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US Says No Evidence Assad Behind Chemical Attack; But Will Retaliate Regardless Of UN Decision – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-09/us-says-no-evidence-assad-behind-chemical-attack-will-retaliate-regardless-un – “Meanwhile, the UN Security Council met on Monday to discuss the latest developments – said Staffen de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy to Syria.  “Recent developments carry more than ever before” the risks contained within the multiple “fault lines in the Middle East” that could have “absolutely devastating consequences, which are difficult to even imagine,” the official said, underscoring the possibility that the crisis in Syria may spiral into a larger international security crisis… ‘The United Nations is unable to independently verify or attribute responsibility for this attack, but we have all parties to show utmost restraint and avoid any further escalation or confrontation,’ de Mistura said.”

Trump’s Syria “Withdrawal” Was Textbook US Deception – by Tony Cartalucci – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/04/trumps-syria-withdrawal-was-textbook-us-deception.html – “…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (Brookings Institute: Which Path to Persia?)… Nothing could be more “outrageous” or “deadly” than using chemical weapons on civilians… That such allegations of a chemical attack already served as a successful pretext for US military aggression in the form of cruise missile strikes across Syria under President Trump before, is precisely why the Syrian government wouldn’t have carried out such chemical attacks then, and most certainly would not carry them out now – especially if the US was allegedly seeking to exit Syrian territory… For those who have invested hope into President Trump – his role in a documented scheme to deceive the global public and make US military aggression appear as a last resort after apparently withdrawing from confrontation – is sufficient evidence that it is not “Trump vs. the Deep State,” but that “Trump is the Deep State.” ”

Fingerprints, Eye Scans Now Required To Buy Food In India, As Banks Cut Off Cryptocurrencies – by John Vibes – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/04/fingerprints-eye-scans-now-required-to-buy-food-in-india-as-banks-cut-off-cryptocurrencies.html – “In addition to the vast violation of privacy that this program introduces, it is also highly inefficient, with possibly fatal results. A recent study determined that 20 percent of an entire region was cut off from food rations because their Internet connections were not good enough to access the program… If you think this type of control grid isn’t possible in the United States, think again. Harvard Professor Jacqueline Bhabha praised the drastic new policy, saying that, ‘No one has approached that scale and that ambition. It has been hailed, and justifiably so, as an extraordinary triumph to get everyone registered.’ ”

From the ‘Splainin’-To-Do Desk: Why did Assad use chemical weapons? Because he can – by Avi Issacharoff – https://www.timesofisrael.com/why-did-assad-use-chemical-weapons-because-he-can/

Trump tweets condemnation of Syria chemical attack, saying Putin shares the blame – by Carol Morello and Jenna Johnson – https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-tweets-condemnation-of-syria-chemical-attack-criticizing-putin-for-sharing-the-blame/2018/04/08/c9c1c0e5-d063-4133-ae4d-e26496f79fff_story.html – ” The likelihood of a military strike against Syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack increased Sunday as President Trump said there would be a “big price to pay” and officials in France vowed the country would “do its duty” in responding.” (emphasis added) – Comment: Western Civilization circles the drain.

Ex-Spy Skripal Is Awake and Talking – No doubt he’ll be under immense pressure by the British now to tell the right story – https://russia-insider.com/en/ex-spy-skripal-awake-and-talking/ri23008

SYRIA: The Egregious Western Media ‘Chemical Weapon’ Fraud in Eastern Ghouta – by Vanessa Beeley – http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/04/08/syria-the-egregious-western-media-chemical-weapon-fraud-in-eastern-ghouta/ – ” Fast forward to Eastern Ghouta which is now 90% liberated from the many terrorist factions that have occupied this eastern suburb of Damascus since 2012 and we have seen an uptick in the claims of chemical weapon attacks as the SAA noose draws tighter around  the terrorist enclaves. Most of those claims are being circulated by the Al Qaeda auxiliary organisation, the White Helmets.”

Dozens killed in apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, rescue workers say – by Louisa Loveluck and Erin Cunningham – https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/dozens-killed-in-apparent-chemical-weapons-attack-on-civilians-in-eastern-ghouta–rescue-workers/2018/04/08/231bba18-3ac0-11e8-af3c-2123715f78df_story.html – “President Trump responded to the attack on his Twitter account Sunday, describing it as an “atrocity.”.. ‘Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria,’ he said… ‘Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price …’.. Multiple reports, including from rescue workers and the State Department, said an initial attack had targeted a hospital. It was unclear, however, what type of chemicals may have been used… ‘We tried to send people to the area to rescue the injured, but even the rescue workers began suffocating,’ said Mohamed Samer, a medical worker in Douma… (and buried at the bottom of the article, written in a way that many might not understand): Jaish al-Islam launched volleys of rockets into densely populated Damascus districts as the fighting intensified, killing or maiming residents and striking terror into the broader community.” (emphasis added) Comment: There are videos on the Qasioun News Agency and YASER ALDOUMANI2 channels on YouTube (and not blocked) that show many people that appear obviously dead. They are in what look like private homes, not a hospital setting. I would speculate that in this case, prisoners of Jaish al-Islam or “apostates” including children have been murdered for this major propaganda campaign. The MSM are uniformly carrying the stories associated with this with zero analysis or skepticism. People identified in the article as “rescue workers” or “medical workers” are most likely members of the controversial “White Helmets” group associated with the terrorist occupied areas, and well documented to also act as soldiers in the terrorist militias – It’s interesting that the MSM are now choosing to no longer identify their affiliation with the White Helmets.

