Web Research Links for the Week of 3/12/18

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Elana Freeland – Under An Ionized Sky – Book Tour – Soquel, 2/11/18 (2hr 20min)

When Dealing with a Bear, Hubris Is Suicidal – by The Saker – http://www.unz.com/tsaker/when-dealing-with-a-bear-hubris-is-suicidal/ – “So what does it tell us, and future historians, when this kind of crap is written by a staff writer of an “award winning” media outlet? Does it not show that our society has now reached a stage in its decay (I can’t call that “development”) where lies become the norm? Not only are even grotesque and prima facie absurd lies accepted, they are expected (if only because they reinforce the current ideological Zeitgeist. The result? Our society is now packed with first, zombified ideological drones who actually believe any type of officially proclaimed of nonsense and, second, by cowards who lack the basic courage to denounce even that which they themselves know to be false… Initially, you might be tempted to believe that, indeed, your interlocutor is not too bright and not too well read, but eventually you realize that there is something very different happening: the modern man actually makes a very determined effort not to be capable of logical thought and not to be informed of the basic facts of the case. And what is true for specific individuals is even more true of our society as a whole.” (emphasis added)

My video of Auther, Teacher, and Researcher Elana Freeland, speaking on her book tour for her recently released UNDER AN IONIZED SKY, in Soquel, Calif. on Feb. 11 this year. – Comment: Perhaps long, but Good.

Global Research News Hour: Patrick Henningsen on Truth and Lies of Syrian Conflict (27 min)

Video interview of Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire.com by host Michael Welch – Comment: If you’re interested in what’s really going on in Syria now, Patrick unpacks a massive amount of information on major aspects of the Syrian war in this relatively short interview.

RT presenter destroys Piers Morgan, after Piers claims he is certain that Putin “kills journalists” (Video 7 min) – Piers Morgan seems to have evidence that no one else on the planet has… by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/rt-presenter-destroys-piers-morgan-after-piers-claimed-he-is-certain-that-putin-kills-journalists-video/

ADL Creepy New Ad Promotes Censorship Under Online Hate Index – by Aaron Kesel – http://theduran.com/rt-presenter-destroys-piers-morgan-after-piers-claimed-he-is-certain-that-putin-kills-journalists-video/ – “Just in case there is any doubt that the ADL and SPLC are behind the recent YouTube purge, the ADL made it clear in a tweet last August that they were helping on YouTube’s Trusted Flaggers Program… Ironically, the comments were disabled for the ADL video, probably because of the backlash that would have followed. Further, ADL, if you have to suppress a free discussion board that might say something about what you are doing. As I have reiterated for the past year, “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual” – yet, big tech industries and thinktank organizations and nonprofits seem to think that it was.”

Media Silent as Trump Administration Gives Power Over Gun Control to Federal Agencies – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/media-silent-as-trump-administration-gives-power-over-gun-control-to-federal-agencies.html – “As The Free Thought Project reported in December, the Fix NICS Act will pressure federal agencies and states to report as many names as possible to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, “=’making it only a matter of time before this list becomes so large that nearly any activity could serve to remove your Second Amendment rights.’.. ‘When President Obama couldn’t get Congress to pass gun control, he implemented a strategy of compelling, through administrative rules, the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to submit lists of veterans and seniors, many of whom never had a day in court, to be included in the NICS database of people prohibited from owning a firearm,” Massie said. “Only a state court, a federal (article III) court, or a military court, should ever be able to suspend your rights for any significant period of time.’ ”

Skripal Poisoning – British Provcation – Statement of Russian Permanent Rep. to UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya – https://southfront.org/skripal-poisoning-british-provcation/ – “ ‘For the British specialists to be perfectly confident that this was a Novichok agent and not any other kind, they would need a control standard for proof. It must be compared to a control substance,’ the diplomate stated. ‘They have a collection and they have the formula. In other words, if the UK is so firmly convinced this is Novichok, they have samples and formula and are capable of formulating it themselves.’ ”

Global Research News Hour: Patrick Henningsen on Truth and Lies of Syrian Conflict – video interview of Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire.com by host Michael Welch (27 min): https://youtu.be/2yn5nyegYZ4Comment: If you’re interested in what’s really going on in Syria now, Patrick unpacks a massive amount of information on major aspects of the Syrian war in this relatively short interview.

UK Column News – 14th March 2018 – Hosts Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with David Ellis and Vanessa Beeley (51 min) – https://youtu.be/ub6b1DP9KG4 – Comment: In this episode of this remarkable news program, the combined team ties together the ongoing deconstruction of the UK armed forces with the furor surrounding the fraudulent Russian Skripal Poisoning Narrative and the War in Syria to advance a very plausible, and frightening thesis that forces are driving the UK and the EU toward a potentially devastating war with Russia. Highly recommended.

Chief of Russian General Staff Says Will Target US Aircraft if Strikes on Syrian Army Endanger His Menhttps://russia-insider.com/en/chief-russian-general-staff-says-will-target-us-aircraft-if-strikes-syrian-army-endanger-his-men – “Moscow is ready to respond if lives of the Russian servicemen are endangered, including by strikes on Damascus, head of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov said… ‘There are many Russian advisers, representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and [Russian] servicemen in Damascus and at Syrian defense facilities,’ Gerasimov stated… In case lives of Russian military personnel are put in danger, the Russian Armed Forces will respond with certain measure to both “missiles” and “lauchers” which are delivering these projectiles.’. Clearly the Russians want the US to think long and hard whether it really wants to launch any more attack on Syrian government, and how it wants to go about doing that.”

Digital Papers Please: New Reports of TSA Searching Computers and Cellphones for DOMESTIC Flights – by Nicholas West – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/tsa-searching-electronic-devices-domestic-flights.html – “In October 2017, the TSA announced it would be heightening screening procedures of domestic passengers’ devices, including tablets and e-readers, but it has not released any policies or procedures governing these searches, the ACLU said… The ACLU said it had received no response to its public records requests sent in December 2017, forcing the group to file the lawsuit, which is seeking fairly basic policy documents… A TSA spokesman, Matt Leas, declined to comment on the lawsuit but said: ‘TSA does not search the contents of electronic devices.’ ” – Note: That does not mean that the TSA doesn’t download the contents of devices into databases.

The Coldest Story Ever Told – by Dr. Mark Sircus – http://drsircus.com/spiritual-psychology/coldest-story-ever-told/ – “This is what we are seeing all over the world, record cold temperatures, but not beating records by small margins but smashing them. One would think the next mini-ice age would come in slowly, creeping up at us so we would hardly notice. That is not what is happening, and scientists have warned us of this, but no one is paying attention because crazy politicians and the public media are still shouting about manmade global warming.”

U.S. CENTCOM: Russia, Iran Prevent Syria From “Moving Forward”. Russian Air Defenses Threaten U.S. Air Power’s Dominancehttps://southfront.org/u-s-centcom-russia-iran-prevent-syria-from-moving-forward-russian-air-defenses-threaten-u-s-air-powers-dominance/ – ” ‘Iran has been a key enabler of the regime for a while… [Russia] also is a key enabler of the regime,’ he (Votel) said. If Russia, Syria and Iran do win in the region, ‘it means we will contend with this influence of Iran in this particular area and the influence of Russia.’.. Votel also said that the UN ceasefire imposed last month has had little effect and complained that the increase of Russian air defense capabilities in Syria threaten the US air power’s dominance.” (emphasis added)

from the Revenge-Of-The-Diaspora Desk: David Icke stars in “I am not an antisemite” (from a year ago, 7 min) – by the Campaign Against “Anti-Semitism,” (CAA) – https://youtu.be/ZhKK-KKgHOoComment: This video is from a year ago. This group in the UK has just manipulated the police to shut-down a sold-out event he had scheduled coming up soon by threatening the owners of the venue where he’s appeared before without incident with who-knows-what lies coming from CAA. I put this comment below the video: “This video is, as David might say, pathetic. As much as the lapdog MSM works to demonize him, the integrity of what he says keeps shining through. THAT’s why he has thousands and thousands of followers. We’re waking up to “the Jewish Question.” It’s not about race or culture, it’s about the behaviour of those who control Jewish polity. Bad behaviour. I imagine this comment will be deleted as I see no other comments here pointing out the obvious. Have at it. People will awaken to what you’re doing and have done.”

The Quest to Bring 3-D-Printed Homes to the Developing World – by Arielle Pardes – https://www.wired.com/story/new-story-3-d-printed-house/?CNDID=44958341&mbid=nl_031318_daily_list1_p4 – “For the past 10 months, New Story has tinkered away with construction technology company ICON to design a 3-D printer for building homes in regions of the world that lack the economic resources to house their poorest citizens. Today, the companies are showing off the fruits of their labor: a 350-square-foot structure in Austin, Texas, and the first 3-D-printed house in the country built to local housing code… The Texas house is just a prototype of the fast, cheap, and sustainable home design the company hopes to bring to El Salvador, Bolivia, Haiti, and Mexico. Using current traditional methods, it takes New Story eight months to build a community of 100 homes, which cost about $6,000 each. With a 3-D printer, it says it can build one home a day at a cost of $4,000 per structure.”

Trump Votes For Rexit – Torture Girl To Become CIA Director – by Moon Of Alabama – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48982.htm – “CIA head Pompeo, the new Secretary of State, is a neoconservative with a racist anti-Muslim attitude and a special hate for Iran which he compared to ISIS. That he will now become Secretary of State is a bad sign for the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Europeans especially should take note of that and should stop to look for a compromise with Trump on the issue. The deal is now dead. There is no chance that a compromise will happen… The new CIA director Gina Haspel is well known for actively directing and participating in the torture of prisoners at ‘black sites’: Beyond all that, she played a vital role in the destruction of interrogation videotapes that showed the torture of detainees both at the black site she ran and other secret agency locations. The concealment of those interrogation tapes, which violated multiple court orders as well as the demands of the 9/11 commission and the advice of White House lawyers, was condemned as “obstruction” by commission chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Keane… Haspel would be in jail if former president Barack Obama had not decided against prosecuting the CIA torture crimes.” – Comment: I feel better now.

Big Pharma Paid Millions in Secret Settlements After Antidepressants Linked to Mass Murder – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/03/big-pharma-paid-millions-secret-settlements-antidepressants-linked-mass-murder.html – “While history has shown that the most notorious mass shooters in this century were taking antidepressants or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) before they carried out the deadly rampages, there are a number of killings that have been linked directly to the dangerous drugs. In fact, the pharmaceutical companies behind the most popular SSRI’s have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in damages:”

Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what? – by Jon Rappoport – https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/03/12/head-of-secret-pentagon-program-says-ufos-can-warp-space-time-what/ – ” ‘We do believe all these observables we’ve been seeing, sudden and extreme [UFO] acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans medium travel, and last but not least, positive lift, anti-gravity – is really the manifestation of a single technology.’.. ‘So it’s not five exotic technologies we’re trying to figure out, it’s one, and we think we know that one too.’..’“We believe it has to do with a high amount of energy and the ability to warp space-time, not by a lot, but by a little.’ ”

‘Just because the poison was made in Russia doesn’t mean they’re behind it’ – ex-MI5 officer (VIDEO)  – https://www.rt.com/uk/421158-russia-spy-mi5-machon/ – ” ‘(Chemical) agents can be developed and used by governments all over the world,’ she said. ‘If this Novichok agent was developed in Russia, it doesn’t mean it’s stayed in Russia – [any more than] any of the other agents developed by Germany, the USA, or the UK have stayed in their own countries.’.. ‘The fact that the… UK facility for identifying those agents was able to identify this very quickly would indicate that they know exactly what this nerve agent is, which means that they have the chemical formula for it too. So, who knows where it came from?’… ‘It might have been developed in Russia, but it doesn’t mean that is state-sanctioned by Russia. It’s a damaging conflation in a particularly sensitive diplomatic time.’ ” (emphasis added)

Russia won’t respond to UK ultimatum until samples of alleged chemical weapon received – Lavrov  – https://www.rt.com/news/421126-lavrov-response-uk-skripal/ – ” ‘We have certainly heard the ultimatum voiced in London,’ Lavrov said on Tuesday. ‘The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry has commented on our attitude to this,’ he added referring to Maria Zakharova branding of May’s appearance in Parliament as a “circus.”.. He added that a case of alleged use of chemical weapons should be handled through the proper channel, being the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – of which both Russia and Britain are members.

Oakland’s Homeless Americans Die Uncounted As Mayor Protects Illegal Immigrants – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-11/oaklands-homeless-americans-die-uncounted-mayor-protects-illegal-immigrants – “In rapidly gentrifying Oakland, an investigation by the San Francisco Chronicle determined that thousands of homeless who die within the city limits aren’t officially identified as homeless on their death certificates, making it easier for public officials to ignore a worsening crisis as rising property values and rents increasingly push the most vulnerable individuals out onto the streets... As the Chronicle notes, Alameda County – a county that encompasses Oakland and the surrounding area – does not collect data on how many homeless people die each year or their causes of death. And even if it did – neither the state nor the federal government track these data, or require them to be collected, meaning that even the figures cited above constitute very rough estimates.”

Explainer: The poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal – by “Guy Faulconbridge” from (Rothschild-owned) Reuters – https://in.reuters.com/article/britain-russia-explainer/explainer-the-poisoning-of-former-russian-double-agent-sergei-skripal-idINKCN1GP2C8 – “Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump acknowledged the British charges of involvement against Russia, but said he needed to talk to May before rendering a judgment… ‘As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them, we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be,’ Trump, who earlier fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after a series of policy rifts, said… ‘It sounds to me like they believe it was Russia, and I would certainly take that finding as fact,’ he added.” – Comment: Did any of these people take elementary logic at any time in their lives? Also, Reuters has totally spiked the verified information that fentanyl traces were found on the bench where Skripal and his daughter, who was not passed out when found, but was acting like she was on a drug trip. I think Reuters still has some ‘splainin’ to do…

Russia says U.S. plans to strike Damascus, pledges military responsehttps://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-usa/russia-says-u-s-plans-to-strike-damascus-pledges-military-response-idUSKCN1GP0TY – “Russia said on Tuesday it had information that the United States planned to bomb the government quarter in Damascus on an invented pretext, and said it would respond militarily if it felt Russian lives were threatened by such an attack… He said the United States intended to use the fake attack as a pretext to bomb the government quarter in nearby Damascus where he said Russian military advisers, Russian military police and Russian ceasefire monitors were based… ‘In the event of a threat to the lives of our servicemen, Russia’s armed forces will take retaliatory measures against the missiles and launchers used,’ Gerasimov said in a statement.”

REVEALED: US Admit That Strategy to ‘Dethrone’ Putin for Oil Pipelines Could Trigger WW3 – by Nafeez Ahmed – http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/03/12/revealed-us-strategy-to-dethrone-putin-oil-pipelines-might-provoke-ww3/ – “The remarkable document, prepared by the US Army’s Culture, Regional Expertise and Language Management Office (CRELMO), concedes that expansionist NATO policies played a key role in provoking Russian militarism. It also contemplates how current US and Russian antagonisms could spark a global nuclear conflict between the two superpowers… The document remains staunchly critical of Russia and Putin, but finds that Russian belligerence cannot be understood without accounting for the context of ongoing US interference in what Russia perceives to be its legitimate ‘sphere of influence.’ ”

Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons – by Peter KORZUN – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/03/13/ukraine-gets-official-nato-status-weighing-up-pros-cons.html – “Let’s take a look at the facts. Ukraine’s economy is in a funk. It depends on the West for help. Kiev already spends much more than the 2% of GDP required for defense allocations, in accordance with the recently approved NATO standard. The West will have to help Ukrainian taxpayers shoulder the burden. Besides anti-tank systems, Ukraine’s military lacks much of the weaponry and equipment a modern force is supposed to have in its inventory. As a result, its soldiers do not have the needed skills to operate these sophisticated, up-to-date systems. Training Ukrainian servicemen is a massive, onerous project.”


Web Research Links for the Week of 3/5/18

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta Following Liberation Of Madierahttps://southfront.org/map-update-military-situation-in-eastern-ghouta-following-liberation-of-madiera/Comment: Very dramatic collapse of the defenses of the various terrorist groups occupying East Ghouta. The end for them now seems to be in sight. Agreements for surrender in exchange for transfers to Idlib are expected.

Donald Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in rambling speech – by Ben Jacobs – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/11/donald-trump-advocates-death-penalty-for-drug-dealers-in-rambling-speech – “But Trump spent most of his hour and 20 minutes on stage talking about almost every other topic under the sun. He confirmed reports that that he had been floating the idea of imposing a death penalty on drug dealers by a long discourse where he praised the criminal justice system in China. Trump noted China once had a problem with “the opium” that was “devastating” and went on to explain his bafflement that murderers were treated more harshly than drug dealers. ‘If someone goes and shoots somebody, kills somebody they get the death penalty,’ said Trump. In contrast, he noted ‘a drug dealer will kill 2,000 to 5,000 people during the course of his life’… Trump acknowledged how controversial the concept was. ‘I don’t know if this country is ready but I think it’s a discussion we have to start thinking about.’ ” – Comment: This is the kind of statement by Trump that showcases his breath-taking lack of clarity and logic. It also indicates the levels of control over his policy initiatives. I wonder if Trump has considered the number of deaths that are due to the depradations of the Pharma corporations?

The CIA Democrats – by Patrick Martin – https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/03/07/dems-m07.html – “An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.”

