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U.S. Military Involvement in Ukraine: NATO Expansion through Proxy War – by Brian Kalman – https://southfront.org/u-s-military-involvement-in-ukraine-nato-expansion-through-proxy-war/ – “The message being send to the Russian MOD is clear. The United States is sending soldiers especially trained in asymmetrical warfare to its borders, and has increased cooperation and influence with peer forces in those same nations. Most of these nations had long been in Russia’s sphere of influence. Operation Rapid Trident or similar training exercises have been held in Ukraine in some form or another since 1995, and have been attended by a growing list of NATO, NATO-aligned and non-NATO countries located on Russia’s periphery in increasing number in recent years. It is not hard to image the U.S response to Russia deploying Spetsnaz forces in increasing numbers in training exercises in Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. The hypocrisy is obvious when viewed in these terms. U.S. SOCOM deploys soldiers to roughly three quarters of the nations of the world over the course of a year, increasingly to nations bordering Russia and the continent of Africa, and yet NATO complains when Russia conducts military exercises within its own borders, or in conjunction with its global allies.”

Saudi Aggressive Attacks against Hodeida – by Sondoss Al Asaad – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/06/17/saudi-aggressive-attacks-against-hodeida/ – “On 9 June, the United Arab Emirates, which leads the coalition’s operations along the Yemeni western coast, informed the humanitarian organisations that they had three days to evacuate the Red Sea port city of Hodeida. In fact, about 70 percent of Yemen’s aid and commercial imports enter through Hodeida and the nearby Saleef port, providing food, fuel, and medicines needed to prevent famine and cholera epidemic… The devastating war raging in Yemen is on the verge of entering an atrocious vicious stage… Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Houthi spokesperson, conversely said that the British and French warships are on standby on the western coast of Yemen to launch missile and aerial attacks. He hailed the Houthis’ resistance against the Western-sponsored aggressors, emphasising that the Hodeida assault is an American-British operation as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are not alone capable of launching such an operation.” (emphasis added)

Bilderberg 2018 Wraps Up – 2020 US President Anointed? – by Mark Anderson – http://americanfreepress.net/bilderberg-2018-wraps-up-2020-president-picked/ – “The meeting was heavily attended by national security and military personnel, including former CIA chief David Petraeus. According to the independent “Truthstream Media” news website, their presence suggests that more aggressive policies toward Russia are being considered, running an ever-greater risk of a military standoff, provoked largely by NATO’s increasing movement of military assets toward the Russian border… In terms of the American domestic connection, the attendance of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) is of particular interest. While about 6,000 acres of Colorado forest land was being swallowed up by wildfires, threatening about 2,000 homes as Bilderberg 2018 began, the two-term Democrat opted to remain in Turin with the Bilderbergers.”

California’s End-Of-Life Law Goes Back Into Effect – A state appeals court this week reinstated the law – by Hoa Quách – https://patch.com/california/santacruz/s/gg45b/californias-end-of-life-law-goes-back-into-effect

Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order – from TruthStream Media (44 min) – The Bilderberg Nexus, Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Neom (former CEO of Alcoa and Seimens), E-Estonia, and the Global Administrative System emerging through backdoors

Comment: I’m not seeing the “White Hats” talking about any of this stuff. Maybe they have it all under control?

President Assad Interview with Al-ALAM TV (13 June 2018)https://www.syriana-analysis.com/president-assad-interview-with-al-alam-tv-13-june-2018/ – “President al-Assad affirmed that since the beginning of the war, particularly when it started to have a clear military nature on the southern front in particular, the Israelis used to shell Syrian forces continuously, and consequently provide direct support to the terrorists. Israeli artillery and aircraft are the terrorists’ artillery and aircraft… Despite Israeli support to the terrorists, we have been doing our job, and the Syrian Army is fighting its way towards the southern front, and has liberated a number of areas within the limits of its capabilities. So, with or without its approval, the decision is a Syrian one, and this is a national duty we shall carry out… Following. the full text of the interview:” – Comment: Another fine example of Assad’s clarity and poise regarding the amazing capacities of the Syrian people to remain steadfast in the face of multifaceted attacks from the West.

China Strikes Back – Retaliates With $50 Billion Tariffs On US Goods – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-15/china-strikes-back-retaliates-50-billion-tariffs-us-goods – “The response from China signaled a rapid escalation of the dispute. China will impose tariffs with “equal scale, equal intensity” on imports from the U.S. and all of the country’s earlier trade commitments are now off the table, the Commerce Ministry said in a statement on its website late Friday… As China refines its retaliatory tariffs, it clarified Friday afternoon in New York that tariffs on US soybeans will begin July 6, while tariffs on US crude oil, natural gas, coal and some refined oil products will begin at a later date.”

