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Elana Freeland – Under An Ionized Sky – Book Tour – Soquel, 2/11/18 (2hr 20min)

When Dealing with a Bear, Hubris Is Suicidal – by The Saker – http://www.unz.com/tsaker/when-dealing-with-a-bear-hubris-is-suicidal/ – “So what does it tell us, and future historians, when this kind of crap is written by a staff writer of an “award winning” media outlet? Does it not show that our society has now reached a stage in its decay (I can’t call that “development”) where lies become the norm? Not only are even grotesque and prima facie absurd lies accepted, they are expected (if only because they reinforce the current ideological Zeitgeist. The result? Our society is now packed with first, zombified ideological drones who actually believe any type of officially proclaimed of nonsense and, second, by cowards who lack the basic courage to denounce even that which they themselves know to be false… Initially, you might be tempted to believe that, indeed, your interlocutor is not too bright and not too well read, but eventually you realize that there is something very different happening: the modern man actually makes a very determined effort not to be capable of logical thought and not to be informed of the basic facts of the case. And what is true for specific individuals is even more true of our society as a whole.” (emphasis added)

My video of Auther, Teacher, and Researcher Elana Freeland, speaking on her book tour for her recently released UNDER AN IONIZED SKY, in Soquel, Calif. on Feb. 11 this year. – Comment: Perhaps long, but Good.

Global Research News Hour: Patrick Henningsen on Truth and Lies of Syrian Conflict (27 min)

Video interview of Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire.com by host Michael Welch – Comment: If you’re interested in what’s really going on in Syria now, Patrick unpacks a massive amount of information on major aspects of the Syrian war in this relatively short interview.

RT presenter destroys Piers Morgan, after Piers claims he is certain that Putin “kills journalists” (Video 7 min) – Piers Morgan seems to have evidence that no one else on the planet has… by Alex Christoforou – http://theduran.com/rt-presenter-destroys-piers-morgan-after-piers-claimed-he-is-certain-that-putin-kills-journalists-video/

ADL Creepy New Ad Promotes Censorship Under Online Hate Index – by Aaron Kesel – http://theduran.com/rt-presenter-destroys-piers-morgan-after-piers-claimed-he-is-certain-that-putin-kills-journalists-video/ – “Just in case there is any doubt that the ADL and SPLC are behind the recent YouTube purge, the ADL made it clear in a tweet last August that they were helping on YouTube’s Trusted Flaggers Program… Ironically, the comments were disabled for the ADL video, probably because of the backlash that would have followed. Further, ADL, if you have to suppress a free discussion board that might say something about what you are doing. As I have reiterated for the past year, “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual” – yet, big tech industries and thinktank organizations and nonprofits seem to think that it was.”

Media Silent as Trump Administration Gives Power Over Gun Control to Federal Agencies – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/media-silent-as-trump-administration-gives-power-over-gun-control-to-federal-agencies.html – “As The Free Thought Project reported in December, the Fix NICS Act will pressure federal agencies and states to report as many names as possible to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, “=’making it only a matter of time before this list becomes so large that nearly any activity could serve to remove your Second Amendment rights.’.. ‘When President Obama couldn’t get Congress to pass gun control, he implemented a strategy of compelling, through administrative rules, the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to submit lists of veterans and seniors, many of whom never had a day in court, to be included in the NICS database of people prohibited from owning a firearm,” Massie said. “Only a state court, a federal (article III) court, or a military court, should ever be able to suspend your rights for any significant period of time.’ ”

Skripal Poisoning – British Provcation – Statement of Russian Permanent Rep. to UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya – https://southfront.org/skripal-poisoning-british-provcation/ – “ ‘For the British specialists to be perfectly confident that this was a Novichok agent and not any other kind, they would need a control standard for proof. It must be compared to a control substance,’ the diplomate stated. ‘They have a collection and they have the formula. In other words, if the UK is so firmly convinced this is Novichok, they have samples and formula and are capable of formulating it themselves.’ ”

Global Research News Hour: Patrick Henningsen on Truth and Lies of Syrian Conflict – video interview of Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire.com by host Michael Welch (27 min): https://youtu.be/2yn5nyegYZ4Comment: If you’re interested in what’s really going on in Syria now, Patrick unpacks a massive amount of information on major aspects of the Syrian war in this relatively short interview.