Recycled water from sewers coming to California taps – by Ted Andersen – https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Recycled-water-from-sewer-OK-d-for-California-12735732.php – “New regulations approved Tuesday by the California State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California municipal drinking water… The regulations specify the percentage of recycled water that can be added and how long it must reside there before being treated again at a surface water treatment facility and provided as drinking water, according to the Water Board… ‘This is a type of indirect potable use — it’s not treated recycle water that goes directly to someone’s house,’ said Miryam Barajas at the Water Board. ‘It’s highly treated.’ ” (emphasis added) Comment: Oh, It’s “highly” treated. Must be fine.

Blythe Masters Tells Banks the Blockchain Changes Everything – The banker who helped give the world credit-default swaps wants to upend finance again—this time with the code that powers bitcoin – by Edward Robinson and Matthew Leising – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-09-01/blythe-masters-tells-banks-the-blockchain-changes-everything – ” ‘You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s,’ Masters, a lithe 46-year-old Englishwoman with auburn hair and the proper diction of the Home Counties, explains to the rapt audience. ‘It’s analogous to e-mail for money.’.. That’s a bold statement, but Masters isn’t the only voice heralding the coming of the blockchain. The Bank of England, in a report earlier this year, calls it the ‘first attempt at an Internet of finance,’ while the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis hails it as a “stroke of genius.” In a June white paper, the World Economic Forum says, ‘The blockchain protocol threatens to disintermediate almost every process in financial services.’ ”

Disabled Virginia Mom Arrested with No Warrant, No Charges Because Health Impact News Exposed her Storyhttp://healthimpactnews.com/2018/disabled-virginia-mom-arrested-with-no-warrant-no-charges-because-health-impact-news-exposed-her-story/ – “Since that time, Whitney (mother of kidnapped woman) has been gagged by the family court from talking about the Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) case against her daughter. Whitney has served as conservator over her daughter, whose mental health seriously declined after the children were taken from her family… The chancery court, in which the conservatorship case is held, has been reportedly “following suit” of the family court in trying to bully Whitney Manning into silence… Her attorney clarified to Health Impact News that there is no gag order on the chancery court case, but it is under seal. It is clear, however, that Whitney is afraid to speak out, but she is even more afraid of what will happen to Tara if she doesn’t speak up now.”

U.S. Government Officially Conscripts Google Into The Military Industrial Complex – by Jake Anderson – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/government-conscripts-google-military-industrial-complex.html – ” Only months after it was disclosed that the Pentagon was using artificial intelligence (AI) to  hunt for terrorists, officials have now acknowledged that Google has been collaborating with the Department of Defense to use AI in analyzing drone footage. The disclosure comes amid an uproar among Google employees who aren’t happy to be assisting in the development of military applications. ”

Syrian Army Moves Closer to Splitting the East Ghouta Terrorist Pockethttp://21stcenturywire.com/2018/03/08/syrian-army-moves-close-splitting-east-ghouta-terrorist-pocket/ – “According to a military source in Damascus, the Syrian Army is only one kilometer away from splitting the Islamist-held East Ghouta pocket in two… If the Syrian Army is successful in splitting the East Ghouta, they will have ultimately secured the vehicle management base and met up with their forces in the area.”

UN Chief Appoints Bloomberg as Envoy for Climate Actionhttps://www.voanews.com/a/michael-bloomberg-un-envoy-climate-action/4281511.html – “The U.N.’s new envoy for climate action, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said Monday that President Donald Trump can become “a great leader” if he changes his mind about global warming and keeps the United States in the Paris climate agreement… The billionaire media mogul expressed hope that Trump will listen to his advisers, look at the data on climate change, and support the 2015 Paris accord aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions… Bloomberg spoke during a ceremony at which U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave him the new title of U.N. special envoy for climate action, handing him the job of spurring international action to help curb global warming.” – Note: Bloomberg is a Trilateral Commissioner.

A Stalinist Purge In America? – by Paul Craig Roberts – https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/03/07/stalinist-purge-america/ – “Why are not Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and all the rest indicted for their clear and obvious crimes?.. America’s future turns on the answer to this question. Is it because the Trump regime is letting the presstitutes and the Democrats destroy their credibility, or is it because Trump is weak, confused, and doesn’t know how to use the powers of his office to slay those who intend to slay him?… If it is the former, then America will move far to the right. If it is the latter, America will have had its own Stalinist purge, and the purge is likely to follow the Stalin model and to extend down to those who voted for Trump.” (emphasis added)

Ukraine Begins Seizing Gazprom Property Citing Stockholm Court Decision – Court ruled Ukraine does not have to pay the contractual penalty fees for not drawing enough gas, but Gazprom has to pay Kiev $4.5 billion for transit of gas that never happened because Ukraine is in a poor economic situation – https://russia-insider.com/en/ukraine-begins-seizing-gazprom-property-citing-stockholm-court-decision/ri22725 – “Naftogaz pushed for a retroactive change in the price of gas, the reimbursement of overpayments and the repeal of a ban on reselling Russian gas. The court eventually satisfied some of the Ukrainian company’s demands, in particular by setting a minimum amount of gas that Naftogaz must buy from Gazprom annually (from 2018) at a volume that was 10 times lower than in the original contract. At the same time, it also obliged Gazprom to pay for the transit of the Russian gas through the Ukrainian territory between 2009 and 2017 even though the gas was not, in fact, transited over that period… The Head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, then called the court’s decision “asymmetric” and “very politically motivated.” The court justified its decision by referring to a difficult economic situation in Ukraine.” (emphasis added) Comment: This Social Marxist court is apparently basing its decision on the principle of “Equity” as observed by the UN/Globalist regime. Equity is one of the “3 E’s” (equity-economy-environment) of Agenda 21.

Britain First leader and deputy leader jailed for hate crimeshttp://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-43320121 – ” Fransen was handed a 36-week sentence and Golding 18 weeks… Judge Justin Barron threw out three of the charges, while Fransen was found guilty of three and Golding of one… He told the court the pair were “well-known”, “controversial” and ‘generate their own publicity’, but his verdict was based ‘solely on admissible evidence heard in court’ (Comment: of course it was)… He said their words and actions “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and the Muslim faith… ‘I have no doubt it was their joint intention to use the facts of the case [in Canterbury] for their own political ends.’.. ‘It was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.’ ” – Comment: The real reasons that Fransen and Golding were prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service are indicated by Fransen’s speech in the video linked below. This speech has been scrubbed from yootoob, and this video was ironically put up by an Anti-Britain-First activist.Jayda Fransen speech in Belfast – August 2017 (12 min): https://youtu.be/LzBewGvayLE

Experiment Demonstrates the Deadly Power of Social Compliance – by Dylan Charles – http://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/03/07/televised-experiment-demonstrates-deadly-power-social-compliance/ – “The main experiment picks up from there, involving unwitting subjects who are gradually convinced of the need to push another person off of a high-rise building. It’s an elaborate setup, which builds upon one small act of compliance after another until the subject is put into a situation where they are encouraged to kill a man they just met.”

President Trump Goes FULL Anti-Vaxx… – by Kent Heckenlively – http://bolenreport.com/president-trump-goes-full-anti-vaxx/  From the opening paragraph: “The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit charging that a Wisconsin nursing home’s insistence that all employees get annual flu vaccinations amounted to religious discrimination and a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964… ” Trump’s Justice Department is putting us on the same legal footing as the Freedom Riders of the 1960s who protested against segregation.  How sweet it that?????.”

Two Russians poisoned; Britain goes mad – Feverish speculation in the British media of Russian state involvement in alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter is unwarranted – by Alexander Mercouris – http://theduran.com/two-russians-struck-britain-goes-mad/

Police Are Creating A National Surveillance Network Using COMTEC, Project Green Light And More – by MassPrivateI –  https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/police-national-surveillance-network.html – Police are thrilled to spy on students and will use COMTEC to spy on them in real-time… Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said, ‘giving access to law enforcement from the schools to see things that are happening inside that school in real-time, if and when an active shooter, wow what an incredible advantage.’.. And if that doesn’t worry you, maybe this will: A recent article in the Macomb Daily News reveals that all school districts openly work with the FBI, State Police and the Sheriff’s Department… Politicians are glamorizing spying on the public.” (emphasis added)Fun video from article: Macomb County safety system allows officials to use cameras to track school shooters (2 min) https://youtu.be/AE5SItnExFE

The Online Hate Index (1 min): https://youtu.be/lULmie51-pU – “Helping Online Tech companies understand the extent of “Hate®” on their platforms” – Comment: If it looks like Fascism, and smells like Fascism, and sounds like Fascism, and quacks like Fascism…

REAL BLACK MIRROR Inside China’s creepy ‘social credit’ system that analyses internet shopping and social media use in order to blacklist ‘lazy’ or wasteful citizens and allow those who behave well to borrow money – The terrifying initiative, which has been rolled out through pilot scheme, bans low-rated people from buying plane tickets and sending their kids to private school – by Mark Hodge – https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5730910/china-social-credit-rating-blacklists-citizens/ – “While the social credit scheme will become mandatory in China in 2020, it is currently being tested in pilot schemes which have been rolled out through private financial companies… The most high profile of these is Sesame Credit which has been developed by Ant Financial and uses computer algorithms to score people from 350 to 950, reports The Guardian… Likened to an episode of dystopian horror series Black Mirror, Sesame Credit rates people on factors including “interpersonal relationships” and consumer habits including buying video games.”

Disabled Parents Losing Right to Parent their Own Children in America while Foster Parent Recruitment Seeks “Imperfect Parents”http://healthimpactnews.com/2018/disabled-parents-losing-right-to-parent-their-own-children-in-america-while-foster-parent-recruitment-seeks-imperfect-parents/ – ” While parents with disabilities make up only 6.2 percent of all parents in the United States, a recent study found that 19 percent of children in foster care have a parent with a disability… According to data from the Child Maltreatment report for 2016 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only about 25% of the children coming into the system are taken for reasons of physical or sexual abuse. Most children placed into the foster care system were not abused. Nationally, only 17.2% of the allegations against parents are even substantiated.”

Homelessness in L.A.: A national disgrace that must be fixed – by Paul Thornton – http://www.latimes.com/la-ol-opinion-newsletter-homelessness-la-20180303-htmlstory.html – “Still, while there’s a collective sense of urgency that something must be done now, how to go about doing it eludes planners and residents when details such as where to house homeless people need to be worked out. There are also misconceptions about homeless people — that the vast majority are hopelessly mentally ill or drug-addicted rather than just down on their luck — that dampen the guilt that ought to come with simply looking the other way while thousands of our fellow humans struggle and die without housing.”

White Helmets Exploit Children to ‘Manufacture Consent’ for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria – by Vanessa Beeley – http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/03/06/white-helmets-exploit-children-manufacture-consent-humanitarian-war-syria/

Homelessness in L.A.: A national disgrace that must be fixed – by Paul Thornton – http://www.latimes.com/la-ol-opinion-newsletter-homelessness-la-20180303-htmlstory.html – “Still, while there’s a collective sense of urgency that something must be done now, how to go about doing it eludes planners and residents when details such as where to house homeless people need to be worked out. There are also misconceptions about homeless people — that the vast majority are hopelessly mentally ill or drug-addicted rather than just down on their luck — that dampen the guilt that ought to come with simply looking the other way while thousands of our fellow humans struggle and die without housing.”

White Helmets Exploit Children to ‘Manufacture Consent’ for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria – by Vanessa Beeley – http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/03/06/white-helmets-exploit-children-manufacture-consent-humanitarian-war-syria/

from the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Some Christians Giving Up Carbon for Lent to Combat Global Warminghttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/04/christians-giving-carbon-lent/

Israel Seeks US Ammunition, Support for Planned Attack on Lebanese Civilian Targets – by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/israel-seeks-us-ammunition-support-planned-attack-lebanese-civilian-targets/238425/ – “Despite no concrete evidence showing the existence of the rocket factory, Israeli officials told the U.S. senators that, if the factory continues to operate, ‘they are going to have to go in,’ as Graham put it. Stated differently, Israel is planning to invade Lebanon because Hezbollah – a major player in the Lebanese government – is allegedly making armaments that could be used against Israel at some point in the future. In other words, Israel is planning for a “preventative” war based on scant evidence… To Osman, Israel’s lack of evidence did not come as a surprise: ‘Israel has never needed an excuse to invade or bomb any place. It has always situated itself at an offensive position with the same old excuse that it is defending its existence. What defense strategy are they talking about when they own the war planes and they invade the Lebanese and Syrian airspaces?’ ”

The CLOUD Act: A Dangerous Expansion of Police Snooping on Cross-Border Data – by Camille Fischer – https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/cloud-act-dangerous-expansion-police-snooping-cross-border-data – “In other words, U.S. police could compel a service provider—like Google, Facebook, or Snapchat—to hand over a user’s content and metadata, even if it is stored in a foreign country, without following that foreign country’s privacy laws… Second, the bill would allow the President to enter into “executive agreements” with foreign governments that would allow each government to acquire users’ data stored in the other country, without following each other’s privacy laws.”

from the New-Day-Same-BS Desk: James Clapper Confirms Russia Was Behind Fake News During 2016 Election – by Alex Griswold – https://www.mediaite.com/tv/james-clapper-confirms-russia-was-behind-fake-news-during-2016-election/ – “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper officially confirmed during a Senate hearing Thursday that the U.S. believes the Russian government was involved in propagating fake news and fake news websites during the 2016 presidential election.” (emphasis added) – Comment: Who the heck is this “U.S.” and how exactly does it “believe” something?

The New Blacklist – Russiagate may have been aimed at Trump to start, but it’s become a way of targeting all dissent – by Matt Taibbi –  https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/taibbi-russiagate-trump-putin-mueller-and-targeting-dissent-w517486 – “Putin loves you; therefore, you love Putin. The enemy re-tweets you, therefore, you’re in league with the enemy. We’re at war with them, therefore we’re at war with you… One of the first rules of a shunning campaign is that it doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to be what everyone’s saying. Since most Americans went to high school, we tend to be instinctively familiar with the concept.”

Government Agencies ACTUALLY Admit Poisoning By Vaccines In ICD-9 – by Catherine J. Frompovichtrueorganicandfree.com/government-agencies-actually-admit-poisoning-vaccines-icd-9/ – “You will note from the listing how many poisonings and other adverse effects by or from vaccines are listed along with their ICD-9 codes.  Why weren’t those codes used when infants, toddlers and teens were taken to emergency rooms by parents who say their children were compromised by vaccines?.. Note none other than U.S. CDC’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid published that defining information!.. However, in trying to research the current ICD-10, there seems to be some ‘sanitation efforts’ going on of the incriminating information regarding vaccines causing poisoning!  Hmmm.”

Trump’s Federal Reserve Pick Wants to Put Metal Chips in Cash to Track Every Dollar and Tax It – by Matt Agorist – http://www.thedailysheeple.com/trumps-federal-reserve-pick-wants-to-put-metal-chips-in-cash-to-track-every-dollar-and-tax-it_022018 – “Dr. Ron Paul has been a long-time advocate against such Orwellian moves to track cash and has been fighting them for decades…. ‘The whole idea is preposterous. The notion that we’re going to tax somebody because they decide to be frugal and hold a couple of dollars is economic planning at its worst,’ then-Congressman Ron Paul said. ‘This idea that you can correct some of the evil they’ve (the Federal Reserve) already created with another tax is just ridiculous.’ ”

SPLC Secretly Admits White Genocide Is Real and Has Been “Planned for a While” http://www.renegadetribune.com/splc-secretly-admits-white-genocide-real/

Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Discover Parkland Students’ Astroturfing? – The response was professionalized. That’s not surprising, because this is what organization that gets results actually looks like. It’s not a bunch of magical kids in somebody’s living room – by David Hines – http://www.renegadetribune.com/splc-secretly-admits-white-genocide-real/ – “On February 28, BuzzFeed came out with the actual story: Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Women’s March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, MoveOn.org doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood… The president of the American Federation of Teachers told BuzzFeed they’re also behind the national school walkout, which journalists had previously assured the public was the sole work of a teenager. (I’d thought teachers were supposed to get kids into school, but maybe that’s just me.)”

How the US Establishment Lies Through Its Teeth, for War Against Russia – by Eric Zuesse – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/03/03/how-us-establishment-lies-through-its-teeth-for-war-against-russia.html – “An example of the Establishment’s holier-than-thou lies, is an article that appeared on February 22nd at the magazine, The National Interest, whose article-title is itself a marvelous deception, ‘Averting the US-Russia Warpath’ (while the subliminal message there is: reasons why we’ll probably have to invade Russia), and whose authors are three ‘defense’ hawks, including James Northey Miller, of Harvard. He had been an Under Secretary of Defense during the Administration of the merely moderately neoconservative President Barack Obama — the President who in 2014 grabbed Ukraine, and who used Al Qaeda in Syria to lead ’the rebels’ there in order to try to grab Syria. (Ukraine had been friendly toward Russia and is now rabid against Russia; and Syria was and is allied with Russia; so, both of these two lands were American grabs, and the neocon Trump continues both.)”

US Seeks to Intentionally Prolong Syrian Bloodshed – by Tony Cartalucci – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48901.htm – “The paper not only openly admits US intervention in Syria has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns but rather “keeping a regional adversary weak,” it specifically recommends prolonging the conditions under which a humanitarian crisis will only expand, and for as long as possible… The US intentionally backing an “opposition” that has no chance of overturning the Syrian government equates to intentionally and maliciously prolonging a deadly conflict and all the horrors that accompany it. The Brookings paper specifically suggesting the US “bleed” the Syrian government is done with full knowledge of the cost in human suffering that “bleeding” would undoubtedly incur.”

