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Neighbour of alleged Vegas gunman thinks he was not behind the deadly crime – Rick, who claims to have lived next door to Stephen Paddock months before his alleged killing spree, did not notice any signs of criminality or anything out of the ordinary about his neighbour – by Adam Garrie – http://theduran.com/neighbour-alleged-vegas-gunman-thinks-not-behind-deadly-crime/ – “The man who introduced himself as Rick, phoned The Savage Nation radio show and told Michael Savage that the mainstream media narrative about Paddock does not add up. He further stated that the accused killer had no strong political views nor any noteworthy religious affiliation.”

YouTube Bans SYRIANGIRL’s Video About Her Facebook Ban – for ‘Hate Speech’https://southfront.org/youtube-bans-syriangirls-video-facebook-ban-hate-speech/ – “Dear Mark Zuckerberg and whichever faceless Orks run Youtube, – some friendly advice – this thing is going to go nuclear if you two don’t wise up and back down. SYRIANGIRL is too well-known, liked, and respected by too many important people for this not to blow up into a major stink. She speaks at top level conferences, has been on all manner of TV – in her native Australia, to RT, to Alex Jones, and many others. A lot of big people will pile on. This will blow up in your faces unless you backpedal quickly.”

Israeli Defense Minister Complains “Assad Is Winning” In Syriahttps://southfront.org/israeli-defense-minister-complains-assad-is-winning-in-syria/ – ” ‘I see a long international queue lining up to woo Assad, include Western nations, including moderate Sunnis. Suddenly everyone wants to get close to Assad. This is unprecedented. Because Assad is winning, everyone is standing in line,’ the minister (the heinous Avigdor Lieberman) said adding that the situation is ‘one of the greatest absurdities.’ ” – Comment: Help Us, Mr. HaShem!

“Putin Is The New Master Of The Middle East” – by Tyler Durden – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-03/bloomberg-putin-new-master-middle-east – “Relishing its newly-found power broker position, Russia also rejected a U.S. demand to make the Euphrates river a dividing line between Syrian government troops and U.S.-supported forces in eastern Syria. This led to a race to capture territory from retreating Islamic State fighters in a strategic and oil-rich border region, and is currently manifesting itself in the scramble to control Deir Ezzor.”

From the Sarcasm-Is-The-Weapon Desk: Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass? – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-03-five-more-things-dont-add-up-las-vegas-massacre-expended-brass.html – “I’m not trying to diss the cops here. As you know, I’m an advocate of honest, local police, and it’s clear that the beat cops did a fantastic job helping people seek cover on the ground below. But I do have an issue with the 72-minute response time during a full-auto machine gun spree in a city where there are dozens of cops within a one-mile radius.”

Plastomics is growing the next generation of crops with agtech – by Christine McGuigan – http://siliconprairienews.com/2017/10/plastomics-growing-next-generation-crops-agtech/ – “Chloroplast traits are inherited only through seed, which simplifies breeding and eliminates trait escape via pollen, a key stewardship issue for certain crops. Plastomics’ chloroplast engineering platform is a fast, efficient and more predictable way to introduce multiple traits into important crops that can also reduce time to market… ‘One of the reasons that we have chosen to set up a company around this platform technology is that the technology has never been developed as an industrialized platform for commercial use in crops,’ said Berberich. ‘No one has been successful in setting this platform up for crops like corn, sorghum and wheat. No one has been able to engineer the chloroplasts in these crops except for [our] founder.’ ” – Comment: Danger, Danger Will Robinson…

Christiana Figueres: Corporate leadership on climate change set to hit critical masshttps://www.edie.net/news/9/Christiana-Figueres–Corporate-leadership-on-climate-change-set-to-hit-critical-mass/ – “While tangible progress on the climate agenda has been made, albeit rather slowly, the recent narrative around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has not been so positive, as research suggests that many businesses are failing to follow through on their pledged commitments… Two years on from adoption, a UN Global Compact study has found that more than one-third of the 9,000 participating businesses still haven’t set any measurable targets.”