The Economics Behind The Skripal Poisoning – podcast with Prof. Michael Hudson (approx. 15 min) – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49159.htm

From the United-Propaganda-Front Desk: Dozens Suffocate in Syria as Government Is Accused of Chemical Attack – by Ben Hubbard – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/08/world/middleeast/syria-chemical-attack-ghouta.html

Innocent Email Throws #NeverAgain Narrative Into Question – by Richard Enos – http://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/04/06/innocent-email-throws-neveragain-narrative-into-question/ – “On March 30, blogger Dr. Eowyn wrote a post on the ‘Fellowship of the Minds’ website that suggests that plans for the demonstrations were initiated long before the Parkland shooting. The evidence? A statement in an email sent to a source of European researcher Ole Dammegard by Officer Scott C. Earhardt of the Homeland Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department: ‘In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018.  MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event. .’

The Trump Administration Wants to Cut Off Internet Access for Poor Americans – by Nicole Goodkind – https://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/trump-administration-wants-cut-internet-access-poor-americans – ” ‘The Lifeline Program is essential for millions of Americans who rely on subsidized internet access to find jobs, schedule doctor’s appointments, complete their school assignments, interface with the government, and remain connected in a digital economy,’ they wrote. ‘The program helps Americans — including disproportionate numbers of families with children, veterans and people of color — survive.’.. The letter also questioned the economic reasoning for the program change. ‘It is unclear why the FCC would spend billions of dollars to expand access to broadband while at the same time make Lifeline less accessible to those who need it most,’ it read.”

From the Here-We-Go-Again Desk: Scientists suggest a giant sunshade in the sky could solve global warming – by Peter Beaumont – https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/apr/05/scientists-suggest-giant-sunshade-in-sky-could-solve-global-warming – “Scientists have long known that manmade events like pollution in the atmosphere, smoke from forest fires and volcanic eruptions can create a cooling effect… That has led scientists at Harvard University to propose their own experiment, which they call “stratospheric controlled perturbation effect”, or SCoPEx for short. It involves using a balloon to test the controversial proposition that aerosols released at a height of 20km in the Earth’s atmosphere can alter the reflective properties of cloud cover… Now a dozen scholars, from countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica and Thailand, have joined the debate, arguing in the journal Nature that poor countries should take a lead in the field since they have most to gain or lose from the technology.” (emphasis added) – Comment: “scientists at Harvard University”: This couldn’t involve Geoengineer David Keith, now could it?

Russian Military: Jaysh al-Islam Killed Three Of Its Commanders Participating In Negotiationshttps://southfront.org/russian-military-jaysh-al-islam-killed-three-of-its-commanders-participating-in-negotiations/ – ” ‘As a result of sharp contradictions among odious militants and those who were ready for negotiations, the former leaders of the group were physically eliminated,’ said Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, head of the reconciliation center, according to the Russian news agency TASS.” – Comment: During the recent cease fire in Douma, Jaish al-Islam had been allowing its wounded fighters and some civilians to leave in busses. However 2 days ago that stopped and JAI started shelling civilian areas of Damascus again. Now, the final ground assault on the last terrorist pocket in East Ghouta is underway.

Fake Fake News Is a Danger to Our Fake Democracy – TruthStream Media (video 12 min)

(with an astonishing expose of organized MSM mind control)

Hill and Don’s Honduran Caravan – by Paul Street – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49160.htm – “Forget that very few among the 1200 or so Central American migrants travelling in what is now an annual Easter time caravan through Mexico have any intention of seeking asylum in the U.S. (As KCUR radio reported three days ago, “The annual event organized by activists” is “designed to keep migrants safe and share information about their rights” inside Mexico.).. Forget that the number of “illegal immigrants” caught at the U.S. border (310,000 last year, down from a peak of 1.6 million in 2000) is currently at its lowest level since 1971… Forget that the Caravan marchers are running away from drug violence and organized crime, among other scourges, in countries that have been ravaged by U.S. policy (including U.S. foreign, political, economic, military, drug, and climate policy) for decades.”

