper than graphene.’ “

US Pressuring PA Not to Sue Israel for ‘War Crimes’ – ICC says PA and Hamas must resubmit charges against Israel, which would leave them open to war crimes charges as well. – by Ari Yashar, IsraelNationalNews.com – “A report on Monday reveals that America and other Western countries are pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) not to carry out its threat of suing Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for ‘war crimes.’.. PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki last Saturday threatened ‘we will go to the ICC, and put our signature on it. Very soon we will be a (sovereign) state. That is enough for the court to start an investigation.’.. However, citing inside sources in the ICC and among the PA’s lawyers, The Guardian reports strong US and Israeli pressure on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas not to take such actions, or else risk cutting his own purse-strings.” (emph. added)

Police-victimWhen US cops shoot, they’re trained to kill… not to wound – by Sabrina Siddiqui, PressTV.ir – “Firman said shooting to wound is impractical because ‘the likelihood of success is low. The officer may miss the target, leaving both the police and the public at risk, he said… Officers are trained to assess the risk before firing, Firman said, but often a situation escalates quickly. A guide from his association on officer-involved shootings states that deadly force is legally justified ‘to protect the officer or others from what is reasonably believed to be a threat of death or serious bodily harm; and to prevent the escape of a fleeing violent felon who the officer has probable cause to believe will pose a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.'”

Zim Shipping: New Evidence suggests Six Months Foreknowledge of the September 11th Attack Date and Potential Involvement in the Israeli Deep Cover Operation – from AlethoNews.com – “Zim’s remaining lease term had long been a point of debate, with 9/11 conspiracy debunkers claiming there was no evidence that Zim’s WTC lease term extended beyond their move-out date. However, a FOIA request to the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey by LetsRollForums.com resulted in a copy of the WTC tenant roster with lease expiration dates.[15] The Port Authority document showed that Zim entered into a 10-year lease contract starting on March 1, 1996 and expiring on Feb. 28, 2006, or about four and a half years after Zim’s September 2001 move-out date.[16] Confirmation that Zim’s remaining lease extended beyond their move-out date was further established by a Crain’s New York Business article on April 9, 2001 that stated, ‘Rising rent wasn’t an immediate concern [for Zim’s relocation decision] — several years remain on the lease.’ ” – Highly referenced and detailed report establishing links of Zim and supposed “terrorist hijackers” to Israeli intelligence

Chemtrails-over-PacificThe Engineered Incineration Of California – by Dane Wigington. GeoengineeringWatch.org – “The satellite image (to left) clearly shows grid pattern blanket spraying of the eastern Pacific Ocean which completely derails rainfall patterns. It is important to remember that even if visible spraying and/or silvery white skies are not evident on certain days, the weather makers are always hard at it in other locations.”

Kiev in U-turn over claim that ‘Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters’ had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine as evidence fails to materialise – by Will Stewart, Reuters, Associated Press and Damien Gayle, Dailymail.co.uk – “Yet there was no confirmation on Wednesday from NATO or other Western sources which was widely reported inside Ukraine… The claim was also contradicted  closer to home by Kiev’s National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko who dismissed it as ‘strange’… ‘Intelligence is not confirming the existence of this column,’ he said… Later after checking it, he stated: ‘Rebels who are fighting in Lugansk do have military hardware and Grad artillery but they did not get it yesterday. They had it for a while.’ “

Fresh Israeli airstrikes kill two dozen Gazans – from PressTV.ir – “The fresh attacks were focused on the Zeytoun neighborhood in east, Rafah in south, and Dair al-Balah in central Gaza… The Israeli military sources say warplanes have attacked 60 targets in the blockaded region… The highest casualties have been reported in strikes on mosques and refugee camps across the impoverished territory… Local residents and witnesses say thousands are fleeing for cover amid Israel’s new attacks.”