Just Like Vegas, Authorities are Hiding the Surveillance Footage of Parkland Shooting – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/just-like-vegas-authorities-hiding-surveillance-footage-parkland-shooting.html – “Broward county sheriff Scott Israel, who has already been caught contradicting the official story, is claiming that the surveillance footage must remain secret… The South Florida Sun Sentinel, the Miami Herald and CNN have filed an open records lawsuit against the Israel and school Superintendent Robert Runcie for their role in this secrecy… Officials claim that the video is exempt from Florida sunshine laws because its release would somehow put lives at risk and expose the district’s security system. However, as the NY Post reports, this is not true.”

French prosecutors officially charge Marine Le Pen for tweeting against ISIS terrorists – by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/french-prosecutors-officially-charge-marine-le-pen-for-tweeting-against-isis-terrorists/ – “The former French National Front leader has now been formally charged with circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism”,  for a series of tweets she sent after the massacre at Paris concert hall the Bataclan in 2015… The crime levied against Le Pen is punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.”

How could Bibi lose by offering ‘ultimate deal’ with Iran?https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/03/netanyahu-israel-lose-offer-ultimate-deal-iran-iraq-hawija.html – “Netanyahu has a proven track record of convincing authorities in Washington to undermine Iranian interests for the sake of what he views as Israeli ones. It is time for him to use his influence to forge a new relationship with Iran based on mutual interests. This includes, of course, a regional peace arrangement and an end to Israel’s 50-year occupation of Palestinian land. At worst, the attempt will fall flat, the Saudis will be angry but Israel will have shown the world that it seeks peace. At best, Israel will fend off the threat from its strongest rival in the Middle East and from its partners in Syria and Lebanon.” – Comment: A noble sentiment indeed, but one that can’t be realized if Bibi wants to keep the support of Likudnik hawks.

Central banks divided over future of cryptocurrency – by Howard Davies – http://www.atimes.com/crypto-hawks-doves/ – “International demand for the petro will not be helped by recent pronouncements from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, the “sages of Omaha” who still control Berkshire Hathaway. Speaking of cryptocurrencies in general, Buffett was scathing. ‘I can say almost with certainty that they will come to a bad end,’ he declared in January, while noting for good measure that he would be glad to buy put options on every one of them. Munger is, if anything, even more hostile, characterizing Bitcoin in particular as “totally asinine” and a “noxious poison.” Not much room for doubt there.” (emphasis added)

Web Research Links for the Week of 2/26/18

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Arab Daily: British Diplomatic Cable Unveils US Plots to Disintegrate Syria – by Fars News Agency – https://www.globalresearch.ca/arab-daily-british-diplomatic-cable-unveils-us-plots-to-disintegrate-syria/5630726 – “The Saudis warned of a ‘risk of fragmentation of the different opposition groups and asked for help to maintain the cohesion of the opposition.’ Satterfield replied that their representatives should “be more involved in finding a political solution rather than enjoy great salaries and long stays in pleasant hotels.” France supported this remark by emphasizing “communication”. In this regard, the British TD makes the following comment: ‘Unfortunately, the Fifth French Republic is not intended to finance this effort,’ British representatives recalling ‘that the communication of the opposition was funded in the first place by … the United Kingdom’… The concluding comments of this TD speak volumes about the future of Western strategy in Syria. The three key conclusions underscore ‘a real reaffirmation of US leadership behind the scenes …’. The second perspective is to “keep the pressure on Russia, even if Russia can not convince Moscow to let go of the regime as we had hoped.” In this regard, ‘we must continue – what we are already doing – to denounce the horrible humanitarian situation as well as the Russian complicity in the campaign of bombing civilian targets.’ Finally, concludes the author of TD, ‘the Americans told me how much they appreciated our contribution and our support in recent months as they were finalizing their strategy.’ ”

‘US eyes encircling Russia with 400 anti-ballistic missiles’ – Russian deputy defense ministerhttps://www.rt.com/news/420358-400-missiles-us-encircle-russia/ – “In July, US Vice President Mike Pence indicated  the US was considering deploying the Patriot systems to Estonia. Poland has recently secured a $10.5 billion weapons deal with Washington to purchase 208 Patriot PAC-3 missiles in addition to 16 launchers and four radars… ‘Anti-missile defense sites in Japan and South Korea will join this circle [against Russia],’ Fomin argued, noting that ‘overall, some 400 anti-ballistic missiles will be deployed, significantly diminishing the potential of Russia’s nuclear deterrent.’.. ‘A large-scale effort is ongoing to encircle Russia with an anti-missile shield. Anti-missile defense sites have been already seat up on US soil in California and Alaska,’ Alexander Fomin, Russia’s deputy defense minister, said on Friday in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel. Washington has in fact long been expanding its anti-missile shield into Europe. In 2016, a $800 million ballistic defense site went into operation in Romania.”

NATO, Trump, Merkel, Macron Concerned Over Putin’s Weapons Claimshttps://www.rferl.org/a/merkel-trump-putin-new-weapons-claims/29072799.html – “Putin contended that Russia was forced to upgrade its nuclear arsenal after the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty in 2002… Putin said Russia warned it would take such measures in 2004, but that the West didn’t want to talk with Russia… ‘No one listened to us then. So listen to us now,’ Putin said to thunderous applause in the speech, which was held at a venue just outside the Kremlin and televised live nationwide.”

Healthy Boston Woman is Medically Kidnapped and Forced onto Pysch Drugs Resulting in her Deathhttp://healthimpactnews.com/2018/healthy-boston-woman-is-medically-kidnapped-and-forced-onto-pysch-drugs-resulting-in-her-death/ – “Alice Julian had a strong will to live. She was described as an “exceptionally healthy” 89 year old woman before being seized and drugged against her will. Her daughter Pamela Julian fought valiantly to save her life, but the strength of a group of Guardians, lawyers, and Jewish Family and Children’s Services proved to be too great a hurdle to overcome… She died on the morning of January 9, 2018. This was 4 days after the death of Beverley Finnegan… Pamela Julian told Health Impact News that she learned that people in guardianships have no rights, and that once they are in that system: ‘There’s no way out.’

Gazprom Announces Decision To “Immediately” Stop Gas Supplies To And Through Ukrainehttps://southfront.org/gazprom-announces-decision-to-immediately-stop-gas-supplies-to-and-through-ukraine/ – “The decision of the Stockholm arbitration grounded by political and economic problems of one of the sides directly undermines foundations of the international private law and the system of arbitrations. The Stockholm arbitration’s decision became a cause used by Gazprom to cut off its ties with Naftogaz. Recently, Gazprom had used only about 55% of a full capacity of the Ukrainian gas transport system. Considering a rapid development of the Russian pipeline projects, the Ukrainian pipeline just becomes useless.”

United Nations Calls For Accused 9/11 Plotter To Be Released Immediately – by Derrick Broze – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/united-nations-911-plotter-released.html – “The Times reports that the original, now destroyed evidence, may have been related to one of several foreign black site prisons operated by the Central Intelligence Agency in Thailand, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Afghanistan, and at a secret site at the Guantánamo base. KSM was tortured for several years at one of these sites before being transferred to the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba in 2006… It is unlikely that the public will ever get the truth about the 9/11 attacks or the trials. These men will likely rot away in secret prisons for the rest of their lives.”

Putin’s Ultimatum Is the Next Stage of the War – by Tom Luongo – https://russia-insider.com/en/putins-ultimatum-next-stage-war/ri22680  – “Russian diplomacy has stymied U.S. attempts to game the geopolitical landscape for the past four and a half years (since Putin beat Obama over the false flag chemical weapons attack in 2013).  Now he’s given everyone another thing to consider, Russia’s Big Stick… And I invoke Teddy Roosevelt here on purpose.  Putin’s foreign policy has morphed into that.  This is his ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’ moment.  He’s been building to this point for fourteen years, since Bush the Lesser pulled the U.S. out of the ABM Treaty… Now it’s here and we have no reasonable response.  The Defense Department’s statement was laughable.  All we can do it try and put inferior weapons closer to Russia’s borders to approximate M.A.D., a situation I feel we haven’t been at for quite a while now… Putin just red-pilled the world on this subject.”

US ‘Not Surprised’ by Russia’s Nuclear Claims, ‘Fully Prepared’ to Defend Itself – by Jeff Seldin & Michael Bowman – https://www.voanews.com/a/united-states-not-surprised-russia-nuclear-claims/4276578.html – “Both the White House and the Pentagon dismissed the talk as rhetoric Thursday, saying Russia’s attempts to modernize its nuclear force came as no surprise and would do little to rattle the U.S… ‘President Putin has confirmed what the United States government has known all along,’ White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. ‘Russia has been developing destabilizing weapons systems for over a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations.’.. ‘America is moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and make sure our capabilities aren’t being matched,’ she added, pointing to the new $700 billion U.S. military budget.” – Comment: How TF can the hand operating this sock-puppet possibly rationalize the two statements in bold above? Which government has renegged on its “treaty obligations” repeatedly for years? Also, is it (can it possibly be) true that the U.S. is totally non-challant about the new weapons unveiled by Putin? Doubt it.

Delingpole: NOAA Caught Lying About Arctic Sea Icehttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/24/delingpole-noaa-caught-lying-arctic-sea-ice/

Venezuelans Are Paying a 100% Premium for Cash – It’s yet another infuriating inconvenience of living in an imploding economy – by Andrew Rosati – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-02/venezuelans-are-paying-a-100-premium-for-cash
Israel Is Directly Arming Seven Militant Groups In Southern Syria – Mediahttps://southfront.org/israel-directly-arming-seven-militant-groups-syria-media/

Cities can change the fate of the world’s climate outlook: Christiana Figueres – by Vaidehi Shah – http://www.eco-business.com/news/cities-can-change-the-fate-of-the-worlds-climate-outlook-christiana-figueres/ – “In a recent interview with Eco-Business, Figueres, who will be delivering the keynote address that the upcoming Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) conference, says: ‘Cities are the key to the future of this planet, for two simple reasons’… ‘First, almost three quarters of the world’s population will be living in cities within the next 20 years. Second, cities are from a regional perspective the highest emitters of greenhouse gases,’ she says… ‘If we do not create better cities, 80 per cent of global emissions could come from cities,’ she adds.”

Why South Africa’s govt plans to strip land from white farmershttps://www.rt.com/news/420181-south-africa-land-redistribution-explained/ – “The amount of land actually owned by whites is a contentious and much-debated issue. The statistics remain unclear. Many South African politicians in favor of land reform claim that, in a country of 55 million people, a mere 40,000 white farmers own 80 percent of the country’s agricultural land. However, a study by fact-checking website Africa Check found that the claim isn’t supported by any dataset, labelling it incorrect… ‘Land ownership is still deeply skewed along racial lines, but these figures do not illuminate the current land dispensation,’ Professor Cherryl Walker said.”

In A Landslide Victory The Strongest Anti-NDAA Bill In America Passes Out Of The Idaho House of Representativeshttps://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/landslide-victory-strongest-anti-ndaa-bill-america-passes-idaho-house-representatives.html –  “Ammon Bundy says: ‘As you may be aware; The Restoring Constitutional Governance Act was passed in the Idaho House with a final vote of 63-4-3. To this I loudly applaud the Idaho house representatives. This combined effort to defend each other against secrete acts of violence from our government is a great example of how people unite in maintaining and defending individual rights. I humbly remind each of you that the primary taker of life, liberty and happiness in the past has been those working in government position, especially on national levels. For this reason our nation was built upon constitutional limits including checks and balances between local, State and federal. The only purpose for any government is to assist individuals in claiming, using and defending their rights so they can live happy and free. The Idaho house of representatives have taken great steps to defend the people’s rights. I thank and honor them for this and ask that the Senate and Governor do the same by making the Restoring Constitutional Governance Act protective law in Idaho. I also want to thank those at PANDA for their great efforts in bring needed awareness to the perverse and horrifying act of US Congress known as the NDAA.’ ”

Prince William to visit Israel this summer, in first official trip by UK royal – Kensington Palace says Duke of Cambridge will also travel to Palestinian territories and Jordan; Netanyahu hails ‘historic’ visit – by Michael Bachner and Raoul Wootliff – https://www.timesofisrael.com/prince-william-to-visit-israel-this-summer-in-first-official-royal-visit/ – ” ‘The visit is at the request of Her Majesty’s Government and has been welcomed by the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian authorities,’ the statement added… Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the announcement of the upcoming trip by the second-in-line to the throne… ‘This is a historic visit, the first of its kind, and he will be welcomed here with great affection,’ Netanyahu added. ‘I have ordered the Foreign Ministry director-general to coordinate preparations for the visit to ensure its success.’ ” (emphasis added) – Comment: Netanyahu – Affection? Scary.

Lavrov Accuses US Of Psyching Up EU Armies For Use Of Nukes Against Russiahttps://southfront.org/lavrov-accuses-us-of-psyching-up-eu-armies-for-use-of-nukes-against-russia/ – ” ‘Russia has no deployed tactical nuclear weapons. Nor does it hold any training to practice methods of how to use it. We have accumulated the available warheads at central storage facilities in our national territory,’ Lavrov said. ‘In this situation the existence in Europe of US tactical nuclear weapons ready for use is not just a Cold War rudiment, but an outspokenly aggressive stance.’ ”

from the Gettin-Kinda-Obvious Desk: Trump: ‘Take guns first,’ then ‘go through due process’ (w/video 30sec)http://www.wnd.com/2018/02/trump-take-guns-first-then-go-through-due-process/

Putin: The Man Who Stopped Washington’s Regime Change Rampage – by Mike Whitney – http://www.unz.com/mwhitney/putin-the-man-who-stopped-washingtons-regime-change-rampage/ – “The only place where people have a negative view of Putin is in the United States (14 percent) and EU (28 percent), the two locations where he is relentlessly savaged by the media and excoriated by the political class. This should come as no surprise to Americans who know that the chances of stumbling across an article that treats Putin with even minimal objectivity is about as likely as finding a copper coin at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The consensus view of the western media is that Putin is a maniacal autocrat who kills journalists and political opponents (no proof), who meddles in US elections to “sow discord” and destroy our precious democracy (no proof), and who is conducting a secret and sinister cyberwar against the United States. (no proof). It’s a pathetic litany of libels and fabrications, but its impact on the brainwashed American people has been quite impressive as Gallup’s results indicate. Bottom line: Propaganda works.”

Eastern Ghouta in the shoes of Aleppo: the media propaganda again – by Matija Lukač – http://balkanspost.com/article/445/eastern-gouta-shoes-aleppo-media-propaganda – “Even though terrorists groups very often fight against each other, they do feel a threat to their existence which might force them to join their forces against the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. It is easy to predict that the 30 day cessation of hostilities will fail. After all, peace is not in the interest of the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta, nor is it in the interest of Western powers who will never get over the fact that their criminal regime change plan miserably failed in Syria. It is especially not in the interest of corporate media, who will lose the opportunity to demonize the Syrian leadership further, like they did in Aleppo.”

More Americans now support a universal basic income – • Forty-eight percent of Americans support a universal basic income • Longtime advocates say we’re closer than ever to adopting the program – by Annie Nova – https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/26/roughly-half-of-americans-now-support-universal-basic-income.html – “That’s changed — and quickly. Today, 48 percent of Americans support it, according to a new Northeastern University/Gallup survey of more than 3,000 U.S. adults… The survey looked at universal basic income as a solution for Americans who have lost jobs to automation… ‘It represents an enormous increase in support,’ said Widerquist, an associate professor at Georgetown University in Qatar and an advocate for a universal basic income. ‘It’s really promising.’ ” (emphasis added)

Sweden’s Economy To Be Completely Stripped Of Cash – by Hoikkala and Billner – https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/02/28/swedens-economy-completely-stripped-cash/ – “Sweden is moving toward a situation where ‘the public’s means of payments is controlled by commercial parties,’ Ingves said in an op-ed in Dagens Nyheter. ‘That could become problematic, especially in a crisis situation.’.. The amount of cash in circulation in Sweden last year dropped to the lowest level since 1990 and is now more than 40 percent below its 2007 peak. The declines in 2016 and 2017 were the biggest on record.”

Why Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC speech freaked out Jews and heartened anti-Semites – by   Andrew Silow-Carroll – http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-wayne-lapierres-cpac-speech-freaked-out-jews-and-heartened-anti-semites/ – “The fact that he singled out three Jews — and later, the late Jewish community organizer Saul Alinsky — was alarming to many on Twitter and to two columnists for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Bradley Burston wrote that LaPierre’s defense of gun rights ‘included expressions of dog-whistle anti-Semitism reminiscent of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ with descriptions of a powerful plot to destroy America’s freedom by ‘European-style Socialists’ who he said had taken over the Democratic Party.’ Rabbi Avraham Bronstein of Long Island’s Hampton Synagogue wrote that LaPierre ‘delivered a Christian nationalist call to arms that should be chilling to us all,’ and that the ‘association of Jews with shadowy foreign threats is not new in this political moment.’ ” – Comment: Assertions of long-term plans to destroy America’s freedom are paranoid ravings.

from a good friend: David Hogg is employed by defense contractor Cubic Simulation Systems. Kevin Ralph Hogg, former FBI agent and Navy pilot, works at the CSS branch in Pompano Beach, which produces the shooter-training system that uses the same laser-aimed rifle used by the “full metal gear” gunman, as witnessed by a teacher quoted in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Watch the Cubic promo video (linked below) to understand the accuracy of gunfire from the Parkland shooters. The Hogg family are fake “anti-gun” agents of disinfo from the Military-Industry Complex… I took a screenshot of his LinkedIn account (below) that proves he works for Cubic Simulation Systems.