Sheldon Adelson group changes how it’s selling Israel on campus – The Maccabee Task Force is quietly making inroads among college progressives who have been a focus for anti-Israel activity – by Ron Kampeas – https://www.timesofisrael.com/sheldon-adelson-group-changes-how-its-selling-israel-on-campus/ – ” ‘We are very grateful for the really impactful activities to change the conversation about Israel,’ said Sarita Bronstein, the Hillel director at San Jose State University. In 2015, the campus became among the first to pass a student resolution favoring BDS… San Jose was one of 20 campuses where the Maccabee Task Force sent a team of strategists and funders last year. That’s doubled to 40 this year, an official of the group said… Beneficiaries say that what sets the group apart is that it provides cash and tactical advice — but leaves the vision up to the students.”

Bloomberg panics: “Putin has succeeded in making Russia a factor in the Middle East” – Diplomat says: Russia a ‘nimble boxer’ vs musclebound U.S. – by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/bloomberg-panics-putin-has-succeeded-in-making-russia-a-factor-in-the-middle-east/ – ” ‘Putin has succeeded in making Russia a factor in the Middle East. That’s why you see a constant stream of Middle Eastern visitors going to Moscow.’.. Success brings its own problems. As conflicting demands pile up, it’s not easy to send all those visitors home satisfied. ‘The more you try to adopt a position of dealing with all sides, the more you find that it’s hard to play that game,’’ Ross said.” – Comment: Ross doesn’t seem to note that Putin recently totally refused requests from Netanyahu for concessions…

What Did Washington Achieve in its Six Year War on Syria? – Well for one thing: “the military industrial complex could not have dreamed of a better scheme to rob the American people while enriching themselves!” – by Ron Paulhttp://russia-insider.com/en/politics/what-did-washington-achieve-its-six-year-war-syria/ri21128 – “The US is not about to leave on its own. With ISIS all but defeated in Syria, many in Washington are calling for the US military to continue its illegal occupation of parts of the country to protect against Iranian influence!.. Of course before the US military actions in Iraq and Syria there was far less Iranian influence in the region! So US foreign interventionism is producing new problems that can only be solved by more US interventionism?”

How I Got Fired (for Criticizing US Jewish Elites) – by Philip Giraldi – http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/how-i-got-fired-criticizing-us-jewish-elites/ri21132 – “This group of Israel advocates is as responsible as any other body in the United States for the deaths of thousands of Americans and literally millions of mostly Muslim foreigners in unnecessary wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It has also turned the U.S. into an active accomplice in the brutal suppression of the Palestinians… That they have never expressed any remorse or regret and the fact that the deaths and suffering don’t seem to matter to them are clear indictments of the sheer inhumanity of the positions they embrace… The friends of Israel rule by coercion, intimidation and through fear. If we suffer through a catastrophic war with Iran fought to placate Benjamin Netanyahu many people might begin to ask “Why?”.. But identifying the real cause would involve criticism of what some American Jews have been doing, which is not only fraught with consequences, but is something that also will possibly become illegal thanks to Congressional attempts to criminalize such activity. We Americans will stand by mutely as we begin to wonder what has happened to our country.”

Super Important, DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO!!!

Eerie Predictions in Vegas… Cui Bono? by TruthStream Media (16 min)

Las Vegas 10/1/17 & The Manipulation of History – (21 min)

Was A Warning Posted To Internet Ahead Of Vegas Shooting? “Don’t Go Anywhere There Are Large Groups Of People… It’s Called A High Incident Project” – by Mac Slavo – http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/was-a-warning-posted-to-internet-ahead-of-vegas-shooting-dont-go-anywhere-there-are-large-groups-of-people-its-called-a-high-incident-project_10042017 – “However, the user specifically mentions Las Vegas, large crowds being a target, and of course, the “solutions” that will following, including new security measures in and around Las Vegas, including metal detectors at casinos… Which brings us to the following headlines, which have been hitting the mainstream media Wednesday morning:US staging ‘fatal provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria – Lavrovhttps://www.rt.com/news/405588-lavrov-us-syria-provocations-russia/ – “In some cases, these forces mount allegedly accidental strikes against the Syrian Armed Forces, after which Islamic State [banned in Russia] counterattacks. In other cases, they inspire other terrorists to attack strategic locations over which official Damascus has restored its legitimate authority, or to stage fatal provocations against our military personnel,” Lavrov said.