Monsanto-Glosophate-lMain Ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Patented as an Antibiotic, Destroying GI Tract – “Negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time” – by Christina Sarich, Infowars.com – “So glyphosate, which has been patented as both a mineral chelator and an antibiotic, both of which have tremendous implications, is being used willy nilly all over the world. All the while, the agencies which are supposed to protect public health continue to look the other way… While there are many natural chelators in soil, one given a patent that would leach minerals from our own bodies while destroying healthy bacteria is highly questionable at best, and should have never received a rubber stamp from the USDA, FDA, or any other agency… The toxic substance works by interfering with the biochemistry of bacteria in our GI tracts, destroying amino acids in what is called the shikimate pathway. Specifically, glyphosate depletes the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, which can then contribute to obesity, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. It doesn’t work immediately, except in cases of acute toxic exposure, but develops little by little.”

Ebola quarantine in Liberia’s capital sparks violence in slum – Soldiers guarding Monrovia’s West Point area open fire and use teargas on crowds, leaving four residents injured – from Agence France-Presse via TheGuardian.com – “The Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, quarantined West Point and Dolo Town, to the east of the capital, and imposed a night-time curfew as part of drastic measures to fight the disease… Residents of West Point, where club-wielding youths stormed an Ebola medical facility on Saturday, reacted with fury, hurling stones and shouting at the security forces… ‘It is inhumane,’ one resident, Patrick Wesseh, told AFP by telephone. ‘They can’t suddenly lock us up without any warning. How are our children going to eat?’ “

25 Recent Events Causing WW3 They Want You To Forget – by  Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “This situation is creating friction among the world’s superpowers not seen since the Cold War. Obama recently expressed concern that “The old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite where we need to be in terms of a new order.” Later in the speech he blamed uncooperative nations (read Russia) for standing in the way of the New World Order… It seems if Russia doesn’t get on board with the Western-led world order, these powers are destined to clash in a West vs. East showdown over international banking and the control of gas supplies.”

NY Times escalates the propaganda war in Ukraine with outright lies from NATORussia Moves Artillery Units Into Ukraine, NATO Says  – by Michael R. Gordon, NYTimes.com – “The Russian move represents a significant escalation of the Kremlin’s involvement in the fighting there and comes as a convoy of Russian trucks with humanitarian provisions has crossed into Ukrainian territory without Kiev’s permission…Since mid-August NATO has received multiple reports of the direct involvement of Russian forces, ‘including Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces in Eastern Ukraine,’ said Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO… ‘Russian artillery support — both cross-border and from within Ukraine — is being employed against the Ukrainian armed forces,’ she added.”

Ukraine: NATO’s Russian Tank Invasion Psyop – by Stuart J. Hooper, 21stCenturyWire.com – “A psychological operation, or psyop, of British origin, has taken place over the past week that once again looked to paint Russia as the enemy. Accusations were launched that the Russians had sent an armored tank division across Ukraine’s border. This follows a trend in Western media of late, where anything and everything is being thrown at Russia, presumable in the hope that eventually some of the mud will start to stick.”

Alex_Stone-Dinosaur_KillerSchool Kid Suspended And ARRESTED For Imagining Shooting A Dinosaur – Furious parents not informed until police had taken son into custody – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com – “Stone’s parents were barely able to comprehend the actions of the school… ‘I could understand if they made him re-write it because he did have ‘gun’ in it. But a pet dinosaur?’ Gray added. ‘I mean first of all, we don’t have dinosaurs anymore. Second of all, he’s not even old enough to buy a gun.’.. The student is standing his ground on the matter. ‘I regret it because they put it on my record, but I don’t see the harm in it,’ Stone said.’I think there might have been a better way of putting it, but I think me writing like that, it shouldn’t matter unless I put it out towards a person.’ “

There is No “Government”

This is a comment that I put up on Foster Gamble’s recent blog post: PEOPLE STANDING FOR JUSTICE

If we look at it carefully, there is actually no such “thing” as government. What we call government is an organized structure composed of people using the concept of government as an organizational principle under their direction. Under this principle, the preservation and actualization of the imaginary structure of government itself is the preeminent imperative. The constantly propagandized need for this structure is the multifaceted and mind-numbing justification for the use of whatever means are necessary to protect and preserve, not the people who are supposedly subjects of the government, but the government structure itself. Whatever means necessary include the use of lethal force. History shows that the levels of lethal force used are limited only by the technological tools at the disposal of government actors and their ability to control the reactions and consciences of the governed. The latter is sometimes called manufacturing consent.