Weaponizing anti-Semitism against Corbyn could endanger Jews, Israeli academic Ilan Pappé warnshttps://www.rt.com/uk/423191-corbyn-papp%C3%A9-semitic-gaza/ – “The University of Exeter professor went on to refute claims that Corbyn is an anti-Semite, saying: ‘I have been involved with him in the past in some political activism and ever since I follow closely his political career and I could not find a shred of evidence for his anti-Semitism,’ Pappé said. ‘He was, and is, very critical on Israel’s policies, as are many Jews including myself.’.. Pappé, who is a consistent collaborator with linguist Noam Chomsky, added that accusations of anti-Semitism have been weaponized to attack Corbyn due to his sympathy to the Palestinian cause.”

U. S. sanctions ensnare Russians with ties to Trump world – by John Hudson and Seung Min Kim – https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-administration-imposes-sweeping-new-sanctions-on-russian-elite/2018/04/06/97df2782-398e-11e8-b57c-9445cc4dfa5e_story.html – “The United States imposed new economic sanctions on senior Russian politicians, companies and business leaders Friday, citing a list of complaints against Moscow that included its attempts to undermine Western democracies and recurring cyber offensives… The sanctions target 17 Russian government officials, a state-owned weapons trading company and seven so-called oligarchs. Several individuals on the list have close ties to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin… ‘I think it’s important to see in today’s action, a message. And that message is that actions have consequences,’ said another senior administration official, who spoke to reporters only on the condition of anonymity. ” (emphasis added)

Syrian Army Resumes Military Operation In Duma As Jaysh al-Islam Breaks Ceasefirehttps://southfront.org/syrian-army-resumes-military-operation-in-duma-as-jaysh-al-islam-breaks-ceasefire/ – “On April 6, Jaysh al-Islam broke the ceasefire agreement in Duma district and shelled the civilian areas in the al-Wafddien refugee camp and Dahiyat al-Assad district with rockets and mortars, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported… The news agency reported that warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces had conducted a series of airstrikes on Jaysh al-Islam positions in the Duma district in response to the attack… Earlier, SyAAF helicopters dropped thousands of leaflet over Duma, in which the government called on civilians there to stay in their houses and gave Jaysh al-Islam fighters the last chance to accept an evacuation or reconciliation agreement.”

India: Your bank will not allow you to buy bitcoins anymore – by Preeti Motiani – https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/personal-finance-news/your-bank-will-not-allow-you-to-buy-bitcoins-anymore/articleshow/63627123.cms – “You will not be able to buy cryptocurrency through banks or e-wallets etc. in India anymore as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has banned them with immediate effect from ‘dealing with or providing services to any individuals or business entities dealing with or settling virtual currencies’.”

Syrian President Rejected Russian Proposal To Attend Ankara Summit – Report – https://southfront.org/syrian-president-rejected-russian-proposal-to-attend-ankara-summit-report/ – “On April 6, an unnamed senior Syrian official told the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad had rejected a Russian proposal to attend Ankara summit, which was held on April 4… According to the senior official, Russia assured al-Assad that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will welcome him if he would agree to attend the summit. However, the Syrian president apologized to Russia for not participating in the summit due to “many reasons,” including the Turkish occupation of some areas in northern Syria… One of the officials told the Lebanese newspaper that the Damascus government will not reconcile with any country that continues its “aggression” against the Syrian sovereignty… During the last few months many Turkish politicians, including allies of Erdogan, called on the Turkish government to reestablish relations with the Damascus government in order to coordinate against the US-led coalition and Kurdish forces.”

Assad regime places tanks, artillery in buffer zone with Israel – Israel expected to complain to UN over Syrian army deployment in demilitarized area ahead of regime’s planned assault on rebels, in violation of decades-old agreement – by Michael Bachner – https://www.timesofisrael.com/assad-regime-places-tanks-artillery-in-buffer-zone-with-israel-report/ – “Israel has tried to stay out of the civil war in Syria and refrained from taking sides, but has responded to spillover fire on numerous occasions and warned the Assad regime against attack.” – Comment: Right.

Surge in Young Couples Marrying in South Russia Shows Trend Toward Family Values – The government also provides state assistance to young families – by Irina Povolotskaya – https://russia-insider.com/en/surge-young-couples-marrying-south-russia-shows-trend-toward-family-values/ri22977 – “Here’s yet another small indicator of how Russian society is slowly returning to conservative values. In the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, in the Registration Office on its 100th anniversary, almost 27 thousand new families registered in the Rostov Region. This is almost three thousand more families than last year.”