UK Column News – 14th March 2018 – Hosts Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with David Ellis and Vanessa Beeley (51 min) – https://youtu.be/ub6b1DP9KG4 – Comment: In this episode of this remarkable news program, the combined team ties together the ongoing deconstruction of the UK armed forces with the furor surrounding the fraudulent Russian Skripal Poisoning Narrative and the War in Syria to advance a very plausible, and frightening thesis that forces are driving the UK and the EU toward a potentially devastating war with Russia. Highly recommended.

Chief of Russian General Staff Says Will Target US Aircraft if Strikes on Syrian Army Endanger His Menhttps://russia-insider.com/en/chief-russian-general-staff-says-will-target-us-aircraft-if-strikes-syrian-army-endanger-his-men – “Moscow is ready to respond if lives of the Russian servicemen are endangered, including by strikes on Damascus, head of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov said… ‘There are many Russian advisers, representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and [Russian] servicemen in Damascus and at Syrian defense facilities,’ Gerasimov stated… In case lives of Russian military personnel are put in danger, the Russian Armed Forces will respond with certain measure to both “missiles” and “lauchers” which are delivering these projectiles.’. Clearly the Russians want the US to think long and hard whether it really wants to launch any more attack on Syrian government, and how it wants to go about doing that.”

Digital Papers Please: New Reports of TSA Searching Computers and Cellphones for DOMESTIC Flights – by Nicholas West – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/tsa-searching-electronic-devices-domestic-flights.html – “In October 2017, the TSA announced it would be heightening screening procedures of domestic passengers’ devices, including tablets and e-readers, but it has not released any policies or procedures governing these searches, the ACLU said… The ACLU said it had received no response to its public records requests sent in December 2017, forcing the group to file the lawsuit, which is seeking fairly basic policy documents… A TSA spokesman, Matt Leas, declined to comment on the lawsuit but said: ‘TSA does not search the contents of electronic devices.’ ” – Note: That does not mean that the TSA doesn’t download the contents of devices into databases.

The Coldest Story Ever Told – by Dr. Mark Sircus – http://drsircus.com/spiritual-psychology/coldest-story-ever-told/ – “This is what we are seeing all over the world, record cold temperatures, but not beating records by small margins but smashing them. One would think the next mini-ice age would come in slowly, creeping up at us so we would hardly notice. That is not what is happening, and scientists have warned us of this, but no one is paying attention because crazy politicians and the public media are still shouting about manmade global warming.”

U.S. CENTCOM: Russia, Iran Prevent Syria From “Moving Forward”. Russian Air Defenses Threaten U.S. Air Power’s Dominancehttps://southfront.org/u-s-centcom-russia-iran-prevent-syria-from-moving-forward-russian-air-defenses-threaten-u-s-air-powers-dominance/ – ” ‘Iran has been a key enabler of the regime for a while… [Russia] also is a key enabler of the regime,’ he (Votel) said. If Russia, Syria and Iran do win in the region, ‘it means we will contend with this influence of Iran in this particular area and the influence of Russia.’.. Votel also said that the UN ceasefire imposed last month has had little effect and complained that the increase of Russian air defense capabilities in Syria threaten the US air power’s dominance.” (emphasis added)

from the Revenge-Of-The-Diaspora Desk: David Icke stars in “I am not an antisemite” (from a year ago, 7 min) – by the Campaign Against “Anti-Semitism,” (CAA) – https://youtu.be/ZhKK-KKgHOoComment: This video is from a year ago. This group in the UK has just manipulated the police to shut-down a sold-out event he had scheduled coming up soon by threatening the owners of the venue where he’s appeared before without incident with who-knows-what lies coming from CAA. I put this comment below the video: “This video is, as David might say, pathetic. As much as the lapdog MSM works to demonize him, the integrity of what he says keeps shining through. THAT’s why he has thousands and thousands of followers. We’re waking up to “the Jewish Question.” It’s not about race or culture, it’s about the behaviour of those who control Jewish polity. Bad behaviour. I imagine this comment will be deleted as I see no other comments here pointing out the obvious. Have at it. People will awaken to what you’re doing and have done.”

