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Lehman Moment For Austrian “Bad Bank” Means Worse Coming – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “Not “contained.” Just six short months ago, the 2Y bonds of Austria’s bank bank – HETA Asset Resolution AG – were trading well above par as the world and his mom reached for yield (~6%) in all the wrong places. Today, following the “spectacular development” over the weekend that the bank will be wound down due to the discovery of an $8.5bn “hole” in its balance sheet, the 2Y HETA bonds are trading below 50c on the dollar (at a yield of 54%). This is indeed Austria’s “Lehman” moment as for the first time in the new European ‘bail-in’ era, senior debt is getting a massive haircut…  As we noted yesterday, the punchline, is that while the world was waiting for Greece to announce capital controls, or a bail-in over the past week, it was none other than one of the Europe’s most pristeen credits (one which until recently was rated AAA/Aaa) that informed creditors a bail-in is imminent: “The finance ministry noted that creditors can be forced to contribute to the costs of winding down Heta – or “bailed in” – under new European legislation that Austria adopted this year so that taxpayers do not have to shoulder the entire burden.“.. Bloomberg confirms that the ministry announced that under new EU rules means creditors can be forced to share losses… Of course, this being Austria, and the Creditanstalt, aka the bank which failed in 1931 under almost identical circumstances and set off the dominos that led to a global financial crisis which in turn bank fanned the flames of the Great Depression, also being Austrian, suddenly everyone is asking: “what just happened and what happens next? (some emphasis added) – “It appears HETA (is giving) markets a glimpse behind the curtain as the lies of the recovery come out.”

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VaroufakisA Soros «Trojan Horse» inside the New Greek Government? – by Wayne Madsen, Strategic-Culture.org – “Varoufakis’s curriculum vitae, like that of Jaresko’s, reeks of George Soros-intertwined globalist links. For a finance minister who is to — if we believe the dire warnings from the corporate press — challenge the austerity measures dictated to Greece’s previous failed conservative and social democratic governments by the «Troika» of the IMF, ECB, and European Commission, Varoufakis has had a past close relationship with the global entities with which he is expected to battle.”

What Ordinary Greeks Think Of Friday’s Deal: “We Went Through Two Months Of Agony To Realize We Are Still A Debt Colony” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “… when it comes to Friday’s deal it all boils down to two things: promises, now broken: February 15, 2015: ‘(Greece) will not continue with a program which has the characteristics of the programs of previous governments’ – Gabriel Sakellaridis… February 16, 2015: ‘The “extend and pretend” game that began after Greece’s public debt became unserviceable in 2010 will end.’ – Yanis Varoufakis… and February 20, 2015: ‘Greek finance minister says bailout extension is a great success’… But far more importantly, the real question is what the people on the ground think.” (emph. added)

Port-au-Prince-DemoHaiti: Mainstream Media Reduces Protests Against Dictatorship and Occupation to Mere Protest About Gas Prices – By Ezili Dantò, GlobalResearch.ca – “At the same time, they’re ignoring the popular movement’s refusal to accept any agreement cooked-up by the illegitimate Michel Martelly and his Washington handlers (“Core Group”) to unconstitutionally rule by decree with the complicity of US-bought, so-called political parties who do not represent Haiti masses but foreign interests… The media is reporting that Martelly reached in agreement to form a new government to hold elections. They fail to report with context or to emphasize that all who deal with Martelly are rejected by the masses on the streets. The true representatives of Haiti are the voices that speak for the masses and for local Haiti interests, not the US-bought so-called political parties with no constituency, sell-out ex-Parliamentarians or Washington’s greedy Haiti opportunists.”

Is Your Child a Terrorist? U.S. Government Questionnaire Rates Families at Risk for Extremism – by Murtaza Hussain, Cora Currier, and Jana Winter, FirstLook.org – ” ‘The idea that the federal government would encourage local police, teachers, medical and social service employees to rate the communities, individuals and families they serve for their potential to become terrorists is abhorrent on its face,” said Mike German, a former FBI agent who is now with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law. German called the criteria used for the ratings ‘subjective and specious.’ ”

Judge_NapolitanoObama power grab triggers 1st Amendment nightmare –  by Greg Corombos, WND.com – ” ‘People don’t know the danger that is coming,’ Napolitano said. ‘The danger that is coming is a gaggle of bureaucrats here – three Democrats and two Republicans, the Republicans will probably dissent – claiming they have the power to regulate the Internet.’.. He said Congress has passed no statute authorizing new government controls on the Internet, and the First Amendment clearly states that neither Congress nor any government agency it created can make a law restricting the freedom of speech… ‘This proposal by the president (these are the president’s appointees on the FCC) actually has the support of the leadership of both political parties, big-government Republicans and big-government Democrats,’ he said. ‘But some of them will have great pause for reconsideration if there is a great national debate on this.’.. He said fierce debate is exactly what the Democrat majority of commissioners is trying to avoid through its secretive tactics… ‘That’s the reason why the three Democrats on the FCC want to force it through,’ he said, ‘so there will be no great national debate, because a great national debate will result in the undoing of this.’ ”

Big Pharma ‘Repatenting’ Raises Prices of Top Drugs By More than 6 Times – Without any actual advancements of any kind – by Anthony Gucciardi, NaturalSociety.com – “The art of repatenting is one that massive corporations absolutely love. When the drug companies own the patent rights to a formula, even if it is virtually the same as a generic one or has been sold for far less over the last several decades, they can charge you (and your insurance company) whatever they want. And in the case of the highly popular asthma drug albuterol, even the New York Times has reported on the absurd price increase following its ‘repatenting.’.. And as these pharmaceutical juggernauts raise prices across the board just because ‘they can,’ they are sure not to tell you about the countless natural substances that have been found time and time again to be extremely beneficial in the fight against disease.”

South Carolina Inmate Receives 37 Years In Solitary Confinement For Updating Facebook – by Kira Lerner, ThinkProgress.org – “Each time an inmate accesses Facebook is counted as a separate Level 1 violation, which leads to excessive punishments like inmates being put in isolation for years at a time, the report said… ‘If a South Carolina inmate caused a riot, took three hostages, murdered them, stole their clothes, and then escaped, he could still wind up with fewer Level 1 offenses than an inmate who updated Facebook every day for two weeks,’ the EFF said in its report… By classifying social media violations as Level 1, the SCDC is sending so many inmates to solitary confinement that prisons in the state have often run out of space in their confinement facilities, according to the report.”

Camping-If_not-here-whereGuess Which “Liberal” State Has 500 Laws Aimed at Oppressing the Homeless? – On the heels of a damning new report, the Right to Rest campaign pushes for statewide legislation to stop discrimination against homeless people – by Alyssa Figueroa, Alternet.org – “New research prepared for WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) by the Policy Advocacy Clinic at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law details the impact criminalization has had on the homeless population in California, home to one in every five homeless people in the U.S. Researchers looked at a sample of 58 California cities and found 500 anti-homeless laws on the books—an average of nine laws per city. Each city has at least one code restricting daytime activities like resting, standing and sitting; 57 had codes restricting nighttime activities like sleeping, camping and lodging; 53 had codes restricting begging and panhandling; 12 had codes restricting food sharing. Some of these laws either overlap or criminalize the same action but in different locations.” (emph. added)

Rolling blackouts have begun in Brazil as mega-drought arrives; residents told to prepare for the worst – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “One of Brazil’s major industries, agriculture, has also suffered mightily. The Guardian noted that production of arabica coffee beans, which Brazil supplies in greater amounts than any other nation, fell by 15 percent last year, which caused prices for the commodity to rise by nearly 50 percent… And growers in Minas Gerais said total rainfall in 2014 was about 35 inches, or just half of its normal level. Since coffee has a two-year growing cycle, industry experts and growers note that impacts in output and prices will be felt into next year as well, even if rains return in 2015… In addition to coffee production, sugar production has fallen as well, as has ethanol, which is made from sugar in Brazil. Earlier in January, Raizen — Brazil’s largest sugar and ethanol producer — said it would have to lay off 250 workers and stop all production at its Bom Retiro mill for two years because of shortages of sugar cane, due to the drought.” – Can you say “Geoenginering?”…

ISIS-On_2_The_StageUnlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com – “ISIS Superpowers Transcend Reality: As I mentioned in my recent article about the deliberate mainstream media branding of ISIS, most people are not aware of the magnitude of the ISIS brand and how they have been portrayed as greater than god. ISIS is a meaningless group of ($300 a month salaried I’m told) Middle Eastern stray men with both Jesus Christ and Superman-like powers, combined into one. According to Western corporate media, ISIS has greater intelligence than all of their enemies combined. They are a super-human force able to outsmart all military intelligence at once, avoid all global surveillance and NSA illegal data-mining at once. All the while fighting multiple countries on multiple fronts, and WINNING!”

Paul_KrugmanPaul Krugman: How Austerity Madness Was Dealt a Crucial Blow this Week – “The Greek government didn’t succumb to the bum’s rush, and that in itself is a kind of victory.” – by Janet Allon, Alternet.org – “Still, nothing that just happened justifies the pervasive rhetoric of failure. Actually, my sense is that we’re seeing an unholy alliance here between left-leaning writers with unrealistic expectations and the business press, which likes the story of Greek debacle because that’s what is supposed to happen to uppity debtors. But there was no debacle. Provisionally, at least, Greece seems to have ended the cycle of ever-more-savage austerity.”

How many people have died from chemotherapy, not cancer? – by S. D. Wells, NaturalNews.com – “You can overdose from chemotherapy, but the results of the tests won’t show it. Every cell in your body will be SCREAMING IT, but the crooked, Western Medicine regime that controls the cancer industry will never allow it to hit the “peer-reviewed” medical journals, that are all as biased as the day they were “born.” Yes, we’ve all read JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and we’ve seen the ads in the back for cigarettes and pharmaceutical manufacturers that pay top dollar for that AMA ‘seal of approval.’ ”

Boris_NemtsovRussia: US-Backed Opposition Leader Gunned Down in Moscow – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Nemtsov, A Convenient Martyr… Too Convenient: The provocative murder in the center of Moscow, in close proximity to the Kremlin itself, would lead the more gullible members of the general public to imagine President Putin himself leaning back in his office chair with a rifle sticking out the window of the Kremlin, and gunning down his rival – in true super villain form… Already, before any investigation has been conducted, Western news sources are attempting to imply the Kremlin was behind his murder – hoping the general public believes Russia’s leadership would be careless and thoughtless enough to commit such a provocative act just two days ahead of protests.”

Manipulations & Mind Games: The Secret Battle to Control How We Think – by Kingsley Dennis, WakingTimes.com – “Examples of these psychological manipulations include the deliberate use of specific cultural symbols and embedded signifiers that catalyse conditioned reflexes in the populace. These triggers have included ‘Red’ and ‘Communist’ during the US’s 1950s McCarthyism; or ‘Muslim Terrorist’ during the recent media-hyped ‘War on Terror’. Targeted reactions can thus be achieved making the populace open to further manipulation in this state. This is a process of psychic re-formation that works repeatedly to soften up the people through continued and extensive exposure to particular stimuli. These are often the subconscious symbols we live by – artificial signifiers in order to create a compliant society… Today’s media, which includes the dominant presence of advertising, extensively uses the notion of ‘attractors’ and ‘attractor patterns’ to target audience consciousness. This type of symbol-manipulation is often referred to in the business as neuro-marketing.”