France Joins Syria Fight: Goals and Consequences – by Peter Korzun –  https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/04/05/france-joins-syria-fight-goals-and-consequences.html – The Syrian forces are preparing an offensive in the Daraa – Quneira – Suweida area in the south while denuding other fronts. The territory is huge and the terrain is hard to cross. There are at least 25 heights to fire at advancing forces from. The Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups are much more numerous than the ones being defeated in Eastern Ghuta. Their defenses are strong. Unlike in other places, the rebel forces can easily get logistical support from Jordan. That’s where the US and Saudi Arabia can contribute greatly. Israel has been involved in such activities since 2015. It took roughly six months to liberate Eastern Ghuta, with an active phase to dislodge rebel fighters launched in mid-March. It’s easy to surmise that it will take at least a year, may be much more, to liberate the area in question.”

Genetically Modified Weather: The Tale of FROSTBAN™ Synthetic Bacteria – by Rick Shankman – https://climatex.mit.edu/genetically-modified-weather-tale-frostban%E2%84%A2-synthetic-bacteria – “…6) Mutation of the ice-gene was done to remove the ice-forming genetic coding; 7) Ten the mutated (non-ice-forming) genetic code was inserted into the P. syringae bacterium to create the Ice-minus strain; The genetically-modified Ice-minus strain now lacks the surface coating that helps produce frost…. These facts, by themselves, are boring.  FROSTBAN™ (never sold commercially – original company merged into Seminis Inc.), is boring… The tale to come — I promise you — not boring.”

Dr. Tim Ball Completely Vindicated In Global Warming Lawsuit Meant To Silence Him – by Dr. Tim Ball – https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/04/03/dr-tim-ball-completely-vindicated-in-global-warming-lawsuit-meant-to-silence-him/ – “While I savor the victory, people need to know that it was the second of three lawsuits all from the same lawyer, Roger McConchie, in Vancouver on behalf of members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In each case, he also filed lawsuits against the agency that published what I wrote or said. This is why Anthony Watts wisely asked me and I was willing to put the phrase “Guest Opinion” at the top of any column I wrote. Of course, the double-barreled lawsuits created complications in mounting any defense.”

Israel and the Diaspora: We have to talk – by Mick Davis – blogs.timesofisrael.com/israel-and-the-diaspora-we-have-to-talk/ – ” Simultaneously, however, they see their pride in Israel dented by actions taken by the Israeli authorities that undermine their Jewish values. Whether through the constant trickle of ugly legislation like last year’s Nation-State Bill, the racism of Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, a callous approach to African asylum seekers, discrimination against progressive Judaism or ongoing settlement expansion, young Diaspora Jews are too often being asked to make their attachment to Israel the exception to their values rather than the embodiment of them.” – Comment: Mick Davis is the CEO of the UK Conservative Party (Tories) and former Chairman of the UK Jewish Leadership Council of the United Jewish Israel Appeal. This article is a very interesting read, primarily for the many, many assumptions that are embedded in Davies’ expression. It reveals much about the current state of the Zionist project.

Israel faces historic decision as new population figures emerge – by Yossi Beilin – https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/04/israel-palestinians-demography-jordan-river-apartheid.html – “With the official military announcement of Jewish-Arab parity between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is facing the historic decision it has been trying to postpone or repress. Israel is far from being an apartheid state currently, but if it opts for minority rule of an Arab majority, it will have no choice but to adopt apartheid methods. Precluding this option would spell the end of the Zionist idea: Israel will turn into a Palestinian state, probably a nondemocratic one, with a Jewish minority.”

Craig Murray: Johnson and May are Hiding as Their ‘Novichok’ Lies Dissolve –  http://21stcenturywire.com/2018/04/04/murray-johnson-and-may-are-hiding-as-their-novichok-lies-dissolve/ –  “It is very plain that what Aitkenhead is saying to Sky is “the scientists cannot establish it is from Russia. But the government claims to have intelligence sources that show that it is.” His struggle to fit the formulations he has been given to parrot this sense as more effective propaganda, into answers to the pretty good questions he is being asked, is almost comic: “ummm” and “errr” come into it a lot. You have to remember that the precise forms of words to be used in official parlance had been the subject of tense negotiation between the scientists and the Porton Down bureaucrats, and then between the Porton Down bureaucrats and MOD Whitehall officials, and then between MOD officials and FCO and security service officials in the Joint Intelligence Committee, before being signed off by ministers. It is a process I know intimately from the inside. This reconciliation of conflicting interests is why at the start Aitkenhead says it is “Novichok” confidently, but at 1 min 30 sec in he says the more truthful “Novichok or from that family”, which accords with the evidence Porton Down gave to the High Court.”

