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Saudi’s Have Israel Nuke Yemen for Them (with Video) – Neutron bomb dropped by IAF plane with Saudi markings… – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com – “A. Its not a conventional 2k lb bomb. It’s much bigger… B. Its either a very large MOAB bigger than 4,000 lbs. or; ???? Max weight for an F-15 / 16 is about 2,000 lb payload per bomb rack making the deployment of a MOAB impossible… C. Its appears to be a small neutron bomb. The size, color, lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away. The CCD cameras imaging device was “scintillating” (detecting Neutrons) That is the white pixel flashes in the video. When the photo has white pixel flashes in it, that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes… If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They had big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts… D. Delivery is most likely by an IDF F-16 with a Saudi paint job on the plane. They are not even hiding their use anymore,they just don’t publicity admit it and the IAEA does nothing or says nothing. That is the true war crime. The UN just ignores it unless the US, France or GB complains…….. Russia and China say nothing… E. This is now the second known use of nukes in Yemen by Saudi…”

“There Are Just Certain Kids We Should Have 24/7″: Obama’s Education Secretary Wants Government Boarding Schools – by Melissa Dykes, TheDailySheeple.com – “Claiming that there are “just certain kids we should have 24/7,” the controversial figure also proposed, citing inaccurate information, turning government schools across America into “community centers” that would offer students even more “after-school programming.” Despite escalating criticism of Duncan and his scheming — one analyst called it “scary” — the proposed plots were hardly surprising considering other elements of what senior officials often refer to as the “cradle-to-career” education agenda.”.. If you thought the loss of parent’s rights over what level of government brainwashing their child is subjected to within the regular public school system was bad enough in this country, check out the new idea radical Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan was throwing around last week while speaking at the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention: public boarding schools… He was quoted as saying, ‘That’s a little bit of a different idea — a controversial idea — but the question is do we have some children where there’s not a mom, there’s not a dad, there’s not a grandma, there’s just nobody at home?’… And why exactly is no one home? Because the middle class is being systematically murdered and everyone who isn’t on government welfare or part of the .0001% has to work multiple jobs just to keep a roof over their heads and the lights on these days?”

No_CursiveTeachers using pens and paper in the classroom “not fair” to students, Microsoft official says – Microsoft Summit 2015 coming to Vancouver – by Stephen Hui, Straight.com – ” ‘Pens and paper have no place in the modern classroom. And chalkboards? They should be banished from our schools too’… That’s what Lia De Cicco Remu, director of Partners in Learning at Microsoft Canada, told the Georgia Straight ahead of the Microsoft Summit 2015 in Vancouver, which is set to be attended by around 200 teachers… ‘When was the last time you used a piece of chalk to express yourself?’ De Cicco Remu, a former teacher, asked by phone from Toronto. ‘Kids don’t express themselves with chalk or in cursive. Kids text.’ ”

Cops Who Flash Banged Infant’s Crib Are Blaming the Baby – by Joshua Krause, TheDailySheeple.com – “The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant. At the very least, the infant was fully liable for the nearly fatal injuries inflicted on him when Habersham County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Long blindly heaved a flash-bang grenade – a “destructive device,” as described by the ATF, that when detonated burns at 2,000-3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – into the crib… Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack… In any case, Bou-Bou, along with his parents and his siblings, are fully and exclusively to blame for the injuries that nearly killed the child and left the family with more than one million dollars in medical bills.”

Sea_Ice_Extent-5-21-15Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat – by James Taylor, Forbes.com – “Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede.. The timing of the 1979 NASA satellite instrument launch could not have been better for global warming alarmists. The late 1970s marked the end of a 30-year cooling trend. As a result, the polar ice caps were quite likely more extensive than they had been since at least the 1920s. Nevertheless, this abnormally extensive 1979 polar ice extent would appear to be the “normal” baseline when comparing post-1979 polar ice extent.”

With Video: FBI Now Going Door-To-Door Interrogating Americans About Jade Helm Military Exercises: “We Follow Up With Anything Like That” – by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan.com – “Are you being watched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of your concerns about an overbearing government?.. The answer should be obvious given the nature of America’s budding surveillance state and a new video shows just how far law enforcement officials are willing to go to protect the Homeland from anyone who engages in the dissemination of ideas that are counter to the official narrative… As you’ll see in the footage below, if you show concern or are outspoken about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercises, then you may be getting a personal home visit from the FBI.”

Five pieces of evidence suggesting that California drought may be a HAARP-manufactured event – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – From the video (below)“The oceans are dying because of increasing ultraviolet-B. The modern HAARP transmitters punch holes in the ozone layer, since they must drive a plasmoid from 30 miles high down to the jet stream… mixing the chemtrails vertically, which breaks down the protective ozone layer.”.. ‘The Pacific is dying because the base of the food chain, phyto-plankton, are being killed by the high UV-B, created by ionospheric heaters. Radiation from Fukushima is killing the Pacific, but not as fast as the lack of plankton, which can’t survive the high UV-B. Fukushima is being used as a ‘cover’ for the excess UV-B caused by HAARP and chemtrails. That would explain the complete lack of action to stop the radiation from leaking into the Pacific.”

‘Predate humans’: Stone tools made 3.3mn years ago found in Kenya – from RT.com – “The oldest stone tools previously known were 700,000 years old. New artefacts discovered in Kenya, however, make those seem like a relatively modern discovery… These stone tools are 3.3 million years old, an almost unfathomable length of time, and are ‘sophisticated enough’ to not be the first instance of such tools. Scientists who made the discovery believed they were used for tasks such as chopping wood and cracking open nuts… ‘We knew at the moment of discovery that they would be the oldest stone tools in the world,’ the Toronto Star quoted Lewis as saying. ‘Once the geological analyses came back later that year that in fact they were older than 3 million years, we were even more astonished…’ ”

Is This Global Drought Being Caused By The Systematic Destruction Of The Hydrologic Cycle? –  By Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “Trees play an absolutely critical role in our water cycle, and every single minute the amount of land that is deforested around the globe is equivalent to 36 football fields.  By extracting water from the soil and releasing it into the atmosphere, trees provide a critical link in the hydrologic cycle that we all depend upon.  If there were no more trees, life on this planet would become exceedingly difficult for humanity.  So the fact that we are literally ripping the lungs out of the planet is a very big deal.”

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Primary Water – A Solution to Droughts Worldwide?

Primary_Water_Inst-cyclesRare Diamond Confirms That Earth’s Mantle Holds an Ocean’s Worth of Water – The diamond contains ringwoodite, which is water-rich but only forms naturally under the extreme pressure found in Earth’s mantle – by Becky Oskin and LiveScience, ScientificAmerican.com – ” ‘It’s actually the confirmation that there is a very, very large amount of water that’s trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth,’ said Graham Pearson, lead study author and a geochemist at the University of Alberta in Canada. The findings were published today (March 12) in the journal Nature… These laboratory studies suggest that olivine morphs into a variety of forms corresponding to the depth at which it is found. The new forms of crystal accommodate the increasing pressures. Changes in the speed of earthquake waves also support this model. Seismic waves suddenly speed up or slow down at certain depths in the mantle. Researcher think these speed zones arise from olivine’s changing configurations. For example, 323 to 410 miles (520 to 660 km) deep, between two sharp speed breaks, olivine is thought to become ringwoodite. But until now, no one had direct evidence that olivine was actually ringwoodite at this depth.” Link to Primary Water Institute.org

Obama-Dont_need_warThe New York Times Does Government’s Bidding: Here’s What You’re Not Being Told About U.S. Troops In Ukraine – U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine. The “paper of record’s” “coverage” is an embarrassment, per usual – by Patrick L. Smith, InformationClearingHouse.info – “As of mid-April, when a Pentagon flack announced it in Kiev, and as barely reported in American media, U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine… Now there is a lead I have long dreaded writing but suspected from the first that one day I would. Do not take a moment to think about this. Take many moments. We all need to. We find ourselves in grave circumstances this spring… At first I thought I had written what newspaper people call a double-barreled lead: American soldiers in Ukraine, American media not saying much about it. Two facts… Wrong. There is one fact now, and it is this: Americans are being led blindfolded very near the brink of war with Russia… One cannot predict there will be one. And, of course, right-thinking people hope things will never come to one. In March, President Obama dismissed any such idea as if to suggest it was silly. ‘They’re not interested in a military confrontation with us,’ Obama said of the Russians—wisely. Then he added, unwisely: ‘We don’t need a war.’… Don’t need a war to get what done, Mr. President? This is our question.” (emph. added)

Obama’s Petulant WWII Snub of Russia – Russia will celebrate the Allied victory over Nazism on Saturday without U.S. President Obama and other Western leaders present, as they demean the extraordinary sacrifice of the Russian people in winning World War II – a gesture intended to humiliate President Putin – by Ray McGovern, ActivistPost.com – “Though designed to isolate Russia because it had the audacity to object to the Western-engineered coup d’état in Ukraine on Feb. 22, 2014, this snub of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin – like the economic sanctions against Russia – is likely to backfire on the U.S. and its European allies by strengthening ties between Russia and the emerging Asian giants of China and India… Notably, the dignitaries who will show up at this important commemoration include the presidents of China and India, representing a huge chunk of humanity, who came to show respect for the time seven decades ago when the inhumanity of the Nazi regime was defeated – largely by Russia’s stanching the advance of Hitler’s armies, at a cost of 20 to 30 million lives… Obama’s boycott is part of a crass attempt to belittle Russia and to cram history itself into an anti-Putin, anti-Russian alternative narrative. It is difficult to see how Obama and his friends could have come up with a pettier and more gratuitous insult to the Russian people.”