CSI-New_York_City-1870The True History of the Origins of Police: Protecting and Serving the Masters of Society – The liberal way of viewing the problem rests on a misunderstanding of the origins of the police – by Sam Mitrani, Alternet.org – “Before the 19th century, there were no police forces that we would recognize as such anywhere in the world. In the northern United States, there was a system of elected constables and sheriffs, much more responsible to the population in a very direct way than the police are today. In the South, the closest thing to a police force was the slave patrols. Then, as Northern cities grew and filled with mostly immigrant wage workers who were physically and socially separated from the ruling class, the wealthy elite who ran the various municipal governments hired hundreds and then thousands of armed men to impose order on the new working-class neighborhoods.

Record Cold And Snow Destroy Global Warming Claims – by James Taylor, Forbes.com – “Another global warming activist tactic is to argue that global warming actually causes more snow. Of course, this is exactly the opposite of what they used to claim, as shown in the IPCC prediction. Moreover, real-world scientific data prove their new claims false. Global warming activists argue that warmer air can hold more moisture, so winter snow storms that used to bring 12 inches of snow now bring 14 inches of snow. The problem with this new assertion is – as documented above – winter temperatures are substantially colder now than they used to be. Global warming activists cannot claim recent record snowfalls are caused by warmer winters when winters are in fact much colder than they used to be.” – Note: of course, this Forbes article does not mention the documented use of artificial ice nucleation to create much of the snowfall that comes with the “Siberian Express” winters visited upon the Eastern U.S. – There is also no mention of the documented Geoengineering enterprise causing the ongoing drought in the West – Please see the videos produced by The HAARP Report YouTube Channel.

Dane_WigingtonThe Programming Of Society To Reject Those Who Question – by Dane Wigington, GeoengineeringWatch.org – “The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other  founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories… But those were the bad old days — Things have now changed…. The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967… That all changed in the 1960s… Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories.  The dispatch was marked “psych” –  short for “psychological operations” or disinformation –  and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit… The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976… The dispatch states…” (emph. added)

Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Epidemic of Chronic Autoimmune Childhood Disease – by Dr. Gary G. Kohls, GlobalResearch.ca – “The list of autoimmune disorders considered  in this article includes such increasingly common chronic illnesses as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver (= NASH = nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), autism spectrum disorders, asthma, food allergies, a variety of organ-specific autoimmune disorders (such as thyroiditis, vasculitis and autoimmune rheumatic diseases like SLE (lupus), rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and sarcoid), and metabolic syndrome (= obesity, type 2 diabetes/insulin resistance, hypertension, and dyslipidemia)… J. Barthelow Classen, MD: “since 1999 the routine pediatric immunization schedule has increased by 80 vaccines” (that number counts each strain of antigenic virus or bacteria that have been included in the new inoculants). Classen believes that “the sum of the data described and reviewed in this paper supports a causal relationship”. From the perspective of the tens of thousands of parents (since the “age of autism” began just just a few decades ago) who know for certain that their previously happy, developmentally normal infants were sickened shortly after routine vaccinations, Dr Classen’s powerful scientific research cannot be discounted, even with the expected media blitz that is expected from Big Pharma, the AMA, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the AAFP, the CDC, the WHO and the various trade organizations that profit so mightily from the vaccine industry.”

Venezuela Foils Obama’s Coup Plot – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca – “Scheduled on the anniversary of the start of last year’s US-orchestrated street violence. Plans included: • killing people during marches and demonstrations; • Using a Tucano jet aircraft to bomb strategic targets, including: • the Miraflores (presidential palace); • military intelligence headquarters; • defense and justice ministries; • Caracas municipality building; • public prosecutor’s office; • TeleSUR building; • National Electoral Council (CNE); and • central Caracas’ Metro station Zona Rental;… Installing “transitional” governance would follow. Opposition legislator Julio Borges was accused of choosing locations to be attacked.”

In the eye of a mega-drought: Researchers warn US should prepare for ‘unprecedented drought conditions’ unlike anything in past 1,000 years – by Tim Walker, TheIndependent.co.uk – “In the paper, published by the journal Science Advances, researchers from Nasa and Columbia and Cornell universities warn that a vast swathe of the US, including the south-west states and the central plains, should prepare for “unprecedented drought conditions” unlike anything in the past 1,000 years… Within 35 years, the region’s millennia-long natural cycle of droughts and occasional rainfall is likely to bring an end to the relative dampness of the last century. The effects of that drying, the scientists warn, would be exacerbated by man-made climate change… ‘Nearly every year is going to be dry toward the end of the 21st century, compared with what we think of as normal conditions now,’ said Ben Cook from Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the lead author of the study. ‘We’re going to have to think about a much drier future in western North America.’ ” (emph. added)  – Hmmm, wonder how they know?…

What’s Really Behind the Current Measles Outbreak? – by Dr. Tedd Koren, ActivistPost.com – “A mother brings her healthy child to the pediatrician for a measles shot. An hysterical mother calls soon afterwards saying something is wrong. Perhaps the child had a seizure shortly after the visit or spiked a high fever, slept for an entire day, stopped speaking, forgot his letters, no longer makes eye contact, is spinning in circles, is screaming and is no longer the child he was a few days ago. Sometimes the child dies (referred to as SIDS or crib death)… Such events are reported repeatedly by mothers around the world after various vaccinations… In fact since 1987 the federal gov’t has paid over $3 billion to families whose child has died or been maimed for life after such an experience… “It’s just a coincidence,” the pediatrician says.” – Amazing and comprehensive article – MUST READ


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Spy agencies could be funding geo-engineering research in pursuit of weaponising the weather, scientists claims – by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, Independent.co.uk – “Professor Robock’s concerns come as a major report on geo-engineering is to be published this week by the US National Academy of Sciences. Among the report’s list of sponsors is the “US intelligence community”, which includes Nasa, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Department of Energy… The professor alleges that the CIA told a colleague of his that it wanted to fund the report, but claimed  that it did not want this fact to be too obvious – he added that the CIA is “a major funder” of the report which ‘makes me really worried about who is going to be in control’.”

HSBC Bank : Secret Origins to 26/11 Mumbai Attacks – from GreatGameIndia.com – “From the Far East to the Middle East to Ibero-America to India, everywhere the drug trade is flourishing, you will find HSBC. It may not handle the dope, but it does handle the money, making sure that the “citizens above suspicion” who run the empire get their cut of the proceeds.  Now HSBC has been caught red-handed laundering money in the U.S., India, China, Argentina almost everywhere the sun shined through the colonies. This is a bank which has abused us, assaulted our people, and violated the law with abandon. Isn’t it time we set an example and revoke its charter to do business here in India ?”

Stephen_LendmanKiev Breaches Minsk Agreement – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca – “Fighting so far rages throughout Donbas. Expect short-term letup (not cessation) once ceasefire terms take effect on Sunday… Followed days or weeks later by escalated fighting initiated by Kiev forces on orders from Washington. Wrongfully blamed on Russia and rebels… The same Big Lie blame game continues since Kiev launched naked aggression last April… A Friday US-initiated G7 statement sounded an ominous tone. Saying ‘Russian-backed separatist militias are operating beyond the line of contact agreed upon in the Minsk agreements of September 2014, causing numerous civilian casualties.’.. Ignoring Kiev forces shelling Donetsk and Lugansk hospitals, schools, residential areas and city streets. Deliberately killing civilian men, women and children… G7 leaders threatened more sanctions on Russia. Expressed support for Kiev’s illegitimate putschist regime.

Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline To Avoid Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st – by Michael Snyder, TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com – “But these new Greek politicians are a different breed.  They are not establishment lackeys.  Rather, they are very principled radicals, and they are not about to be pushed around.  I certainly do not agree with their politics, but I admire the fact that they are willing to stand up for what they believe.  That is a very rare thing these days… On Monday, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis shared the following in the New York Times: ‘I am often asked: What if the only way you can secure funding is to cross your red lines and accept measures that you consider to be part of the problem, rather than of its solution? Faithful to the principle that I have no right to bluff, my answer is: The lines that we have presented as red will not be crossed.’ “

TelebotAs Early as 2016, Robot Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets… No, Seriously – from The Free Thought Project via TheDailySheeple.com – “The militarization and robotization of police state USA is related to a Department of Defense (DoD) program starting in 1997 that transfers excess military equipment to police departments, to help them fight the immoral war on drugs. DoD has already given police more than $5.1 billion worth of military equipment… The Department of Homeland Security is part of the game too, giving grants to police departments for advanced tactical hardware to help fight those freedom-hating terrorists. Only, the government now treats its own citizens as terrorists. Peaceful protesters fill the lenses and microphones and crosshairs of robot police.”

UK’s Cameron Wants Unemployed Youth to Do Unpaid Work for the State – from ActivistPost.com – “Cameron also said in his speech that the youth wouldn’t be able to receive housing benefits unless they have a job. He gave no explanation as to why someone would need benefits if they had a real job… As ridiculous as Cameron’s slavery plan is, his opposition is selling the notion of guaranteeing government jobs for young people by raising taxes on the rich: ‘The opposition has pledged a compulsory jobs guarantee for the young unemployed, paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.’ .. But by “compulsory,” they mean young people won’t have a choice not to work for the State if they can’t find private employment. It sounds just like Cameron’s plan of forced labor, but with a salary paid for by more stolen tax money.”

hpv_vaccine Freedom of Speech in Australia and the HPV Vaccine – by Judy Wilyman, ActivistPost.com – “In 2011 I asked the Australian public health authorities why sodium borate and polysorbate 80 are found in the HPV vaccine? These ingredients are known to cause infertility in laboratory animals…. The aluminium adjuvant found in HPV vaccines is also linked to causing neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases yet in December 2014 the FDA approved a new HPV vaccine that contains double the amount of aluminium adjuvant as the current HPV vaccine. The current HPV vaccines have been linked to thousands of serious adverse events and adolescents will now be receiving 1,500 mcg of aluminium adjuvant from 3 doses of the new HPV vaccine if it is approved in Australian school vaccination programs. This amount of aluminium has never been tested in long-term studies of children’s health.”