Boris Johnson Lied About Skripal ON VIDEO, Putting His Job as Foreign Secretary at Risk – He lied to Germans that Porton Down scientists were adamant Skripal poison came from Russia – https://russia-insider.com/en/boris-johnson-lied-about-skripal-video-putting-his-job-foreign-secretary-risk/ri22974

Will America Accept Its Defeat or Challenge the Bear and the Dragon? PART 3: ASIA – “The US believes it can corner Russia, China and Iran: Russia has a 7,000 kilometre border with China, Iran is not Iraq and Syria is not Afghanistan. In Syria, the destiny of that a world be ruled by unilateralism is over. The world is heading toward pluralism” – by Elijah J. Magnier – https://russia-insider.com/en/will-america-accept-its-defeat-or-challenge-bear-and-dragon-part-3-asia/ri22964 – “There are thousands of Chinese jihadists who fought with ISIS and al-Qaeda and Beijing was concerned, willing to see all these killed in Syria. Cooperation between the Chinese and the Syrian intelligence services was established. Damascus has a unique and a very rich bank of information about foreign fighters many countries in the world would like to have access to, since over 80 nationalities of foreign fighters were allowed into Syria in a failed attempt to topple the regime and establish an Islamic State… But Washington is still trying to protect its position, refusing to give up on the crown of world domination it has enjoyed for over a decade and it is ready to fight against the “axis opposing the US” using other means outside Syria. The US establishment and its allies are expelling Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions on China and Iran. The US defeat in Syria is obviously very painful.”

US Setting Up 2 Bases, Considering Deployment Of Additional Forces In Syria – Reportshttps://southfront.org/us-setting-up-2-bases-considering-deployment-of-additional-forces-in-syria/ – “Despite President Donald Trump’s statement that the US should withdraw forces from Syria, his country expands its military presence in the war-torn country… On April 3, the Turkish state-run media outlet Anadolu Agency reported the US is setting up two bases in the area of Manbij, which is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  Anadolu claimed that the US is extending an observation post in the village of Dadat north of Manbij in order to build a base. Construction materials and heavy equipment units have reportedly been transported to the area.”

A Special Relationship Born in Hell – The United States should cut all ties with war criminal Israel – by Philip Giraldi – http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/a-special-relationship-born-in-hell/ – “The story of what happened in Gaza on Friday had largely disappeared from the U.S. media by Sunday. On Saturday, The New York Times reported the most recent violence this way: “…some began hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence, the Israelis responded with tear gas and gunfire.” Get it? The Palestinians started it all, according to Israeli sources, by throwing things at the fence and forcing the poor victimized Israeli soldiers to respond with gunfire, presumably as self-defense. The Times also repeated Israel’s uncorroborated claims that there were gunmen active on the Gazan side, but given the disparity in numbers killed and injured – zero on the Israeli side of the fence – the Palestinian shooters must have been using blanks. Or they never existed at all.”

Syrian Army Finds Documents Leaking US Covert Cooperation with Eastern Ghouta Terrorists – by Ian Greenhalgh – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/03/syrian-army-finds-documents-leaking-us-covert-cooperation-with-eastern-ghouta-terrorists/ – “Meantime, the source said the soldiers have also found documents that prove secret cooperation between terrorists and a US organization… The officer declined to name the US organization that has been running the stealthy cooperation with the terrorists due to the sensitivity of the information contained in the documents, and said the evidence is corroborative and is withheld by the army for further investigations… Yet, the source mentioned that the documents prove that the US organization has been funding the operation in Eastern Ghouta and paying monthly salary to the militants in the region.”

‘Pineapple Express’ To Dump Significant Rainfall In Bay Area – National Weather Service officials forecast an “aggressive atmospheric river of moisture” along with gusty winds – by Renee Schiavone – https://patch.com/california/santacruz/s/ge3dq/pineapple-express-to-dump-significant-rainfall-in-bay-areaComment: Infrared satellite image animation shows no evidence of the formation of such an “atmospheric river”® on approach to the Left Coast. How TF do they know, particularly considering the strange and squirrelly development of weather patterns the last couple of weeks?

Here’s why the US failed to save the Jihadis in East Ghouta – by Alexander Mercouris – http://theduran.com/heres-why-the-us-failed-to-save-the-jihadis-in-east-ghouta/ – “As it happens, on 5th March 2018 an article appeared in the Washington Post reporting a discussion which supposedly took place in the White House in which a possible attack on the Syrian military besieging East Ghouta was supposedly discussed…. According to this article US President Donald Trump’s then National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, was in favour of an attack, but US Defense Secretary General James Mattis was adamantly opposed and US President Trump in the end decided against it.” – Comment: Well, McMaster paid the price for his bellicosity, no?

The Problem with a State-Cartel Economy: Prices Rise, Wages Don’t – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/04/the-problem-with-a-state-cartel-economy-prices-rise-wages-dont.html – “Here’s a chart of the net result of a financialized state-cartel economy: the politicos skimming fortunes in campaign contributions love it, and the protected cartel insiders skimming the nation’s wealth love it, too. Well let’s see, that’s all the important people, so what’s not to like?”