Alert: Dems Introduce Bill To Ban Semi-Automatic Firearms – ‘This bill would ban virtually every self-defense handgun sold in the U.S.,’ says NRA – by Jamie White – https://www.infowars.com/alert-dems-introduce-bill-to-ban-semi-automatic-firearms/

from the Thicker-Higher-Deeper Desk: Navy Deploys Destroyers To Black Sea To “Desensitize” Russia To US Presence – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-21/navy-deploys-destroyers-black-sea-desensitize-russia-us-presence – ” ‘Our decision to have two ships simultaneously operate in the Black Sea is proactive, not reactive,’ said Vice Adm. Christopher Grady, commander of 6th Fleet, which oversees U.S. naval operations in the region. ‘The continued presence of the U.S. Navy in the Black Sea demonstrates our enduring commitment to regional stability, maritime security of our Black Sea partners, and the collective defense of our NATO allies,’ he added.” (emphasis added)

Hungary New NGO Bill Aims to ‘Stop Soros’ – by F. William Engdahl – https://journal-neo.org/2018/02/22/hungary-new-ngo-bill-aims-to-stopsoros/ – ‘On February 13 the Hungarian Parliament received drafts of three bills, popularly referred to in Hungarian media as the “Stop Soros” bills. They aim at groups working on asylum and migration issues in Hungary. The bills have drawn predictable howls of protest from not only a leading NGO financed by Soros, but also from the EU Commission in Brussels, and from the United Nations. First to the actual content of the proposed laws.”

Swamp Stink Special: A Rubin Sandwich, Covered In Schiff – by Roger Stone – https://stonecoldtruth.com/swamp-stink-special-a-rubin-sandwich-covered-in-schiff/ – “Well, another Trump-Russia collusion hoax-peddler from another leftist media rag is out with another specious, conclusory attempt to reinforce yet another bunch of Schiff floated downstream by House Intelligence Committee Democrats in the form of a 10-page “rebuttal” memo replete with all kinds of clever stories and, as expected, absolutely ZERO evidence to support anything in the Democrats’ ceaseless carousel of phony allegations against the president and his 2016 campaign… This time the designated Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theorist is an actual creature of the Beltway Swamp, where democracy goes to be thwarted by “Democrats.” But to call the duplicitous Trump-deranged neo-liberal Washington Post warmongress-in-chief Jennifer Rubin a ‘conspiracy theorist’ would be a terrible insult to that moniker, even as a CIA-invented pejorative.”

from the Beyond-Incredulity Desk: U.N. Links North Korea to Syria’s Chemical Weapon Program – by Michael Schwirtz – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/27/world/asia/north-korea-syria-chemical-weapons-sanctions.html – “The evidence of a North Korean connection comes as the United States and other countries have accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons on civilians, including recent attacks on civilians in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta using what appears to have been chlorine gas… The supplies from North Korea include acid-resistant tiles, valves and thermometers, according to a report by United Nations investigators. North Korean missile technicians have also been spotted working at known chemical weapons and missile facilities inside Syria, according to the report, which was written by a panel of experts who looked at North Korea’s compliance with United Nations sanctions.” – Comment: Interested in some beachfront property in Arizona?

FBI and Sheriff Either Failed Miserably Before Parkland Shooting… Or Much Worse – by Joe Jarvis – http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/fbi-and-sheriff-either-failed-miserably-before-parkland-shooting-or-much-worse/ – “Scott Israel wants to blame the NRA when it was his department that failed to prevent and then failed to stop this shooting. Why is he being paraded around the news as if his opinion on guns matters? He is the poster child for why you should never have to depend on law enforcement… This man is a typical politician. In fact, he was on the Florida Leadership Council of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Federal Court Quietly Rules “Assault Rifles” Not Protected by 2nd Amendment – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/federal-court-quietly-rules-assault-rifles-not-protected-2nd-amendment.html – “As NBC reports, however, Judge William Traxler issued a dissent. By concluding the Second Amendment doesn’t even apply, Traxler wrote, the majority “has gone to greater lengths than any other court to eviscerate the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.” He also wrote that the court did not apply a strict enough review on the constitutionality of the law… ‘For a law-abiding citizen who, for whatever reason, chooses to protect his home with a semi-automatic rifle instead of a semi-automatic handgun, Maryland’s law clearly imposes a significant burden on the exercise of the right to arm oneself at home, and it should at least be subject to strict scrutiny review before it is allowed to stand,’ Traxler wrote.” – Comment: This 14-Judge Court is in Maryland, right next to DC. Doesn’t it seem a tad coincidental that this ruling and the “grassroots student activism” that has suddenly burst out nationwide just appeared in the immediate aftermath of this (IMO) highly questionable event?

The Victims Of the Ghouta Siege MSM Doesn’t Want You To See – by Brandon Turbeville – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/the-victims-of-the-ghouta-siege-msm-doesnt-want-you-to-see.html – “It is a real-life tragedy that so many people in Damascus and East Ghouta have been killed as a result of the necessity of this operation to liberate the suburb. It’s an even bigger tragedy that many more are going to be killed in the process. But this tragedy would never have occurred had the United States not funded a proxy army to destroy the Syrian government in 2011 and it would not continue if the U.S would cease doing so today. It is not the fault of the Syrian government that so many people have died in the operation to liberate East Ghouta nor is it the fault of Russia. The blame lies solely at the feet of the United States, NATO, Israel, and the GCC as well as at the feet of the mainstream corporate media of the West.”

from the Pull-The-Other-Leg Desk: Wounded student: ‘I’m so grateful to be here’ (CNN video 2 min) –  https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2018/02/26/madeleine-wilford-parkland-florida-school-shooting-sot.cnn – Madeleine Wilford was supposedly shot 4 times at close range by Nikolas Cruz 12 days ago, but heroically gives a press conference, fully ambulatory. Her brother says that “She’s serving as a thing people can look to and see as a sign of hope” – http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/good-news/teen-madeleine-wilford-shot-four-times-by-nikolas-cruz-during-the-florida-school-shooting-at-marjory-stoneman-douglas-high-school-is-a-sign-of-hope/news-story/7e28fa980ed558fe88671ab916f930b1 – “Her mother, Missy Cantrell Wilford, thanked God for saving her daughter… ‘I feel Blessed beyond words, knowing that many didn’t survive,’ she said. ‘She had [a bullet] that went through her back, crushing her ribs, piercing through her right lung and exiting through her stomach… Several went through the shoulder and travelled the length of her right arm before exiting … Even after all of that, the bullets missed her liver, reproduction organs, heart, she could have been paralysed. It is a miracle, she said (emphases added): http://torrentinvites.org/f24/madeleine-wilford-shot-four-times-nikolas-cruz-during-florida-school-shooting-383285/Comment: Reminds me a lot of the dancer who lost her foot at the Boston hoax, er, Bombing, and was back in the dance studio two weeks later.

US Warns Iraq Against Buying Russian S-400 Air Defenses – Washington has told Baghdad getting Russian missiles would result in US sanctions – by Marko Marjanovi – https://russia-insider.com/en/us-warns-iraq-against-buying-russian-s-400-air-defenses/ri22618

My First Day as CIA Director – by Ray McGovern – https://consortiumnews.com/2018/02/22/my-first-day-as-cia-director/ – “Last time my name was offered in nomination for the position – by The Nation publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel – I did not hold my breath waiting for a call from the White House. Her nomination came in the afterglow of my fortuitous, four-minute debate with then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, when I confronted him on his lies about the attack on Iraq, on May 4, 2006 on national TV. Since it was abundantly clear that Rumsfeld and I would not get along, I felt confident I had royally disqualified myself… This time around, on the off-chance I do get the nod, I have taken the time to prepare the agenda for my first few days as CIA director. Here’s how Day One looks so far:…”

YouTube – PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR COMMUNITY (21 min) – (YouTube channels for the ENTIRE AIR GUN INDUSTRY are being permanently removed without recourse)

Broward County Sheriff Denies Mishandling Shooting Response (w/video of Sheriff evading question by Jake Tapper) – by Amber Athey –  http://dailycaller.com/2018/02/25/broward-county-sheriff-shooting-response/ – Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel declined to answer when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him if four deputies were ordered to stand down during the Parkland school shooting

from the Here-We-Go Desk: White Helmets Accuse Syrian Forces Of Using Toxic Gas In Eastern Ghoutahttps://southfront.org/white-helmets-accuse-syrian-forces-using-toxic-gas-eastern-ghouta/ – “Twitter: The White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef – Following a Regime chlorine gas attack in #Shyfuniat city in #EasternGhouta, one child was killed and widespread suffocation occurred among civilians including 2 @SyriaCivilDefe volunteers. #SaveGhouta pic.twitter.com/W2n10KGfbf 12:26 – 25 Feb 2018 – 277 likes 473 people are talking about this” – Note: Both Russia and Iran (Rogue nations, to be sure) have been reporting for two weeks that the White Helmets were preparing false flag chemical attacks.

SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting (w/videos) – by Mike Adams – http://leftcult.com/2018-02-25-twitter-youtube-scrubbing-all-content-and-banning-all-users-who-question-official-narrative.htmlNote: Adams urges us to vote “against Democrats” forever, to fight Fascism (?)

Syria ceasefire not to affect offensive in Afrin: Turkeyhttp://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/02/25/553592/Afrin-Turkey-Security-Council-foreign-ministry-resolution – ” ‘We welcome the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council in response to the worsening humanitarian situation all across Syria, in particular in Eastern Ghouta,’ Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday… However, the ministry added, Turkey ‘will remain resolute in fighting against the terrorist organizations that threaten the territorial integrity and political unity of Syria.’ ” (emphasis added) – Comment: Protecting the territorial integrity of Syria

Web Research Links for the Week of 2/19/18

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Iran’s Zarif says Israel’s ‘myth of invincibility’ has crumbled (Munich Security Conference) (29 min)

Comment: From my perspective there are lightyears of separation between the reasonable tone and frank acknowledgement of fact that Mr Zarif expresses here and the deception and weaponized language which seems to predominate in the political speech of the West and the global hegemonic interests. Highly recommended.

UN Security Council Passed Resolution On Syria Ceasefirehttps://southfront.org/un-security-council-passed-resolution-on-syria-ceasefire/ – “Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the UN, welcomed the resolution and confirmed that Damascus government will comply with it. However, Jaafari pointed out that the opposition militants have never respected any ceasefire agreement upon orders from their foreign backers… On the other side, the main opposition forces in the East Ghouta pocket, Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement are yet to announce their position from the new UN resolution. These forces broke a similar ceasefire agreement, which was agreed upon during the Vienna talks on January 26.”

Syrian Army Starts Ground Operation In Eastern Ghouta, Captures Four Locations (Map)https://southfront.org/syrian-army-starts-ground-operation-in-eastern-ghouta-captures-four-locations-map/

LA Has Criminalized Poverty By Making It Illegal To Sleep In Cars and RVs – by John Vibes – http://trueorganicandfree.com/la-criminalized-poverty-making-illegal-sleep-cars-rvs/ – “Policies like this can have disastrous consequences, in Canada where laws like this have been implemented for some time, one man racked up over $110,000 worth of fines for essentially being homeless… Last year, The Mind Unleashed reported that the city of Seattle was planning to set up razor-wire fencing to keep homeless populations from camping. Then, earlier this year we reported that San Francisco was using Robots scare homeless people away from encampments and report them to police… Not soon after that, the city of San Francisco spent $8,700 installing large boulders under overpasses to prevent homeless people from setting up camps.”

Another One! Florida Father Said CNN Was Recruiting People Specifically To Push a Narrative – by Lawrence Richard – http://news.sarahpalin-blog.com/2018/02/23/another-one-florida-father-said-cnn-recruiting-people-specifically-push-narrative/ – “Andrew Klein, whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas High School, says that a CNN producer told him the day after the shooting they were looking for people to do interviews who would ‘espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate.’ ”

Syria’s UN Envoy: Endangering Lives Of 8 Million Civilians In Damascus To Protect Terrorists In Eastern Ghouta Is Unacceptablehttps://southfront.org/syrias-un-envoy-endangering-lives-8-million-civilians-damascus-protect-terrorists-eastern-ghouta-unacceptable/ – ” ‘We are certain that these practices will continue and some UN bodies will overlook the urgent serious information we submitted about the armed terrorist groups’ preparations for a new “big spectacle” which suggests that the Syrian government has used toxic chemicals against civilians in the Eastern Ghouta where these groups fabricate evidence, train its members to act as if they are exposed to these toxic materials in order to be photographed by known media networks and Lowcock’s reporters and accuse the Syrian Arab army of this crime,’ said al-Jaafari…He noted that the Syrian government has consistently sent letters to the UN Secretary General and President of the UN Security Council for like 2 months documenting the number of victims and material damage as well as the shells which rained down on Damascus over the past few weeks and reached 1200 shells.”

State Chinese Paper Encourages U.S. To Restrict Guns To “Protect Human Rights” – by Aaron Kesel – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/china-encourages-us-restrict-guns-protect-human-rights.html – “This advice comes from a communist country where they have spikes on the ground for the homeless. So tell me how spikes are a “right of life?”.. Besides showing disregard for the poor, President Xi Jinping’s administration has seen a sweeping crackdown on lawyers and activists over the past few years, enacting new laws under the guise of “national security” since Xi Jinping took power in 2012… Among those, there have been nearly 250 targeted individuals who were questioned or detained by state security agents following the unprecedented government crackdown on human rights lawyers and other activists that started in July 2015; nine were convicted of “subverting state power,” “inciting subversion of state power” or “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” according to Amnesty.org.” (emphasis added) – Comment: Interesting that Chinese media seem to be cooperating and working in concert with “Western Media” as this Anti-gun Push accelerates.

A good article and my comment on it: The very interesting article – Weaponized Consensus by the Collective Establishes Counterfeit Premises to Control Contrived Contingencies – by Doug “Uncola” Lynn – is found here: https://thetollonline.com/2018/02/22/weaponized-consensus-by-the-collective-establishes-counterfeit-premises-to-control-contrived-contingencies/ – The comment I put up (awaiting moderation) is:

Scott Peck is entirely incorrect is selling the concept that “people of the lie” are different than the ordinary garden-variety ego. Everyone is capable of making mistakes (unskillful behavior) based on ignorant misperception of reality (the non-dual synergy of consciousness and the world-of-form). Developing skill is a process of realizing how we are degrading the QUALITY OF OUR OWN LIVES by invading the lives of other beings and of living systems, and doing THE WORK of changing our behavior. Even THE WORST “luciferian” miscreants can (and will) eventually learn the price that their ignorance is costing them. All are worthy of clemency when they repent.

from the FYI Desk: Did the Massachusetts Legislature Become the Catalyst for Civil War II? – by Dave Hodges – “http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/massachusetts-legislature-become-catalyst-civil-war-ii/ – “Massachusetts is that first foolish state to move on the Second Amendment, but certainly will not be the last state to ban bump stocks for firearms… History has spoken on this issue, and American politicians are not listening to the lessons previously learned… The bump stock confiscation law went into effect almost three weeks ago.  Have the police had to hire new employees who are needed to assist in the collection of these now banned accessories? Not exactly, because after three weeks, the  police cannot believe the fact that only four, count’em, FOUR people have turned in their bump stock… If America will not surrender bump stocks, they will never surrender their guns. Nobody knew when Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated, that would set off World War I and millions would die. The same could be said here. This irresponsible and unconstitutional action by the Massachusetts Legislature could very well be the catalyst for civil war. The ball now lies in the court of the Deep State, because the people are clearly saying no to gun control.”

Does Jihad Really Have “Nothing to do with Islam”? – by Denis MacEoin – https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11623/jihad-islam – “In taking that stance, McMaster has broken with many members of his own staff, several of whom he was later to fire, and with the Trump administration itself. This desire to deny a connection between Islam and terrorism or to distinguish between a “pure” Islamic religion and “perversions” of it had been for many years a characteristic of the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, as well as Hillary Clinton’s tweets, when “this has nothing to do with Islam” was an oft-repeated refrain… One of the people whom McMaster fired is Richard Higgins, a top NSC official who had written a memoir in which he warned of the dangers of radical Islam and its alliance with the far Left. In a lengthy document, Higgins wrote… ‘

from the Propaganda-Drumbeat-Report Desk: Death toll in Syria enclave tops 500 after UN delays truce vote – Syrian and Russian forces launch new airstrikes on besieged Eastern Ghouta, controlled by two Islamist factions and ex-Al-Qaeda affiliate – by Hasan Mohamed (apparent Jihadist working for Times of Israel) – https://www.timesofisrael.com/death-toll-in-syria-enclave-tops-500-after-un-delays-truce-vote/ – “More than 120 children have been among the dead in the bombing campaign that the regime launched last Sunday on the enclave just outside Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said… The Britain-based monitor of the war said at least 29 civilians were killed in Saturday’s strikes, including 17 in the main town of Douma… The rebels have been firing back (Note: In fact, the “rebels”/”moderate terrorists” have been firing on civilians in Demascus for 4 years, killing hundreds) into Damascus, where a hospital was hit on Friday, state news agency SANA reported… At least 16 civilians have been killed in eastern districts of the capital since Sunday, according to state media, and many residents have sought temporary accommodation elsewhere for fear of a further intensification of the fighting.” (emphasis added) – Comment: The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is one man, Rami Abdulrahman, reporting throughout the war against Syria from Coventry, UK. He is getting these reports on the “Horror” of the “Assad Regime’s” attacks on East Ghouta from the infamous White Helmets, an arm of Al Nusra Front. – See also by Hassan Mohamed: https://www.timesofisrael.com/strikes-pound-syrias-eastern-ghouta-as-world-fumbles-for-response/https://www.timesofisrael.com/five-day-assault-on-syria-enclave-kills-more-than-400-civilians/

Israel and Iran: Inching Toward Armed Conflict – by Peter Korzun – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/02/22/israel-and-iran-inching-toward-armed-conflict.html – “Israel would wage electronic warfare against Iran’s military and civilian infrastructure, such as its electric grids and Internet, creating interference with Iran’s emergency frequencies…After the war has begun, Israel will come under rocket and missile attack from Iran’s proxies: Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah has up to 150,000 rockets that can reach anywhere in Israel. It is true however, that Israel possesses a sophisticated, multilayer, air-defense shield. A first-class intelligence and early-warning system will mitigate the fallout, but substantial damage will be unavoidable… Israeli troops will have to deploy in the Strip and move across the Lebanese border. But the Shia group will have to fight on two fronts: in Syria to prop up the Assad government, and in Lebanon against Israel. Syria is likely to find itself involved in combat operations. Israel will go to any length to keep Iran and Hezbollah away from its border.”

Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respondhttps://southfront.org/jaysh-al-islam-shells-damascus-with-heavy-rockets-russian-warplanes-respond-video-photos/ – “Jaysh al-Islam likely targeted the Rukn al-Din district with a Syrian-made Maysalun unguided artillery rocket. The rocket is a copy of the Iranian Zelzal-2 rocket. Maysalun has a range of 210km and a heavy high explosive (HE) warhead.”

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Says Any Forces Assiting YPG Are ‘Legitimate Targets’https://southfront.org/turkish-presidential-spokesman-says-any-forces-assiting-ypg-are-legitimate-targets/ – ” ‘Every step taken in support for the YPG terror organization would mean [any forces intervening on the Kurdish militants’ side] are on the same level as terror organizations. And for us, that would make them legitimate targets,’ the official said. ‘It doesn’t matter who makes such an attempt, there will be serious consequences.’ ” – Comment: If the Turkish Army or their proxy fighters fire on the Syrian Arab Army, I would say all bets on the course of this 6-year war on Syria by the Atlanticist Empire will be off.

from the The-Propaganda-War-Is-ON! Desk: UN Chief Appeals for Truce for Syria’s Besieged E. Ghoutahttps://www.voanews.com/a/un-appeals-cease-fire-syria-eastern-ghouta/4264312.html – “Secretary-General António Guterres is appealing to the council to approve an urgent 30-day halt in fighting across Syria and to help the 400,000 besieged residents of eastern Ghouta, who he said, “live in hell on earth.”.. ‘I believe eastern Ghouta cannot wait,’ Guterres said of the northern rebel-held enclave that has been under siege by pro-government forces since 2013. “’y appeal to all those involved, is for an immediate suspension of all war activities in eastern Ghouta, allowing for humanitarian aid to reach all those in need.’.. Last year, the enclave was designated as one of four de-escalation zones in a deal with President Bashar al-Assad’s supporters Russia and Iran, along with Turkey.” – Comment: This article is so full of lies one doesn’t know where to begin.

Delingpole: NOAA Caught Adjusting Big Freeze out of Existencehttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/20/delingpole-noaa-caught-adjusting-big-freeze-out-of-existence/ – “That’s because, as Paul Homewood has discovered, NOAA has been cooking the books. Yet again – presumably for reasons more to do with ideology than meteorology – NOAA has adjusted past temperatures to look colder than they were and recent temperatures to look warmer than they were… We’re not talking fractions of a degree, here. The adjustments amount to a whopping 3.1 degrees F. This takes us well beyond the regions of error margins or innocent mistakes and  deep into the realm of fiction and political propaganda… Homewood first smelt a rat when he examined the New York data sets.

Russia Conspiracy Theorists Have Failed To Meet Their Burden Of Proof – by Caitlin Johnstone – https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/russia-conspiracy-theorists-have-failed-to-meet-their-burden-of-proof-17022aac7b20 – “One of the very few interesting specks of light on this scene has been Aaron Maté and his unusual knack for convincing promulgators of the establishment Russia narrative to debate him, shining a big spotlight on just how weak the argument is. In December he famously debated “Collusion” author Luke Harding in a beatdown that was the verbal equivalent of watching a prime Mike Tyson fight Bruno Mars, and he recently had a more low-key but equally revealing interview with John Feffer of Lobelog and Foreign Policy in Focus.” – Comment: Caitlin continues to wow me with the quality of her analyses and prose.

US meddled in foreign votes ‘for good cause’ – former CIA director James Woolsey (4 min)https://youtu.be/IszoSW2oEDYComment: Woolseys response to interviewer Laura Ingraham is most amusing…

‘No Cash’ Signs Swamp Sweden, Central Bank Under Scrutiny – by Amanda Billner – https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/02/19/no-cash-signs-swamp-sweden-central-bank-scrutiny/ – “Value of Swedish notes and coins in circulation has dropped to the lowest level since 1990… Last year, the amount of cash in circulation in Sweden dropped to the lowest level since 1990 and is more than 40 percent below its 2007 peak. The declines in 2016 and 2017 were the biggest on record… An annual survey by Insight Intelligence released last month found that only 25 percent of Swedes paid in cash at least once a week in 2017, down from 63 percent just four years ago. A full 36 percent never use cash, or just pay with it once or twice a year.”

UNESCO demonstrates multi-pronged approach to resilient citieshttp://moderndiplomacy.eu/2018/02/18/unesco-demonstrates-multi-pronged-approach-resilient-cities/ – “For cities to be inclusive, safe and resilient, governments, mayors and local stakeholders need urban policies that integrate the soft power of culture, education, science and social integration, as suggested in the New Urban Agenda adopted at the Habitat III conference in 2016. UNESCO’s participation at the 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7-13 February 2018, demonstrated this with five events engaging international and local voices on how cities can forge a sustainable future.” – Note: from the website ModernDiplomacy.eu, showing that the push for diplomacy has now migrated from the “nation state” to the “city state” in the minds of the controllers.

Liberals Agree: Russia Committed an ‘Act of War’, a ‘Pearl Harbor’, a ‘9/11’! (!) – by Glenn Greenwald – https://russia-insider.com/en/liberals-agree-russia-committed-act-war-pearl-harbor-911/ri22574 – “IN THE WAKE of last week’s indictments alleging that 13 Russian nationals and entities created fake social media accounts and sponsored political events to sow political discord in the U.S., something of a consensus has arisen in the political and media class (with some notable exceptions) that these actions not only constitute an “act of war” against the U.S., but one so grave that it is tantamount to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Indeed, that Russia’s alleged “meddling” is comparable to the two most devastating attacks in U.S. history has, overnight, become a virtual cliché.”

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse – The Strange New Pathologies of the World’s First Rich Failed State – by Umair Haque – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48807.htm – “American collapse is much more severe than we suppose it is. We are underestimating its magnitude, not overestimating it. American intellectuals, media, and thought doesn’t put any of its problems in global or historical perspective — but when they are seen that way, America’s problems are revealed to be not just the everyday nuisances of a declining nation, but something more like a body suddenly attacked by unimagined diseases.”

Scientists Create Human-Sheep Chimera With Hopes of Affordable Organ Transplantshttp://www.thedailysheeple.com/scientists-create-human-sheep-chimera-with-hopes-of-affordable-organ-transplants_022018 – “This week, the team from Stanford University was able to grow a sheep embryo injected with adult human stem cells for 28 days, including 21 days inside a sheep, it announced at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, the Guardian reports. The experiment had to be terminated, as the law prohibits developing cross-species embryos, called chimera, for more than 28 days… Researchers had already created the first human-pig hybrid.”

US seeks to double AK-47 supply to Syrian PARTNERS (emphasis added) – by Jack Detsch – https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/02/us-double-ak47-supply-partners-syria-pentagon.html – “Budget figures released Feb. 15 reveal that the Pentagon plans to give its Syrian partners — including the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — more than 25,000 AK-47s, the gas-powered Soviet-era gun that has become a fixture in Syria’s seven-year civil war. The low cost and accessibility of the Kalashnikovs make them easy for US-backed troops to sustain as the Pentagon looks to hold territory won back from the Islamic State (IS) in the Euphrates River Valley.” (emphasis added)

Here’s how Mueller’s latest indictment further discredits the Trump Dossier – Trump Dossier alleges collusion between Trump Campaign and Russia but fails to report events which actually took place – by Alexander Mercouris – http://theduran.com/mueller-indictment-discredits-trump-dossier/ – “Despite Edward Luce’s desperate efforts to argue otherwise, Mueller’s latest indictment far from corroborating the Trump Dossier, has done the opposite… With the Trump Dossier – the lynchpin of the whole collusion case – not just unverified and discredited but proved repeatedly to have been completely uninformed about events which were actually going on, why do some people persist in pretending that there is still a collusion case to investigate?”

State election officials across country returning to paper ballotshttps://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2018/02/18/state-election-officials-across-country-returning-paper-ballots/mVoVKD6SW41yNejR327y6H/story.html – “I’ve always been in favor of paper ballots, even when it was fashionable to use electronic systems,” said Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin. “You take the card, you mark your choices, you take it to the box. You ensure it’s counted. All the cards are retained. If there’s a question you can go in and count the cards.”

Top (Israeli) general says IDF gearing up for war in 2018 – Head of military operations says neither side wants all-out conflict, but Assad’s victories in Syrian civil war are making it far more likely – by Judah Ari Gross – https://www.timesofisrael.com/top-general-says-idf-gearing-up-for-war-in-2018/ – ” ‘In the northern arena, there is a change coming due to the strategic developments in the Syrian internal fighting. The Iranians and Hezbollah, who are backing [Assad], are getting freed up to start building their power,’ he said… ‘We are not allowing these things to happen without our involvement. We are acting and will continue to act,’ he continued, apparently referring to reported Israeli airstrikes in Syria against Hezbollah and Iranian targets.”

Escalation in Syria – How Far Can the Russians be Pushed? – by The Saker – http://www.unz.com/tsaker/escalation-in-syria-how-far-can-the-russians-be-pushed/ – “The main problem in Syria is the fact that the US and the Israelis are currently operating in the Syrian skies with total impunity. If this changes, this will be a slow and gradual process. First, there would be a few isolated losses (like the Israeli F-16 recently), then we would see that the location of US and/or Israeli airstrikes would gradually shift from urban centers and central command posts to smaller, more isolated targets (such as vehicle columns). This would indicate an awareness that the most lucrative targets are already too well defended. Eventually, the number of air sorties would be gradually replaced by cruise and ballistic missiles strikes. Underlying it all would be a shift from offensive air operations to force protection which, in turn, would give the Syrians, Iranians, and Hezbollah a much easier environment to operate in. But the necessary first step for any of that to happen would be to dramatically increase the capability of Syrian air defenses.”

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisitionhttp://www.internationalman.com/articles/nobody-expects-the-spanish-inquisition – “Social Justice” trends historically have resulted in mass violence and tragedy. Could it happen again?

Mueller Indictment – The “Russian Influence” Is A Commercial Marketing Scheme – by Moon of Alabama – http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/02/mueller-indictement-the-russian-influence-is-a-commercial-marketing-scheme.html – The indictment is fodder for the public to prove that the Mueller investigation is “doing something”. It distracts from further questioning  the origin of the Steele dossier. It is full of unproven assertions and assumptions. It is a sham in that none of the Russian persons or companies indicted will ever come in front of a U.S. court. That is bad because the indictment is build on the theory of a new crime which, unless a court throws it out, can be used to incriminate other people in other cases and might even apply to this blog. The later part of this post will refer to that… In the early 1990s some dude in St. Petersburg made a good business selling hot dogs. He opened a colorful restaurant. Local celebrities and politicians were invited to gain notoriety while the restaurant served cheap food for too high prices. It was a good business. A few years later he moved to Moscow and gained contracts to cater to schools and to the military. The food he served was still substandard… But catering bad food as school lunches gave him, by chance, the idea for a new business” – Comment: Best analysis of the “Mueller 13” indictments and their implications that I’ve seen.

Web Research Links for the Week of 2/12/18

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

FOX News (Sean Hannity) Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/fox-news-cuts-off-reporter-links-psychotropic-drugs-florida-shooter.html

Lawmakers agree to destroy site of school carnage: ‘This building has to come down’ – by Mary Ellen Klas – http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200564969.html – “Students will never be returning to Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School again… Florida legislators said Thursday (the day after the “attack”!) they will provide the resources to help the Broward School District tear down Building 12, the site of the massacre that killed 17 students and teachers. They want to build a new classroom space and replace the site of the murders with a memorial to honor the victims and their families.” – Comment: Hmmm…

Game Over – Judge Jeanine Interview With HPSCI Rep. Chris Stewart…https://www.shiftfrequency.com/fbis-priestap-central-to-dnc-plot/ – “The game is over. The jig is up. Victory is certain… the trench was ignited… the enemy funneled themselves into the valley… all bait was taken… everything from here on out is simply mopping up the details.  All suspicions confirmed… Why has Devin Nunes been so confident?  Why did all GOP HPSCI members happily allow the Democrats to create a 10-page narrative?  All questions are answered… Fughettaboudit.” – Comment: Very good (and concise) analysis of the probable role of Bill Priestap in the Intel Committee investigation process

California Christian Homeschool Family Torn Apart as Children are Medically Kidnapped, Forced into Public School, and Mother is Forced out of Family Homehttp://healthimpactnews.com/2018/california-christian-homeschool-family-torn-apart-as-children-are-medically-kidnapped-forced-into-public-school-and-mother-is-forced-out-of-family-home/ – “There is a dangerous trend occurring today involving parents with children with multiple medical issues (“medically complex”) or children with mysterious conditions that doctors haven’t figured out how to diagnose yet… While the concerned parents often have to search for doctors with the expertise to help their children, that very concern is used to accuse them of “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy” or “Factious Disorder,” or the more common term now used in child social services – “Medical Child Abuse” – a general all-purpose term used by doctors in the relatively new field of Child Abuse Specialists when parents dare to disagree with them.”

‘Preparing the hearts’ – how the Temple Mount movement works towards their goal of building the Third Temple over the ruins of Al Aqsa – by Mersiha Gadzo – http://mondoweiss.net/2018/02/preparing-movement-building/

History Lessons from Years Under Islamism – by Majid Rafizadeh – https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11889/iran-history-lessons – “My father’s generation in Iran lived in an environment in which the Islamist party of the country’s clergy cunningly depicted themselves as intending no harm, supportive of the people, and not interested in power. So, before the revolution, many Iranians did not think that Khomeini’s party would be committing the atrocities that they are committing now or that they would have such an unrelenting hunger for power.”

‘This is Nuts’: Liberals Launch ‘Largest Mobilization in History’ in Defense of Russiagate Probe  – by Coleen Rowley and Nat Parry – https://consortiumnews.com/2018/02/09/this-is-nuts-liberals-launch-largest-mobilization-in-history-in-defense-of-russiagate-probe/  – “As they prepare for the “largest mobilization in history” in defense of Mueller and his probe into Russiagate, liberals have tried to sweep all this under the rug as a “nothing burger.” Yet, how can liberals, who in the past have pointed to so many abusive past practices by the FBI, ignore the reality that these sorts of abuses of the FISA process more than likely take place on a daily basis – with the FISA court earning a well-deserved reputation as little more than a rubberstamp?.. It is therefore shocking to watch how this political manipulation seems to make people who claim to care about the rule of law now want to bury this case of surveillance targeting Carter Page based on the ostensibly specious Steele dossier. This is the one case unique in coming to light among tens of thousands of FISA surveillances cloaked forever in secrecy, given that the FISA system lacks the checks on abusive authority that inherently exist in the criminal justice process, and so the Page case is instructive to learn how the sausage really gets made.”

Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand – by Mark O’Connell – https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/feb/15/why-silicon-valley-billionaires-are-prepping-for-the-apocalypse-in-new-zealand – “I was intrigued by Byrt’s description of the book as a kind of master key to the relationship between New Zealand and the techno-libertarians of Silicon Valley. Reluctant to enrich Davidson or the Rees-Mogg estate any further, I bought a used edition online, the musty pages of which were here and there smeared with the desiccated snot of whatever nose-picking libertarian preceded me… It presents a bleak vista of a post-democratic future. Amid a thicket of analogies to the medieval collapse of feudal power structures, the book also managed, a decade before the invention of bitcoin, to make some impressively accurate predictions about the advent of online economies and cryptocurrencies… The book’s 400-odd pages of near-hysterical orotundity can roughly be broken down into the following sequence of propositions… ‘

Part 5, Ronald Bernard, “the local powers that be” (w/subtitles 41 min):

The above video is the last of the 5 announced videos of Bernard, interviewed by Irma Schiffers, and produced on a shoestring by DVM-TV in the Netherlands (who have requested financial support for their work). This series of interviews with former Illuminati “Hedge Fund Manager” Bernard is, I think, one of the most remarkable events that has emerged on the world scene in recent memory. It’s a possible sign of a real beginning of the much-vaunted “Paradigm Shift” to a new model of human organization. HIGHLY recommended.

Syria calls on Kurds and Arabs to unite against Turkish offensivehttp://www.atimes.com/article/syria-calls-kurds-arabs-unite-turkish-offensive/ – “But the report adds that the Turkish forces will face an uphill battle: ‘By these latest gains, the Turkish Army and its Free Syrian Army partner forces are now beginning to move into the mountainous depth of Afrin. Here Kurdish fighters are expected to reinvigorate their defensive efforts and take full advantage of a terrain that highly favors the use of light infantry, hit-and-run attacks and ambushes.’.. The terrain, as US media reported over the weekend, gives the Kurds a tactical advantage on the ground just as Turkey is said to have lost its advantage in the air. Russia is reportedly restricting access to airspace above the conflict zone after initially looking the other way.”