US Security Chief Warns of ‘New Phase’ in Terrorist Threat – by VOA News via GlobalSecurity.org – “Speaking on ABC’s This Week program, Johnson said the Islamic State group’s influence is spreading far beyond the battlegrounds of the Middle East… ‘We’re very definitely in a new environment, because of ISIL’s (Islamic State group’s) effective use of social media, the Internet, which has the ability to reach into the homeland and possibly inspire others,’ he said. ‘We’re very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat, where the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment.’.. The U.S. security chief urged Americans to be vigilant and aware, but not to avoid going to public events… FBI Director James Comey last week said authorities are concerned about IS encouraging attacks on ‘uniformed military and law enforcement’ in online propaganda. There are ‘hundreds, maybe thousands’ of people in the United States who have received recruitment messages from the jihadists, Comey said… On Friday, the U.S. military bolstered security at its bases across the country… ‘Because of the use of the Internet, we could have little or no notice in advance of an independent actor attempting to strike. And so that’s why law enforcement at the local level needs to be ever more vigilant and we are constantly reminding them to do that,’ Johnson said.” OK, people, this is from Voice of America News – Hey, I thought it was illegal for the Feds to propagandize the American people? Guess not.

Glen_Beck-Set_up‘Before Long It Will All Be Over’ – Lights Out, Republic! – by Susan Duclos, AllNewsPipeline.com – “Those riots in Baltimore. That wasn’t real. How many times do we have to be told, most of the people are from out of town. All they need is one thing to get it started, that’s real: The shooting. Then all the people come from out of town, and they manipulate it and they wind everybody up and they get it rolling. Then they leave town and they go to the next one. And they go to the next one. And they go to the next one. And before long, it will all be over. And nothing will truly be solved. Is Ferguson solved? Has there been reconciliation in Ferguson? The answer is no. And because no reconciliation, there is a wound on both sides. Same thing in Baltimore. Is anything going to be solved in Baltimore? No. It will just calm down a bit. But there will be wounds on both sides. At some point, there will be a straw that breaks the camel’s back, and it will set the whole country on fire. And what happens? We will cry out for police help.”

Baltimore-Police_Van-intakeBaltimore jail refused to accept thousands of detainees for severe injuries: Records – from PressTV.ir – “The records indicated the Baltimore City Detention Center refused to admit almost 2,600 injured detainees who were in police custody between June 2012 and April 2015, the Baltimore Sun reported… Some 123 of the detainees reportedly had visible head injuries which is the third-most common ailment cited by prison officials. The other detainees had broken bones, facial trauma and high blood pressure… Detainees are constitutionally guaranteed healthcare before they are booked into jail… The records, however, do not show how the people were injured or whether they suffered their wounds while in custody, suggesting that police officers either ignored or did not notice the injuries.”

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit – Animal Welfare at Risk in Experiments for Meat Industry – by Michael Moss, NYTimes.com – “These experiments are not the work of a meat processor or rogue operation. They are conducted by a taxpayer-financed federal institution called the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, a complex of laboratories and pastures that sprawls over 55 square miles in Clay Center, Neb. Little known outside the world of big agriculture, the center has one overarching mission: helping producers of beef, pork and lamb turn a higher profit as diets shift toward poultry, fish and produce… But an investigation by The New York Times shows that these endeavors have come at a steep cost to the center’s animals, which have been subjected to illness, pain and premature death, over many years. The research to increase pig litters began in 1986; the twin calves have been dying at high rates since 1984, and the easy care lambs for 10 years.”

190 Scientists & Experts Urge UN to Deal with Emerging Wireless Public Health Crisis – by Stop Smart Meters UK, ActivistPost.com – “190 scientists from 38 nations have submitted the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk from this rapidly increasing environmental pollutant… The scientists who have signed the Appeal have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation. It was submitted on 11 may 2015 to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Dr. Margaret Chan, MD, Director General of the World Health Organization, and to the United Nations Member States.” – w/video

Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy – by Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo.com – “First, green vegetables and their juices should no longer viewed simply as sources of antioxidants, alphabetic vitamins, nutrients, minerals etc., but carriers of essential mitochondrial cofactors without which our body can not optimally and efficiently produce ATP, and without which our body can not realize its biological potential for maximal longevity. Of course, if you have been long time followers , you know we also look at ancestral foods (i.e. those which have been in the human diet for over 10,000 years) as highly dense and vitally important sources of biologically useful information which have become indispensable regulators of gene expression.  This means that when you are consuming a glass of green vegetable juice, for instance, it is likely the most precious health promoting elixir on the planet and should be considered something of a nutritional ‘bridge’ we, heterotrophs, can cross to become photoheterophic or light-capturing organisms, if we choose to be.”

Prince_Mohammed_bin_SalmanRejoice With The ‘New’ House of Saud – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Let’s start with the “youthful” Prince Mohammed bin Salman (What’s not to like? Fawning western hagiographers gleefully speculate over his age like he’s a precious damsel in distress, not a black-bearded hunk. Anything goes, but not upwards of 35.)..  The Royal Youthful “wields enormous power” and as defense minister has been prosecuting the (illegal) bombing/war/”kinetic operation” on Yemen. The king himself vaunted his “massive capabilities”. Saudi sources tell me he’s been a (incompetent) cross of Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, with no Austin Powers to save his day. Although he’s a pop star and a TV celebrity inside the Mob hacienda, he’s convinced absolutely no one – from Egypt to Pakistan – to send troops to “his” war… For his new No. 3 role, according to the official spin, he gained ‘support from the vast majority of members of the Council of Allegiance.’ The operative word here is “vast majority.” This implies Muqrin’s people were a tad uncomfortable. The Council of Allegiance is a group of 35 descendants of the Mob founder, King Abdul Aziz bin Saud.”

Conspiracy Theory as a Personality Disorder? –  The treatment of “conspiracy theories” by the US intelligentsia is reminiscent of the Soviet commissions that labeled political dissidents mentally ill – by Kerry R Bolton, ForeignPolicyJournal.com – “While social mores have been established to make dissidents pariahs, to impose a soft totalitarianism of the Huxleyan Brave New World variety, social scientists remain occupied with creating new approaches for the continuing de-legitimizing of dissident opinions. Among the primary targets are those who have in recent years been termed “conspiracists.” The term is used to induce a pavlonian reflex in nullifying dissident views on a range of subjects, like the words “racist, “fascist,” “sexist,” etc. Any hint of “conspiracism” in a paper is also sufficient to prevent it from even reaching the initial stage of peer review if submitted to a supposedly academic journal, where one might expect a range of views to be debated… Recently a group of psychologists studying the allegedly contradictory nature of conspiracy beliefs were able to furnish mind-manipulators with a study that can be used to show that anything associated with or labelled as “conspiracy theory” can be relegated to the realm of mental imbalance. The paper was published as ‘Dead and Alive: Beliefs in Contradictory Conspiracy Theories.’ “

Softkill-Toxic-Planet-300x15911 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill – by Sigmund Fraud, WakingTimes.com – “Make what you will out of these statements, but the fact remains that globally, human health and the environment are in critical condition and there is no sign of relief in sight. Couple this with the fact that many of the world’s elite do publicly fantasize of culling the human population, and the realization is harsh: we are targets… Our world simply does not have to be poisoned with chemtrails, radiation leaks, GMO’s, electro-magnetic pollution, frack wells, fluoride, mercury, vaccine adjuvants, depleted uranium, oil spills, antibiotics, endocrine disrupting chemicals, toxic food additives, agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and so much more. The aggregated, generations long effect of such total contamination is the explosion of a host of bizarre and life-altering illnesses and ‘conditions,’ that chronically sap our energy and vitality, slowly debilitating us, separating us from our power and putting us into the doctor’s office.”