20 More Questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case – by Rob Slane – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49108.htm – “I pointed out in my previous piece that it is not my intention to advance some sort of conspiracy theory on this blog. It remains the case that I simply don’t have any holistic theory — “conspiracy” or otherwise — for who carried this out, and I continue to retain an open mind. But since the Government of my country has rushed to judgement without many of the facts of the case being established, and since this has led to the biggest deterioration in relations between nuclear-armed nations since the Cuban Missile Crisis, it seems to me that it is more important than ever to keep asking questions in the hope that answers will come.”

UAV Crash In Lebanon Reveals Secret Israeli Weaponhttps://southfront.org/uav-crash-in-lebanon-reveals-secret-israeli-weapon/ – “In September 2015, the Mikholit missile made a second, more surprising appearance, this time in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq released a video showing a Mikholit missile that had been used to target ISIS fighters there… Following the incident, several Israel news outlets reported that the IAF had carried out several airstrikes using armed UAVs against the Palestinian elements of ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula… And now for the first time ever we know that Israel is also operating armed UAVs over Lebanon, although the situation there is very stable currently. This suggests that Israel may be also operating such amed UAVs over other countries, mainly Syria.”

Jaish al-Islam Militants Start Evacuating From Douma Area In Eastern Ghouta – State-Run Media – https://southfront.org/jaish-al-islam-militants-start-evacuating-from-douma-area-in-eastern-ghouta-state-run-media/ – “SANA’s correspondent at al-Wafidin Camp at the outskirts of Douma said that a number of buses and vehicles belonging to the Red Crescent are gathering near the safe corridor leading to al-Wafidin Camp in preparation to enter Douma and begin transporting Failaq al-Rahman terrorists… The correspondent said that an agreement was reached to have Jaish al-Islam leave Douma and go to Jarablos (not Idlib) while those who remain will have their legal status settled and the state establishments will return in full to Douma city.” (emphasis added)

US blocks UN resolution condemning Israel for deaths in Gaza clashes – Scrapped Security Council draft urged investigation into IDF response, reaffirmed ‘right to peaceful protest’ – by AFP and Khaled Abu Toameh – https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-blocks-un-resolution-condemning-israel-for-deaths-in-gaza-clashes/ – “The Security Council held a closed meeting on Friday night to discuss the clashes along the Gaza-Israel border, despite a request from the US and Israel to postpone deliberations for Saturday due to Passover holiday eve… The army said that its sharpshooters targeted only those taking explicit violent action against Israeli troops or trying to break through or damage the security fence. Video footage showed that in one case a rioter, whom the army included in its list of Hamas members, appeared to be shot while running away from the border. The army in response accused Hamas of editing and/or fabricating its videos.”

Liberman threatens ‘much harsher’ response to further Gaza unrest – Defense minister claims 90% of 40,000 Palestinian protesters on Friday were paid Hamas activists and their families – https://www.timesofisrael.com/liberman-threatens-much-harsher-response-to-further-gaza-unrest/ – “Liberman also pledged that there would be no international inquiry into the clashes, despite demands to that effect by parts of the international community. And he lashed out at the new head of the left-wing Meretz Party for joining calls for a probe, charging that her party represented Palestinian, rather than Israeli, interests.”

Crispr’d Food, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You – by Megan Molteni – https://www.wired.com/story/crisprd-food-coming-soon-to-a-supermarket-near-you/ – “So how will you know if the contents of a future salad has had a few As, Ts, Cs, and Gs moved around by a bacterial enzyme-wielding scientist? Well, you might not. Neither the USDA nor the US Food and Drug Agency has yet issued guidance specific to the the labeling of foods derived from gene-edited plants. According to an FDA spokesperson, the agency is considering public comments on whether these types of foods pose additional risks. But it couldn’t provide a timeline for any new policies. The USDA is supposed to have its own product disclosure rules finalized by July—a proposal is currently under review with the Office of Management and Budget.”

Trump Freezes Funds For Syria, Signals Nearing Withdrawalhttps://southfront.org/trump-freezes-founds-for-syria-signals-nearing-withdrawal/ – “An unnamed US official revealed to the Wall Street Journal on March 30 that US President Donald Trump had frozed (sic) more than $200 million in funds for recovery efforts in Syria. According to the official, Trump made the decision after reading a news report noting that the US had committed an additional amount of $200 million to support early recovery efforts in Syria.”