The Quest to Bring 3-D-Printed Homes to the Developing World – by Arielle Pardes – https://www.wired.com/story/new-story-3-d-printed-house/?CNDID=44958341&mbid=nl_031318_daily_list1_p4 – “For the past 10 months, New Story has tinkered away with construction technology company ICON to design a 3-D printer for building homes in regions of the world that lack the economic resources to house their poorest citizens. Today, the companies are showing off the fruits of their labor: a 350-square-foot structure in Austin, Texas, and the first 3-D-printed house in the country built to local housing code… The Texas house is just a prototype of the fast, cheap, and sustainable home design the company hopes to bring to El Salvador, Bolivia, Haiti, and Mexico. Using current traditional methods, it takes New Story eight months to build a community of 100 homes, which cost about $6,000 each. With a 3-D printer, it says it can build one home a day at a cost of $4,000 per structure.”

Trump Votes For Rexit – Torture Girl To Become CIA Director – by Moon Of Alabama – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48982.htm – “CIA head Pompeo, the new Secretary of State, is a neoconservative with a racist anti-Muslim attitude and a special hate for Iran which he compared to ISIS. That he will now become Secretary of State is a bad sign for the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Europeans especially should take note of that and should stop to look for a compromise with Trump on the issue. The deal is now dead. There is no chance that a compromise will happen… The new CIA director Gina Haspel is well known for actively directing and participating in the torture of prisoners at ‘black sites’: Beyond all that, she played a vital role in the destruction of interrogation videotapes that showed the torture of detainees both at the black site she ran and other secret agency locations. The concealment of those interrogation tapes, which violated multiple court orders as well as the demands of the 9/11 commission and the advice of White House lawyers, was condemned as “obstruction” by commission chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Keane… Haspel would be in jail if former president Barack Obama had not decided against prosecuting the CIA torture crimes.” – Comment: I feel better now.

Big Pharma Paid Millions in Secret Settlements After Antidepressants Linked to Mass Murder – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/03/big-pharma-paid-millions-secret-settlements-antidepressants-linked-mass-murder.html – “While history has shown that the most notorious mass shooters in this century were taking antidepressants or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) before they carried out the deadly rampages, there are a number of killings that have been linked directly to the dangerous drugs. In fact, the pharmaceutical companies behind the most popular SSRI’s have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in damages:”

Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what? – by Jon Rappoport – https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/03/12/head-of-secret-pentagon-program-says-ufos-can-warp-space-time-what/ – ” ‘We do believe all these observables we’ve been seeing, sudden and extreme [UFO] acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans medium travel, and last but not least, positive lift, anti-gravity – is really the manifestation of a single technology.’.. ‘So it’s not five exotic technologies we’re trying to figure out, it’s one, and we think we know that one too.’..’“We believe it has to do with a high amount of energy and the ability to warp space-time, not by a lot, but by a little.’ ”

‘Just because the poison was made in Russia doesn’t mean they’re behind it’ – ex-MI5 officer (VIDEO)  – https://www.rt.com/uk/421158-russia-spy-mi5-machon/ – ” ‘(Chemical) agents can be developed and used by governments all over the world,’ she said. ‘If this Novichok agent was developed in Russia, it doesn’t mean it’s stayed in Russia – [any more than] any of the other agents developed by Germany, the USA, or the UK have stayed in their own countries.’.. ‘The fact that the… UK facility for identifying those agents was able to identify this very quickly would indicate that they know exactly what this nerve agent is, which means that they have the chemical formula for it too. So, who knows where it came from?’… ‘It might have been developed in Russia, but it doesn’t mean that is state-sanctioned by Russia. It’s a damaging conflation in a particularly sensitive diplomatic time.’ ” (emphasis added)

Russia won’t respond to UK ultimatum until samples of alleged chemical weapon received – Lavrov  – https://www.rt.com/news/421126-lavrov-response-uk-skripal/ – ” ‘We have certainly heard the ultimatum voiced in London,’ Lavrov said on Tuesday. ‘The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry has commented on our attitude to this,’ he added referring to Maria Zakharova branding of May’s appearance in Parliament as a “circus.”.. He added that a case of alleged use of chemical weapons should be handled through the proper channel, being the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – of which both Russia and Britain are members.