Maduro-coup_responseREVEALED: Both Britain and Canada Were Involved in Foiled Venezuelan Coup Plot – by Stephen Lendman & 21stCenturyWire.com – “US funded and supported key opposition fascist figures Antonio Ledezma, Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez released a joint February 11 communique a day before the foiled coup… Titled, “A Call on Venezuelans for a National Accord for the Transition,” it promoted regime change, and called for Venezuela to be handed back to monied interests… Called Bolivarian fairness ‘anti-democra(tic)…inefficient and… corrupt.’ Run by ‘an unscrupulous elite (making) the State totalitarian.’ Creating ‘a humanitarian crisis.’.. ‘(T)he Maduro government has entered a terminal phase.’ Claimed it’s ‘the duty of every democrat to help resolve the current crisis, to defend freedom…to make the transition…(to restore) democratic order.’ “

Obama-ZuckerbergFacebook Owner Takes Public Stand against Vaccine Refusers – by Brian Shilhavy, HealthImpactNews.com – “So what’s next for Zuckerberg and Facebook? Since Zuckerberg is apparently taking the position that “the science on vaccines is settled,” will he also take the corresponding position that Americans do not have a right to refuse vaccines, for “the greater good?”.. Like technology billionaire and vaccine supporter Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg has enough money and influence to force people to adopt his position. His tax revenue alone provides billions to the U.S. Government and State of California, and he can give away up to half of his income by U.S. law to charitable organizations to avoid paying even more taxes… This “philanthropy” coming out of Silicon Valley is creating what some are calling a ‘Brave New Economic Order.’ “

Tesla-on-fireTesla: Bonfire Of The Money Printers’ Vanities – by David Stockman, DavidStockmansContraCorner.com – “So go figure. Combining OCF and CapEx you get a balance sheet hemorrhage of nearly $2.4 billion. The real question, therefore, is not why Tesla was worth $35 billion, but why it wasn’t bankrupt  long ago?.. The answer is that it was and should be now. Tesla would not have even made it to its Goldman-led IPO without a $500 million bailout by Uncle Sam. That the hard-pressed taxpayers of America were called upon to underwrite a vanity toy for the wealthy—–and one peddled by a serial milker of the public teat—is surely a measure of how deep crony capitalist corruption has penetrated into the business system of America.”

Ukrainegate: NATO weapons for truce – from OrientalReview.org – “Initially it seemed surprising that on the first day of the negotiations marathon in Minsk a bill to “provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine in order to defend itself against Russian-backed rebel separatists in eastern Ukraine” would be introduced in the US Congress. However, it soon became clear that its sponsor, Sen. James Inhofe, simply harbors no illusions about his Ukrainian partners’ competence or ability to comply with their obligations. He understands that Kiev will inevitably violate the cease-fire and that Washington will soon have to explain why the militias in the devastated region of what is known as the “Debaltsevo cauldron” are in possession of such a vast number of captured weapons originating from NATO countries… So Senator Inhofe’s bill is not about rendering military assistance to the puppet government in Kiev, but is rather a way to legitimize the shipments that are already being sent. As usual, only the most aged, decrepit weapons are ending up in the region where the anti-terror operation is underway – meaning that Ukrainian officials are re-exporting everything that is worthy of resale to third countries, including Syria. No one can guarantee that the weapons that will pass to Ukraine legally will not soon be used against America’s interests in global hot spots. However, it seems that this threat is the last thing on the minds of US senators.” (emph. added)

Gen_David_HoggNATO Prepares for War with Russia in Europe – Russian General: We are at war – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “Russian Gen. Leonid Ivashov: ‘Apparently the officials of the European Union and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry have dedicated themselves, and continue to do so, to deeply and thoroughly studying the doctrine of Dr. Goebbels… They present everything backwards from reality. It is one of the formulas which Nazi propaganda employed most successfully… They accuse the party that is defending itself, of aggression. What we are seeing in Ukraine and in Syria is a western project, a new kind of war: in both places you see a clear anti-Russian approach, and as is well known, wars today begin with psychological and information warfare operations.’.. ‘I assume that the Foreign Ministry understands that we are at war,’ Ivashov said.”

The “Exceptional” U.S. Suffers Crushing Defeat in Debaltsevo – by Mike Whitney, CounterPunch.org – “The debacle ensures that the bumbling president’s days are numbered. It’s nearly certain that he will either be replaced or hanged sometime in weeks ahead. He has already flown his family to safety out of the country, and there’s growing speculation that both Washington and the far-right nationalists who occupy the Security Services will insist on his removal. That paves the way for a second Ukrainian coup in less than a year, a grim reminder of the tragic failings of US policy in Ukraine… Washington has largely won the information war, having persuaded Congress and the American people that US policy in Ukraine is “just”, but on the ground, where it counts, Washington has encountered one catastrophic failure after another. This process will undoubtedly persist until the costs are too exorbitant to bear.”

Robert_Ford2Former Ambassador Robert Ford Admits “Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right – Jihadists Are Majority Of Rebels – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost – ”    Ford said part of the problem was that too many rebels – and their patrons in Turkey and Qatar – insisted that Nusra was a homegrown, anti-Assad force when in fact it was an al Qaida affiliate whose ideology was virtually indistinguishable from the Islamic State’s. The Obama administration already has suffered a string of embarrassments involving supplies it’s donated to the rebels ending up in the hands of U.S.-designated terrorist groups… ‘Nusra Front is just as dangerous, and yet they keep pretending they’re nice guys, they’re Syrians,’ Ford said. ‘The second problem is, some of our stuff has leaked to them.’ (Dang, I hate it when that happens…) Robert Ford served in Iraq at the same time that the death squads were beginning to make their bloody mark on the cohesion of the Iraqi “insurgency,” after being appointed political counselor to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Ford remained in this post from 2004-2006 where he worked closely with John Negroponte, a death squad expert in his own right who was also heavily involved in the organization of the death squads in Iraq. Ford was instrumental in helping make “contacts” with these individuals as well as developing and maintaining relations with them for other purposes such as continued and future terror campaigns.

No Charges for Cops Who Broke Into Innocent Man’s Home While He Slept and Shot Him 16 Times – by Matt Agorist, TheFreeThoughtProject.com – “It is estimated that the two officers fired over 20 rounds of which 16 landed in Mr. Theoharis. According to Theoharis’s attorney, Erik Heipt, ‘Theoharis suffered ‘a broken shoulder, 2 broken arms, broken legs, he had a compression fracture to his spine, damage to his liver and spleen.’.. To add insult to attempted murder, Theoharis was not the guy the police were after. According to King 5 News Seattle, the King County Sheriff’s deputy and Washington Department of Corrections officer who shot him were at the house to arrest a man who’d violated his parole… Cole Harrison, who was at the house, described it this way:  ‘They (the officers) rushed into that room like they were going to get somebody.  I mean they rushed down there and then all of a sudden. Boom, boom, boom, boom.’ ”

Patricia_HoffmanMedia Blackout on the U.S. “Smart Grid Deployment”: Designs and Monied Interests Behind “Smart Meters” Installed across America – by Prof. James F. Tracy, GlobalResearch.ca – “In an era where news media wax rhapsodic over new technologies and fall over each other to report consumer-oriented “news you can use,” the Smart Grid’s pending debut should be a major story. It’s not. Indeed, almost the entire US population remains in the dark about this major technological development that will profoundly impact their lives… When one more closely examines the implications and realities of the federally-approved Smart Grid scheme—from the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation to surveillance and energy rationing—there should be little wonder why this degree of silence surrounds its implementation. Such a technocratic system would never be freely accepted if subject to an open exchange and referendum.”

‘Peak food’ production now a reality as corporate chemical agriculture continues to fall apart – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – “Corporate agriculture is reaching its peak, not agriculture in general… The truth, though, is that corporate systems of chemical agriculture, which are centered around the large-scale growing of individual commodity crops, are what has reached a peak. These unsustainable growing methods not only damage soils but also spur the proliferation of pests and weeds that further inhibit yields… The problem isn’t too many people in the world but too many factory farms that are chemical-intensive and environmentally destructive. Large-scale commodity plantations like those currently growing millions of acres of soybeans and corn, for instance, are stripping our soils of nutrients and rapidly destroying arable land all around the world.” (emph. added)

Prokopis_PavlopoulosGerman finance minister demands unconditional surrender from Greece – by Christoph Dreier, WSWS.com – The extension of the EU/Greece “Debt Package” now seems to be off again. March 1st approaches… – “In another development, Syriza’s subordination to the ruling elite within Greece was confirmed, with the election of the new President… The government nominated right-winger Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who received the votes of 233 of the 300 seats in the Greek parliament. This vast majority was not necessary to secure Pavlopoulos’ election; just 151 votes would have been enough in the final round of voting… The 64-year-old Pavlopoulos sits on ND’s central committee. He has repeatedly held high state and government posts, including most recently that of Minister of the Interior from 2004 to 2009… In this latter position, Pavlopoulos in 2008 sent in police to brutally attack protesters after the police shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Hundreds of people were arrested in the ensuing police crackdown.

Wiretaps reveal Turkey’s attacks on Syrian regime positions – by Fehim Taştekin, Al-Monitor.com – “During the trial of the Islamic State (IS) militants who attacked Turkish security forces at Nigde last year, court files revealed that Turkey, beyond supplying opposition forces with weapons and ammunition, had also given artillery support to the opposition groups that captured Kassab. The prosecutor obtained striking admissions by tapping the defendants’ phones. According to documents obtained by Ahmet Sik of Cumhuriyet, the wiretapping transcripts reveal that the opposition forces at Kassab inform people in Turkey of the coordinates of Syrian army positions around Kassab, and then Turkey shells those locations… Summary Court documents reveal that last year, when the Syrian opposition captured the Armenian town of Kassab, the Turkish army shelled the Syrian army.”

Lieberman Israeli foreign minister on Facebook: Palestinian prisoners should be executed – by Patrick Strickland, ElectronicIntifada.net – “Israel’s hardline right-wing foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman plans to introduce a bill into the country’s parliament, the Knesset, which would implement the death penalty for Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli lockup… Alongside a photo reading “Death penalty for terrorists,” Lieberman wrote on his Facebook page that his party — Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) — supports the death penalty for Palestinian prisoners… ‘The struggle against terror is the largest challenge for the 21st century world. This is also Israel’s great challenge, but there’s a large gap between what Israel preaches and what is done here [in Israel],’ Lieberman stated… “The first law that Yisrael Beitenu will propose is a death penalty for terrorists, because otherwise we’re ordering up more terror and yet more terror,” Lieberman added. At the time of writing, Lieberman’s post had already received more than 1,400 “likes” and had been shared 185 times.”

Harvard-SnowAfter Blizzard Closes Campus, Harvard Spends $800,000 to Combat “Global Warming” – School concerned about “global warming” and, in contrast, students falling behind due to snow – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – ” ‘This current push of arctic air is delivering air that is just as cold, or even colder than the air that brought subzero lows to the Midwest and Northeast during last weekend,’ Brian Lada of Accuweather reported. ‘Millions will shiver from Chicago to New York City as record lows are challenged during this bitter blast.’.. ‘Records may also fall across parts of the South where temperatures manage to fall into the teens and single digits.’.. This hasn’t stopped climate change advocates from pushing their agenda to expand the size and scope of government to supposedly combat “global warming.”.. ‘The single most important thing we face globally is the fact that we are heating the planet to a level that is never before been tried, while also trying to have human civilization,’ MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said on a Feb. 17 broadcast while the temperature outside his studio was in the low 20s.” (emph. added – Note: You can’t make this stuff up)

Rights Flexing Lawmaker has Police Freaking Out Over Bill that Bans License Plate Scanners – by John Vibes, TheFreeThoughtProject.com – “As expected, police are not happy…’“This bill ties the hands of law enforcement. In advance,’ Larry Epstein of the Montana Association of Police Chiefs complained to reporters… The bill would allow licence plate scanners to be used for some rare situations. One example is ‘to collect data for city planning’ as long as ‘the anonymity of the vehicle, the vehicle owner, the driver of the vehicle, and any passengers in the vehicle’ was guaranteed. However, the bill also states that information collected for city planning purposes could not later be used against suspects in court.”