While the population can work, often at the cost of extreme suffering and sacrifice, to limit the irrationality and violence of the structures to which they’re subject, we see that over time people taking the role of government officials always tend to enlarge the scope of their powers, as well as the power of the technology and systems they control. The nature of the government concept inevitably attracts people without ethics against the misuse of power into pursuing power in its structure. In fact, the only way to succeed in rising to power is to abandon ethical considerations and, again, to use the means necessary to prevail over other state officials. As John Trudell said, “Their violence works. It hardly ever fails.”

A simple analytic for the validity and legitimacy of human behavior is to see if it involves violence or aggression toward other people or toward living systems. If it does, then we must be called by clear realization to not support it, whatever the rationale or justifications. As people seem to be realizing very rapidly now, it is impossible for us, however lofty our notions or rhetoric, to reach an ethical result through unethical or aggressive behaviors. This is not a matter of compiling a complicated set of rules, but by a clear seeing of what’s going on under our noses. Adopting such a simple ethic is certainly not the easiest course for our egos to take. It can be very rigorous and demanding. On the other hand, if we really want to transcend the cycles of violence and increasing suffering and destruction in which we’re now embedded, this ethical consistency and determination will be more easy than any other alternative

My Comment on Chuck Norris’ article arguing against “allowing” Americans to use cannabis


Posted at: http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/chuck-norris-smokes-marijuana-debate/

Cannabis has more than 60 phytocannabinoids, molecules that dock with receptors in every organ system in the human body and tend to contribute to our health in many ways. No other plant on Earth has been found to contain more than one of these substances. Cannabis has been used as a medicine and psychotropic REMEDY and sacrament by cultures all over Asia, Europe and Africa for thousands of years. The Constitution clearly says that the U.S. Government only has the limited powers specifically granted to it in the document, which do not include controlling what people use for their health, physical or psychological.

People who use cannabis tend to see things outside of the boxes that Americans tend to be forced into mentally by our, arguably pathological and dominating, culture. Many of the positive aspects of the 60’s youth culture were no doubt due to this effect. When cannabis was (Unconstitutionally) “outlawed,” under the influence of industries that competed with non-psychoactive industrial hemp, 30% of the medicines sold in pharmacies in the U.S. contained cannabis. What is the true explanation of why it was suppressed? What possible legitimate justification or jurisdiction is there for people who disagree with its use, to dominate users through lethal force, imprisonment, property theft or other social sanctions?


2013 in review on the Real Truth Blog

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. The bottom line is that this blog is known and visited by “an elite few” denizens of the web. Congratulations for your taste and discernment!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Michael Hastings demise was no accident – his car was BOMBED


Please, this was not “a suspicious car accident.”

The photo above clearly shows that Michael Hastings car was bombed. The entire front of the driver’s side of the car has been blown away.

The video linked HERE, from LoudLabs News, shows clearly that Hastings’ car hood was not crumpled from striking the palm tree, but blown away from the drivers side of the car and did not even hit the tree. MORE THAN THAT it also shows that the driver’s side front quarter of the car WAS GONE, and not even touching the tree (no serious impact damage to the palm).

The video and the photo above show that the front of the car up to the drivers side door wasn’t there. Moreover, his engine and transmission were blown 60 yards down the road, not in the direction of his car supposedly striking the tree. They landed on the far curb of the 4-lane road with no skid marks. His front right wheel was also down the road in the direction the car was traveling when “something happened.” See diagram of crash scene HERE

The tranny of the car extended well back into the passenger compartment, implying that the powerful explosive was likely placed below the passenger compartment, in order to provide the momentum to blow the drive train 60 yards forward and to clear the firewall upward doing it.

It’s time to stop pussy-footing around about this event. Hastings was assassinated.