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Common_Core-Kids-smParents Charge Education Officials with Bullying, Cover-Ups over Refusal of Common Core Tests – by Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart.com – “(Tamra Hood) added: ‘Rather than lying about what was said and attempting to disparage the character of those who exposed the truth, it would be wiser for Superintendent Spearman to make a public statement denouncing the threats made by her COO, apologize to the parents of South Carolina, and fire Ms. Carpentier.’.. (Sheri) Few said Carpentier’s attitude reflects the sentiment of education elitists who have no regard for parents and treat them in a condescending manner… ‘This shameful attitude, and the blatant disregard for parental concerns, is what motivated the movement to refuse the test,’ (Few) continued. ‘The simple fact is, the test that parents are refusing is aligned with Common Core, and most parents are motivated to refuse because the system continues to ignore their disapproval of the Common Core standards.’ ”

Obamacare-Gonna_HurtAfter Expanding Under Obamacare, This 123-Year-Old Insurance Company Is Closing Its Doors – by Melissa Quinn, DailySignal.com – “Assurant Inc. announced last week one of its subsidiaries, Assurant Health, an insurance company, will either be sold or shuttered after losing tens of millions of dollars this year. The decision comes 18 months after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and industry watchers argue Assurant Health’s end can be attributed to the new health care law… ‘The health and employee benefits business segments possess differentiated capabilities in their respective markets, but we do not believe they can meet our return targets at the pace we require,’ Alan Colberg, president of Assurant Inc., said in a statement. ‘While this is a difficult decision, we believe they would be strong assets for new owners that are focused more exclusively on health care and employee benefits.’.. In a letter to its shareholders, Assurant Health said it lost money because of a reduction in recoveries under Obamacare’s risk mitigation programs and increased claims on the health care law’s 2015 policies.”

Is The New World Order Dying? 10 Recent Headlines Offer Hope – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com – “This global paradigm shift does not, however, prevent the control system from continuing their attempt to march toward a new world order of global tyranny. Nothing will stop this control system except the expiration date they are all on now. Everything that they are doing will expire at some point. Soldiers who are part of the system will all have to make a moral decision to either follow illegal orders or to follow their conscience. There are too many factors contributing to the slow death of the new world order to mention here. Their death is real and we should keep focused on this slow process in order to remind ourselves to keep fighting the good fight and that everything we do to make others more aware is paying off.”

Pay-to-Stay-CellOrange County family paid $72K to keep son in upgraded jail cell after he killed girl while drunk driving – by Tom Boggioni, RawStory.com – “In Anaheim, inmates in the city’s pay-to-stay jail program are able to check out their own DVD players for their cell, and work out in a nice gym for a price… The city of Fullerton offers one upgraded cell where inmates who can afford the $127 a night gets their own TV, a telephone in the cell,  and a personal full-size refrigerator… ‘Bottom line — if you don’t have the money, you’re not going to be able to stay,’ explained Det. Laura Lomeli, who added that the cells are for ‘Good people who made a mistake, made a bad choice — and they have to pay the consequences.’.. According to Peter Eliasberg, legal director for the ACLU of Southern California, ‘What a terrible idea. What a slap in the face for the concept of equal justice for all. If it’s a public service — that should be offered to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.’ ”

Another Brazen Challenge to the Federal Govt’s Insane Marijuana Laws, From a Most Unlikely Place – Puerto Rico becomes the second US territory to legalize medical marijuana, along with 23 states and the District of Columbia – by Phillip Smith, Alternet.org – “Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla Sunday signed an executive order legalizing medical marijuana. The move comes after years of discussion in the US island territory… Under the order, the Puerto Rico Health Department is enabled to authorize the use of marijuana and its derivatives for health reasons. The order directs the secretary of health to produce a report laying out rules and regulations for the new system within 90 days… ‘We’re taking a significant step in the area of health that is fundamental to our development and quality of life,’ Gov. Garcia said in a statement. ‘I am sure that many patients will receive appropriate treatment that will offer them new hope.’ ”

Tony_Abbot-Got-yer-CashAustralia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself – by Martin Armstrong, ArmstrongEconomics.com – “The new compulsory control is provided in the 2015 Australian budget, so that everyone who has any savings must pay taxes on their savings. The measure is expected to serve as a global test balloon for Europe and North America, who will watch for the outcome in Australia. If there is no massive resistance of Australian savers, the rest of the world should expect this outright confiscation very rapidly… Tony Abbot has proven to be a real Marxist. He is taking the Australian people into the economic abyss from which only war and bloodshed can emerge. This is really Atlas Shrugged in high gear. The Abbot government will introduce its draft budget for 2015 tax on savings and it will announce this measure before the formal decision on the budget… Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the new tax is all about relieving families and small businesses…” – Yeah, of their cash.

Suicide Mission: Why a War With Iran Will End in Another Defeat for the U.S. Military Machine – by Timothy Alexander Guzman. RINF.com – “First, Iran is at least three times the population than Iraq was before the US invasion in 2003 which at least 1.4 million Iraqi deaths occurred. Iran is twice the size of the Ukraine. There are various estimates that the U.S. military would need at least 2 million troops on the ground to contain Iran which it does not have. The military’s drone and ballistic missile technology along with its Air Force would not come close to dominating Iranian air space because they will use their S-300 air defense missile systems which they will receive from Russia. Russia recently decided to lift its ban from delivering the missile defense system to Iran which can repel any air attack although the Iranian military already has its own defense systems. Iran also has the Khalij-e Fars anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM). The ASBM is a component of its defensive capabilities which is often called the “carrier-killer,” a solid-fuel, supersonic Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile with a range of about 300 km or 186 miles that carries a 1,400 pound warhead that can sink U.S. naval carriers. Something U.S. Naval personnel should fear.”

Stephen_Lendman2Ukraine – A US-Supported Fascist Cancer in Europe’s Heartland –  by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com – “Fascist regimes don’t negotiate. They demand. Kiev and its US puppet master want unconditional Donbass surrender… They want nationwide fascist rule. They deplore democratic rights. They’ll continue waging dirty war to eliminate them entirely nationwide. Expect lots more death and destruction ahead… Moscow expressed concern about blatant Kiev Minsk breaches – especially recent heavy shelling of Donetsk… According to DPR officials, residential areas were targeted. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov urged OSCE chairman Ivica Dacic to intervene responsibly to halt Kiev aggression… Moscow’s Foreign Ministry wants OSCE monitors to ‘demand that Kiev immediately stop a flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements.’.. Donetsk Mayor Igor Martynov said residential buildings and a school were struck… OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) is expected to visit the targeted area on Sunday to assess what happened… Its latest report explained deteriorating conditions ‘involving live fire (by Ukrainian forces) near and at SMM patrols.’.. It bears repeating what previous articles explained. Minsk was dead on arrival.”

Starving_Sea_LionsStarving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com – “In fact, a fisherman recently had a violent altercation with a sea lion at a San Diego marina. As he was holding a large fish and posing for a picture, a sea lion jumped from the water, hopped on deck and lunged at the man and his prized catch. The sea lion effectively took the fish and pulled the man into the ocean. Authorities said the man was injured. San Diego Fire Rescue spokesman Lee Swanson reported that the violent altercation resulted in the fisherman being carried underwater for 15 breathtaking seconds. When the man was rescued, he was taken to a local hospital and treated for cuts on his arm and hand.”

AT&T will now charge customers for opting out of internet surveillance – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “A closer look at the service, however, reveals that GigaPower subscribers who choose to opt out of the Internet Preferences advertising scheme will actually pay more than just a $29 premium. According to calculations made by Higginbotham, opt-outers will actually spend as much as $62 more per month to avoid having their browsing habits sold by AT&T to third-party advertisers… What AT&T doesn’t clearly explain on its convoluted pricing page is that opt-outers will be forced to pay an additional $7-per-month modem rental fee as well as a $99 one-time activation fee for the service, both fees of which are waived for customers who sign up under the Internet Preference Plan. This nets out to a monthly cost of $114 for opt-outers as opposed to the $70-per-month rate plan for Internet Preference Plan subscribers, a $44 difference.”