Florida High School: News report – 2nd Shooter? Conflicting Stories (3 min)

WattUp, “wireless charging” competitor to “NanoCrystal”:  “The company’s WattUp Mid Field transmitter can deliver power via radio frequency (RF) energy to WattUp-enabled electronic devices at a distance of up to three feet. As the only technology that can do both contact-based and non-contact-based wireless charging, as well as charge multiple devices at once, WattUp is highly scalable and automatically charges devices, as needed, until they are topped off. While older charging technologies allow for only contact-based charging, Energous is the only company to achieve Wireless Charging 2.0 to-date, which is the ability to charge devices both at contact (including fast charging large battery devices such as smartphones and tablets), as well as power-at-a-distance. Similar to WiFi, the WattUp ecosystem ensures interoperability between receivers and transmitters, regardless of the manufacturer, making the entire ecosystem flexible and accessible for consumers and manufacturing partners…. (WattUp technology is already approved by the FCC)… “This represents the first time FCC equipment certification has been awarded to any device that charges wirelessly at a distance, and operates under Part 18 of the FCC’s rules. The FCC’s Part 18 rules permit higher-power operations than are permitted under the Part 15 rules that have been used to approve other at a distance charging devices.” – Comment: No One, But No One, is talking about either the frequency range (almost certainly microwave) or waveforms involved with this technology. Health concerns are nowhere on the horizon around this. Gotta have it, just like 5G (“5g Towers Will Double Cancer Rates in America”: https://youtu.be/iwkf_daFskE). Barrie Trower has presented data to anyone interested in the UK government that half of young women in public school will be infertile by child bearing age simply from the chronic exposure they will have to about 60 hours of wifi per week in classrooms. To quote Peter Finch as Howard Beale in Network: “This is Madness!”

Citing Cuban missile crisis, Liberman hints Israel will hit Iran in Syria again – by Judah Ari Gross – https://www.timesofisrael.com/citing-cuban-missile-crisis-liberman-hints-israel-will-hit-iran-in-syria-again/ – ” ‘But I remember from recent history, when the Soviet Union decided to put ballistic missiles in Cuba, next to the United States. President [John F.] Kennedy was ready to risk a third world war,’ Liberman said… ‘He said, ‘We will not allow Russian missiles in Cuba.’ Well, Syria is a lot closer to us than Cuba is to the US. Therefore we hope that people act logically, considerately, and don’t put us in a situation that leaves us no choice.’.. He called on Syria and Iran “to not be silly” or “provocative.”

Damascus Government Reached Agreement With YPG Over Afrin Area – Al-Mayadin TVhttps://southfront.org/damascus-government-rreached-agreement-with-ypg-over-afrin-area-al-mayadin-tv/ – “Over the last two days, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have expanded their control around several strategic areas west of Afrin. The rapid advance of the Turkish Army may have forced the YPG to reconsider the Damascus government offers to deploy the SAA in Afrin.”>

Is John Brennan the Mastermind Behind Russiagate? – by Mike Whitney – http://www.unz.com/mwhitney/is-john-brennan-the-mastermind-behind-russiagate/ – “It all started with Brennan. After Putin blocked Brennan’s operations in both Ukraine and Syria, Brennan had every reason to retaliate and to use the tools at his disposal to demonize Putin and try to isolate Russia. The “election meddling” charges (promoted by the Hillary people) fit perfectly with Brennan’s overall strategy to manipulate perceptions and prepare the country for an eventual confrontation. It provided him the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, to deliver a withering blow to Putin and Trump at the very same time. The temptation must have been irresistible.”

U.S. Strikes And ‘Scores’ Of Killed ‘Russian Fighters’ In Syria (?) (Clarification on Deir Ezzor attacks situation from Southfront.org – w/Video 6 min) – https://southfront.org/u-s-strikes-and-scores-of-killed-russian-fighters-in-syria/

U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation – by Kevin Poulsen – https://www.thedailybeast.com/us-intelligence-shut-downs-damning-report-on-whistleblower-retaliation – “The investigators looked into 190 cases of alleged reprisal in six agencies, and uncovered a shocking pattern. In only one case out of the 190 did the agencies find in favor of the whistleblower—and that case took 742 days to complete. Other cases remained open longer. One complaint from 2010 was still waiting for a ruling. But the framework was remarkably consistent: Over and over and over again, intelligence inspectors ruled that the agency was in the right, and the whistleblowers were almost always wrong.”

Dutch Foreign Minister admits he lied about overhearing Vladimir Putin calling for a “Greater Russia” (Video) – by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/dutch-foreign-minister-admits-he-lied-about-overhearing-vladimir-putin-calling-for-a-greater-russia-video/ – “Halbe Zijlstra announced his resignation in an emotional speech to the House of Representatives. Zijlstra described the “Greater Russia” affair as the “biggest mistake” in his political career, adding that the country deserves a Foreign Minister who is beyond reproach.” – Comment: Wonder what moved him to concoct this lie back in 2006?

from the Speaking-Of-Meatheads Desk: Brennan and Clapper Double Down on RussiaGate (video 22 min)

Taxpayers Shell Out $175K for Brave Cop Fired by Dept. for Refusing to Kill a Man – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/taxpayers-shell-175k-brave-cop-fired-dept-refusing-kill-man.html – “Mader showed incredible restraint in the situation, even though Williams was attempting to provoke a suicide by cop… Sadly, as Mader began to reason with Williams and de-escalate the situation, backup arrived, and another officer immediately shot and killed Williams without a second of consideration… To add insult to injury, Mader was fired for his restraint, and the officer who murdered Williams was cleared of all wrongdoing, showing that the police department is explicitly encouraging indiscriminate killings.” (emphasis added)

Trump Privatizes America – Economist Michael Hudson interviewed by Sharmini Peries – https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/02/14/trump-privatizes-america/ – “What Trump basically said is that states and cities have to let themselves be robbed blind by the hedge funds and Wall Street. Just as the hedge funds robbed Chicago blind on the parking meters – getting a huge rate of return that probably will force Mayor Rahm out of office at the next election – local governments have to let privatizers come in and vastly increase their cost of living for the infrastructure they need.”

Bitcoin: Head Of Bank For International Settlements Calls For Clampdown – by Martin Arnold – https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/02/13/bitcoin-head-of-bank-for-international-settlements-calls-for-clampdown/ – “Central banks must clamp down on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to stop them “piggybacking” on mainstream institutions and becoming a “threat to financial stability”, the head of the Bank for International Settlements has warned… Agustín Carstens, general manager of the BIS – known as the bank for central banks because it is where they hold accounts – condemned bitcoin as ‘a combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster’… His comments came as growing signs of a backlash against cryptocurrencies by mainstream financial institutions contributed to another steep fall in the price of bitcoin, which means it has lost almost two-thirds of its market value in the past month.” (emphasis added)

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Tillerson rejects Israeli official’s claim that US is ‘not in the game’ in Syriahttps://www.timesofisrael.com/tillerson-rejects-israeli-officials-claim-that-us-is-not-in-the-game-in-syria/ – “Tillerson pushed back against this notion… ‘The United States and the coalition forces that are working with us to defeat (Islamic State) today control 30 percent of the Syrian territory, and control a large amount of population, and control a large amount of Syria’s oil fields,’ he told reporters. ‘So I think…this observation that the US has little leverage or role to play is simply false.’ ” (emphasis added) – Comment: “We control a large amount of the population”?! Just what is the nature of the U.S. Imperium?

Five Charts That Explain How European Banks Are Dealing With Their Bad-Loan Problem – by Nicholas Comfort, Giovanni Salzano, and Sonia Sirletti – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-14/get-a-grip-on-europe-s-bad-loan-problem-with-these-five-charts – “European banks overall have cut their non-performing loans by more than 280 billion euros since the end of 2014. The European Central Bank, which supervises most of the bloc’s big lenders, says bad debt is still “a major problem” which has to be addressed … while the economy performs well.” – Comment: Oh, really?

New CDC Guidelines Recommend Even More Vaccinations (surprise) – by Dr. Mercola – http://trueorganicandfree.com/new-cdc-guidelines-recommend-even-vaccinations/ – “Live vaccines are most likely to “shed”, which not only endangers others with the disease that the vaccine is supposed to be preventing in the first place but it may also affect the actual evolution of viruses that infect humans and animals. Shingrix, the new shingles vaccine, can now be used by some people with compromised immune systems and was developed by genetically engineering portions of the virus.” (emphasis added)

Syria – Is War With Israel Imminent (w/video – 20 min – of Elijah Magnier interviewed by Dick Morris)‏ – by Moon Of Alabama – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48778.htm – “The parties are now deescalating. In the last round Israel claimed to have hit several Syrian air-defense positions and “Hizbullah depots” while Syria claimed to have shot down more incoming missiles. Israel signaled that it is not interested in further escalation and Russia called for both sides to calm down. There has been no statement from Washington… If this outcome persists we can state that there are now new “rules of engagement” and new “red lines”. Further Israeli attacks on Syria will be responded to by effective means. The Russian officers who are co-located with the Syrian air defense will not intervene to Israel’s advantage. That fact is in itself a message from Moscow to Israel to stop its open and its clandestine provocations.”

Web Research Links for the Week of 2/5/18

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Hear What Peter Schiff Says Is Coming Next: ‘There’s No Way To Stop This’ – by Mac Slavo – http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/hear-what-peter-schiff-says-is-coming-next-theres-no-way-to-stop-this_02082018 – “Schiff also says that the social justice warriors need to take a break and focus on the bigger picture: ‘Social issues need to take a backseat. If the economy crashes, if the market crashes, if we have a worse economy than the one that Bush left Obama, then none of the other stuff matters. Because we’re paving the way for somebody worse than Hillary Clinton.’.. Trump is going to get blamed when the economy tanks because the media has already decided that they are on the side of socialism. When all of this happens, prepare for the free market (which we don’t have) to be blamed and prepare for the tax cuts to be blamed.  This will pave the way for Communism. ‘I don’t think Trump can get out of dodge in time,’ Schiff said.”

Syrian Military Shoots Down Israeli F-16, Israel Responds with More Airstrikeshttp://21stcenturywire.com/2018/02/10/syrian-saa-military-shoots-israeli-f-16-israel-responds-airstrikes/ – ” ‘We are willing, prepared and capable to exact a heavy price from anyone that attacks us, however we are not looking to escalate the situation. This was a defensive effort triggered by an Iranian act of aggression and we are defending our airspace our sovereignty and civilians,’ the (Israeli) source said… However, this seems to have been a tactical lie by Tel Aviv, as Haaretz has just confirmed that following the downing of the jet Israel responded with a fresh “large-scale strike” in Syria… Expect Israel to use this situation to increase its activity inside of Syria, most likely to aid ISIS and al Nusra-affiliated terrorists who are currently struggling and in desperate need of support. Israel has already been on record admitting they have helped these terrorist group operating in Syria.” (emphasis added)

Former Federal Prosecutor Joseph diGenova Reveals Unfolding Unknown Events And Facts About The FISA-Russian-Clinton-FBI-Trump Mess – by Catherine Frompovich – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/former-federal-prosecutor-joseph-digenova-reveals-unfolding-unknown-events-facts-fisa-russian-clinton-fbi-trump-mess.html – “In trying to remain neutral, while also trying to research knowledgeable commentaries about what happened, I’ve listened to numerous ‘sides’ of conflicting stories and found one legal commentator Attorney Joseph diGenova, a former federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia, who apparently has an inside track on information and knows more about the actually occurring real events, which he discusses in the video below. Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph E. diGenova: “The FBI used to spy on the Russians; this time they spied on us.”

Corbett Report: The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct (34 min)

Vanessa Beeley Exposes the White Helmets, Interview by James Corbett (35 min)

Our Sun is about to get unusually cool, researchers predict – IT’S producing less sunspots, less magnetism and less ultraviolet radiation. But don’t expect this once-in-400-year cooldown by our life-giving Sun to halt climate change – by Jamie Seidel – http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/space/our-sun-is-about-to-get-unusually-cool-researchers-predict/news-story/dea38cc09657428b5d6f4dbd97b8d97b – “A quiet Sun has a noticeable effect on its planets… For Earth, Lubin says it first thins the stratospheric ozone layer… This impacts the insulating effect of the atmosphere, with flow-on effects including major changes to wind and weather patterns… But it won’t stop the current trend of planetary warning, Lubin warns… “The cooling effect of a grand minimum is only a fraction of the warming effect caused by the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” a statement from the research team reads… ‘After hundreds of thousands of years of CO2 levels never exceeding 300 parts per million in air, the concentration of the greenhouse gas is now over 400 parts per million, continuing a rise that began with the Industrial Revolution.’.. One simulation of a grand minimum on the Earth’s current climate anticipates a reduction of Solar warming by 0.25 per cent over a 50-year period between 2020 and 2070.” (emphasis added) – Comment: It’s kind of shocking to see the levels of ignorance exhibited by “climate scientists.” These guys apparently have no knowledge of the work of Henrick Svensmark and Scientists at CERN who have proven the cooling effects of any significant reduction in the solar magnetic field – see: https://berealtruth.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/the-cloud-mystery/

Three Crazy Things We Now Accept As “Normal” For The Economy – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/three-crazy-things-now-accept-normal-economy.html – “How can central banks “retrain” participants while maintaining their extreme policies of stimulus?.. Humans habituate very easily to new circumstances, even extreme ones.  What we accept as “normal” now may have been considered bizarre, extreme or unstable a few short years ago… Three economic examples come to mind: ..”

Russian nuclear scientists arrested for ‘Bitcoin mining plot’http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43003740 – “The centre’s press service said: ‘There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining.’.. The supercomputer was not supposed to be connected to the internet – to prevent intrusion – and once the scientists attempted to do so, the nuclear centre’s security department was alerted. They were handed over to the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian news service Mash says.”

Florida Legislators Seek to Mandate Dangerous Gardasil Vaccine for School Childrenhttp://healthimpactnews.com/2018/florida-legislators-seek-to-mandate-dangerous-gardasil-vaccine-for-school-children/ – “SB 1558 and HB 1343, bills that would mandate HPV Vaccines for school children, have been filed. HB 1343 was referred to the Health Quality Subcommittee; Education Committee and Health and Human Services Committee. SB 1558 was referred to Senate Health Policy; Children, Families, and Elder Affairs and Rules Committees… While hearings dates for these bills have not been posted as of 1/27/2018, the Florida Legislation Session is short and moves very quickly so we are asking you take the following action now:”

The Real Cause of Depression Has Been Completely Overlooked – by Christina Sarich – http://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/02/09/real-cause-depression-completely-overlooked/  – “Our society is dominated by extrinsic values. We are constantly being primed to believe that buying, consuming, showing off, or demonstrating how we look on the outside will bring us joy, but this machinery of the advertising industries who want to keep us as consumptive slaves inculcates extrinsic value… Other non-biological causes of depression? Not having access to fulfilling work, enduring childhood trauma, and living through poverty.”

The Plot Against Logos: The Awful Case of White Nationalist William L. Pierce – by Jonas E. Alexis and Lasha Darkmoon – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/07/the-plot-against-logos/ – “If Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is true, then aren’t the Zionists doing a good thing by exterminating what they see as “the savages”? If one can determine “the fittest” by “survivability,” then people like William L. Pierce need to come to terms with the moral implications of Darwinism, which, as Darwinian philosopher James Rachels himself points out, challenge the very foundation of moral values and duties. In a similar vein, noted philosopher of science Michael Ruse did not hesitate to write: ‘I appreciate when somebody says ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ they think they are referring above and beyond themselves…Nevertheless, to a Darwinian evolutionist it can be seen that such reference is truly without foundation. Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction…an ephemeral product of the evolutionary process, just as are other adaptations. It has no existence or being beyond this, and any deeper meaning is illusory.’ ” – Comment: Long, but good…

Tillerson Says Unstoppable Russia Already Meddling in Midterm Elections. Banana Republic USA Helpless to Thwart It – US decides who runs Salvador but Russia decides who runs the US – http://russia-insider.com/en/tillerson-says-unstoppable-russia-already-meddling-midterm-elections-banana-republic-usa-helpless – “Tillerson  told Fox News that the US, along with its “allies and partners,” has identified “certain behaviors” apparently pointing to nefarious Moscow meddling in upcoming elections across the Western world. The Secretary of State did not elaborate about what kind of “behaviors” he was referring to… Claiming that Russia can utilize “many tools” to meddle in this year’s midterms, Tillerson said that it was difficult to say whether the US was “better prepared” to deal with the alleged interference, “because the Russians will adapt as well.”.. ‘The point is, if it’s their intention to interfere, they are going to find ways to do that. We can take steps we can take, but this is something that, once they decide they are going to do it, it’s very difficult to preempt it,’ Tillerson said… Tillerson added that Washington will continue to tell Moscow that it “sees what you’re doing” and “you need to stop,”vowing that the Russians will continue to face “consequences” if the alleged and highly sneaky meddling does not immediately desist.”

from the Lies-And-The-Lying-Liars-Who-Tell-Them Desk: Mattis: ‘Self-Defense’ Attack Doesn’t Mean US Getting into Syrian Civil Warhttps://www.voanews.com/a/us-coalition-airstrikes-in-syria/4244233.html – ” ‘It was self-defense. Obviously, we are not getting engaged in the Syrian civil war,’ Mattis said… He called the attack a “perplexing situation,” adding that he could not give ‘any explanation for why’ the pro-government forces would attack a well-established SDF headquarters… Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said the coalition fired back ‘after 20 to 30 artillery and tank rounds landed within 500 meters of the SDF headquarters location.’ ” – Comment: They were “attacking the SDF Headquarters” but they couldn’t land shells closer than a third of a mile?! The “aggressors” wounded one SDF member (they say) and the U.S. killed over 100 Syrian soldiers.

from the Nothing-To-See-Here Desk: US ‘Defensively’ Bombs Syrian Army, Kills 100 of Its Soldiers – by Marko Marjanović – http://russia-insider.com/en/us-defensively-bombs-syrian-army-kills-100-its-soldiers/ri22470 – “Yet again Pentagon engages in its typical Orwellianism deeming the bombing of Syrian army men in their own country without a declaration of war “defensive”… The US attack took place in Syria’s eastern Deir Ezzor province, specifically the US military hit Syrian army’s sole bridgehead on Euphrates left bank near Deir Ezzor city… In other words, the supposed clashed between the Syrian army and the Kurdish-dominated SDF that preceded the bombing were taking place far, far away from any ethnic Kurdish territory. (Why is the SDF even occupying Arab-populated areas?)”
Pure Propaganda: White Helmets Stage Video of ‘Rescuing’ Babies for Western Media –  http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/02/07/pure-propaganda-white-helmets-stage-video-rescuing-babies-western-media/ – As per usual, this western-funded ‘NGO’ has produced another heavily edited video, complete with the obligatory man wearing a helmet cam whilst running and continuously screaming, “Alah hu Akbar!”, as a series of babies are ferried past the camera, cradling babies, and even digging out live babies from the rubble, and ending with the all-important money shot of dumping another dusty baby on an ambulance gurney for a final photo-op (notice others poking camera their lens in the upper right-hand corner of the frame at the end) in a near repeat of the infamous staged Omran Daqneesh story in East Aleppo.