Free_RaqqaInside the Islamic State ‘capital’: no end in sight to its grim rule – US air strikes have damaged morale in Raqqa, Syria, but a local anti-Isis activist says no one is expecting the group to be driven out – by Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, TheGuardian.com – “The city has become a prison for women under 45. The regime says they cannot leave because they may be raped in areas held by Isis or other rebel groups, but most people inside Raqqa think that it is because they are desperate for more wives for the fighters… Isis has banned men born after 1992 from leaving the city for regime areas, to take exams, collect salaries or anything else. That means that no one can go any more, because who wants to flee to Turkey without their wife or daughters and sons?.. Also, people don’t want to leave because as soon as anyone goes, Isis seizes their house. It has confiscated many homes from Christians, members of the Free Syrian Army and any activists it has caught… Isis can’t afford news to get out of people defecting, so anyone attempting to sneak out is executed in secret. They killed several people in the west of the city and just dumped their bodies in a hole until the smell got so bad that they had to bury them.”

US ”Easing Into” War with Syria by Using ISIS – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Barring Syria and its allies’ ability to provide sufficient deterrence against the beginning of this latest, most dangerous, and most desperate yet leg of America’s war on Syria, and should Syrian defenses be incapable of staving off a Libyan-style NATO operation that has left that nation entirely in the hands of ISIS, expect to see yet another nation handed directly over to extremists – intentionally – for the sole purpose of continuing this proxy crusade next into Lebanon and Iran, then into southern Russia and western China.”

Kharkov_AttackGLADIO STRIKES: Explosion at Peace Rally in Kharkov, Ukraine – by Stuart Hooper, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Those marching in the front were hurt, with Tass reporting from the scene that at least 10 people sustained injuries and three others were killed. Other outlets speak of four and eight casualties… ‘The blast went off when the march participants started moving from the Sports Palace to Svobody (Liberty) Square,’ a witness told Gromadske TV. ‘An explosive device was planted around 100 meters from the palace. Two people have died.’.. Witnesses interviewed by TASS said the explosive device was thrown from a passing car… At the moment, Ukraine Interior Ministry confirms two fatalities and 10 casualties.”

 The First AI War Is Coming – Will a small tech elite pit themselves against the rest of humanity in a 21st “Artilect” war of gigadeath? – by David Knight, PrisonPlanet.com – “(Hugo de Garis) calls the resulting conflict the Artilect War and says: ‘Imagine getting in a time machine and telling the gay (18)90s Europeans of the horrors of trench warfare in WW1, due to the invention of the machine gun, shells, and gas… We are talking about 21st century weapons, with a killing power that could put the casualty rate into the billions (gigadeath).’.. Even though de Garis believes that AI will produce godlike, intelligent machines (that he calls Artilects) and will result in the extinction of the human species, he is still drawn to the challenge.”

Israeli Defense Force fires 43 elite reservists for protesting ‘persecution’ of Palestinians – from RT.com – ” ‘There is no place in the IDF for refusal [to serve], and we view the exploitation of military service for the expression of a political stance gravely. In the case at hand, in light of the conduct of the reservists, which is not in keeping with what is expected of them, it has been decided to terminate their reserve service in the unit,’ the IDF spokesman’s office said in a statement… The top-secret Unit 8200 is the largest in the Israel Defense Forces and central to signal intelligence, spying on phone calls, text messages, emails and other forms of communication… In the letter, addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and other top military officials, the reservists said they were ordered to collect far more information than was necessary for protecting Israel. The intel instead was used to harass and harm innocent civilians, they wrote.”

Web Research Links for the week of 2/9/15:

Note: These links are posted from the top down during each week. Newer links will be at the bottom. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

David_Stockman-of-OMBHistory In the Balance: Why Greece Must Repudiate Its “Banker Bailout” Debts And Exit The Euro – by David Stockman, DavidStockmansContraCorner.com – “If the Greeks do not take a stand for their own dignity and independence at what amounts to a financial Thermopylae, neither will the rest of Europe ever escape from the dysfunctional, autocratic, impoverishing superstate regime that has metastasized in Brussels and Frankfurt under cover of the “European Project.”.. Indeed, the crony capitalist corruption and craven appeasement of the banks and financial markets that have become the modus operandi there are inexorably destroying the EU and single currency. By fleeing the euro and ECB with all deliberate speed, therefore, the Greeks will give-up nothing except the opportunity to be lashed to the greatest monetary train wreck ever recorded… So Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has the weight of history on his shoulders as he makes the rounds of European capitals this week.”

Cancer is finally Cured in Canada but Big Pharma has ‘No Interest’ – from WorldTruth.tv – “This report by CTV News covers Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at the University of Alberta and the drug called DCA which has been found to reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Dr. Dario Alterieri from the University of Massachusetts agreed that the drug should be tested for its side effects and safety issues. However, there is no patent on this drug… Since there is no patent on DCA and no pharmaceutical company owns this drug, CTV reported that drug companies will not want to bring this drug out on the market or conduct studies on this drug due to the fact that they can’t make a profit off a drug that can be inexpensively produced. CTV News also mentioned that it costs nearly $100 million dollars for testing to become completed on a new drug, so it looks like everything comes down to a matter of money.”

deadbankers_logoAnother JPMorgan Banker Murder-Suicide Added To The List Of 71 Dead NWO Bankers By Un-Natural Causes! – from PoliticalVelcraft.org – “But most eerie and disturbing is how comparable the Tabacchi double-death is to a comparable case from July of last year when as we reported not only did a JPM executive director shoot his wife multiple times before using the same weapon on himself (like now), but the tragedy also took place in New Jersey.”

Le Pen says Washington attempting to start ‘war in Europe’ – from RT.com – “Her words echoed statements by former French Prime minister Francois Fillon, who told the public broadcaster France 5 on Sunday that the United States was attempting to ‘unleash a war in Europe, which would end in catastrophe.’ He added that once a war broke out, the US would attempt to distance itself from it… ‘Total war caused [by the] Ukrainian conflict is absolutely unacceptable. And really there is no reason for it,’ he said.”

Obama considers arming pro-US troops-in Ukraine-RTFreudian slip? CNN says Obama considers arming pro-US troops…in Ukraine – from RT.com – “Social media is abuzz after CNN labeled Ukrainian forces involved in Kiev’s deadly military operation in the country’s southeast as “pro-US troops.” Online comments are calling it a Freudian slip, claiming it unmasks the true agenda behind the conflict… The headline during CNN’s Monday segment, dedicated to talks between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, read: ‘Obama considers arming pro-US troops.’ “

Ukrainian Woman Demolishes Military Conscription Agent in front of Local Crowd!

Life_in_East_UkraineEurope Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Cyprus Offers Moscow Military Base, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “But perhaps most significantly is France’s continued apparent pivot towards Russia… Following Francois Hollande’s calls for greater autonomy for Eastern Ukraine, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has come out in apparent support of Russia (and specifically against the US)… ‘We are part of a common civilization with Russia,’ said Sarkozy, speaking on Saturday at the congress of the Union for a Popular Movement Party (UMP), which the former president heads… ‘The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,’ he said adding that ‘we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.’.. ‘Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it [for doing so],’ he said pointing out that ‘we must find the means to create a peacekeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine.’ ”

The Wild Card Question that Brussels Dares not Ask – from TheWealthWatchman.com – “What if the Greek government isn’t just “talking tough”?   What if Brussels has completely misread their opponents? What if Syriza’s confidence springs, not from obstinate brinksmanship, but from the knowledge of what they stand to gain with their new burgeoning, geo-political partnerships?.. Brussels keeps asking the question, “How will Greece cope with what they’ll lose, if they leave the Eurozone”?.. The question that Brussels should be asking though(but dares not) is: What does Greece stand to gain by seeking a completely new financial arrangement elsewhere?”

If You Listen Carefully, The Bankers Are Actually Telling Us What Is Going To Happen Next – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “It seems the risk premium of Greece leaving EMU is rising. Our scenario analysis suggests a Greek exit taking EURUSD down to 0.90… If that happens, we could see a massive implosion of the 26 trillion dollars in derivatives that are directly tied to the value of the euro… We are moving into a time of great peril for global financial markets, and there are a whole host of signs that we are slowly heading into another major global economic crisis… So don’t be fooled by all of the happy talk in the mainstream media.  They did not see the last crisis coming either.”

Guess What Happened The Last Time The U.S. Dollar Skyrocketed In Value Like This?… – by Michael Snyder, TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com – “Yes, someday the U.S. dollar will essentially be toilet paper.  But that is not in our immediate future.  What is in our immediate future is a “flight to safety” that will push the surging U.S. dollar even higher… This is what we witnessed in 2008, and this is happening once again right now… Just look at the chart that I have posted below.  You can see the the U.S. dollar moved upward dramatically relative to other currencies starting in mid-2008.  And toward the end of the chart you can see that the U.S. dollar is now experiencing a similar spike…”

Eco-CrucifixGlobal Warming: So Dishonest It Makes Enron Look Like a Paragon of Integrity – by James Delingpole, Breitbart.com – “…or you’re a scientist in New Zealand who has been hounded out of your job because your research doesn’t fit the “global warming” narrative, or you’re a science teacher in Ohio who is obliged, whether you like it or not, to lecture your charges on the dread perils of climate change, or you’re a Republican senatorial candidate who has been targeted as a “denier” in a green attack dog campaign financed by Tom Steyer, you’re all victims of the same global scam: a scam perpetrated by a tiny handful of individuals whose junk statistical manipulation of the global climate records have transformed routine weather patterns into the world’s biggest and most influential ever science scare story.”

2,000 UK troops, RAF spy plane bound for Jordan to combat ISIS – from RT.com – “The decision follows criticism from the Commons Defence Select Committee that the UK was not committing sufficient troops or resources to the area… An initial group of 60 military planners will join a coalition HQ in Jordan, which will be used to co-ordinate support of Kurdish and Iraqi troops, followed by a further 2,000 who will mainly act in a training capacity, the source told the Express… The UK’s increased involvement follows Jordan’s decision to extend airstrikes from Syria to Iraq… The RAF Sentinel R1 spy plane will be used to identify potential targets for coalition airstrikes on IS positions. Royal Artillery drones and electronic jammers from the Royal Signals are expected to be in place by April.” – Part of their duties to include training…hmmm

Saudis Send Violent Prison Criminals to Fill Ranks of ISIS Sand Pirates in Syria – from 21stCenturyWire.com and Christof Lehmann, NSNBC.com – “The official, classified document shows that the authorities of Saudi Arabia have ordered the release of a group of the most dangerous criminals who have been sentenced to death in exchange for going to fight in Syria… Prior to their deployment to Syria, the convicts are to be trained in unconventional warfare, terrorism, or in what is euphemistically described as Jihad… The group of convicts includes 105 Yemeni, 21 Palestinian, 212 Saudi, 96 Sudanese, 254 Syrian, 82 Jordanian, 68 Somali, 32 Afghan, 194 Egyptian, 203 Pakistani, 23 Iraqi and 44 Kuwaiti citizens. It is unlikely that this group is the only such group that is going to be deployed by Saudi Arabia.”