Bill-C51-Canada-Police-State-400x332Canada’s Fascist Shift – by Mark Taliano, GlobalResearch.ca – “Bill C-51 also subverts the rule of law by using poorly defined words that could be interpreted in a myriad of ways.  Megan Drysdale explains in ‘The Top 6 ways You Will Be Affected By Bill C-51′  that “innocent words” could be “interpreted as terrorism”:   ‘Innocent words can be interpreted as terrorism. 
Bill C-51 broadens the scope of propagation crimes to include advocating or promoting ‘terrorism offences in general.’ The wording of the bill is broad enough that a terrorist purpose is not required. Speaking privately about solutions to controversial conflicts or debating an academic opinion that ‘may’ cause a listener to commit a terrorist offence could count as an indictable offence for you, regardless of your own intentions. ‘Being reckless,’ as the bill describes it, can lead to up to five years in prison.’.. Theoretically, then, an individual who exercises his/her freedom of dissent, and freedom to resist could be falsely branded in catch-all terms such as “terrorism”, or “espionage”, or even “treason”… Government intentions revealed themselves in November, 2011 when NDP MPs Megan Leslie and Claude Gravelle were accused of treachery for travelling to Washington to communicate the NDP position regarding the tar sands. Leslie explained that they went ‘to propose a sustainable jobs strategy under a long term green energy future and to let her American interlocutors know there are Canadians who want tougher regulation of the tar sands.’ ”

Surveillance planes spotted in the sky for days after West Baltimore rioting – by Craig Timberg, WashingtonPost.com – “The plane appeared to be a small Cessna, but little else was clear. The sun had already set, making traditional visual surveillance difficult. So, perplexed, Shayne tweeted: ‘Anyone know who has been flying the light plane in circles above the city for the last few nights?’.. That was 9:14 p.m. Seven minutes later came a startling reply. One of Shayne’s nearly 600 followers tweeted back a screen shot of the Cessna 182T’s exact flight path and also the registered owner of the plane: NG Research, based in Bristow, Va… ‘The Internet,’ Shayne, 39, told his wife, ‘is an amazing thing.’ ”

The War on Cash: Transparently Totalitarian – by Nick Giambruno, InternationalMan.com – “It’s exactly like what Ron Paul said: ‘The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.’.. One way they are waging the War on Cash is to lower the threshold at which reporting a cash transaction is mandatory or at which paying in cash is simply illegal. In just the last few years… ● Italy made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal; ● Switzerland has proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs; ● Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000; ● Spain banned cash transactions over €2,500; ● Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal; ● Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and ● France made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000.”

Jordan-Special_ForcesUS-Jordan war games prepare wider Mideast conflict – by Patrick Martin, WSWS.org – “According to the Monitor, ‘Jordan is reaching out to Syrian tribes and civilians. It’s offering support in their fight to regain towns and villages overrun by IS—a preemptive step to prevent jihadists from threatening Jordan’s borders.’ Jordan has offered air support from the US-led coalition that is bombing ISIS targets in both Syria and Iraq… Perfecting his technique of telling barefaced lies to reporters who know he is lying and take dictation anyway, General Mattson declared, ‘Eager Lion has nothing to do with what is currently happening in the region,’ a reference to ongoing US-led or US-backed military operations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, the Strait of Hormuz and across North Africa.”

Iraq minorities rise against US plot to divide Iraq – from PressTV.ir – “In a phone conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi denounced the bill, saying he is opposed to such a plan which is aimed at weakening the unity of Iraq…  ‘This scenario is not new, it goes back to 2007 and 2008 when [then Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee] Joe Biden said that Iraq must be divided into three states; Kurdish, Shia and Sunni. Now other countries are trying to impose this project and control this situation in Iraq,’ Najem Qassab, an Iraqi political analyst, told Press TV on Saturday… Influential Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has warned against the bill , saying that if the bill is passed, Iraq will no longer be a safe place for the US, and its interests will become the target of attacks by the Iraqis who will never accept the ‘division of their country.’ ”

NATO launches massive war drills in multiple countries near Russia

UN’s Solution to Nepalese Children Displaced by Earthquake? Vaccinate Them! – by Adan Salazar, PrisonPlanet.com – “Claiming a measles epidemic could sweep through temporary makeshift villages erected in the wake of the earthquake, Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population, alongside Unicef and WHO workers, ‘scrambled medical teams to the most densely populated areas to start vaccinating under-fives against measles…’.. In a statement Monday, Nepalese Unicef Representative Tomoo Hozumi said the squalid state of tent cities provides optimal conditions for the contagion to spread… ‘Measles is very contagious and can potentially be deadly,’ Hozumi said, adding that only one in 10 Nepalese children remain unvaccinated… ‘We fear it could spread very quickly in the often crowded conditions in the improvised camps where many children are living.’.. Hozumi said ‘teams will be sent to vaccinate children under the age of five in informal shelters in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur, which are three of the most crowded districts in Kathmandu Valley,’.. (emph. added)

Whooping Cough ‘Invades’ the Vaccinated – by Catherine J. Frompovich, NaturalBlaze.com – “Herd immunity! Where have I heard that idiomatic, epidemiologic term before? Oh yes! It’s the U.S. CDC and FDA’s Raison de’ Être for vaccines. Recent demographics for pertussis, or whooping cough, coming out of Washington state prove that herd immunity is nothing short of bunko science, and that Big Pharma’s vaccines really don’t work, or medically speaking, aren’t efficacious.”

Kill-Anything-That-MovesLargest Known U.S. Vietnam War Atrocity – But Ignored by U.S. News Media – by DC Dave, Buelahman.wordpress.com – “Because of the general blackout, there’s a pretty good chance that many people even so far off the establishment reservation as to be reading my material are learning about the Winter Soldier Investigation for the first time right now. The fact of the matter is that U.S. military tactics in Vietnam, in their wanton destructiveness and ineffectiveness, were very much like a person attempting to swat flies in a house using a sledgehammer… Upon closer examination we see that Adam Taylor’s revealing article is not so anomalous as it first appears. It would, indeed, have been amazing to read such revelations in the pages of The Washington Post, but it never appeared among its pages. In what has become an ever more frequently used tactic of buying credibility without spreading useful information widely, The Post only put the Taylor article on its website, and, in all likelihood, they buried it away there.”

Google’s highly profitable secret war against small businesses and jobs – by Tom Foremski, GovtSlaves.info – “Google’s strategy is to set itself up as the largest affiliate and displace the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that make money from affiliate marketing. It wants to be the main affiliate for online sales of branded products and that’s why its organic search results heavily favor large companies — the brand owners… But this strategy comes at a significant cost — lost jobs as it displaces the smaller firms. It’s not a cost to Google but it is to society… That’s not a good scenario in today’s hard economic times, it’s a PR nightmare for Google to be seen as anti-small business and causing job losses… Small companies don’t have a much of a voice in Washington DC and Google knows this. It has been careful not to antagonize the large brand owners, reports one of my contacts, the CEO of a large company that relies on AdSense revenues, because they have lobbyists and they could add their voices to complaints about Google’s business practices… Google, however, is working hard to keep the US government out of its business. This year it dramatically stepped up its lobbying efforts, hiring more firms and spending a record amount on political influence.”

Israeli defense minister promises to kill more civilians and threatens to nuke Iran – by Asa Winstanley, ElectronicIntifada.net – “Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, Yaalon threatened that ‘we are going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long deep discussion … we did it then, we did it in [the] Gaza Strip, we are going to do it in any round of hostilities in the future.’.. The Israeli official also appeared to threaten to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, although he said ‘we are not there yet.’.. In response to a question about Iran, Yaalon said that “in certain cases” when ‘we feel like we don’t have the answer by surgical operations’ Israel might take “certain steps” such as the Americans did in ‘Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing at the end the fatalities of 200,000.’ ”

Israeli MP Accused of Inciting Palestinian Genocide Named Justice Minister – from SputnikNews.com – “Known for her outspoken and ultra-nationalistic views, Shaked attracted global attention and criticism in July 2014, when she posted a Facebook status denouncing Palestinians, during Israel’s 50-day military offensive in Gaza: ‘The Palestinian people [have] declared war on us, and we must respond with war. Not an operation, not a slow-moving one, not low-intensity, not controlled escalation, no destruction of terror infrastructure, no targeted killings.’ ”

Denmark moves step closer to being a cashless country – Danish government proposes getting rid of the obligation for certain retailers to accept payment in cash – from Reuters via Telegraph.co.uk – “Nearly a third of the Danish population uses MobilePay, a smartphone application for transferring money to other phones and shops, and Sweden, Denmark and Finland lead the European Union in credit card payments per inhabitant… The Danish government said as of next year, businesses such as clothing retailers, petrol stations and restaurants should no longer be legally-bound to accept cash… The proposal is part of a pre-election package of economic growth measures aimed at reducing costs and increasing productivity for businesses. It would need to be approved by parliament, although the timing of a vote is as yet unknown… The proposal is unlikely to meet much opposition in Denmark, where it is common to use debit or credit cards for the smallest of payments.”