Israeli Air Force Fires 3 Missiles At Damascus Countryside. 1 Intercepted By Syrian Forces – Reportshttps://southfront.org/israeli-air-force-fires-3-missiles-damascus-countryside-1-intercepted-syrian-forces-reports/ – “Following the incident, the Syrian media accused Tel Aviv of supporting terrorists in Syria with these strikes and said that the attack is linked with the collapse of ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in eastern Idlib and northeastern Hama… The Israeli media argued that the attack is aimed at defending the Israeli national interests and the targeted facility is used to produce chemical weapons.” – Comment: Assertions that Syrians are producing chemical weapons are simply lies. UK rep to the UN also lied piteously at the Security Council yesterday about the Assad “regime” attacking its citizens and putting the people of Ghouta and Idlib, who live under the “moderate terrorists” in danger…

This child sat for the pledge (of allegiance) — so his teacher ‘violently’ snatched him from his chair, he sayshttps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2017/09/15/this-child-sat-for-the-pledge-so-his-teacher-violently-snatched-him-from-his-chair-he-says/ – “‘The teacher consultant comes up behind me and snatches me out of my chair violently,” Stone told NBC affiliate  WDIV. “I was so confused. I didn’t know what was going on.’.. [The short pledge we recite has a long story] The next day, on Sept. 8, Stone’s father said, a substitute teacher also “berated” the boy for staying seated during the pledge.” – Comment: The article sneaks the words “the pledge that we recite” into the text…

BREAKING: New text messages from FBI lovers state that Obama “wants to know everything” –   by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/breaking-new-text-messages-from-fbi-lovers-say-obama-wants-to-know-everything/ – “Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016 about prepping Comey because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” Senate investigators told Fox News this text raises questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.”

US again makes new claims of WMD in Syria – When Is there going to be accountability for US wars and aggression? – by Rick Sterling – http://theduran.com/us-makes-new-claims-wmd-syria/ – “The Washingon Post article concludes with the threat, ‘If the international community does not take action now . . . we will see more chemical weapons use, not just by Syria but by non-state actors such as ISIS and beyond,’ the first official said. ‘And that use will spread to U.S. shores.’ ” – Note: Articles on this are appearing all over the MSM, sourced from “Anonymous Whitehouse official.”

‘Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal’: Employees say Whole Foods is using ‘scorecards’ to punish them – by Hayley Peterson – http://www.businessinsider.com/how-whole-foods-uses-scorecards-to-punish-employees-2018-1 – ” Some employees, who walk through stores with managers to ensure compliance, describe the system as onerous and stress-inducing. Conversations with 27 current and recently departed Whole Foods workers, including cashiers and corporate employees — some of whom have been with the company for nearly two decades — say the system is seen by many as punitive… They say many employees are terrified of losing their jobs under the new system and that they spend more hours mired in OTS (order-to-shelf) related paperwork than helping customers. Some are so fed up with the new system that they have quit or are looking for other jobs. In addition to hurting morale, OTS has led to food shortages across Whole Foods stores, they say.” Comment: Technocracy marches relentlessly on.

CNN’s Phil Mudd: FBI’s ‘Ticked’ at Trump Over Memo and They’re ‘Going to Win’ in End – by Justin Baragona – https://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnns-phil-mudd-fbis-ticked-at-trump-over-memo-and-theyre-going-to-win-in-end/ – “He continued, ‘So I’m going to tell you the FBI people are ticked. If you think you can push us off this because you can intimidate the director, you’d better think again. You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.’.. Following Mudd’s Friday segment, a number of folks pointed to his comments as confirming conservative complaints that there’s an anti-Trump “Deep State” within the FBI.”

The Nunes Memo is Devastating – Part II – by Joe A. Gilbertson – http://punchingbagpost.com/the-nunes-memo-is-devastating—part-ii/ – “NBC has (exclusively?) obtained the Democratic response memo, which you can read here. It is not signed and there is no sourcing. At one point it says ‘Nothing in the Nunes memo rules out the possibility that considerable evidence beyond the Steele dossier helped the court reach that conclusion.’  But the Nunes memo cites ‘Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.’..The rest of the Democratic response is similarly a collection of gratuitous denials and excuses. It hurts the Democrats more than it helps them… If the biased media can muster any objectivity at all, the Russia probe is over.” (emphasis added)

from the It-Just-Gets-Weirder Desk: SUPER BOWL TERRORIST ATTACK – WIKIPEDIA PAGES BEING UPDATED WITH OBITUARIES OF PEOPLE KILLED LATER TODAY!http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/u-s-national-news/2018-super-bowl-terrorist-attack-wikipedia-pages-being-updated-with-obituaries-of-people-killed-later-today

TRUTH JIHAD: Cyber-surveillance whistleblower Mark Novitsky: “Super Bowl false flag threat is real, I’m leaving Twin Cities” – by Kevin Barrett – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/04/novitsky/ – “Update from Mark on Super Bowl Sunday: ‘Guys… yesterday the Minneapolis StarTribune (HACKS!) Front Page Headline… (Day before Superbowl!!!)  “Event’s Security Firm Fired”! / WTF! The DAY before the Superbowl??? Now they figure this out? “Mpls Security firm EPG replaced by G4s for insufficient background checks  of its employees…and declined to provide information about how the problem was discovered, how many EPG employees or what their duties were.” Now the Mpls. PD rep mentioned was Lt. Bob Kroll… WHO I HAVE HISTORY WITH /  we were together in the 336 Army Army Reserves / FT. Snelling…he is now the MPD Union Leader…”Minneapolis Police Lt. Bob Kroll said that the site EPG was guarding was left short-handed after several of its officers were yanked away by federal authorities.” Superbowl host commission spokesman declined to provide information / context — SO all things considered…G4S replaced the Chicago Security firm 2 months ago…now the DAY b4 the Big Game… they announce there has been a HUGE problem!!! “In a world of universal deceit…telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – Orwell.   Peace.” – Mark J. Novitsky

EVERY BOGUS 2016 FISA REQUEST to Spy on Trump was Signed by Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch – by Jim Hoft – http://thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/all-the-bogus-fisa-requests-were-signed-by-obamas-ag-loretta-lynch-and-first-request-to-spy-on-trump-was-denied-by-the-court/ – “A very disturbing fact about the wire tapping request of President Trump is that the FISA Court turned down President Obama’s Administration’s first request to wire tap President Trump that was evidently signed off on by Attorney General Lynch. With only two known applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 through 2015, the fact that the Obama Administration’s application was denied by the FISA Court is very disturbing. The odds of this happening were 0.02%.”

2018 is ARMISTICE YEAR – Veterans for Peace – Santa Cruz Action 2/11/18



The 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day –




FEBRUARY 11th, 10 am


Where: Santa Cruz Clock Tower


Name: Veterans for Armistice Day and Year


Propose: Ring All Bells at 11am on the 11th Day of each month in 2018


Help us contact churches and public bells (e.g., S.C. Clock Tower)


VFP National Office has been contacted by the Santa Cruz chapter #11 VFP, and is



Our initial vision includes a major parade/march on Sunday, November 11th, 2018.
We hope many groups, especially peace groups, will participate in the parade and help spread the
inspiring message of peace.
We are evaluating venues for speeches and entertainment and who to invite to SPEAK, SING, DANCE, CREATE POETRY AND OTHER ART.

Your feedback and suggestions are requested.

Celebrate Armistice Year 2018, with “A Declaration of Peace” (On EARTH and especially with Russia, China, North Korea, etc.)

“No Enemies!”

“Let’s honor our veterans by not creating any more veterans”
“Bring our Boys and Girls home from 100s of battlefields around the world”

We plan to take the Armistice Year and 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day idea to community leaders and government representatives for their support. Please help us with this.





“2018~The Year Armistice becomes Real”


CONTACT: Rico and Claire 831-818-2196


Steve Bare 831-425-8430


Harry Meserve 831-325-7602

The Coffee Deception: 13 Little Known Facts About Coffee

You’re not going to like this one bit: you’ve been lied about the health benefits of coffee!

1. Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs, which eat its’ seeds.

The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight and grow larger. Caffeine is a pesticide, which causes genetic termination in living cells that come into contact with it.

2. MRI images taken before and after 1 cup of coffee showed a decrease in blood flow to the brain by 45%. When the blood flow reduction was measured exactly, it was actually 52% less blood flow to the brain, after just one small cup of coffee. http://abcn.ws/2ipmLj7

3. Brain imaging studies of chronic coffee drinkers showed they presented the same degradation of their brains as chronic alcoholics, cigarette smokers, Parkinson’s patients and marijuana users. http://dailym.ai/1qjSqi0

4. Coffee can cause an urge to move ones’ bowels because this is one way the body tries to eliminate poison from the system. The sudden urge to “poo” after drinking coffee is one of the body’s defense mechanisms to poison.

5. Coffee increases energy via the human fight or flight metabolic response, because the body is afraid of the caffeine based poison. Coffee doesn’t give energy, it removes it from the body.

The energy a person feels when they drink coffee is the body going into overdrive because caffeine is a poison and all poisons activate an energy release in the body. (fight or flight)

Coffee removes energy from the system, leaving the person progressively more and more exhausted each day that passes, therefore setting up the world’s most dangerous energy stimulation addiction… coffee dependence for energy.

6. When the fight or flight response is triggered in the body, the lower IQ centers of the brain are activated as well as hormonal systems in control of aggression, violence, irrational and illogical decision making, jealousy, rage, anger, fear and paranoia.

Coffee generates lower end mental functioning with a side of every negative emotional response the body can generate.

7. When measured, 1 coffee activated the fight and flight response for 3 consecutive weeks, even though no other caffeine was consumed after that 1 cup of coffee. One cup of coffee poisons the body for 3 consecutive weeks, on a decreasing scale.

8. When coffee (caffeine) is consumed, the limbic part of the brain is hyper activated and the higher learning centers of the mind inhibited. The limbic part of the brain is only concerned with sex, reproduction, protection of territory, food acquisition and personal safety.

The limbic portion of the brain is the most primitive and least developed portion of the mind complex. When you want to out smart or dominate another person, it’s best that their limbic system is activated, because it brings them to a mental state equal to that of a child.

9. The birth control pill inhibits clearing of ingested caffeine. This effect is increased dramatically by alcohol or pain killer use, therefore causing many cases of caffeine poisoning, which get treated as other things once the person reaches the hospital.

10. Coffee is proven to cause an enlarged prostate, high anxiety, insomnia, depression, birth defects, pain syndromes, unnatural breathing patterns, brain damage, hyperactivity, learning disorders (from the brain damage) behavior disorders, fatigue, certain types of cancer, Crohns, IBS, colitis, carpel tunnel, ulcers, low iron, heart disease, headaches, PMS, increased incidence of muscle and tendon injury, joint pain, heart attack, stroke,TIA’s (mini strokes)… and that’s a short list.

11. Coffee causes fat gain and cellulite because by triggering the body’s flight or fight system (which any poison or threat does). This eventually changes the body’s primary fuel source requirement to one of fat.

When the body is threatened, it prefers fat as its’ primary fuel source, over sugar or protein.

Constant activation of the body’s fight or flight system (via the daily ingestion of caffeine poison) aids in a metabolic shift to fat storage and fat conservation, because again the body prefers fat as a fuel source when fighting any toxic intruder… because fat contains 9 calories per gram for the fight, as opposed to 4 calories per gram housed by sugar and protein.

Welcome to the land of coffee (caffeine) induced fat gain, weight gain and cellulite. Coffee also destroys muscle, as the body purposely flushes muscle, when it’s poisoned, to facilitate additional fat storage.

12. Coffee (caffeine) blocks iron absorption, causing the vast majority of anemia today.

http://bit.ly/2qKSqwh The entire threat of caffeine in general includes caffeine teas, chocolates, caffeine based energy drinks, caffeine based pre work out drinks and over 2000 over the counter and prescription medications that PURPOSELY include caffeine.

13. An investigation conducted by the author of the most extensive book on coffee ever written, reviewed almost every scientific research piece regarding coffee and his conclusion was that there’s absolutely no scientific evidence what so ever that coffee provides any health benefits to the human body, on any level, in anyway.

He openly declares that any positive promotion of coffee consumption is a blatant lie, doing grave harm to our entire society. The publication of any positive effects of coffee are false and all can be traced back to a very powerful, covert and secret “coffee lobby”, which has both commercial and ruling family origins.

The author reviews the research in the book at this added link. How many coffee shops have opened in your town in the last 20 years?

So why the lying about coffee? Think of government and how governing a brain damaged population is easier than governing a healthy population. Start there and keep connecting the dots. Coffee is only one brain damaging weapon used against an uninformed slave class.

The 10 most popular brain damaging weapons used against the slave class (in order of use) are:

1) vaccines
2) coffee and caffeine products
3) alcohol
4) medical drugs
5) sugar
6) fluoride
7) cigarettes
8) processed junk foods and genetically modified foods
9) EMF radiation from wireless devices and
10) chemtrails.

If you’ve ever posed the question, “why are people so stunned, as to not figure any of this out?”… you’re missing the point that the brain damage of the slave class is the primary agenda of the ruling 1%.

Coffee and vaccines are the elite’s 1-2 punch within “operation brain damage” down here on the human farm. The best slave is a brain damaged slave, unable to think or care for themselves without the help from slave master.

A helpless population guarantees a need for government. This is why the ruling families do everything in their power to create a helpless population, day in and day out. Governments exist because they perpetually create the conditions for their own existence.

Ancient ruling families, who masquerade as modern altruistic governments, are not there to help the people progress, evolve or become more. You live on a chemically controlled slave based control grid.

Coffee is just another massive lie inside the human control operation. Want to shut the human farm down? Want to really become more than the stereotypical diseased, overweight, dis-empowered, depressed, and dysfunctional human mess? Reject the poisons!

From an article by Jason Christoff

The New Manhattan Project: Ongoing Research Reveals the Roots

The New Manhattan Project: Ongoing Research Reveals the Roots of Global Climate Control and the Massive Program Filling the Skies with Chemical Spray

by Bruce Tanner

On April 29, Peter A. Kirby did a presentation (video below) in San Francisco, outlining some of his research and theories on the Chemtrails we see in the sky above us almost every day in most parts of the Western world, and on how they got there.

In the Summer of 2016, Kirby published his comprehensive Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. For Peter, this marked the end of Phase 1 of what he sees as a long-term research project to document one of the most ambitious, and potentially devastating, scientific and industrial projects ever conceived by man. In his book, and in the lecture below, he outlines many, many of the institutions and documented players in the project, each of which has a past and a paper trail that can give us a deeper look into what’s been done and where we may be going. Peter has good reason to compare this with the gigantic and covert venture by the U.S. Deep State to create the Atom Bomb during WWII.

Starting in 2009, he began digging into books, magazines, libraries, government reports and the Internet to find information to explain the officially denied and yet in-your-face program of enormously extensive spraying of chemicals from planes being seen and documented all over the world. By the time Kirby started his research, there was, as he says in his book, already a problem, not of too little information but of too much. There were dozens of books and documents covering various aspects of a project that was obviously too big to sweep under the rug. But there was nothing that tied it all together and got to the bottom of what was going on.

Peter found, though, that there were smoking guns all along the trails of evidence, many in government and research papers, in professional journals, and in unbelievably candid statements made by scientists and project leaders, that piqued his curiosity and lead him deeper on the trail. He shares all this material, and his deductions from it in Chemtrails Exposed and in this video presentation.

Was the 1933 Berlin Reichstag fire a False Flag or not?