The creator of ‘The Wire’ says the US needs a basic income due to the ‘death of work’ from automation – by Chris Weller – http://www.businessinsider.com/david-simon-basic-income-necessary-death-of-work-automation-2017-10

Crowds On Demand Recruited Crisis Actors for Las Vegas Event – by Ian Greenhalgh – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/10/04/crowds-on-demand-recruited-crisis-actors-for-las-vegas-event/ – “Crowds on Demand had also placed the same advert on Backstage.com, and as of today, it is still online: https://www.backstage.com/casting/crowds-on-demand-178842/ – Note the wording – “attending a show/concert”:  ● Crowd Member (Chorus / Ensemble): Males & Females, 21+  ● your role might involve anything from attending a show/concert to participating in a corporate PR stunt; the number one attribute needed is enthusiasm/energy.”

Las Vegas – Problem, Reaction and Now the Solution – by Isaac Davis – http://www.wakingtimes.com/2017/10/04/las-vegas-problem-reaction-now-solution/ – “A renewed push for gun control is to be expected after an event like this, but in the case of Las Vegas, there appears to be another major agenda already in play. This time the emphasis is on increasing security in public places, including the introduction of metal detectors and body scanners in places where the American public would not previously have tolerated… The very day after the shootings, Bloomberg news reported that metal detection was already being used at other hotels in Las Vegas.”

The Epic Saga of a Smart Meter Opt-Out – by Truthstream Media (47 min)

‘Sanctuary State’ Law Signed By Gov. Brown – Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial law that limits local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities – https://patch.com/california/santacruz/s/g8xcm/sanctuary-state-law-signed-by-gov-brown

SIS Mobile Groups Use U.S. At-Tanf Base For Raids Against Syrian Army – Russian Ministry Of Defensehttps://southfront.org/isis-mobile-groups-use-u-s-at-tanf-base-for-raids-against-syrian-army-russian-ministry-of-defense/ – “U.S. forces use refugees living in the Rukban camp in southeast Syria as a human shield, the Russian Defense Ministry has said: ‘Rukban refugees are de facto hostages, effectively a ‘human shield’ for the US base. Think about it, other than by Americans such ‘protection’ barriers are used in Syria only by those who they came here to fight, the terrorists,’ Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Friday.”

Post-Equifax Breach, It’s Time for a Digital Universal ID – by Ben Algaze – https://www.extremetech.com/internet/256934-post-equifax-hack-time-digital-universal-id – “Given that the Aadhaar system stores physical identification data, as well as a host of demographic information, a major concern is that if it’s compromised, it’s really a single point of failure with disastrous consequences for the myriad services that depend on it. While Aadhaar employs state-of-the-art encryption, usually the compromise to such a system comes from a weaker link–an improperly designed or unaudited mobile or web app, or a phishing scam that steals a credential from someone with wide access to the system.”

From the Problem-Reaction-Solution Desk: US hotels mull bolstering security after Las Vegas shooting
– They can look to hotels like Israel’s King David that reportedly uses infrared cameras, bomb-searching robots in sewers and aircon that can thwart a poison gas attack – by Kelvin Chan and David Koenig – https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-hotels-mull-bolstering-security-after-las-vegas-shooting/

Saudi FM offers thinly veiled criticism of US during press conference with Sergey Lavrov – The context of Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir’s criticism of American style foreign meddling is a clear sign that even a country like Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its geo-economic and hence, geo-political portfolio -by Adam Garrie – http://theduran.com/saudi-fm-offers-thinly-veiled-criticism-of-us-during-press-conference-with-sergey-lavrov/