Chipotle-DeceptionChipotle Bans GMOs; Media Goes into Full Propaganda Damage Control Mode
– Daisy Luther, NutritionalAnarchy.com – “Even the LA Times article admits that only 1/3 of Americans believe that GMOs are safe to eat. If that is the case, then shouldn’t Chipotle be lauded for the business decision of giving the customers what they want? Apparently not, as the op-ed laughably follows that statement with this accusation (Emphasis [below] mine): ‘But in misrepresenting the science surrounding a poorly understood innovation, Chipotle joins the too-populous ranks of companies that endeavor to deceive the public. Chipotle stokes the anti-GMO hysteria that threatens to marginalize a field of science that already has demonstrated important benefits. These include boosting nutrient density of staple crops for the poor, enhancing crop resiliency to climatic extremes and equipping subsistence farmers in the developing world with cash crops.’.. Um, pot, this is kettle.  I thought you should meet… One has to pay attention when a sound business decision by any MBA school standard results in such a flurry of propagandized damage control.  Personally, it all just makes me hungry for a non-GMO Chipotle taco.” (emphasis at top added)

Who Attempted the Covert Sterilization of Mexican School Children with Vaccines in 1974? – by Melissa Dykes, TruthStreamMedia.com – “Coercive sterilizations under the banner of “family planning” were taking place all over the globe that year. The U.S. government was also exposed for having funded sterilizations on minorities, poor women, people who were mentally ill, deaf or blind, those with Epilepsy and others who were considered “unfit,” to have babies. This even included little kids who it was deemed should never have children of their own. In April 1974, it came to light in the papers that the government had sterilized of some 1,204 girls and boys all under the age of 21 at federally funded clinics across the country. These figures included a ten year old, an eleven year old, and ten 13 year olds. Making sure people couldn’t readily reproduce and propagandizing infertility as an Earth saving measure in the face of (artificial) scarcity was the order of the day. And that’s how the government (treated) its own people, let alone those in Kissinger’s 13 key countries as Mexico definitely was.”

Princes-of-FinanceWall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP – As billionaire class and financial elites push corporate-friendly pact, new data shows empty promises and ‘job-killing’ reality of previous agreements – by Jon Queally, CommonDreams.org – “News of the letter, which can be read in full here, came on the same day as new trade data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, covering the full first three years of the bilateral trade deal between the U.S. and South Korea, revealed that the U.S. goods trade deficit with that country has more than doubled since the agreement, first signed in 2007 and amended in 2010, was implemented… What the new data shows, according to the advocacy group Public Citizen, is economic outcomes that are the opposite of the Obama administration’s “more exports, more jobs” promise used to push through that deal, which are the same promises the administration and those supporting TPP are now using as they attempt to persuade Congress to approve Fast Track authority and ram it through Congress without debate or amendment.”

Trust in mainstream media plummets: Only 2% of young adults trust the media – by Daniel Barker, NaturalNews.com – “While doing research for another article, I ran across a piece posted by Investment Research Dynamics in which Bloomberg.com was taken to task for publishing spurious information regarding the health of the U.S. housing market… The first paragraph of the I.R.D. article sums up the situation perfectly: ‘There was time in U.S. history when journalism reflected true investigative due diligence in which reporters made an effort to verify the validity of the topic being covered and to make a bona fide attempt to report facts. It is a process that is imperative to a healthy democracy. Unfortunately now the media is nothing more than an avenue for Wall Street, corporate America and political elites to promote false realities which are invariably connected to squeezing or stealing money from the public.’.. Bingo. I couldn’t have said it any better.”

BIS On Build Up of Financial Imbalances—-Achilles Heel Of Global Economy – by Constantin Gurdgiev, DavidStockmansContraCorner.com – “There is a scary, fully frightening presentation out there. Titled “The international monetary and financial system: Its Achilles heel and what to do about it” and authored by Claudio Borio of the Bank for International Settlements, it was delivered at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) ‘2015 Annual Conference: Liberté, Égalité, Fragilité’ Paris, on 8-11 April 2015.Per Borio, the Achilles heel of the global economy is the fact that international monetary and financial system (IMFS) ‘amplifies weakness of domestic monetary and financial regimes’…”

Manmade warming hypothesis? What’s a hypothesis? – by JonRappoport.wordpress.com – “Among scientists, there is a great deal of disagreement about the accuracy of the measurements. Any fair examination of studies and their critics will reveal that… In this regard, the science is not settled. Far from it… So: useless as a hypothesis, the assertion of manmade warming, as fact, is wide open to debate. To say the least… Students, starting at, say, the age of 12, should be taught basic facts about hypotheses, how they function in science, and on what basis they should be accepted or rejected… Then we would have far less ignorance and chaotic “debate” and partisan screaming about science… Except for the scientists themselves, of course—those who are on someone’s payroll and are expected to falsify everything they touch on behalf of that special interest… An educated public would go a long way toward laughing those professional liars out of court… Which is why universities (who sell themselves to those liars’ bosses) don’t teach logic or the basic structure of science.”

Tanaieah-n-Aaron_ManeyWhistleblowers Reveal CPS Child Kidnappings in Kentucky Adoption Business – from MedicalKidnap.com – “Next, Boel interviews another CPS whistleblower, but one who wanted to keep her identity concealed because she was so afraid of retaliation. The former CPS worker explains how CPS is all about statistics, about how many children can be placed into adoption, since State and Federal reimbursement funds are all tied into statistics. She explains that CPS workers are encouraged to put more children into adoption… She even relates one story of how someone who could not have children “placed an order” for a baby:     ‘Someone could not have a child and wanted a child. So, within the community this certain person saw a family that was in distress, was having a hard time, and relayed to (CPS) workers that they would like those children. And that is exactly what is happening….’ “

A Reply to a Question on “Chemtrail Debunking”

This is a response to a volunteer for the Coalition to End Toxic Aerosols (CETA) campaign. She was having a discussion by email with a friend, and her friend started sending her articles that, in her friend’s opinion, showed that Geoengineering is the product of the imaginations of that flaky and excitable species known as “Conspiracy Theorists.” One of the links she sent me to look at is: http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/what-are-chemtrails.htm – My reply is below:

The article on How Stuff Works (such a cozy name for a website – simply some homey common sense…) is a professionally created propaganda piece. These types of articles are deliberately created to give people who don’t want to see what’s happening over their heads and consider its implications, because understanding the information would be devastating to their worldviews, an excuse to defer to the debunkers as experts. People then will present this propaganda to their friends that are just trying to tell them about real programs that are affecting the lives of them and their loved ones, to continue to fend off the bad news – news that calls into question the nature and trustworthiness of the government and the health systems, among other things. These types of articles generally never actually look at the data that people exposing the geoengineering agenda present. They give people pat answers that seem to make sense on the surface, but that don’t hold up on examination. I will list some of the data points that contradict this kind of thinking below:

1) The article is careful to stress that the people who say that something is being sprayed in the sky are Conspiracy Theorists. This should be a big clue to anyone reading this. The term was created by the CIA in the wake of the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination to scare people away from looking at the severe inconsistencies and implausibilities of that cover up.

2) Contrails have always been made of ice particles, appearing at high altitudes where the air is very cold. There is a formula for calculating how long they will linger based on altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. The laws of physics have not changed suddenly at the end of the 1990’s. Contrails do not linger for hours from horizon to horizon and spread out to create dead-looking scummy clouds that often have strange rainbow hues in them where they refract the sun.

3) The materials from the geoengineering spray have been observed to precipitate to the ground and can be observed as major flurries of powders, tiny fibers, or even web-like strands that can cover large areas of ground. These materials have been gathered and tested and they contain the usual suspects: Aluminum oxide and salts, Barium and Strontium salts and other heavy metals, as well as other man-made substances.

4) People have gotten very sick and died after heavy spraying in some places. In Britain in the early 2000’s there was a wave of spraying that jammed the emergency rooms, and so many people died that they needed to bring in refrigerated trucks to use as temporary morgues.

5) Modern High-Bypass Fan Jet Engines are almost incapable of leaving contrails except under the most extreme conditions – The turbo fans that are the main drivers of the engines force massive volumes of non-combusted air around the center combustion chamber, which dry out the exhaust and cool it down, inhibiting the formation of ice particles.

6) Engines have always left other particulates and chemicals in their exhausts. Why did they start appearing differently around 1996 or so? Some analysts have said that more modern engines actually burn cleaner. Again, the laws of physics did not change.

7) People in many locations have tracked the air traffic of the planes leaving geoengineering plumes. Most of them do not appear in logs of commercial traffic. Many of them are flying in prohibited military airspace. The planes also leave their aerosols in obvious weather formations where parallel or grid patterns will appear in concentrated areas that have demonstrated potential to affect weather systems. I have personally seen massive sets of parallel plumes sprayed over Death Valley, the high Sierras, and Baja California, where clear skies in the mornings were completely whited out by the afternoons in areas where there was no logical reason for commercial air traffic.