Today on TomatoBubble.com Mike King posted an article claiming vehemently that the Reichstag fire was really set by the partially blind leftist foreigner Marinus van der Lubbe, who was beheaded for the crime, and that anyone stating otherwise was lying. So I did a few searches and came up with the three articles below:


Historians find ‘proof’ that Nazis burnt Reichstag

By Tony Paterson in Berlin – 15 Apr 2001

THE first documentary evidence has emerged to support the view that the Nazis started the 1933 Reichstag fire that Hitler used as a pretext to establish a dictatorship.

While historians have agreed that there is no substance to Nazi claims that German Communists were to blame for the blaze, there has also been a lack of evidence to back the widely held belief that Hitler’s supporters burnt down the parliament building in Berlin.

After poring over 50,000 pages of hitherto unexamined documents from former East German and Soviet archives, four leading German historians have now concluded that the fire was a Nazi plot. Marinus van der Lubbe, 24, a pro-Communist Dutch labourer, was beheaded by the Nazis after admitting that he started the blaze alone to encourage a workers’ uprising.

The news magazine Der Spiegel backed this version of events in the 1960s after a wide-ranging investigation. Now, however, the four historians argue that Der Spiegel’s coverage was part of a cover-up by Nazi sympathisers to protect the culprits from prosecution. Their findings put them at odds with other leading academics.

They base their case on remarks by Adolf Rall, a thief and Nazi stormtrooper, whose body was found in woods near Berlin in November 1933. Rall is said to have told prosecutors of a meeting of the SA stormtroopers during which the SA leader, Karl Ernst, ordered them to enter the Reichstag through a tunnel and sprinkle flammable liquid inside.

Ernst is said to have told his men that an excuse was needed to begin attacking Communists. Hitler used the fire to justify the arrest and torture of 25,000 Left-wing activists and to pass an emergency decree establishing absolute Nazi authority.

According to the historians, a former stormtrooper working in the jail where Rall was serving a sentence, heard of his statement and tipped off the SA. Its leaders are then said to have arranged for the statements to be destroyed by accomplices in the prosecutors’ office and for him to be murdered.

His remarks however are said to have been referred to in other papers found in the archives. The four historians – Hersch Fischler, Jurgen Schmaedeke, Alexander Bahar and Wilfred Kugel – say Nazi complicity in the blaze was kept secret by ex-Nazi journalists after the war.

Der Spiegel’s investigation in the 1960s was led by the historical researcher Fritz Tobias. His findings have been backed by the historian Hans Mommsen and are supported by one of his British counterparts, Ian Kershaw, in his recent work Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris.

The historians – writing in the journal Historische Zeitschrift – accuse Mr Tobias of “wanting to dispel the odium of arson from National Socialism” through his claims. Mr Tobias has defended himself, saying: “I was born into a Social Democratic household and am the last person to want to exculpate Hitler and his consorts.”

Last week, Der Spiegel published a 10-page rebuttal of the four historians’ conclusions. It said: “The thesis which holds that van der Lubbe was the only arsonist involved remains the most plausible explanation.” Although Mr Tobias was not an ex-Nazi, the magazine conceded that other former members had been employed.


Adolf Rall

Adolf Rall, was the eldest of five children, was born in Berlin on 7th June 1905. After leaving school he became a locksmith. In the late 1920s he joined the Sturmabteilung (SA).

On 30th April, 1932, Rall was arrested for stealing cars in Dresden. He was found guilty and sent to prison. Soon after his release he was arrested again for car theft and was returned to prison. In April 1933, he was sentenced for stealing a Daimler sedan in Stuttgart. (1)

According to a German anti-Nazi newspaper, Pariser Tageblatt, published in Paris, Rall had information about the Reichstag Fire. (2) It was claimed that “a former stormtrooper working in the jail where Rall was serving a sentence”, discovered that he knew what had happened. (3)

It was stated that Karl Ernst and Hermann Göring were involved in planning the act of arson. Rall suggested that before the Reichstag fire broke out, he had been in “the subterranean passageway that connects the Reichstag assembly building to the building in which the government apartment of the Reich President Hermann Göring is located. Rall said that he had personally witnessed various members of his SA unit bringing the explosive liquids into the building”. Apparently, Ernst told Rall “that an excuse was needed to begin attacking Communists”. (4)

Adolf Rall died in his cell on 2nd November, 1933. It was reported in The Daily Telegraph that the leaders of the SA “arranged for the statements to be destroyed by accomplices in the prosecutors’ office and for him to be murdered.” (5)

Rudolf Diels and Hans Gisevius also provided information to support this story.



Book Review


The Reichstag Fire, 68 years on

Alexander Bahar, Wilfried Kugel: Der Reichstagbrand – Wie Geschichte gemacht wird (The Reichstag Fire – How History is Created), edition q, Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-86124-523-2, 864 pages, price: 68.00 DM

5 July 2001

On February 27, 1933—more than 68 years ago—the Berlin Reichstag, the seat of Germany’s parliament, was set on fire. Shortly after the fire began, the Dutch left-wing radical Marinus van der Lubbe was arrested at the scene of the crime, apparently as the sole culprit.

Even before his identity was established, the Nazi leaders accused the German Communist Party (KPD) of having committed arson. According to Nazi propaganda, the Reichstag fire was intended as a signal for a communist uprising that had long been planned—a claim for which there was not a shred of evidence. In actual fact, the KPD leadership was neither willing nor able to organize such an uprising, so the Reichstag fire could not have been a signal for it.

For the Nazis, who had been in power less than a month, since January 30, 1933, the Reichstag fire was the excuse for a hitherto unparalleled persecution of Communist and Social Democratic workers, intellectuals and party leaders. On February 28, 1933 alone, just one day after the fire, thousands of persons active in, or allied with, the workers movement were arrested. The first to be arrested also included writers Egon Erwin Kisch, Ludwig Renn and Carl von Ossietzky, later murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp.

All left-wing newspapers, including the Social Democratic daily Vorwärts, the Communist Party press and the German Trotskyists’ newspaper Permanente Revolution, were confiscated and banned.

Two decrees put into effect only one day later, the “Decree on the Protection of People and State”, subtitled “against communist acts of violence endangering the state,” and the “Decree Against Treason of the German People and High-Treason Activities,” were used to annul practically overnight the essential basic rights incorporated in the constitution of the Weimar Republic. These so-called “fire decrees” stayed in effect until the end of the Third Reich and formed the pseudo-legal basis for the entire Nazi dictatorship.

In the days immediately following the fire, the Nazis used the opportunity to generally weaken the entire German workers movement and prepare its destruction, a pressing task since early Reichstag elections had been scheduled for March 5, 1933, and a Nazi election victory was by no means certain.

There were still millions of workers organized in the SPD (Social Democrats), the KPD and the trade unions who were prepared to fight against the Nazis. The results of the March elections made this clear: the SPD and the KPD were still able to garner a combined vote of 13.2 million, the same number of votes they had received during the last elections in 1932. The NSDAP (Nazis) received 17.2 million votes (compared to 11.7 million in the 1932 elections), but were not able to gain an absolute majority of votes on their own. This was only possible with the aid of their German Nationalist allies from the “Kampffront Schwarz-Rot-Weiss”.

It was the SPD leadership’s capitulation before the Nazis and the division of the workers due to the “social fascism theory” propagated by the leaders of the Stalinist KPD that prevented National Socialism from being stopped at the last minute and combated.

As early as 1931, Leon Trotsky already formulated the task at hand in his open letter to the members of the KPD, How Can National Socialism be Defeated?:

“The front must now be directed against fascism. And this common front of direct struggle against fascism, embracing the entire proletariat, must be utilised in the struggle against the Social Democracy, directed as a flank attack, but no less effective for all that.

“It is necessary to show by deeds a complete readiness to make a bloc with the Social Democrats against the fascists in all cases in which they will accept a bloc… We must understand how to tear the workers away from their leaders in reality. But reality today is-the struggle against fascism…

“The overwhelming majority of the Social Democratic workers will fight against the fascists, but–for the present at least–only together with their organisations. This stage cannot be skipped. We must help the Social Democratic workers in action–in this new and extraordinary situation–to test the value of their organizations and leaders at this time, when it is a matter of life and death for the working class.”(1)

As we know, history took a different turn: the Nazis were victorious, and the German and European working class suffered its worst and most devastating defeat. The authors leave no doubt as to the fact that the leaders of both the SPD and the KPD bear decisive responsibility for this defeat. This is made particularly clear in the authors’ portrayal of the so-called “Prussian coup,” the ouster of the SPD-led Prussian government in July 1932 by the Reich Chancellor (head of government) of the time, Franz von Papen. Although the majority of their members were only waiting for the word to offer massive resistance, the SPD and trade union leaders didn’t put up even the semblance of a fight against Papen’s “cold coup d’etat,” and thus paved the way for the Nazis.

Who were the arsonists?

To this very day, there is hardly any event in German history that has been debated as heatedly as the issue of who really set the Reichstag on fire.

In years of meticulous research, the two authors of the book, historian Alexander Bahar and physicist and psychologist Wilfried Kugel, carried out the first comprehensive evaluation of the 50,000 pages of original court, state attorney office and secret police (Gestapo) files that had been locked away in Moscow and East Berlin until 1990. The result is a remarkable and explosive, more than 800-page document that for the first time provides almost complete circumstantial evidence that the Nazis prepared and set the Reichstag fire themselves.

The authors have thus succeeded in disproving a hypothesis that even today is still fairly widespread: that the Dutchman Marinus van der Lubbe was the sole perpetrator. They “base their evidence largely on original documents that are stored in public archives, but have not been evaluated up to now… The book contradicts in many ways all of the research reports that have been published so far on the Reichstag fire, based on what the authors say is the first thorough evaluation of all presently available relevant sources… In summary, the authors have succeeded after years of work in presenting a comprehensive chain of circumstantial evidence—albeit one that will only have a conclusive character for those readers who are prepared to take on the intellectual challenge presented by the often highly complex and convoluted aspects of this case of political crime.” (2)

Bahar and Kugel describe the two contradictory hypotheses as to who was actually responsible for setting the fire as follows:

“As incontestable as it is that the Nazis benefited from the Reichstag fire and made skillful use of it in establishing their dictatorship, opinion remains divided as to who actually committed the deed. The communists accused by the Nazi authorities at the Reichstag Fire Trial in Leipzig were already ruled out in 1933 for obvious reasons: quite apart from the lack of evidence, the suicidal and thus nonsensical nature of such a deed was self-evident, despite Nazi propaganda to the contrary. So did Marinus van der Lubbe, the 75% vision-impaired Dutch left-wing radical communist arrested in the burning Reichstag set the fire on his own? Or were the culprits to be found among the Nazis?” (3)

As early as the summer of 1933, the Brown Book on the Reichstag Fire and Hitler’s Terror was published in Switzerland under the editorship of Willi Münzenberg. In this book, German emigrés attempted to provide proof that the Nazis had committed the crime in a secret operation run by Nazi leader Hermann Göring. And even before the Reichstag Fire Trial in Leipzig, the “Legal Commission of the International Investigation Committee” came to the conclusion that the Nazis had set the fire themselves. Up to 1949, this was the prevailing opinion of all serious contemporaries outside of Germany. “Everyone abroad was and remains convinced that the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag.” (4)

In Germany, however, the legend of Marinus van der Lubbe as the sole perpetrator was created after 1945 by the first head of the Gestapo, Rudolf Diels, and his former staff. Diels, who was in charge of the sweeping arrests carried out on the night of the fire, had every reason to exonerate the Nazi rulers after World War II, since he was deeply involved in the Reichstag fire himself. As the authors explain:

“six hours before the Reichstag fire, Rudolf Diels, head of the … Political Police since February 23, 1933 and subsequently head of the Secret State Police Office (Gestapo), wrote the following police radio telegram which was sent to all police stations in Prussia at about 6:00 p.m.: ‘Communists reportedly plan to carry out systematic raids on police squads and members of nationalist associations with the aim of disarming them.’ … ‘Suitable countermeasures are to be taken immediately, and where necessary communist functionaries placed under protective custody.’” (5)

“The arrests carried out the next night had thus already been initiated by Rudolf Diels, the Chief of the Political Police, on the afternoon of February 27.” (6)

The authors prove that it would have been impossible for Marinus van der Luppe to set on fire a building as large as the Reichstag on his own, by reconstructing in minute detail the course of the fire on the basis of countless testimony documents and investigation and court files (particularly in Chapters 2 and 4).

Their conclusion is that “the ‘culprit’ van der Lubbe had even less time to carry out his alleged act of arson than has hitherto been assumed, namely only 12 to 13 minutes… The view often expressed in historical literature that the Reichstag arson had taken Göring, Goebbels and Hitler ‘by surprise’ must now presumably be regarded once and for all as a myth.” (7)

In Chapters 5 to 7, the authors document the proceedings at the so-called Reichstag Fire Trial, which began on September 21, 1933 in Leipzig, and then present the circumstantial evidence for the guilt of the Nazis. The exact evaluation of all of the fire expert reports leads to one conclusion: “ All of the fire experts agreed that the fire in the Reichstag assembly hall had to have been set by several culprits. Van der Lubbe’s self-incrimination was thus proved to be a lie.” (8) (My emphasis – W.K.)

In the trial before the Leipzig Reichsgericht court, which the Nazis had originally planned as a show trial, the accused were “van der Lubbe and comrades.” The Dutchman’s alleged “comrades” were Ernst Torgler, the former chairman of the KPD parliamentary group in the Reichstag, and three Bulgarian communists who were living illegally in Germany: Georgi Dimitrov, who had been the head of the Berlin-based Western European Office of the Executive Committee of the Comintern (Third International) until early 1933, Blagoj Popov and Vasil Tanev. Despite coerced witnesses (including concentration camp prisoners), planted and forged “evidence,” and torture and terror against the accused, the Nazis never succeeded in proving the alleged guilt of the communists. Dimitrov’s undaunted conduct in court, in particular, added to the embarrassment for the Nazi leaders. The Reichsgericht passed its verdict on December 23, 1933: “The accused Torgler, Dimitrov, Popov and Tanev are acquitted.” Marinus van der Lubbe, the only “presentable” culprit, was sentenced to death and executed on January 10, 1934, despite the existing expert opinions and testimony which conclusively ruled out the Dutchman as the sole perpetrator.

Finally, the authors expose the Nazis as the only feasible culprits. Among the documentary evidence the authors base this verdict on is the testimony of SA member Adolf Rall (who was later murdered by the SA and the Gestapo). The emigré newspaper Pariser Tageblatt reported on December 24, 1933: “he (Rall) stated he was a member of the SA’s “Sturm 17” unit. Before the Reichstag fire broke out, he had been in the subterranean passageway that connects the Reichstag assembly building to the building in which the government apartment of the Reich President [Hermann Göring] is located. Rall said that he had personally witnessed various members of his SA unit bringing the explosive liquids into the building.” (10)

Hans Bernd Gisevius, who had worked as a junior lawyer for the political police from August to December 1933, made the following testimony at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in 1946: “It was Goebbels who first came up with the idea of setting fire to the Reichstag. Goebbels discussed this with the leader of the Berlin SA brigade, Karl Ernst, and made detailed suggestions on how to go about carrying out the arson. A certain tincture known to every pyrotechnician was selected. You spray it onto an object and then it ignites after a certain time, after hours or minutes. In order to get into the Reichstag building, they needed the passageway that leads from the palace of the Reichstag President to the Reichstag. A unit of ten reliable SA men was put together, and now Göring was informed of all the details of the plan, so that he coincidentally was not out holding an election speech on the night of the fire, but was still at his desk in the Ministry of the Interior at such a late hour… The intention right from the start was to put the blame for this crime on the Communists, and those ten SA men who were to carry out the crime were instructed accordingly.” (11)

Based on this testimony and a wealth of other circumstantial evidence, the course of this act of arson can be reconstructed as follows:

“On February 27, 1933, at about 8:00 p.m. a commando group of at least 3, and at most 10 SA men led by Hans Georg Gewehr entered the basement of the palace of the Reichstag President. The group took the incendiary substances deposited there, and used the subterranean passageway to go from the Reichstag President’s palace to the Reichstag building, where they prepared the assembly hall in particular with a self-igniting liquid they probably mixed in the hall. After a certain latency period, the liquid set off the fire in the assembly hall. The group made their getaway through the subterranean passageway and the basement of the Reichstag President’s palace (and possibly also through the adjacent basement leading to the machinery and government employees’ building) to the public street ‘Reichstagsufer.’ Göring entered the burning Reichstag building at 9:21 p.m. at the latest, presumably in order to provide a cover for the commando group’s retreat.

“Van der Lubbe was brought to the Reichstag by the SA at exactly 9:00 p.m. and let into the building by them. The sound of breaking glass which was noticed by witnesses and which was allegedly due to van der Lubbe breaking window panes to get into the building was probably only intended to attract the attention of the public. The Dutchman was sacrificed as the only available witness.” (12)

Almost all of the SA men involved in the deed (with the exception of Hans Georg Gewehr) and many accessories to the crime were later murdered by the Nazis, above during the so-called “Röhm putsch” on June 30, 1934.

Responsibility for the Reichstag Fire was a constant source of debate between German historians after the Second World War. In the early 1960’s, the attempt was made to establish the hypothesis of van der Lubbe as the sole culprit—in particular by Rudolf Augstein’s magazine Der Spiegel and the “amateur historian” and intelligence officer Fritz Tobias. To this very day, some prominent German historians base themselves on this hypothesis and still attempt to deny the guilt of the Nazis. With their new book Der Reichstagbrand, Alexander Bahar and Wilfried Kugel have provided authoritative evidence to finally dispel the longstanding controversy.

* * *


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