RT silenced in Washington DC, proving FARA crackdown not just formality  – https://www.rt.com/usa/422819-rt-broadcast-washington-dc/ – “RT can now reveal that the channel was in fact dropped by its two signal broadcasters in the area, WNVT and WNVC, on February 2, 2018. This fact was later independently confirmed by MHz Networks through the Associated Press… Anna Belkina, RT’s chief of communications, said that although the channel is not “at liberty to disclose the details, we know that this decision was linked to RT’s forced registration as a ‘foreign agent’ in the US.” The US Department of Justice forced RT America to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in 2017.. Belkina added that ‘it is highly disappointing that despite repeated assurances that FARA status would not impact RT’s reporting and broadcasting capabilities, the registration, in fact, has placed undue burden on multiple areas of RT operations, and pressure on our partners as well, thus unequivocally demonstrating that the spirit of the FARA law is discriminatory even if the letter of that law isn’t.’ “

The end of nation states? Germans seeks EU federalization – This proposal would provide Brussels the power to impose policy and implement strategies that might otherwise face serious objection from some other EU members – by Frank Sellers – http://theduran.com/end-nation-states-germany-seeks-eu-federalization/ – “We must have the courage to share sovereignty in the many areas wherein the efforts of individual States are now largely ineffective and doomed to failure: from climate change to energy policies, from financial markets to immigration policies, from tax evasion to the fight against terrorism… The time has come to move towards a closer political integration: a federal Union of States with a wide range of powers. We know that this concept stirs some controversy,  but the reluctance of some cannot impede the action of all. Those who believe in the european ideal must be ready to act, rather than stand by and helplessly observe its gradual decline. Member states who are not yet ready to join this closer union, may do so at a later point.”

From the Gaza-Potpourri Desk: Hamas admits 5 of its gunmen among 16 Gazans killed in Friday’s border violenceGaza’s ruling terror group (Hasbara code for evil vermin) claims operatives were taking part in ‘popular events side-by-side with their people’; IDF warns against renewed violence as small protests persist – https://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-says-5-members-among-16-said-killed-during-fridays-mass-border-protest/ – “IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said on Saturday that all those killed were engaged in violence, adding that Gaza health officials exaggerated the number of those wounded and that several dozen at most were injured by live fire while the rest were merely shaken up by tear gas and other riot dispersal means… Manelis said on Friday evening that the army had faced ‘a violent, terrorist demonstration at six points’ along the fence. He said the IDF used “pinpoint fire” wherever there were attempts to breach or damage the security fence. All the fatalities were aged 18-30 (well, that’s OK then…), several of the fatalities were known to us…’ ” – IDF: Hamas cynically sent 7-year-old girl to breach Gaza border – Army denounces terrorist group for using women, children in violent mass protests along security fence – by Judah Ari Gross – https://www.timesofisrael.com/idf-hamas-cynically-sent-7-year-old-girl-to-breach-gaza-border/ – “The IDF did not confirm the Hamas death toll figures, but it did say that soldiers had shot at “main instigators.”.. The military maintained that it would not allow Palestinian protesters to “violate Israel’s sovereignty” by crossing the security fence.” – Note: Israel has never declared lawful borders so how is any of “its” territory sovereign? – Just in case anybody forgot what Hamas’s ‘March of Return’ is really all about – Gaza’s terrorist rulers make no secret of their agenda. They are out to destroy Israel. Suicide bombers, rockets, and tunnels have failed. So now it’s mass marches on the border – by David Horovitz – https://www.timesofisrael.com/just-in-case-anybody-forgot-what-hamass-march-of-return-is-really-all-about/ – “Were it not for the Iron Dome rocket defense system, much of Israel would, as Hamas had hoped, have been reduced to rubble… (Note: this is such a lie its astonishing that it’s still used in such a calculating fashion)… Organizing and encouraging mass demonstrations at the border in the so-called “March of Return” to face off against Israeli troops, while sanctimoniously and disingenuously branding the campaign non-violent, is merely the latest iteration of Hamas’s cynical use of Gazans as the human shields for its aggression.” (All emphases, except bold titles, added) – Comment: Please note that, IMO, acknowledging that people are living in a reality where they think they are faced with actual enemies is not buying into an “enemy construct.”

A ‘Refugee Caravan’ Is Headed to the U.S. and Getting Bigger Every Day – by Jorge Rivas – https://splinternews.com/a-refugee-caravan-is-headed-to-the-u-s-and-getting-big-1824087413 – “The migrants started their journey in Tapachula, Chiapas, near the Guatemala–Mexico border around 7 AM on Sunday. They walked, took public transportation, and hitchhiked their way to their first destination in the town of Huixtla, where many of the migrants camped outdoors. Their entire journey is more than 2,000 miles long… Those participating in the caravan will attend workshops to prepare them to request asylum when they reach the U.S. The migrants are expected to reach U.S. points of entries in California sometime next month… Abeja said the number of people on this journey illustrates the desperation people have to stay alive… ‘The journey is extreme. People say that if they stay where they are they’ll die. So they’re here because they’re trying to stay alive,’ Abeja said.”