Oakland’s Homeless Americans Die Uncounted As Mayor Protects Illegal Immigrants – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-11/oaklands-homeless-americans-die-uncounted-mayor-protects-illegal-immigrants – “In rapidly gentrifying Oakland, an investigation by the San Francisco Chronicle determined that thousands of homeless who die within the city limits aren’t officially identified as homeless on their death certificates, making it easier for public officials to ignore a worsening crisis as rising property values and rents increasingly push the most vulnerable individuals out onto the streets... As the Chronicle notes, Alameda County – a county that encompasses Oakland and the surrounding area – does not collect data on how many homeless people die each year or their causes of death. And even if it did – neither the state nor the federal government track these data, or require them to be collected, meaning that even the figures cited above constitute very rough estimates.”

Explainer: The poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal – by “Guy Faulconbridge” from (Rothschild-owned) Reuters – https://in.reuters.com/article/britain-russia-explainer/explainer-the-poisoning-of-former-russian-double-agent-sergei-skripal-idINKCN1GP2C8 – “Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump acknowledged the British charges of involvement against Russia, but said he needed to talk to May before rendering a judgment… ‘As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them, we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be,’ Trump, who earlier fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after a series of policy rifts, said… ‘It sounds to me like they believe it was Russia, and I would certainly take that finding as fact,’ he added.” – Comment: Did any of these people take elementary logic at any time in their lives? Also, Reuters has totally spiked the verified information that fentanyl traces were found on the bench where Skripal and his daughter, who was not passed out when found, but was acting like she was on a drug trip. I think Reuters still has some ‘splainin’ to do…

Russia says U.S. plans to strike Damascus, pledges military responsehttps://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-usa/russia-says-u-s-plans-to-strike-damascus-pledges-military-response-idUSKCN1GP0TY – “Russia said on Tuesday it had information that the United States planned to bomb the government quarter in Damascus on an invented pretext, and said it would respond militarily if it felt Russian lives were threatened by such an attack… He said the United States intended to use the fake attack as a pretext to bomb the government quarter in nearby Damascus where he said Russian military advisers, Russian military police and Russian ceasefire monitors were based… ‘In the event of a threat to the lives of our servicemen, Russia’s armed forces will take retaliatory measures against the missiles and launchers used,’ Gerasimov said in a statement.”

REVEALED: US Admit That Strategy to ‘Dethrone’ Putin for Oil Pipelines Could Trigger WW3 – by Nafeez Ahmed – http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/03/12/revealed-us-strategy-to-dethrone-putin-oil-pipelines-might-provoke-ww3/ – “The remarkable document, prepared by the US Army’s Culture, Regional Expertise and Language Management Office (CRELMO), concedes that expansionist NATO policies played a key role in provoking Russian militarism. It also contemplates how current US and Russian antagonisms could spark a global nuclear conflict between the two superpowers… The document remains staunchly critical of Russia and Putin, but finds that Russian belligerence cannot be understood without accounting for the context of ongoing US interference in what Russia perceives to be its legitimate ‘sphere of influence.’ ”

Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons – by Peter KORZUN – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/03/13/ukraine-gets-official-nato-status-weighing-up-pros-cons.html – “Let’s take a look at the facts. Ukraine’s economy is in a funk. It depends on the West for help. Kiev already spends much more than the 2% of GDP required for defense allocations, in accordance with the recently approved NATO standard. The West will have to help Ukrainian taxpayers shoulder the burden. Besides anti-tank systems, Ukraine’s military lacks much of the weaponry and equipment a modern force is supposed to have in its inventory. As a result, its soldiers do not have the needed skills to operate these sophisticated, up-to-date systems. Training Ukrainian servicemen is a massive, onerous project.”


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