REVEALED: FBI Aided, Abetted ‘ISIS’ Terrorist Attack at ‘Mohammed Cartoon Event’ in Garland, Texas – from the Daily Shooter – http://21stcenturywire.com/2017/10/06/fbi-aided-abetted-isis-terrorist-attack-mohammed-cartoon-event-garland-texas/ – “According to a new legal case filed against the FBI, court filings have revealed how the agency allowed an alleged ‘home grown’ ISIS attack to take place in Garland, Texas on May 4, 2015. International criminal lawyer Jennifer Breedon shows the FBI was complicit in the attack, and even enticed the two terrorists to carry out the attack, and where agents had ‘pretended to be ISIS’ in order to keep their entrapment operation going… On the surface this is a clear case of entrapment by the FBI, but upon deeper examination it’s now clear that the FBI seems to have aided and abetted a terrorist attack on US soil.” (emphasis added)

Head of Syrian Al-Qaeda Slips Into Coma After Russian Aircraft Strike — Defense Ministry – Days ago Russians said they had gravely wounded al-Julani and that his arm had been amputated – http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/head-syrian-al-qaeda-slips-coma-after-russian-aircraft-strike-defense-ministry/ri21189 – ” ‘Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has destroyed the largest underground arsenal of Jabhat al-Nusra (Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, a terror organization outlawed in Russia) near the community of Abu al-Duhur where terrorists stored more than 1,000 tonnes of ammunition for tube and missile artillery,’ Konashenkov said.”

Under-Siege Maduro Asks Russia, China to Help Him Strike Back Against the Dollar – He’ll sell his oil for remnibi and rubles but wants entire OPEC to follow – http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/under-siege-maduro-asks-russia-china-help-him-strike-back-against-dollar/ri21164 – “Maduro also insisted that Venezuela is dealing with its debt to Russia, currently in the billions, and that Rosneft’s deal with Venezuelan state oil producer PDVSA is “subject to negotiation.” “We fulfill all the obligations to Russia. If we get more favorable terms for restructuring the debt, this will be the result of a deal between the two governments,” said Maduro. It was unclear how Putin felt toward said proposal.”

Has The Israel Lobby Destroyed Americans’ First Amendment Rights? – by Paul Craig Roberts – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47956.htm – “Americans should think about the fact that Israel is the only country on earth that it is impermissible to criticize. Anyone who criticizes Israeli policy, especially toward the Palestinians, or remarks on Israel’s influence, is branded an “anti-semite.” Even mild critics who are trying to steer Israel away from making mistakes, such as former President Jimmy Carter, are branded “anti-semites.”.. The Israel Lobby’s purpose in labeling a critic an “anti-semite” is to discredit the criticism as an expression of dislike or hatred of Jews. In other words, the criticism is presented as merely an expression of the person’s aversion to Jewishness. A persistent critic is likely to be charged with trying to incite a new holocaust.”

Syria – Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terroristshttp://www.moonofalabama.org/2017/10/syria-russia-issues-third-warning-against-us-cooperation-with-terrorists.html#more – “There have now been three significant incidents against the Russian-Syrian alliance in which, according to Russia, U.S. malignancy played a role. Each time Russian officials warned of consequences. To some extend the U.S. hostility is incited by Israeli nagging. But the record shows that CentCom, the U.S. military command in the Middle East, is overtly aggressive and not always following Washington’s line. It is high time for the White House to get the situation under control.”

The Mystery of the Russia-gate Puppies – by Robert Parry – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47958.htm – “Yes, I know that some Democrats are still hoping against hope that they can ride Russia-gate all the way to Trump’s impeachment and get him ridden out of Washington D.C. on a rail, but the political risk to Democrats is that they will harden the animosity that many in the white working class already feel toward the party… That could do more to strengthen Trump’s appeal to these voters than to weaken him, while hollowing out Democratic support among millions of peace voters who may simply declare a plague on both parties.”