8) The ingredients of the aerosol plumes have been found in air, on surfaces, in running and standing water, in snow and in the soil. In the soil, aluminum and barium have been found around structures, but not in the soil beneath them. It raises the ph level in soil. In Shasta County, Francis Mangels has found that the soil has generally gone from around 5.8 ph to 6.7 – he’s found much high alkalinity in some places. This raised alkalinity is inhibiting the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and shrubs and trees are dying even where water is plentiful around creeks, etc. The materials have been found in newly created ponds at very high levels. In streams around Shasta the aquatic insect life has been reduced 90 percent or more and fish are starving. Mangels also found aluminum at 61,000 parts per billion in snow on Mt. Shasta. This is not a form of aluminum that occurs in nature, it’s been refined and processed.

9) There are many patents for doing geoengineering that call for precisely the materials that are being found in the wake of the spraying. The patents call for nano-particulates (in some patents smaller than 10 microns) which will float in the sky as long as possible. Nano-particulates have special chemical properties. They are immediately absorbed by the capillaries in the lungs and enter the bloodstream, where they cross the blood-brain barrier without interference. These materials are found in peoples’ blood and hair samples. Nano-particulates are also explosively flammable, which gives an explanation for the much hotter and more dangerous wildfires that have been observed and commented on by fire-fighters in many places.

10) Kristen Meghan, who was an Air Force Base Bio-Environmental Engineer, is a whistle blower who has come forward at great risk to her own safety. She saw the inventory manifests of the geoengineering materials that were coming onto her base, as well as the biological tests on the Air Men and Women on the base that showed the presence of these materials in their bodies.

11) There are dozens of photographs of different kinds of spraying equipment installed inside what appear to be passenger-type jets. Some show patent numbers on the tanks which correspond to patents on environmental aerosol processes.

12) One of the features of the “Polar Vortex” in the Eastern U.S. and other freak storms is the fall of what’s sometimes called “wet snow” that doesn’t melt in a normal way, when the temperatures are above freezing, even up into the low 50’s. People have noticed that this snow often has a chemical smell.

People don’t seem to remember what natural weather looks like anymore. Many younger people have never seen it during their lifetimes. Many don’t want to look at the sky now. How to help people realize what’s going on directly over their heads is a great challenge for us. For instance, I don’t recommend forwarding this email to your friend. You possibly need to spend time with your friends and find out what their core concerns are before trying to present them with specific information. It’s likely that they have fears about issues that stand in the way of being able to listen to ideas that trigger them. Listening is something that needs to go both ways. If you can master deep listening you will likely find the dynamics of your conversations shifting.

It’s important to understand that programs with these kinds of massive impacts will pervade all social institutions. The people who are doing this know that their actions are wrong. It only makes sense to speculate that they’ll use all of the resources at their disposal to keep people from knowing what’s happening or from interfering with their strategies.

And here is a link to a talk by Geoengineering whistle blower Kristen Meghan, in which she comments on the “debunking” sites Metabunk and Contrail Science. Those sites are part of a network of sites all put up by one man who many believe is a government disinfo operative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHm0XhtDyZA&spfreload=10

Learning to share controversial information is an art.

There is No “Government”

This is a comment that I put up on Foster Gamble’s recent blog post: PEOPLE STANDING FOR JUSTICE

If we look at it carefully, there is actually no such “thing” as government. What we call government is an organized structure composed of people using the concept of government as an organizational principle under their direction. Under this principle, the preservation and actualization of the imaginary structure of government itself is the preeminent imperative. The constantly propagandized need for this structure is the multifaceted and mind-numbing justification for the use of whatever means are necessary to protect and preserve, not the people who are supposedly subjects of the government, but the government structure itself. Whatever means necessary include the use of lethal force. History shows that the levels of lethal force used are limited only by the technological tools at the disposal of government actors and their ability to control the reactions and consciences of the governed. The latter is sometimes called manufacturing consent.

While the population can work, often at the cost of extreme suffering and sacrifice, to limit the irrationality and violence of the structures to which they’re subject, we see that over time people taking the role of government officials always tend to enlarge the scope of their powers, as well as the power of the technology and systems they control. The nature of the government concept inevitably attracts people without ethics against the misuse of power into pursuing power in its structure. In fact, the only way to succeed in rising to power is to abandon ethical considerations and, again, to use the means necessary to prevail over other state officials. As John Trudell said, “Their violence works. It hardly ever fails.”

A simple analytic for the validity and legitimacy of human behavior is to see if it involves violence or aggression toward other people or toward living systems. If it does, then we must be called by clear realization to not support it, whatever the rationale or justifications. As people seem to be realizing very rapidly now, it is impossible for us, however lofty our notions or rhetoric, to reach an ethical result through unethical or aggressive behaviors. This is not a matter of compiling a complicated set of rules, but by a clear seeing of what’s going on under our noses. Adopting such a simple ethic is certainly not the easiest course for our egos to take. It can be very rigorous and demanding. On the other hand, if we really want to transcend the cycles of violence and increasing suffering and destruction in which we’re now embedded, this ethical consistency and determination will be more easy than any other alternative

My Comment on Chuck Norris’ article arguing against “allowing” Americans to use cannabis


Posted at: http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/chuck-norris-smokes-marijuana-debate/

Cannabis has more than 60 phytocannabinoids, molecules that dock with receptors in every organ system in the human body and tend to contribute to our health in many ways. No other plant on Earth has been found to contain more than one of these substances. Cannabis has been used as a medicine and psychotropic REMEDY and sacrament by cultures all over Asia, Europe and Africa for thousands of years. The Constitution clearly says that the U.S. Government only has the limited powers specifically granted to it in the document, which do not include controlling what people use for their health, physical or psychological.

People who use cannabis tend to see things outside of the boxes that Americans tend to be forced into mentally by our, arguably pathological and dominating, culture. Many of the positive aspects of the 60’s youth culture were no doubt due to this effect. When cannabis was (Unconstitutionally) “outlawed,” under the influence of industries that competed with non-psychoactive industrial hemp, 30% of the medicines sold in pharmacies in the U.S. contained cannabis. What is the true explanation of why it was suppressed? What possible legitimate justification or jurisdiction is there for people who disagree with its use, to dominate users through lethal force, imprisonment, property theft or other social sanctions?


Michael Hastings demise was no accident – his car was BOMBED


Please, this was not “a suspicious car accident.”

The photo above clearly shows that Michael Hastings car was bombed. The entire front of the driver’s side of the car has been blown away.

The video linked HERE, from LoudLabs News, shows clearly that Hastings’ car hood was not crumpled from striking the palm tree, but blown away from the drivers side of the car and did not even hit the tree. MORE THAN THAT it also shows that the driver’s side front quarter of the car WAS GONE, and not even touching the tree (no serious impact damage to the palm).

The video and the photo above show that the front of the car up to the drivers side door wasn’t there. Moreover, his engine and transmission were blown 60 yards down the road, not in the direction of his car supposedly striking the tree. They landed on the far curb of the 4-lane road with no skid marks. His front right wheel was also down the road in the direction the car was traveling when “something happened.” See diagram of crash scene HERE

The tranny of the car extended well back into the passenger compartment, implying that the powerful explosive was likely placed below the passenger compartment, in order to provide the momentum to blow the drive train 60 yards forward and to clear the firewall upward doing it.

It’s time to stop pussy-footing around about this event. Hastings was assassinated.

The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)


The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 (slight return)

Agenda 21 is an action plan or blueprint for a future desired by its creators. This desired future is shrouded in feel good environmentally protective development and innovation, otherwise referred to as green, green movement, and/or environmentalism. Sadly, Agenda 21 is an utter ruse for representing, to many activists and activist groups, a darkly dystopian future as being utopian. There is a larger picture to Agenda 21 that many people either refuse to acknowledge or are determined to deny.

Agenda 21 is one of several pincers in a concerted program. Most people don’t realize precisely what Agenda 21 does, and many don’t acknowledge that it will be a nightmare for the vast majority of humanity. Unless you’re a Bureaucrat, Technocrat, Bismarkianist or member of the elites, as well as a psychopath/sociopath, Agenda 21 is nowhere near a utopia. Its principle underlying tenet is rigid control, with the destruction of rights, liberties and freedoms and their transformation into mere privileges at the discretion of those in control.

Unfortunately, Agenda 21 is much more sophisticated, as it is coupled with multiple prongs that implement its active development. The first is Bismarkianism; this is a three-stage process using a bait and switch to manipulate people into tolerating and accepting expansion of centralized control through globalized governance.