McCain-al-BaghdadiPROPOSAL FOR WAR: Obama Sends Request to Congress for 3-year Military Campaign with ISIS – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com and Peter Baker, NYTimes.com – “A proposal sent by the White House to Capitol Hill on Wednesday would formally give the president the power to continue the airstrikes he has been conducting since last fall against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, as well as ‘associated persons or forces.’ The measure would set limits that were never imposed during the wars of the last decade in Afghanistan and Iraq by expiring in three years and withholding permission for ‘enduring offensive ground combat operations.’.. But in a letter to Congress accompanying the proposal, Mr. Obama, who has said there would be no boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, envisioned limited ground combat operations ‘such as rescue operations’ or the use of ‘Special Operations forces to take military action against ISIL leadership.’ He also said the legislation would allow the use of ground forces for intelligence gathering, target spotting and planning assistance to ground troops of allies like Iraq’s military.”

The “Catastrophic Shutdown Of America’s Supply Chain” Begins: Stunning Photos Of West Coast Port Congestion – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “In any case, as of last night, the choking of the US supply-chain has officially begin, when as the LA Times reported last night, “West Coast ports — including the nation’s busiest in Los Angeles and Long Beach — will partially shut down for four days as shipping companies plan to dramatically slash dock work amid an increasingly contentious labor dispute.”.. More: ‘Terminal operators and shipping lines said that they would stop the unloading of ships Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, because they don’t want to pay overtime to workers who, they allege, have deliberately slowed operations to the point of causing a massive bottleneck.’.. According to the LA Times, it is not clear if the partial shutdown foreshadows a total closure of the ports. Fears of a lockout of dockworkers, who have been without a contract since July, have risen in the last week and the two sides haven’t held talks since Friday. SF Gate was far more clear on what the dockworker action means: ‘West Coast ports to shut down 4 days amid labor dispute.': ‘Work delays and stoppages over the past three months have caused mounting problems for Bay Area importers and small-business owners, who say they are losing money as trucks line up daily outside the Port of Oakland waiting for container ships anchored in San Francisco Bay to unload.’ ”

The danger of vaccines & the vaccine-autism connection explained – Amazing info in 8 min:18 sec

Dragnet Closing in on US Citizens and Their Assets – from TheDailyBell.com – ” ‘H.R. 719, the TSA Office of Inspection Accountability Act, ensures that funding is used wisely by TSA. It would require that TSA Criminal Investigators spend at least 50 percent of their time investigating, apprehending, or detaining individuals suspected of committing a crime. Currently, TSA does not necessitate that its Criminal Investigators meet this requirement, despite being considered law enforcement officers and receiving premium pay.’.. We can see from the last graf of this release that Katko’s bill would shove the TSA in the direction of investigating ANYONE suspected of committing a crime. The TSA was set up to keep US skies safe from terrorism. Now it is morphing into a full-fledged criminal investigation agency.”

Ursula-n-Mark_PorterFamily say they’ve been shunned by their community for refusing to vaccinate one of their kids – after three siblings had ‘severe reactions’ – by Kelly Mclaughlin, Dailymail.com – “Her family started as a vaccinated family and it was something Porter and her husband were ‘very confident in’, according to KSL (TV, Salt Lake City)… But Porter said she saw dramatic changes in the health of her children and claims one child has suffered lifelong damages… Since telling people that one of her children is not vaccinated, other families have stopped inviting them to gatherings and play dates… Porter and her husband – along with other families in the community that have not vaccinated their children – have also seen an onslaught of online bullying… ‘I’ve had people tell me that I should be reported to Child Protective Services for not vaccinating my children and for not taking care of them,’ Porter told KSL.”

Truth? We don’t need no stinkin’ truth – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, PressTV.ir – With an interview of Russ Baker, WhoWhatWhy.com – “Another story going up probably today is how The New York Times, instead of investigating any of these things, they quickly have somebody roll out a story talking about conspiracy theorists and how anybody who has questions about things basically is sort of mentally ill, which is a very, very important contradiction.  If you ask any questions and you don’t accept the conventional narrative that everything is just fine, there is something really, really wrong with you.”

Dr_GerberdingDr. Julie Gerberding oversaw historic mumps vaccine fraud cover-up – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com – “Damning evidence, revealed in court documents from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, show that Merck was engaged in years of vaccine fraud. The pharmaceutical giant Merck lied to the FDA, used the CDC and committed vaccine crimes against the American public, falsifying their mumps vaccine efficacy rate using rabbit antibodies… In 2006, Dr. Julie Gerberding was the head of the CDC. During her time there, she oversaw a serious mumps vaccine cover-ups, documented in the antitrust lawsuit, Stephen A Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski vs. Merck & Co… In January 2010, former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding took a high career position as the president of Merck’s Vaccine Division. The conflict of interest was apparent. Gerberding sold Merck’s fraudulent mumps vaccine for years, and for her deceit, she joined Merck at the helm of their Vaccine Division in 2010. As the court documents reveal, this was no conspiracy theory, but was instead the result of a culture of corruption only to move vaccines for profit.”

Putin-el_SisiRussia, Egypt may move away from US dollar: Putin – from PressTV.ir – “Putin also said that the use of the Russian ruble and the Egyptian pound in settlement of the accounts would help create more favorable conditions for Russian people who regularly travel to Egypt… The Russian leader added that the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to more than $4.5 billion, a figure nearly 50 percent up from the previous year… According to Russian sources, Moscow has also been seeking a change to the use of national currencies in mutual bilateral trade with countries including China, India, Thailand and Turkey. Russia is also in talks with Iran to exclude the US dollar from bilateral transactions.”

Russia Warns U.S. Arming Ukraine Will Be Considered an Act of War – Russia will respond in Ukraine and elsewhere if Obama arms Kiev regime – by Kurt Nimmo, PrisonPlanet.com – “Alexei Pushkov, a leading Russian MP and an ally of President Vladimir Putin, told the European Parliament the delivery of arms to Ukraine is the first step in what will become larger participation in the conflict by the United States. He said sending armaments was one of the first steps in U.S. involvement in Vietnam… ‘First they sent weapons, then they sent military advisers, then troops to protect military advisers, then troops to fight the Vietnamese.’.. He warned the United States against following “an extremely dangerous path” and characterized U.S. Republican Senator John McCain as “trigger-happy.”.. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday the plan to arm the regime in Kiev is ‘aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.’.. Evgeny Buzhinsky, a military expert at the Moscow-based PIR Center and a former lieutenant general in the Russian Army, told The Moscow Times “Russia would reasonably consider the U.S. to be a direct participant in the conflict” if it sends arms and will act accordingly… Buzhinsky added that Russia would not only up the stakes in eastern Ukraine, but will ‘also respond asymmetrically against Washington or its allies on other fronts.’ ” (emph. added)

Sheriff_Scott_LondonSheriff thwarts IRS effort to seize land – Refuses to allow sale until due process exhausted – from WND.com – “The IRS fabricates evidence against citizens by pulling numbers out of a hat and adding fees,” wrote Sheriff Mack. “They wear people down emotionally and financially until they can’t take it anymore. No citizen should ever have to fight the IRS for decades in order to keep his land.’.. BenSwann.com reported the Taxation & Revenue Department ordered Carter to cease “engaging in business in New Mexico” until his arbitrary tax debt was paid… Carter appealed the injunction, arguing it is both unconstitutional and vague. He contended it deprived him of his right to make a living and barred him from ‘carrying on or causing to be carried on any activity with the purpose of direct or indirect benefit.’.. In a letter to IRS agent Darlene Jones Feb. 5, London reiterated that Carter had not exhausted or waived his due process… ‘Thus I am notifying you that under compulsion to my oath to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of New Mexico, I shall not allow the sales of these three properties on 19 February 2015,’ he wrote..”

Michael_Peevey Utility Commissioner’s Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy – by Josh del Sol, ActivistPost.com – “As utility and political leaders from around the country toasted Michael Peevey last night on a “job well done”, truth advocates will continue to sift through emails. We can only guess what will be revealed in the coming months. However, it appears that it won’t be a comfortable retirement for those who broke their own rules and brushed aside safety in order to push through the multi-billion dollar boondoggle that is the wireless “smart” grid.”

Pro-Israel appeal to US patriotism fails to halt “historic” California divestment vote – from ElectronicIntifada.net – “The board of the University of California Students Association (UCSA) passed two resolutions at its 8 February meeting in Los Angeles urging university governors to divest from companies including Boeing, Caterpillar and Hewlett-Packard that make weapons and systems Israel uses to commit violations of Palestinian rights… UCSA, which officially represents hundreds of thousands of students in the University of California (UC) system, passed both measures by a 9-1 majority with six abstentions… At a rally outside, student body president Avinoam Baral, whose scandal-plagued election campaign was financed by Islamophobic anti-Palestinian property tycoon and convicted tax evader Adam Milstein, declared that the divestment resolution was ‘anti-Semitic.’ ”

The Global Warming Hoax – the UN agenda of one world government – YouTube Video Link (18 min)

Crazy-in-UkraineIntense photos show how crazy things are getting in Ukraine – by Jeremy Bender, Business Insider.com – The copy in this article is written as pro-NATO propaganda. – “…large portions of cities throughout eastern Ukraine have been damaged, especially around the city of Donetsk… The destruction has led to a number of internally displaced people (IDP) seeking shelter wherever possible. In this photo, a young IDP adjusts to makeshift life in a train cabin close to the city of Slaviansk… As Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes, the separatists are making gains due in large part to significant Russian backing. The Ukrainian military has struck back with the use of artillery and GRAD rockets… Near the town of Debaltseve, Ukrainian troops are bracing for a major tactical battle… The fall of the city would place major strain on Ukraine’s already failing electrical grid… The city also serves as a bulwark against the separatist’s taking control of the town of Artemivsk, the site of a major Ukrainian arms depot.”

Kevin_DavisShot three times by police, then isolated in hospital. Why was Kevin Davis’s family barred from seeing him? – Kevin Davis died on 31 December but his case has only come to light after his family recruited attorney – by Jon Swaine, TheGuardian.com – “Kevin Davis was detained at Grady hospital in Atlanta after being shot three times by a DeKalb County police officer, who was responding to a 911 call made by Davis and his girlfriend when she was stabbed by another man at their apartment in the suburb of Decatur… His sister, Delisa, said she spent his final hours begging police to allow her to see him, but that they refused until he died. “They denied us access to him because they didn’t want him telling us what really happened that night,” she told the Guardian. In his last known remarks, Davis told a medic that an officer simply arrived at his home ‘and began shooting’.”

The Minsk Peace Deal: Farce Or Sellout? – by Paul Craig Roberts, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Looking at the deal itself, it is set up to fail. The only parties to the deal who had to sign it are the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk break-away republics. The other signers to the Minsk deal are an OSCE representative which is the European group that is supposed to monitor the withdrawal of heavy weapons by both sides, a former Ukrainian president Viktor Kuchma, and the Russian ambassador in Kiev. Neither the German chancellor nor the French, Ukrainian, and Russian presidents who brokered the deal had to sign it… One expectation is that Ukraine and the republics will negotiate terms for future local elections in the provinces that will bring them back under Ukraine’s legal control. The day after the local elections, but prior to the constitutional reform that provides the regions with autonomy, Kiev takes control of the borders with Ukraine and between the provinces. I read this as the total sell-out of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. Apparently, that is the way the leaders of the republics see it as well, as Putin had to twist their arms in order to get their signatures to the agreement… The Russian government might want to carefully consider whether Moscow is helping Washington to achieve another victory in Ukraine.”