The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)


The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)

Agenda 21 is an action plan or blueprint for a future desired by its creators. This desired future is shrouded in feel good environmentally protective development and innovation, otherwise referred to as green, green movement, and/or environmentalism. Sadly, Agenda 21 is an utter ruse for representing, to many activists and activist groups, a darkly dystopian future as being utopian. There is a larger picture to Agenda 21 that many people either refuse to acknowledge or are determined to deny.

Agenda 21 is one of several pincers in a concerted program. Most people don’t realize precisely what Agenda 21 does, and many don’t acknowledge that it will be a nightmare for the vast majority of humanity. Unless you’re a Bureaucrat, Technocrat, Bismarkianist or member of the elites, as well as a psychopath/sociopath, Agenda 21 is nowhere near a utopia. Its principle underlying tenet is rigid control, with the destruction of rights, liberties and freedoms and their transformation into mere privileges at the discretion of those in control.

Unfortunately, Agenda 21 is much more sophisticated, as it is coupled with multiple prongs that implement its active development. The first is Bismarkianism; this is a three-stage process using a bait and switch to manipulate people into tolerating and accepting expansion of centralized control through globalized governance.

The first stage is socialism, as this creates incentives for the populace to support implementation of public-private partnerships, rewarding fiefdoms, and granting benefits that pacify the populace. Once this stage is in place, public relations or propaganda is used to shift into national socialism that entails making many of these public-private partnerships into permanent parts of the state apparatus.

It isn’t much of a stretch to speculate that after the next economic crisis strikes the United States, public-private partnerships will start becoming fully merged. It looks like the first solid official merger will be of government with banking, through the Federal Reserve. With this centralized public-private government-banking partnership, established in 1913, and with the addition of the corrupt and unprosecuted fraud of designating banks as Too Big To Fail, the result will be a private banking authority with official state power. Public-Private mergers can then repeat this Progressive meme to enable the acceptance of the official establishment of totalitarianism, the creation of an invisible oligarchy with absolute authority.

Some readers may be skeptical about this. However, this will facilitate the approaching “democracy” movement. Masses will be manipulated into denying the rights of various minorities. Congress will become little more than a rubber-stamp under the President’s authority, no longer a separate Constitutional body with checks and balances separating it from the “Unitary Executive.” Centralization will be able to further entrench itself through welfare and warfare aka bribes and “security.” This is perhaps the main mechanism driving Agenda 21, as it combines welfare, interstate commerce, re-interpretation of the supremacy clause, and national security.

The next prong is the Malthusian and Eugenicist merger and re-imaging of Eugenics through Neo-Malthusianism and women’s health/reproductive health. The Neo-Malthusianism prong is perhaps the most hidden of the prongs, though with more visible components such as women’s health/reproductive rights and transhumanism. These prongs would not be complete without the supranational/universalist movements. This is where Agenda 21 operates as a supranational action plan to be coordinated through local implementation, completely altering the Constitutional relationships of local, state and national governments to become regional government “stewards” or soviets of the supranational body. In this particular case, the supranational body and its subsidiaries will be evolved from the United Nations.

These make up a non-exhaustive list of the prongs of Agenda 21 and what they are designed to do. This is to consolidate and expand power behind a centralized authority under the control of the global elites.

Agenda 21 is not compatible with inherent individual rights and freedoms. It is a Collectivist movement. One of humanity’s oldest struggles is between individualism and Collectivism under elite control.

The difference between a collective and a community is that: In a community a group of individuals live in proximity to one another and people work together through cooperation for mutual benefit, protection, and livelihood. Collectives operate under mandates for each individual to accept “rights and responsibilities” dictated by the governing body, which creates separate categories of individuals with different statuses in order to promote its control. This is divide and rule, like a hive or ant colony, not a community. Every individual’s benefit to the Collective is really his or her benefit to the governing regime; the individual is of little to no inherent value in such a system.