Not in Kansas Anymore – by Dee Chadwell – https://www.shiftfrequency.com/21st-century-school-gets-failing-grade/ – “I’ll never forget… …the kid who stole my credit card and was going to hold it hostage until I changed his failing grade.  Or the young lady I found sobbing her heart out in the hallway one morning.  I hesitated to stop and talk to her – she was prone to frequent tearful meltdowns – but I did stop, and I was glad I had.  That morning, her father had walked into a local park, doused himself with gasoline, and lit a match.  He was, of course, dead – and no one in that household had thought to keep this poor girl at home that day.”

Shocking Computing Advances Are Pushing Smart Cities Into Reality – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/03/30/shocking-computing-advances-are-pushing-smart-cities-into-reality/ – “According to NVIDIA, a $399,000 DGX-2 replaces $3 million of dual-CPU servers consuming 180 kilowatts; it is 1/8 the cost, uses 1/18 of the power and utilizes 1/60th of the space… Again, the take-a-way here is that processing power is catching up to and surpassing data storage advances, meaning that Technocrats will be able to process vast amounts of data in real time. In the case of NVIDIA, who is the co-leader with IBM on Smart City control centers, any medium-sized or larger city can easily afford $399,000 to keep track of everything that can be collected and quantified – all systems like energy, water, air, and traffic, smart buildings, cameras with facial recognition, license plate readers, etc., etc.” Comment: Welcome my son, welcome, to the machine.

‘NY Times’ covers up Israel’s killing of nonviolent protesters along the Gaza border – by James North – http://mondoweiss.net/2018/03/nytimes-nonviolent-protesters/ – “Buried in the Times article is just one hint about what is really happening, a quote from B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization. B’Tselem ‘warned in a statement that any shoot-to-kill policy against unarmed demonstrators would be unlawful. . .’.. What is troubling and disgraceful in the Times report is that so far, there is no first-hand reporting from Gaza. A newspaper genuinely interested in the truth would send reporters to the border in Gaza and ask some of the thousands of Palestinian demonstrators what is actually happening to them —  instead of just parroting the Israeli military.” – Comment: the Times’ headline says “…at Least 5 Killed” The real toll was 16 dead, demonstrating peacefully.

China Taking the Long Road to Solve the Petro-yuan Puzzle – by Pepe Escobar – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49113.htm – “That means China’s vast array of trade partners will be able to convert yuan into gold without having to keep funds in Chinese assets or turn them into US dollars. Exporters facing the wrath of Washington, such as Russia, Iran or Venezuela, may then avoid US sanctions by trading oil in yuan convertible to gold. Iran and Venezuela, for instance, would have no problems redirecting tankers to China in order to sell directly in the Chinese market – if that’s what it takes… What the petro-yuan may be able to provoke in the short term is an acceleration of the next crises in treasuries and bond markets, which will inevitably spill out in the form of a crisis in global currency markets… The game-changing aspect, for now, mostly has to do with the exquisite timing. Beijing has crafted an ultra-long-term plan and yet chose to launch the petro-yuan smack in the middle of a period of sharp deterioration in trade relations with Washington.”

Raqqa civilians rise against US-backed rebels amid dire humanitarian situation – Russian militaryhttps://www.rt.com/news/422788-raqqa-uprising-us-rebels/ – “Only one hospital and one nursery are still operating in Raqqa; the lack of sanitation is also a problem as there is no running water. “Residents often take on water from the Euphrates River which increases the risk of infections and epidemics breaking out,” the general commented, adding that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and local authorities appointed by the Americans ‘can’t fix humanitarian problems.’ ”

Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-29/israeli-stealth-fighters-fly-over-iran-amid-speculation-imminent-war – “Earlier this month, in the midst of the 9th annual 12-day massive joint exercise named “Juniper Cobra” which was hailed in Israeli media as the largest of its kind, simulating a “battle on three fronts” (namely, Syria-Lebanon-Gaza Strip) US Third Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Clark spelled out just such a scenario wherein US troops could be asked to fight and to die for defense of  America Israel – even to the point of being placed under Israeli commanders responsible for battlefield decision making… While major joint military exercises involving significant troop deployments are nothing new for the US and its allies (Juniper Cobra itself has been conducted annually for nearly a decade), Lt. Gen. Clark’s words to Israeli media are truly precedent setting and shocking, especially as he is among the highest ranking military officers in the US armed forces… It is well worth reading the alarming scenario Gen. Clark laid out while speaking to the Jerusalem Post in its entirety:…”

Israeli Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Amid Speculation Of Imminent War – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-29/israeli-stealth-fighters-fly-over-iran-amid-speculation-imminent-war – “Sources quoted in Al-Jarida said that two stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, and even targeted locations in the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz. Then the two ultra advanced fighter jets circled at high altitude above Persian Gulf – read Iranian – sites suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program.”


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