From the “And-Now-For-Something-Completely-Different” Desk: Minsk-2: The Useless Agreement Which Everybody Wanted – by The Saker, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Short message to the “Putin sold out” folks: guys, I have been ignoring your mantric repetition of unsubstantiated slogans about Putin “selling out” and “backstabbing” and all the rest, but I will tell you that not a single one of you has ever been capable of making a coherent, fact based and logically supported analysis proving your point.  I think that mantras are great for yoga, but on this blog, they don’t make you look any smarter.  I let you post them here “because why not?” but please don’t mistake that with a sign of respect for the nonsense you have spewing.  The main reason why I don’t debunk your nonsense is that time will do a much better job then I could, and that it will hurt you more when you are proven wrong not by my reasoning, but by undisputed facts on the ground (just like those who screamed that Putin betrayed Assad and Syria by making them, quote, “give up their only deterrence against Israeli nuclear weapons”).” – This is simply the best article on this matter out there.

Phillip_KarberHere’s The Ukrainian Delegation That Gave Misleading Photos To Senator’s Office – An obscure group duped Senator Inhofe’s office. The delegation’s U.S. leader says it was a “misunderstanding.” – by Rosie Gray, Buzzfeed.com – ““In terms of yesterday, from my perspective there was no intention to mislead anyone, and particularly a US Senator or his staff,” Karber said. “In the haste of running for the airport and trying to respond to a last minute request with short time fuse, I made the mistake of believing we were talking about the same photos — i.e. burned casualties (which were 6 of the nine used) and it never occurred to me that the 3 photos of Russian armor were part of that package or being considered. Had I seen them, I know I would have raised immediate objection to the use of at least one and insisted that none of the armor photos be used until Bereza himself confirmed each and every one by looking at the photos personally. That is hindsight, but it does not excuse what happened or rectify the embarrassment it has caused.” – Oops, so sorry, but not my bad…

Nanny State: Cops Stop Teens from Shoveling Snow Without Their Government Permit – by Melissa Melton, TruthStreamMedia.com – “To get a permit for door-to-door solicitation in Bound Brook, Molinari and Schnepf would have had to pay the borough $450 (and the government-issued permission slip is only good for 180 days at a time, which is fine if you’re trying to run a snow-shoveling business, but not so great if you’re trying to offer services year-round)… Gee, how many driveways would these teens have to shovel in the one day they had off school just to break even at that point?.. The middle class is dying in this country. Officials are putting the squeeze on everyone to hasten that death. And the cops in this case, as usual in police state America, say they don’t make the rules, they just enforce them. What does that tell you?.. How sick are Americans going to get of hearing that tripe in the weeks and years to come?.. It’s official. We live in a country where a high schooler can’t even earn $20 shoveling snow out of a neighbor’s driveway without Uncle Sam taking a cut. What a greedy lowlife scumbag that guy is.(emph. added)

Darpa-nonymousFeds Unveil New Surveillance Tool Developed by DARPA that Could Kill the ‘Dark Web’ – by Cassius Methyl, ActivistPost.com – “Recently in a CBS news report, representatives of DARPA were interviewed about a search engine they are developing called ‘Memex’, designed to scan the darkest recesses of the deep web, and probably do a lot more than they say it’s capable of… Without acknowledging any regard for the dangers of this power, the CBS article said: ‘Memex goes far beyond the realm of traditional search engines and gives law enforcement a powerful new tool to search the “dark web,” where criminals buy, sell, and advertise in the illegal weapons trade and sex trafficking.’.. They claim the primary use of this search engine will be to catch human traffickers. However, if you are reading this, surely you know that DARPA exists to further the horizons of power consolidated in the US Government and Military-Industrial-Complex, not to keep us safe.” (emph. added)

A Paralyzing Mystery—Literally—In the USA – by Catherine J. Frompovich, ActivistPost.com – “Vaccines are proving to be more problematic than science is ready to handle, it seems. Also, the unfortunate scientific/pharmaceutical spin mantra is that “they cannot harm” and anything that happens to an individual after receiving vaccines, especially multiple doses at one time, is ‘coincidental’. Nothing is further from the sorry facts, as thousands upon thousands, if not millions of children globally, are proving with horrible vaccine adverse events and side effects… There is nothing more validly important currently in public health in the USA, and globally—especially with the World Health Organization, than to stop mandatory vaccinations, since there are too many paralyzing ‘coincidences’ happening globally.”

US-Israel-Allegiance_ForeverUS helped Israel with H-bomb – 1980s report declassified – from RT.com – “The 386-page report, ‘Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations,’ likens top Israeli nuclear facilities to the Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories that were key in the development of US nuclear weaponry… Israelis are ‘developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level,’ said the report, the release of which comes before Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech in front of the US Congress in which he will oppose any deal that allows Iran’s legal nuclear program to persist… “I am struck by the degree of cooperation on specialized war making devices between Israel and the US,” Roger Mattson, a formerly of the Atomic Energy Commission’s technical staff, said of the report, according to Courthouse News… ‘The Symington Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 prohibits most U.S. foreign aid to any country found trafficking in nuclear enrichment equipment or technology outside international safeguards,’ Smith wrote… ‘The Glenn Amendment of 1977 calls for an end to U.S. foreign aid to countries that import nuclear reprocessing technology.’ ” (emph. added)

From the Be-Afraid-Be-Very-Afraid Desk: Measles outbreak: infected LinkedIn commuter puts Silicon Valley on alert – Advisory issued after tens of thousands of commuters may have been exposed to disease by Bay Area’s first confirmed case since outbreak began in December – “Health officials declared measles eradicated in the United States in 2000, due in large part to the widespread use of the vaccine. Though the vaccines are said to be 99% effective, a recent anti-vaccination movement in the US – linking autism to the vaccines, even though that link was debunked – has seen an increase in the number of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.” (emph. added)

Poroshenko-n-Yats-GlumPoroshenko will impose martial law if cease-fire fails – by Katya Gorchinskaya, KyivPost.com – ” ‘Even before Minsk… I warned that we will have to, if there is no peace, take a very difficult but necessary decision to introduce martial law,’ Poroshenko said today. ‘I stress once again that in this case the martial law will be introduced not just in Donetsk and Luhansk, but in the whole country.’.. Introduction of martial law means that Ukraine’s army gets to control the streets and impose curfews, ban parties and other organizations, as well as mass gatherings, conduct searches and introduce censorship. It’s also allowed to claim property of businesses and private individual if needed… Ukraine’s army said there has been no sign that the cease-fire is going to start in the east. Moreover, fights intensified in some areas, most notably close to Debaltseve…”

US and Ukrainian officials seek to torpedo Minsk cease-fire agreement – by Niles Williamson, WSWS.org – “McCain declared: ‘The agreement reached in Minsk freezes the conflict at a time of separatist advantage, solidifies the gains of Russian aggression and leaves Ukraine’s borders with Russia firmly under Moscow’s control pending a comprehensive political settlement whose content is unknown and feasibility is unclear.” He added that the cease-fire should not be “an excuse to delay sending defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine.’.. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, during a visit to a military training center outside Kiev on Friday, came close to repudiating the agreement he had signed the previous day. ‘I want nobody to have any illusions,’ he told reporters. ‘We are still far away from peace, and nobody is fully convinced that the conditions for peace signed in Minsk will be firmly implemented.’ ”

Ukraine Agrees To Monsanto Land Grab For $17 Billion IMF Loan – by Christina Sarich, PopularResistance.org – “The nation WAS Europe’s breadbasket – and now in an act of bio-warfare, it will become the wasteland that many US farmlands have become due to copious amounts of herbicide spraying, the depletion of soil, and the overall disruption of a perfect ecosystem… The aim of US government entities is to support the takeover of Ukraine for biotech interests (among other strategies involving the prop-up of a failing cabalistic banking system that Russia has also refused with its new alignment with BRICS and its own payment system called SWIFT). This is similar to biotech’s desired takeover of Hawaiian islands and land in Africa.”

Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA – Will Russia blow 9/11 wide open? by Kevin Barrett, VeteransToday.com – “The original story reporting Putin’s threat was published by Pravda on February 7th. According to Duff, that story has been confirmed by a reliable source who has actually seen some of the photos during a visit to Moscow. VT sources insist that this is NOT merely a shot across the bow of the US government. Putin, these sources say, is genuinely planning to release the 9/11 material… These historic photos are expected to show: * That none of the passenger airliners allegedly used as weapons on 9/11 actually crashed where we were told they did; and: * That the World Trade Center demolitions were conducted using extremely high-energy weapons.” – With 1 hour video of Kevin Barrett’s weekly news show.

Former DCFS worker harasses mother after government kidnapped and sexually abused her son – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com – “As the medical abuse and control comes to light, a former DCFS worker has went on the attack, harassing Michelle online. The attacks showed up on the Illinois Governor’s Facebook page. A former DCFS investigator named Matthew T. Grey launched an attack on Michelle and Team Isaiah, which is the growing support group that is helping Michelle regain custody of her son… The unprofessional, thuggish attacks were taken down soon thereafter, but the screenshots still remain. The hateful DCFS worker wrote things like, ‘You and your cause have been an ongoing laugh. Get a life. You are a waste of space.” “Bring on any legal issues….hahahaha…stupid people amuse me.’ ”

Nursing homes legally kidnapping elderly patients to collect on medical bills – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “According to a lawyer representing MMW, who claims he’s brought 5,000 guardianship cases himself before the courts during his 21 years of practice, taking advantage of the guardianship clause in this manner is completely legitimate. But Judge Alexander W. Hunter Jr., a longtime State Supreme Court justice in the Bronx and Manhattan, says it’s completely abhorrent… Nursing homes aren’t the only entities taking advantage of the guardianship clause, known specifically as Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law. According to preliminary data collected by the Brookdale Center on Healthy Aging at Hunter College, most guardianship cases are filed by Adult Protective Services, with friends and family of the patients and hospitals coming in second and third… “It has become a system that’s very focused on finances,’ stated Jean Callahan, director of the school, to the NYT.”

GMOs invade fruit industry: Apples, pears, cherries and peaches to all become unlabeled GMO – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “The USDA has neglected to look at the full range of risks from these apples. In its environmental assessment, the USDA glossed over the possibility of unintentional effects associated with the technology used to engineer these apples, potential economic impacts on the U.S. and international apple market, effects of potential contamination for non-GMO and organic apple growers and the impact of the non-browning gene silencing which also can weaken plant defenses and plant health… In addition to genetically modified apples, the Okanagan Specialty Fruits company also promises to roll out genetically modified peaches, cherries and pears.”