The first stage is socialism, as this creates incentives for the populace to support implementation of public-private partnerships, rewarding fiefdoms, and granting benefits that pacify the populace. Once this stage is in place, public relations or propaganda is used to shift into national socialism that entails making many of these public-private partnerships into permanent parts of the state apparatus.

It isn’t much of a stretch to speculate that after the next economic crisis strikes the United States, public-private partnerships will start becoming fully merged. It looks like the first solid official merger will be of government with banking, through the Federal Reserve. With this centralized public-private government-banking partnership, established in 1913, and with the addition of the corrupt and unprosecuted fraud of designating banks as Too Big To Fail, the result will be a private banking authority with official state power. Public-Private mergers can then repeat this Progressive meme to enable the acceptance of the official establishment of totalitarianism, the creation of an invisible oligarchy with absolute authority.

Some readers may be skeptical about this. However, this will facilitate the approaching “democracy” movement. Masses will be manipulated into denying the rights of various minorities. Congress will become little more than a rubber-stamp under the President’s authority, no longer a separate Constitutional body with checks and balances separating it from the “Unitary Executive.” Centralization will be able to further entrench itself through welfare and warfare aka bribes and “security.” This is perhaps the main mechanism driving Agenda 21, as it combines welfare, interstate commerce, re-interpretation of the supremacy clause, and national security.

The next prong is the Malthusian and Eugenicist merger and re-imaging of Eugenics through Neo-Malthusianism and women’s health/reproductive health. The Neo-Malthusianism prong is perhaps the most hidden of the prongs, though with more visible components such as women’s health/reproductive rights and transhumanism. These prongs would not be complete without the supranational/universalist movements. This is where Agenda 21 operates as a supranational action plan to be coordinated through local implementation, completely altering the Constitutional relationships of local, state and national governments to become regional government “stewards” or soviets of the supranational body. In this particular case, the supranational body and its subsidiaries will be evolved from the United Nations.

These make up a non-exhaustive list of the prongs of Agenda 21 and what they are designed to do. This is to consolidate and expand power behind a centralized authority under the control of the global elites.

Agenda 21 is not compatible with inherent individual rights and freedoms. It is a Collectivist movement. One of humanity’s oldest struggles is between individualism and Collectivism under elite control.

The difference between a collective and a community is that: In a community a group of individuals live in proximity to one another and people work together through cooperation for mutual benefit, protection, and livelihood. Collectives operate under mandates for each individual to accept “rights and responsibilities” dictated by the governing body, which creates separate categories of individuals with different statuses in order to promote its control. This is divide and rule, like a hive or ant colony, not a community. Every individual’s benefit to the Collective is really his or her benefit to the governing regime; the individual is of little to no inherent value in such a system.

In the movie Swordfish, the John Travolta character asks “If you could cure cancer but had to kill one child, could you kill that child?” The Collectivist answer is not only a resounding ‘YES!’ it also dictates that the child should gladly be willing to die, even in great pain “for the greater good.” Why is this relevant? Agenda 21 strips individuals of their unalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms and instead grants them privileges and responsibilities at the governing regime’s discretion. This is slavery. The whole march of the United States toward the despotism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism of a Police State, and the erosion of the Constitution, which supposedly exists to protect natural rights, is driven by Agenda 21, with its Neo-Malthusianism and planned full merging of public-private partnerships under state authority. In fact, Agenda 21 names every human being in the world, as well as everything in Nature, as only a piece of capital and a resource to be inventoried and allocated. This is an enslavement designed to force people to love, yearn for, and even insist on the servitude of all, the ultimate triumph of Collectivism.

Agenda 21 is an action plan that is being implemented at the local level but is derived from the supranational institution of the United Nations; it is a plan or blueprint designed to turn us all into collective capital and resources. We are to be enslaved with privileges that can be revoked in an instant at the whim of any bureaucrat placed over us by the elite consensus, and with the forced responsibility to do their bidding. Agenda 21 is shrouded in feel good activism from the environmental/green movement; its implementation can only be halted through informing ourselves about what Agenda 21 is and refusing to comply with its implementation.

Agenda 21 operates under the rubric of sustainable development that plans for environmental accounting of human, land and resources in the interests of the Collective. It mandates that every human project needs to be given permission by the soviet control apparatus. Every one of us is to be only a resource under the control and allocation of sustainable development. Bill Gates once announced that the only way to bring down CO2 emissions will be to bring population, consumption and production down to near zero. Sustainable Development effectively means suppressing class mobility, consumption, freedom and, ultimately, population. These policies will result in widespread starvation, war, poisoning and despair. This means that Agenda 21 is an action plan hiding its true intentions behind a smokescreen of feel good activism to enable its full tyrannical implementation in the name of environmental welfare.

 Adapted with liberties from: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/the-multiple-prongs-of-agenda-21.html

What is Voluntaryism?


What is Voluntaryism?

“The thought of how much the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination.”  Doug Casey, 1979

Voluntaryism is a name for a new model of human organization that can revolutionize world society to release people’s untapped and suppressed potentials.

Introduction from Voluntaryist.com: “Voluntaryism is the doctrine that relations among people should be by mutual consent, or not at all. It represents a means, an end, and an insight. Voluntaryism does not argue for the specific form that voluntary arrangements will take; only that force be abandoned so that individuals in society may flourish. As it is the means which determine the end, the goal of an all voluntary society must be sought voluntarily. People cannot be coerced into freedom. Hence, the use of the free market, education, persuasion, and non-violent resistance as the primary ways to change people’s ideas about the State. The Voluntaryist insight, that all tyranny and government are grounded upon popular acceptance, explains why voluntary means are sufficient to attain that end.”

The converse of Voluntaryism is often called Statism, or the idea there can exist a collective authority that supersedes the authority of individuals.

This Statist ideology pervades our culture and our world. This situation is often accepted by us as simply being “the way it is.” If we look at this carefully and clearly however, we’ll see that “the State” can only ever be a conceptual fiction under which individual humans act using this imagined collective authority. This has developed and has been perpetuated over thousands of years by rulers and their minions, who were under the erroneous and delusional impression that it created advantages for them that made their lives easier and more prestigious.

  • It seems reasonable to speculate that over these many generations of living under governments, there have been intelligent yet psychopathic members of the power elite who have recognized the utility of more social control – of enhancing the hypnotic power of the imaginary institutions they command through psychological manipulation of the populations, the bureaucratic minions and enforcers, and even of those believing themselves the nobility or legitimate leaders.

Because most of us have accepted that this collective power is The Way It Is, we are conditioned to shy away from the consideration that it is never legitimate for us to give this imaginary State invasive privileges that we can’t exercise as individuals.

If people are to be responsible for providing their own abundance, then it is arguably in our own best interest that those around us are as strong and capable as possible, so society can flourish as a whole. Harming others’ abilities to perceive life with clarity and think critically about what they see would therefor only be hurting ourselves. Another corollary to this is the idea that when we attack others, we also feel attacked ourselves at a subconscious level. What goes around, comes around. We then live in a world of fear. This fear is increased if we face irrational, authoritarian, defensive and psychopathic behaviors by “Leaders,” “Representatives,” or officers invested with a belief in their power over us.

  What we now experience as the “educational system” is a highly sophisticated product of many generations of psychological enhancement that operates directly counter to what common sense will tell us will build a strong society.

To truly come into my own power, I must first accept others coming into theirs without any conditions or personal preferences.

  In our current model, we are hypnotically addicted to the idea that we must attain preeminence over others.

  • If I want to promote this unspoken necessity for power, a set of hidden strategies tends to be constantly generated and updated in my mindspace.
  • I tend to see people not as the unknowable mysteries they are, but only as resources for getting advantages prioritized in my hidden strategies. If I don’t see them as having value for gaining preeminence, they have no interest or value for me.
  • Crucially, to advance in rank in society, one needs to serve the interests of people above oneself in the pecking order. This begs the question of just what is being served when one rises to the top of an institution.

In order to open the flow of energies (goods and services) from others – and from Source – I need to open my inner source, for energies to flow outward, producing value that is under demand by my fellow beings.

  Because of the repressive strategies used by people operating “under color” of authority – Typically as “governments” or government-privileged institutions, i.e. corporations – we are now impeded from offering many kinds of essential goods or services that can potentially solve critical issues we now face.

  • Governments generally claim monopoly power to represent the interests of people, often called “citizens,” within the conceptual area – i.e. “State” – over which they claim to have “jurisdiction” – or control. Marc Stevens teaches that “the State” claims legitimacy as a “body politic” which has jurisdiction over citizens: “persons” who make a pledge of allegiance in return for the State’s duty of protection. However, within the U.S. no court has ever ruled that government has incurred any liability for failure to protect its citizens.