Britain Moves To Criminalize Reading Extremist Material On The Internet – by Jonathan Turley – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47964.htm – “What is particularly striking is that this new law seeks to create a new normal in a society already desensitized to government controls and speech crimes. There is no pretense left in this campaign — just a smiling face rallying people to the cause of thought control.”

Iran’s Jews on life inside Israel’s ‘enemy state’: ‘We feel secure and happy’ – by Kim Sengupta – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/irans-jews-on-life-inside-israels-enemy-state-we-feel-secure-and-happy-a6934931.html

WARNING: There Is Going to be an Attempted Communist Revolution on Nov. 4 – by Daisy Luther – http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/warning-there-is-going-to-be-an-attempted-communist-revolution-on-nov-4_10052017 – “Oh, wait – I forgot to tell you – they have a draft of a constitution with which they want to replace the governing document of America. It’s called, ‘The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.’.. The New Socialist Republic in North America is, like all states, a form of dictatorshipthe dictatorship of the proletariat–which means that, in its essential character and its basic principles, structures, institutions and political processes, it must give expression to and serve the fundamental interests of the proletariat, a class whose exploitation is the engine of the accumulation of capitalist wealth and the functioning of capitalist society and whose emancipation from its exploited condition can only be brought about through the communist revolution, with its goal of abolishing all relations of exploitation and oppression and achieving the emancipation of humanity as a whole….one of the principal aims is to eliminate the ownership of private capital and the resultant relations of exploitation in the form of wage labor; and while, for a fairly long period of time, it will be necessary for people employed in enterprises and other units of the socialist economy to receive remuneration–and to meet their various personal needs, to a significant degree–through the medium of money, it will be possible, and will be the orientation, to eliminate, in a much shorter period of time, conditions and situations in which individuals are forced to work for other individuals who own private capital. Accordingly, the private ownership of means of production and other capital, and the hiring of wage labor by owners of private capital, shall be prohibited. (source) (emphasis added by author of article) – Note: Also, BTW, Media independent of the (communist) government will require a license to operate. Sounds good…

9/11 Gave Us the Police State With the “Patriot” Act, After Vegas Get Ready for “USA Liberty” Act – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.activistpost.com/2017/10/911-gave-us-police-state-patriot-act-vegas-get-ready-usa-liberty-act.html

Google Clips (Their slick new $250 camera) Automatically Identifies Everyone Including Your Pets – by MassPrivateI – https://www.activistpost.com/2017/10/google-clips-automatically-identifies-everyone-including-pets.html – “Google Clips tells users to download their pictures to Google Photos, which gives Google permission to modify your pictures, make compilation videos of them and much more… Once a user has downloaded their pictures to Google Photos, they can kiss their privacy goodbye as their Terms of Service states: ‘When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works…’ (Source)

From the Honest-Injun Desk: ‘We’re not heroes, we’re just soldiers’: British troops who were partying in Las Vegas tell how they raced from Hooters Hotel to help gun massacre victims – by Paddy Dinham & Larisa Brown – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4954942/British-troops-rushed-save-Las-Vegas-massacre-victims.html –  “● Six troopers from the Queen’s Dragoon Guards were in Las Vegas on Sunday  ● Ross Woodward tried to save a man shot in the back and held his hand as he died  ● He also prepared makeshift tourniquets and helped a woman in a wheelchair  ● Stuart Finlay saved the life of a woman who had also been hit on her lower back  ● Chris May identified himself to policemen and was tasked with helping the FBI  ● Dean Priestley, James Astbury and Zak Davidson also helped the wounded”

Mandalay Bay CEO Gave Money To Terror Groups, Sold Millions In Shares – Weeks Before Attack! – http://thenewyorknewsday.com/2017/10/08/mandalay-bay-ceo-gave-money-to-terror-groups-sold-millions-in-shares-weeks-before-attack/ – “The CEO of Mandalay Bay, James Murren, has donated millions to organizations tied to Islamic terrorism, and it has now been revealed that he sold off most of his company shares in the weeks leading up to the Las Vegas shooting.”


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