In the movie Swordfish, the John Travolta character asks “If you could cure cancer but had to kill one child, could you kill that child?” The Collectivist answer is not only a resounding ‘YES!’ it also dictates that the child should gladly be willing to die, even in great pain “for the greater good.” Why is this relevant? Agenda 21 strips individuals of their unalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms and instead grants them privileges and responsibilities at the governing regime’s discretion. This is slavery. The whole march of the United States toward the despotism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism of a Police State, and the erosion of the Constitution, which supposedly exists to protect natural rights, is driven by Agenda 21, with its Neo-Malthusianism and planned full merging of public-private partnerships under state authority. In fact, Agenda 21 names every human being in the world, as well as everything in Nature, as only a piece of capital and a resource to be inventoried and allocated. This is an enslavement designed to force people to love, yearn for, and even insist on the servitude of all, the ultimate triumph of Collectivism.

Agenda 21 is an action plan that is being implemented at the local level but is derived from the supranational institution of the United Nations; it is a plan or blueprint designed to turn us all into collective capital and resources. We are to be enslaved with privileges that can be revoked in an instant at the whim of any bureaucrat placed over us by the elite consensus, and with the forced responsibility to do their bidding. Agenda 21 is shrouded in feel good activism from the environmental/green movement; its implementation can only be halted through informing ourselves about what Agenda 21 is and refusing to comply with its implementation.

Agenda 21 operates under the rubric of sustainable development that plans for environmental accounting of human, land and resources in the interests of the Collective. It mandates that every human project needs to be given permission by the soviet control apparatus. Every one of us is to be only a resource under the control and allocation of sustainable development. Bill Gates once announced that the only way to bring down CO2 emissions will be to bring population, consumption and production down to near zero. Sustainable Development effectively means suppressing class mobility, consumption, freedom and, ultimately, population. These policies will result in widespread starvation, war, poisoning and despair. This means that Agenda 21 is an action plan hiding its true intentions behind a smokescreen of feel good activism to enable its full tyrannical implementation in the name of environmental welfare.

 Adapted with liberties from: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/the-multiple-prongs-of-agenda-21.html

What is Voluntaryism?


What is Voluntaryism?

“The thought of how much the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination.”  Doug Casey, 1979

Voluntaryism is a name for a new model of human organization that can revolutionize world society to release people’s untapped and suppressed potentials.

Introduction from Voluntaryist.com: “Voluntaryism is the doctrine that relations among people should be by mutual consent, or not at all. It represents a means, an end, and an insight. Voluntaryism does not argue for the specific form that voluntary arrangements will take; only that force be abandoned so that individuals in society may flourish. As it is the means which determine the end, the goal of an all voluntary society must be sought voluntarily. People cannot be coerced into freedom. Hence, the use of the free market, education, persuasion, and non-violent resistance as the primary ways to change people’s ideas about the State. The Voluntaryist insight, that all tyranny and government are grounded upon popular acceptance, explains why voluntary means are sufficient to attain that end.”

The converse of Voluntaryism is often called Statism, or the idea there can exist a collective authority that supersedes the authority of individuals.

This Statist ideology pervades our culture and our world. This situation is often accepted by us as simply being “the way it is.” If we look at this carefully and clearly however, we’ll see that “the State” can only ever be a conceptual fiction under which individual humans act using this imagined collective authority. This has developed and has been perpetuated over thousands of years by rulers and their minions, who were under the erroneous and delusional impression that it created advantages for them that made their lives easier and more prestigious.

  • It seems reasonable to speculate that over these many generations of living under governments, there have been intelligent yet psychopathic members of the power elite who have recognized the utility of more social control – of enhancing the hypnotic power of the imaginary institutions they command through psychological manipulation of the populations, the bureaucratic minions and enforcers, and even of those believing themselves the nobility or legitimate leaders.

Because most of us have accepted that this collective power is The Way It Is, we are conditioned to shy away from the consideration that it is never legitimate for us to give this imaginary State invasive privileges that we can’t exercise as individuals.

If people are to be responsible for providing their own abundance, then it is arguably in our own best interest that those around us are as strong and capable as possible, so society can flourish as a whole. Harming others’ abilities to perceive life with clarity and think critically about what they see would therefor only be hurting ourselves. Another corollary to this is the idea that when we attack others, we also feel attacked ourselves at a subconscious level. What goes around, comes around. We then live in a world of fear. This fear is increased if we face irrational, authoritarian, defensive and psychopathic behaviors by “Leaders,” “Representatives,” or officers invested with a belief in their power over us.