One area in which people such as Marc Stevens are producing value for others is in teaching them to protect themselves from invasion and usurpation of their time and energies by people trying to use others to gain illegitimate advantages for themselves. Ultimately, these kinds of services can develop into voluntarily accessed alternatives for many of the functions of “governments.”

  This is highly inconvenient to the purveyors of the worldwide system of control by violence. The system is now coming under the unprecedented threat of the awakening of populations the elite ruling consensus depend on to provide the skills and energy to maintain their hegemony.

  It seems that now, in the early 21st Century, the control agenda has become so developed and pervasive that it is threatened by the arising of any human capabilities not under direct control of the elites. In particular, new ideas in the areas of energy, health, agriculture, social organization and human development directly menace the interlocking institutions of repression.

  • As new technologies emerge to empower the “peasant classes” to transcend their dependence on entrenched systems, Statist cabals will be driven to choose between escalating their use of violence, or acquiescing to change.

The idea of political power is that any means necessary must be employed to enroll the levels of agreement and compliance in the population to attain desired political goals. This amounts to coerced control; war by other means. Once a political process has secured the impression of agreement, or “manufactured consensus,” then State violence is employed in enforcing “democratic” policy. In this sense, political methods violate the basic principles of Voluntaryism.

  As to how we can “get there from here,” the specific pathways are not yet clear. However, if we commit ourselves and adhere to the principles of Voluntaryism, this clarity is certain to emerge. If we steadfastly refrain from violation of others’ lives, are faithful to voluntary agreements we make, and are always open to feedback, criticism, and correction of mistakes, methods of development and social organization we’re not yet aware of will be found. If we lose our resolution and cut corners, we will return to the descending course of our increasingly dangerous fall into corruption.

The transition to an all-voluntary society is the paradigm shift that most of humankind now intuits is coming. The idea is radical: going to the root of the delusions and illusory goals that have plagued us throughout history. Yet at the same time, it is very simple. As we go on, we will feel and intuit more easily those times when thoughts arise of acting in violation of the Sacred Space of others. Avoiding those mistakes, we will gradually feel more free, and more unencumbered with troubled consciences and fears. As these skills begin to become realized, we’ll be on the verge of entering a new world.

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in Order to form a more perfect union… (a discussion)

This is a discussion that we had on a local activist email list in June:

(list member 1):
As I understand it, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the law of the land, it is our form of government. It is not a partisan issue. It is said to be at the balanced center of govt control and none.
Of course they make it a party issue, and those wanting less control or more will not cease to push it in their desired direction.
(my reply):
What does “the law of the land” mean? Is that a legal term? What IS the United States of America? It can’t be “the land,” because that was obviously here a while before 1776.

If The Constitution for the United States of America is “our form of government,” how did we become party to it? Is it a contract that is binding on us, and if so, what is the evidence that we are parties to it? As I understand it, when it was created, of the 42 delegates remaining at the time of the document’s adoption, 35 were trained as attorneys. It’s generally stated by people writing about the drafting that the document was signed by 39 of the drafters, who, if so, would then be actual contractual parties to a formal agreement. However, if you look at the bottom of the signed parchment, it clearly says “In Witness (HUGE LETTERS) whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names”- So, the “signers,” almost 90% of whom were trained as attorneys and well aware of the legal significance of their signatures, were witnesses, not bound by the document.

The 14 states that ratified it did that through simple majority votes of state conventions that, like the populations that elected them, were exclusively white, male property owners. How, exactly, did the incredibly small (the state conventions ran from 26 to 271 delegates each) portion of the populations of the states they “represented,” derive the lawful authority to bind the entire population that happened to live on a patch of land that preexisted the formation of the “body politic” that actually composed “the state” to The Constitution? And, even if you think that a binding contractual agreement was, somehow, thereby created at that time, what is the evidence proving the agreement, made by men who are now dead well over 150 years, now binds us to that contract? Why should anyone have ANY control over anyone else other than to be able to stay them from violating their lives?

What exactly is this “state?” Where does it derive it’s “just powers,” and are those powers created only by a voluntary agreement of all parties?

Taking a rigid position that now, faced with unprecedented social, practical and environmental stessors, we need to return to a legal structure created under wildly different circumstances and with a very different population than we have today, may not be wise. The government supposedly “limited” by The Constitution has certainly not been stopped short of extreme invasions of lives, both of “foreigners” and of “citizens.” The point seems to me to be to focus merely on preventing violations against others lives rather than on “governing.” In particular, it seems that knowledge of the crucial nature of learning how to have a society governed solely through voluntary agreements, always by all parties to such contracts, is what should guide us now to a truly balanced center.

Bottom line: Does such a thing as a “government” really exist at all? If your answer is yes, how do you defend its legitimacy?

These are the questions facing us in this time,
(list member 1):
Down the rabbit hole we go. You bring up excellent questions. What to do now is the big elephant question in the room, and certainly learning from the past is part of it.
Webster’s 1828 + 1913 dictionary defines government as:

Gov”ern*ment (?), n. [F. gouvernement. See Govern.]

1. The act of governing; the exercise of authority; the administration of laws; control; direction; regulation; as, civil, church, or family government.

2. The mode of governing; the system of polity in a state; the established form of law.

I suppose it all (the Constitution) came about by the guys that jumped on it and there were many bystanders or just unrepresented parties not participating in the process. So it happened. If it can all be disqualified from the onset or some time around the Constitutional Convention, we still need to figure out what to do now.
(list member 2):
The way I see it, the Constitution a way of saying “we recognize the rights all are born with, and will protect them”. The constitution does not represent our rights, it’s really more like an oath.
Personally, the work I do is to preserve and protect those unalienable rights- and while the Constitution is an excellent document proclaiming protection of those rights it’s still only that- a document. It’s the spirit behind that document that makes it more than “just a piece of paper”.
That spirit is, I believe, the key to it all. That spirit is love, honor, bravery, and integrity.

Note: It’s rather interesting that the word “government” can be broken down into 2 parts, “Govern” which in Latin means to control, and “Ment” which in Latin means mind…. This of course is being hotly debated, could it really be just a coincidence??
(my second reply):
I would prefer not to be questioning the ideas of people for whom The Constitution symbolizes cherished values, but I think it’s time to look at these things with the rose colored glasses off.

Do you think that saying “we recognize the rights all are born with, and will protect them” was the intention of the trained attorneys drafting the Constitution? If that’s the case, why was the Supreme Court then made into a monopoly gatekeeper on a court system that has consistently ruled that the government has no responsibility to protect anyone?

What is this idea of “rights” in the first place? The first principles of natural law are to do no harm to others and honor your agreements with them, essentially meaning don’t use aggression or deceit. Don’t these two principles embody ALL of the so-called rights? Putting a handful of cases in enigmatic legalese into a Bill of Rights simply further muddied the waters. Under a truly effective system of law (what Common Law could be), there should be a remedy for all harms done. This is impossible under a thicket of statutes that provide ample room for all kinds of chicanery and evasion, to the point where major violators are given retroactive “immunity” from having to redress the damage they’ve done, etc.

Warm and fuzzy feelings about our noble founders good intentions (gone bad) will not go to the heart of the matters we face. A structure of government is created by people whose intent is to govern, or as you point out, control, society (i.e. the peasants, us). The spirit we need now, in my opinion, is one of unequivocally honoring the integrity of others, recognizing that when we don’t the person most harmed by the omissions is ourselves. If we have such a spirit (and volumes can – and probably will – be written about it’s meanings and implications) a “special piece of paper,” the meanings of which are stretched, ignored and disputed in order to gain illusory advantages by invading others’ lives, becomes a distraction from the truth of the immediate situation right now.

The obfuscation of the present moment is what has lead to a situation where a battle to “control of the minds” of the population of the world is proceeding apace. People must know in their bones that being invaded is not acceptable, and be allowed to see when that’s happening to themselves or others. When that spirit emerges and pervades society, the sanguine honoring of sacred documents will become irrelevant. In order for that to happen, we first must, each, stop pushing anyone else into circumstances or agreements they don’t enter into voluntarily, with full disclosure.

Just possibly, though I’m highly skeptical, The Framers were trying to do the best they could in 1787. However, quite evidently, it didn’t work. They created a document that merely masqueraded as a social contract. What we need now is some kind of social contract that people can become members to voluntarily (or not) and leave at their will if they find it has been misrepresented or changed behind their backs. This would be a free market, providing services to members that are not compulsory. It is not clear how we can do this, yet from my perspective this is the mission we must choose to accept.



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