A Reply to a Question on “Chemtrail Debunking”

This is a response to a volunteer for the Coalition to End Toxic Aerosols (CETA) campaign. She was having a discussion by email with a friend, and her friend started sending her articles that, in her friend’s opinion, showed that Geoengineering is the product of the imaginations of that flaky and excitable species known as “Conspiracy Theorists.” One of the links she sent me to look at is: http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/what-are-chemtrails.htm – My reply is below:

The article on How Stuff Works (such a cozy name for a website – simply some homey common sense…) is a professionally created propaganda piece. These types of articles are deliberately created to give people who don’t want to see what’s happening over their heads and consider its implications, because understanding the information would be devastating to their worldviews, an excuse to defer to the debunkers as experts. People then will present this propaganda to their friends that are just trying to tell them about real programs that are affecting the lives of them and their loved ones, to continue to fend off the bad news – news that calls into question the nature and trustworthiness of the government and the health systems, among other things. These types of articles generally never actually look at the data that people exposing the geoengineering agenda present. They give people pat answers that seem to make sense on the surface, but that don’t hold up on examination. I will list some of the data points that contradict this kind of thinking below:

1) The article is careful to stress that the people who say that something is being sprayed in the sky are Conspiracy Theorists. This should be a big clue to anyone reading this. The term was created by the CIA in the wake of the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination to scare people away from looking at the severe inconsistencies and implausibilities of that cover up.

2) Contrails have always been made of ice particles, appearing at high altitudes where the air is very cold. There is a formula for calculating how long they will linger based on altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. The laws of physics have not changed suddenly at the end of the 1990’s. Contrails do not linger for hours from horizon to horizon and spread out to create dead-looking scummy clouds that often have strange rainbow hues in them where they refract the sun.

3) The materials from the geoengineering spray have been observed to precipitate to the ground and can be observed as major flurries of powders, tiny fibers, or even web-like strands that can cover large areas of ground. These materials have been gathered and tested and they contain the usual suspects: Aluminum oxide and salts, Barium and Strontium salts and other heavy metals, as well as other man-made substances.

4) People have gotten very sick and died after heavy spraying in some places. In Britain in the early 2000’s there was a wave of spraying that jammed the emergency rooms, and so many people died that they needed to bring in refrigerated trucks to use as temporary morgues.

5) Modern High-Bypass Fan Jet Engines are almost incapable of leaving contrails except under the most extreme conditions – The turbo fans that are the main drivers of the engines force massive volumes of non-combusted air around the center combustion chamber, which dry out the exhaust and cool it down, inhibiting the formation of ice particles.

6) Engines have always left other particulates and chemicals in their exhausts. Why did they start appearing differently around 1996 or so? Some analysts have said that more modern engines actually burn cleaner. Again, the laws of physics did not change.

7) People in many locations have tracked the air traffic of the planes leaving geoengineering plumes. Most of them do not appear in logs of commercial traffic. Many of them are flying in prohibited military airspace. The planes also leave their aerosols in obvious weather formations where parallel or grid patterns will appear in concentrated areas that have demonstrated potential to affect weather systems. I have personally seen massive sets of parallel plumes sprayed over Death Valley, the high Sierras, and Baja California, where clear skies in the mornings were completely whited out by the afternoons in areas where there was no logical reason for commercial air traffic.

8) The ingredients of the aerosol plumes have been found in air, on surfaces, in running and standing water, in snow and in the soil. In the soil, aluminum and barium have been found around structures, but not in the soil beneath them. It raises the ph level in soil. In Shasta County, Francis Mangels has found that the soil has generally gone from around 5.8 ph to 6.7 – he’s found much high alkalinity in some places. This raised alkalinity is inhibiting the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and shrubs and trees are dying even where water is plentiful around creeks, etc. The materials have been found in newly created ponds at very high levels. In streams around Shasta the aquatic insect life has been reduced 90 percent or more and fish are starving. Mangels also found aluminum at 61,000 parts per billion in snow on Mt. Shasta. This is not a form of aluminum that occurs in nature, it’s been refined and processed.

9) There are many patents for doing geoengineering that call for precisely the materials that are being found in the wake of the spraying. The patents call for nano-particulates (in some patents smaller than 10 microns) which will float in the sky as long as possible. Nano-particulates have special chemical properties. They are immediately absorbed by the capillaries in the lungs and enter the bloodstream, where they cross the blood-brain barrier without interference. These materials are found in peoples’ blood and hair samples. Nano-particulates are also explosively flammable, which gives an explanation for the much hotter and more dangerous wildfires that have been observed and commented on by fire-fighters in many places.

10) Kristen Meghan, who was an Air Force Base Bio-Environmental Engineer, is a whistle blower who has come forward at great risk to her own safety. She saw the inventory manifests of the geoengineering materials that were coming onto her base, as well as the biological tests on the Air Men and Women on the base that showed the presence of these materials in their bodies.

11) There are dozens of photographs of different kinds of spraying equipment installed inside what appear to be passenger-type jets. Some show patent numbers on the tanks which correspond to patents on environmental aerosol processes.

12) One of the features of the “Polar Vortex” in the Eastern U.S. and other freak storms is the fall of what’s sometimes called “wet snow” that doesn’t melt in a normal way, when the temperatures are above freezing, even up into the low 50’s. People have noticed that this snow often has a chemical smell.

People don’t seem to remember what natural weather looks like anymore. Many younger people have never seen it during their lifetimes. Many don’t want to look at the sky now. How to help people realize what’s going on directly over their heads is a great challenge for us. For instance, I don’t recommend forwarding this email to your friend. You possibly need to spend time with your friends and find out what their core concerns are before trying to present them with specific information. It’s likely that they have fears about issues that stand in the way of being able to listen to ideas that trigger them. Listening is something that needs to go both ways. If you can master deep listening you will likely find the dynamics of your conversations shifting.

It’s important to understand that programs with these kinds of massive impacts will pervade all social institutions. The people who are doing this know that their actions are wrong. It only makes sense to speculate that they’ll use all of the resources at their disposal to keep people from knowing what’s happening or from interfering with their strategies.

And here is a link to a talk by Geoengineering whistle blower Kristen Meghan, in which she comments on the “debunking” sites Metabunk and Contrail Science. Those sites are part of a network of sites all put up by one man who many believe is a government disinfo operative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHm0XhtDyZA&spfreload=10

Learning to share controversial information is an art.

There is No “Government”

This is a comment that I put up on Foster Gamble’s recent blog post: PEOPLE STANDING FOR JUSTICE

If we look at it carefully, there is actually no such “thing” as government. What we call government is an organized structure composed of people using the concept of government as an organizational principle under their direction. Under this principle, the preservation and actualization of the imaginary structure of government itself is the preeminent imperative. The constantly propagandized need for this structure is the multifaceted and mind-numbing justification for the use of whatever means are necessary to protect and preserve, not the people who are supposedly subjects of the government, but the government structure itself. Whatever means necessary include the use of lethal force. History shows that the levels of lethal force used are limited only by the technological tools at the disposal of government actors and their ability to control the reactions and consciences of the governed. The latter is sometimes called manufacturing consent.

While the population can work, often at the cost of extreme suffering and sacrifice, to limit the irrationality and violence of the structures to which they’re subject, we see that over time people taking the role of government officials always tend to enlarge the scope of their powers, as well as the power of the technology and systems they control. The nature of the government concept inevitably attracts people without ethics against the misuse of power into pursuing power in its structure. In fact, the only way to succeed in rising to power is to abandon ethical considerations and, again, to use the means necessary to prevail over other state officials. As John Trudell said, “Their violence works. It hardly ever fails.”

A simple analytic for the validity and legitimacy of human behavior is to see if it involves violence or aggression toward other people or toward living systems. If it does, then we must be called by clear realization to not support it, whatever the rationale or justifications. As people seem to be realizing very rapidly now, it is impossible for us, however lofty our notions or rhetoric, to reach an ethical result through unethical or aggressive behaviors. This is not a matter of compiling a complicated set of rules, but by a clear seeing of what’s going on under our noses. Adopting such a simple ethic is certainly not the easiest course for our egos to take. It can be very rigorous and demanding. On the other hand, if we really want to transcend the cycles of violence and increasing suffering and destruction in which we’re now embedded, this ethical consistency and determination will be more easy than any other alternative

My Comment on Chuck Norris’ article arguing against “allowing” Americans to use cannabis


Posted at: http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/chuck-norris-smokes-marijuana-debate/

Cannabis has more than 60 phytocannabinoids, molecules that dock with receptors in every organ system in the human body and tend to contribute to our health in many ways. No other plant on Earth has been found to contain more than one of these substances. Cannabis has been used as a medicine and psychotropic REMEDY and sacrament by cultures all over Asia, Europe and Africa for thousands of years. The Constitution clearly says that the U.S. Government only has the limited powers specifically granted to it in the document, which do not include controlling what people use for their health, physical or psychological.

People who use cannabis tend to see things outside of the boxes that Americans tend to be forced into mentally by our, arguably pathological and dominating, culture. Many of the positive aspects of the 60’s youth culture were no doubt due to this effect. When cannabis was (Unconstitutionally) “outlawed,” under the influence of industries that competed with non-psychoactive industrial hemp, 30% of the medicines sold in pharmacies in the U.S. contained cannabis. What is the true explanation of why it was suppressed? What possible legitimate justification or jurisdiction is there for people who disagree with its use, to dominate users through lethal force, imprisonment, property theft or other social sanctions?


Michael Hastings demise was no accident – his car was BOMBED


Please, this was not “a suspicious car accident.”

The photo above clearly shows that Michael Hastings car was bombed. The entire front of the driver’s side of the car has been blown away.

The video linked HERE, from LoudLabs News, shows clearly that Hastings’ car hood was not crumpled from striking the palm tree, but blown away from the drivers side of the car and did not even hit the tree. MORE THAN THAT it also shows that the driver’s side front quarter of the car WAS GONE, and not even touching the tree (no serious impact damage to the palm).

The video and the photo above show that the front of the car up to the drivers side door wasn’t there. Moreover, his engine and transmission were blown 60 yards down the road, not in the direction of his car supposedly striking the tree. They landed on the far curb of the 4-lane road with no skid marks. His front right wheel was also down the road in the direction the car was traveling when “something happened.” See diagram of crash scene HERE

The tranny of the car extended well back into the passenger compartment, implying that the powerful explosive was likely placed below the passenger compartment, in order to provide the momentum to blow the drive train 60 yards forward and to clear the firewall upward doing it.

It’s time to stop pussy-footing around about this event. Hastings was assassinated.

The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)


The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)

Agenda 21 is an action plan or blueprint for a future desired by its creators. This desired future is shrouded in feel good environmentally protective development and innovation, otherwise referred to as green, green movement, and/or environmentalism. Sadly, Agenda 21 is an utter ruse for representing, to many activists and activist groups, a darkly dystopian future as being utopian. There is a larger picture to Agenda 21 that many people either refuse to acknowledge or are determined to deny.

Agenda 21 is one of several pincers in a concerted program. Most people don’t realize precisely what Agenda 21 does, and many don’t acknowledge that it will be a nightmare for the vast majority of humanity. Unless you’re a Bureaucrat, Technocrat, Bismarkianist or member of the elites, as well as a psychopath/sociopath, Agenda 21 is nowhere near a utopia. Its principle underlying tenet is rigid control, with the destruction of rights, liberties and freedoms and their transformation into mere privileges at the discretion of those in control.

