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The Continuity in Government Project

The political infrastructure for martial law in the U.S. is already in place. Apparently unsure that the USAPATRIOT Act(s) and the Military Commissions Act weren’t strong enough, on May 9, 2007, Bush issued a document doubly titled “National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51″ and “Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20.” This document supposedly outlines the federal government’s plan […]

An Inconvenient Truthiness

This is a reply to the message pasted below to our Santa Cruz Ron Paul Meetup from one of the members: Dave, Where are you getting your assertedly authoritative information? Because the post below looks a lot like recirculated propaganda to me. At this point, nobody knows what is causing global warming, though recently there […]

Fascist Fellow-Travellers

A response to: Matthew Rothschild’s article on the FBI/InfraGard “partnership.” The creation of a cadre of “special citizens” linked directly to federal law enforcement seems a direct parallel to the Nazi’s Gauleiters. The US imperium can’t control the 22 million or so remaining Iraqis. How the dickens will they control the perhaps 350 million people […]

Blog Reset

I’ve just re-animated this blog, with all of the posts from the one I set up on a web-server account from the last year or so… This new blog is hosted on, as having a stand-alone blog kinda felt isolating, not surrounded by a HUGE blogging community like WordPress. I’m using a theme called […]

None of Your Business

(orig. published) February 14th, 2007 “What Do you want?” “Information!” Posted to RealTruth forum: In the above linked article, Rep. Ron Paul from Texas, one of the last real people left in the U.S. Congress, talks about the Rogue US Gov’t.’s latest invasive information gathering activities, masked in the guise of an upgraded census. […]

That Olde Tyme Religion

(orig. published) February 9th, 2007 This is a response I wrote to a post on Siona’s blog on Zaadz onChristian Fascism and pre-rational thought. (still working on my letter to Jeff Wells, sorta coming along…) 130 to 100 years ago in America, the ancestors of the people who are today falling under the spell of […]

Haven’t finished my open letter to Jeff Wells yet…

(orig. published) February 6th, 2007 …But, I really feel the need to get something up here, as I am now on my new, responsible blog regimen, and hopefully, will give y’all a reason to keep checking back. So, I have been meaning to put this up for a while anyway – it’s a holiday greeting […]

On the Sea Change

(orig. published) January 31st, 2007 Well, I have thrown all my thinking regarding what the heck I’m up to with this blog into the great mix-master in the sky. My friend Evelyn, ace blogger since the dawn of social media, has been chatting me up about what the blog thing is really about, and what […]

Another post to the “Psychopaths Brains Different” thread on SOTT

(orig. published) December 5th, 2006 Bholanath wrote: (quoting) I’m tending to agree with the above. While I hear from many quarters all day long about the necessity for “compassion”, “unconditional love”, etc., I’ve been shown the down side of “idiot compassion” and the really complex reality of in-the-moment nature of levels of compassion. We […]

Neural responses particular to psychopathology

(orig. published) December 4th, 2006 In response to thread: seems not that this article is reporting a difference in the physical organ of the pschopaths’ brains, but rather a difference in neural responses. In my opinion, this can indicate that there is a difference in the psychopaths’ model of reality – that they are […]