  What we now experience as the “educational system” is a highly sophisticated product of many generations of psychological enhancement that operates directly counter to what common sense will tell us will build a strong society.

To truly come into my own power, I must first accept others coming into theirs without any conditions or personal preferences.

  In our current model, we are hypnotically addicted to the idea that we must attain preeminence over others.

  • If I want to promote this unspoken necessity for power, a set of hidden strategies tends to be constantly generated and updated in my mindspace.
  • I tend to see people not as the unknowable mysteries they are, but only as resources for getting advantages prioritized in my hidden strategies. If I don’t see them as having value for gaining preeminence, they have no interest or value for me.
  • Crucially, to advance in rank in society, one needs to serve the interests of people above oneself in the pecking order. This begs the question of just what is being served when one rises to the top of an institution.

In order to open the flow of energies (goods and services) from others – and from Source – I need to open my inner source, for energies to flow outward, producing value that is under demand by my fellow beings.

  Because of the repressive strategies used by people operating “under color” of authority – Typically as “governments” or government-privileged institutions, i.e. corporations – we are now impeded from offering many kinds of essential goods or services that can potentially solve critical issues we now face.

  • Governments generally claim monopoly power to represent the interests of people, often called “citizens,” within the conceptual area – i.e. “State” – over which they claim to have “jurisdiction” – or control. Marc Stevens teaches that “the State” claims legitimacy as a “body politic” which has jurisdiction over citizens: “persons” who make a pledge of allegiance in return for the State’s duty of protection. However, within the U.S. no court has ever ruled that government has incurred any liability for failure to protect its citizens.

One area in which people such as Marc Stevens are producing value for others is in teaching them to protect themselves from invasion and usurpation of their time and energies by people trying to use others to gain illegitimate advantages for themselves. Ultimately, these kinds of services can develop into voluntarily accessed alternatives for many of the functions of “governments.”

  This is highly inconvenient to the purveyors of the worldwide system of control by violence. The system is now coming under the unprecedented threat of the awakening of populations the elite ruling consensus depend on to provide the skills and energy to maintain their hegemony.

  It seems that now, in the early 21st Century, the control agenda has become so developed and pervasive that it is threatened by the arising of any human capabilities not under direct control of the elites. In particular, new ideas in the areas of energy, health, agriculture, social organization and human development directly menace the interlocking institutions of repression.

  • As new technologies emerge to empower the “peasant classes” to transcend their dependence on entrenched systems, Statist cabals will be driven to choose between escalating their use of violence, or acquiescing to change.

The idea of political power is that any means necessary must be employed to enroll the levels of agreement and compliance in the population to attain desired political goals. This amounts to coerced control; war by other means. Once a political process has secured the impression of agreement, or “manufactured consensus,” then State violence is employed in enforcing “democratic” policy. In this sense, political methods violate the basic principles of Voluntaryism.

  As to how we can “get there from here,” the specific pathways are not yet clear. However, if we commit ourselves and adhere to the principles of Voluntaryism, this clarity is certain to emerge. If we steadfastly refrain from violation of others’ lives, are faithful to voluntary agreements we make, and are always open to feedback, criticism, and correction of mistakes, methods of development and social organization we’re not yet aware of will be found. If we lose our resolution and cut corners, we will return to the descending course of our increasingly dangerous fall into corruption.

The transition to an all-voluntary society is the paradigm shift that most of humankind now intuits is coming. The idea is radical: going to the root of the delusions and illusory goals that have plagued us throughout history. Yet at the same time, it is very simple. As we go on, we will feel and intuit more easily those times when thoughts arise of acting in violation of the Sacred Space of others. Avoiding those mistakes, we will gradually feel more free, and more unencumbered with troubled consciences and fears. As these skills begin to become realized, we’ll be on the verge of entering a new world.

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