Unfortunately, Agenda 21 is much more sophisticated, as it is coupled with multiple prongs that implement its active development. The first is Bismarkianism; this is a three-stage process using a bait and switch to manipulate people into tolerating and accepting expansion of centralized control through globalized governance.

The first stage is socialism, as this creates incentives for the populace to support implementation of public-private partnerships, rewarding fiefdoms, and granting benefits that pacify the populace. Once this stage is in place, public relations or propaganda is used to shift into national socialism that entails making many of these public-private partnerships into permanent parts of the state apparatus.

It isn’t much of a stretch to speculate that after the next economic crisis strikes the United States, public-private partnerships will start becoming fully merged. It looks like the first solid official merger will be of government with banking, through the Federal Reserve. With this centralized public-private government-banking partnership, established in 1913, and with the addition of the corrupt and unprosecuted fraud of designating banks as Too Big To Fail, the result will be a private banking authority with official state power. Public-Private mergers can then repeat this Progressive meme to enable the acceptance of the official establishment of totalitarianism, the creation of an invisible oligarchy with absolute authority.

Some readers may be skeptical about this. However, this will facilitate the approaching “democracy” movement. Masses will be manipulated into denying the rights of various minorities. Congress will become little more than a rubber-stamp under the President’s authority, no longer a separate Constitutional body with checks and balances separating it from the “Unitary Executive.” Centralization will be able to further entrench itself through welfare and warfare aka bribes and “security.” This is perhaps the main mechanism driving Agenda 21, as it combines welfare, interstate commerce, re-interpretation of the supremacy clause, and national security.

The next prong is the Malthusian and Eugenicist merger and re-imaging of Eugenics through Neo-Malthusianism and women’s health/reproductive health. The Neo-Malthusianism prong is perhaps the most hidden of the prongs, though with more visible components such as women’s health/reproductive rights and transhumanism. These prongs would not be complete without the supranational/universalist movements. This is where Agenda 21 operates as a supranational action plan to be coordinated through local implementation, completely altering the Constitutional relationships of local, state and national governments to become regional government “stewards” or soviets of the supranational body. In this particular case, the supranational body and its subsidiaries will be evolved from the United Nations.

These make up a non-exhaustive list of the prongs of Agenda 21 and what they are designed to do. This is to consolidate and expand power behind a centralized authority under the control of the global elites.

Agenda 21 is not compatible with inherent individual rights and freedoms. It is a Collectivist movement. One of humanity’s oldest struggles is between individualism and Collectivism under elite control.

The difference between a collective and a community is that: In a community a group of individuals live in proximity to one another and people work together through cooperation for mutual benefit, protection, and livelihood. Collectives operate under mandates for each individual to accept “rights and responsibilities” dictated by the governing body, which creates separate categories of individuals with different statuses in order to promote its control. This is divide and rule, like a hive or ant colony, not a community. Every individual’s benefit to the Collective is really his or her benefit to the governing regime; the individual is of little to no inherent value in such a system.

In the movie Swordfish, the John Travolta character asks “If you could cure cancer but had to kill one child, could you kill that child?” The Collectivist answer is not only a resounding ‘YES!’ it also dictates that the child should gladly be willing to die, even in great pain “for the greater good.” Why is this relevant? Agenda 21 strips individuals of their unalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms and instead grants them privileges and responsibilities at the governing regime’s discretion. This is slavery. The whole march of the United States toward the despotism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism of a Police State, and the erosion of the Constitution, which supposedly exists to protect natural rights, is driven by Agenda 21, with its Neo-Malthusianism and planned full merging of public-private partnerships under state authority. In fact, Agenda 21 names every human being in the world, as well as everything in Nature, as only a piece of capital and a resource to be inventoried and allocated. This is an enslavement designed to force people to love, yearn for, and even insist on the servitude of all, the ultimate triumph of Collectivism.

Agenda 21 is an action plan that is being implemented at the local level but is derived from the supranational institution of the United Nations; it is a plan or blueprint designed to turn us all into collective capital and resources. We are to be enslaved with privileges that can be revoked in an instant at the whim of any bureaucrat placed over us by the elite consensus, and with the forced responsibility to do their bidding. Agenda 21 is shrouded in feel good activism from the environmental/green movement; its implementation can only be halted through informing ourselves about what Agenda 21 is and refusing to comply with its implementation.

Agenda 21 operates under the rubric of sustainable development that plans for environmental accounting of human, land and resources in the interests of the Collective. It mandates that every human project needs to be given permission by the soviet control apparatus. Every one of us is to be only a resource under the control and allocation of sustainable development. Bill Gates once announced that the only way to bring down CO2 emissions will be to bring population, consumption and production down to near zero. Sustainable Development effectively means suppressing class mobility, consumption, freedom and, ultimately, population. These policies will result in widespread starvation, war, poisoning and despair. This means that Agenda 21 is an action plan hiding its true intentions behind a smokescreen of feel good activism to enable its full tyrannical implementation in the name of environmental welfare.

 Adapted with liberties from: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/the-multiple-prongs-of-agenda-21.html

What is Voluntaryism?


What is Voluntaryism?

“The thought of how much the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination.”  Doug Casey, 1979

Voluntaryism is a name for a new model of human organization that can revolutionize world society to release people’s untapped and suppressed potentials.

Introduction from Voluntaryist.com: “Voluntaryism is the doctrine that relations among people should be by mutual consent, or not at all. It represents a means, an end, and an insight. Voluntaryism does not argue for the specific form that voluntary arrangements will take; only that force be abandoned so that individuals in society may flourish. As it is the means which determine the end, the goal of an all voluntary society must be sought voluntarily. People cannot be coerced into freedom. Hence, the use of the free market, education, persuasion, and non-violent resistance as the primary ways to change people’s ideas about the State. The Voluntaryist insight, that all tyranny and government are grounded upon popular acceptance, explains why voluntary means are sufficient to attain that end.”

The converse of Voluntaryism is often called Statism, or the idea there can exist a collective authority that supersedes the authority of individuals.

This Statist ideology pervades our culture and our world. This situation is often accepted by us as simply being “the way it is.” If we look at this carefully and clearly however, we’ll see that “the State” can only ever be a conceptual fiction under which individual humans act using this imagined collective authority. This has developed and has been perpetuated over thousands of years by rulers and their minions, who were under the erroneous and delusional impression that it created advantages for them that made their lives easier and more prestigious.

  • It seems reasonable to speculate that over these many generations of living under governments, there have been intelligent yet psychopathic members of the power elite who have recognized the utility of more social control – of enhancing the hypnotic power of the imaginary institutions they command through psychological manipulation of the populations, the bureaucratic minions and enforcers, and even of those believing themselves the nobility or legitimate leaders.

Because most of us have accepted that this collective power is The Way It Is, we are conditioned to shy away from the consideration that it is never legitimate for us to give this imaginary State invasive privileges that we can’t exercise as individuals.

If people are to be responsible for providing their own abundance, then it is arguably in our own best interest that those around us are as strong and capable as possible, so society can flourish as a whole. Harming others’ abilities to perceive life with clarity and think critically about what they see would therefor only be hurting ourselves. Another corollary to this is the idea that when we attack others, we also feel attacked ourselves at a subconscious level. What goes around, comes around. We then live in a world of fear. This fear is increased if we face irrational, authoritarian, defensive and psychopathic behaviors by “Leaders,” “Representatives,” or officers invested with a belief in their power over us.

  What we now experience as the “educational system” is a highly sophisticated product of many generations of psychological enhancement that operates directly counter to what common sense will tell us will build a strong society.

To truly come into my own power, I must first accept others coming into theirs without any conditions or personal preferences.

  In our current model, we are hypnotically addicted to the idea that we must attain preeminence over others.

  • If I want to promote this unspoken necessity for power, a set of hidden strategies tends to be constantly generated and updated in my mindspace.
  • I tend to see people not as the unknowable mysteries they are, but only as resources for getting advantages prioritized in my hidden strategies. If I don’t see them as having value for gaining preeminence, they have no interest or value for me.
  • Crucially, to advance in rank in society, one needs to serve the interests of people above oneself in the pecking order. This begs the question of just what is being served when one rises to the top of an institution.

In order to open the flow of energies (goods and services) from others – and from Source – I need to open my inner source, for energies to flow outward, producing value that is under demand by my fellow beings.

  Because of the repressive strategies used by people operating “under color” of authority – Typically as “governments” or government-privileged institutions, i.e. corporations – we are now impeded from offering many kinds of essential goods or services that can potentially solve critical issues we now face.

  • Governments generally claim monopoly power to represent the interests of people, often called “citizens,” within the conceptual area – i.e. “State” – over which they claim to have “jurisdiction” – or control. Marc Stevens teaches that “the State” claims legitimacy as a “body politic” which has jurisdiction over citizens: “persons” who make a pledge of allegiance in return for the State’s duty of protection. However, within the U.S. no court has ever ruled that government has incurred any liability for failure to protect its citizens.

One area in which people such as Marc Stevens are producing value for others is in teaching them to protect themselves from invasion and usurpation of their time and energies by people trying to use others to gain illegitimate advantages for themselves. Ultimately, these kinds of services can develop into voluntarily accessed alternatives for many of the functions of “governments.”

  This is highly inconvenient to the purveyors of the worldwide system of control by violence. The system is now coming under the unprecedented threat of the awakening of populations the elite ruling consensus depend on to provide the skills and energy to maintain their hegemony.

  It seems that now, in the early 21st Century, the control agenda has become so developed and pervasive that it is threatened by the arising of any human capabilities not under direct control of the elites. In particular, new ideas in the areas of energy, health, agriculture, social organization and human development directly menace the interlocking institutions of repression.

  • As new technologies emerge to empower the “peasant classes” to transcend their dependence on entrenched systems, Statist cabals will be driven to choose between escalating their use of violence, or acquiescing to change.

The idea of political power is that any means necessary must be employed to enroll the levels of agreement and compliance in the population to attain desired political goals. This amounts to coerced control; war by other means. Once a political process has secured the impression of agreement, or “manufactured consensus,” then State violence is employed in enforcing “democratic” policy. In this sense, political methods violate the basic principles of Voluntaryism.

  As to how we can “get there from here,” the specific pathways are not yet clear. However, if we commit ourselves and adhere to the principles of Voluntaryism, this clarity is certain to emerge. If we steadfastly refrain from violation of others’ lives, are faithful to voluntary agreements we make, and are always open to feedback, criticism, and correction of mistakes, methods of development and social organization we’re not yet aware of will be found. If we lose our resolution and cut corners, we will return to the descending course of our increasingly dangerous fall into corruption.

The transition to an all-voluntary society is the paradigm shift that most of humankind now intuits is coming. The idea is radical: going to the root of the delusions and illusory goals that have plagued us throughout history. Yet at the same time, it is very simple. As we go on, we will feel and intuit more easily those times when thoughts arise of acting in violation of the Sacred Space of others. Avoiding those mistakes, we will gradually feel more free, and more unencumbered with troubled consciences and fears. As these skills begin to become realized, we’ll be on the verge of entering a new world.

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