Once Again, U.S. Warns Syrian Army From Advancing In Southern Syriahttps://southfront.org/once-again-u-s-warns-syrian-army-from-advancing-in-southern-syria/ – “The U.S will take “firm and appropriate measures” in response to any attack of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the “de-escalation zone” in southwestern Syria, the U.S. Department of State warned in an official press release on June 14… ‘The ceasefire arrangement and southwest de-escalation zone were initiatives by Presidents Trump and Putin to de-escalate the Syrian conflict, save lives, and create conditions for the displaced to safely and voluntarily return to their homes. A military offensive by the Syrian regime into this ceasefire zone would defy these initiatives, which have been a success to date,’ the U.S. Department of State said.” (emphasis added) – Comment: Perhaps the State Dept. can explain why the Expat Syrian refugees return to their homes in droves only after the terrorists are driven out of occupied territory.

UK singer banned from social media over Holocaust denial – Alison Chabloz, 54, wrote and published songs about Anne Frank and claiming the genocide was ‘a bunch of lies’; judge says she showed ‘no proper remorse’ – https://www.timesofisrael.com/uk-singer-banned-from-social-media-over-holocaust-denial/ – “A judge at London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced Alison Chabloz on Thursday to a 20-week suspended prison sentence, a year-long social media ban and community service… Her songs, partly set to traditional Jewish folk music, included lyrics such as: ‘Did the Holocaust ever happen? Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes.’ ”

Germany pours cold water on EU’s clean energy ambitions – by Frédéric Simon – https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy/news/germany-pours-cold-water-on-eus-clean-energy-ambitions/ – “Voters across Europe have lost faith in politics partly because of “unachievable targets” on renewable energy, said German Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, who rejected calls from a group of other EU countries to boost the share of renewables to 33-35% of the bloc’s energy mix by 2030… Altmaier made the comments during an on-the-record exchange between the 28 EU energy ministers, who are gathered in Luxembourg today (11 June) for a meeting of the Energy Council… ‘Germany supports responsible but achievable targets,’ Altmaier said from the outset, underlining Berlin’s efforts to raise the share of renewables to 15% of the country’s overall energy mix… But he said those efforts also carried a cost for the German taxpayer, which he put at €25 billion per year. ‘And if we are setting targets that are definitely above 30%, that means that within a decade, our share has to be more than doubled – clearly more than doubled,’ Altmaier pointed out… ‘We’re not going to manage that,’ Altmaier said referring to an objective of putting 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020 in Germany. ‘Nowhere in Europe is going to manage that,’ he claimed. “And even if we did manage to get enough electric cars, we wouldn’t have enough renewable electricity to keep them on the road,’ he stressed.” (emphasis added)

The creepy AI that can predict the future: Machine that anticipates your movements several minutes in advance could pave the way for next-level Big Brother surveillance – ● Algorithm was able to accurately predict actions minutes before they happened, ● Researchers trained the AI with four hours of cooking videos, ● Dr Jürgen Gall wants to be able to anticipate things ‘hours before they happen’ – by Aaron Brown – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5847767/Creepy-AI-predict-moves-advance-lead-level-Big-Brother-surveillance.html – “Gall and his colleagues want the study, which will be presented at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Salt Lake City on June 19, to be understood as a first step into the new field of activity prediction.”

Dirty Cop Mueller’s Case Is Unraveling – Time to Shut Him Down and Indict His Deep State Allies – by Jim Hoft –  https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/dirty-cop-muellers-case-unraveling-time-shut-him-down-and-indict-his-deep-state-allies – “One of the most profound interviews that described the events over the past few years by the corrupt and criminal individuals in the Deep State that led to the Mueller investigation was reported by the Daily Caller in January.  Legal expert Joe DiGenova explained the many criminal activities by the Deep State –  Corrupt and dirty cop Mueller started the ‘witch hunt’ and began looking into individuals with any relationship with President Trump.  Mueller’s team were not interested in crimes that President Trump committed.  There are none.  Instead, Mueller went after anyone with any relationship to the President.  His entire team has serious conflicts of interest and his investigation is unconstitutional, but this has not deterred Mueller.” – Comment: Good article

Is Trump-Kim Deal Really Peace Or Is It A Set Up For War? – by Brandon Turbeville – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/06/is-trump-kim-deal-really-peace-or-is-it-a-set-up-for-war.html – “While Republicans, having never met a war they didn’t like, attempted to keep their rage at the idea of peace under control, many like chicken hawk Lindsey Graham appeared on national media to tone down praise of Trump and warn against showing weakness and removing troops from one of America’s many war zones. Essentially, they are arguing that America should dictate the terms, Kim should agree, and there should be no American concessions of any value… Democrats, however, have predictably been frothing at the mouth at even the idea of peace, particularly a peace negotiated by “literally Hitler” himself, Donald Trump. These warmongers and psychotics have railed against even talking to Kim Jong Un, claiming that there should be no peace whatsoever with a nation that has such horrible human rights violations, as if the United States has not racked up enough of those same violations of its own. These critics complain that Trump is engaging in “appeasement” of some kind which seems impossible to explain to anyone using logic or who is restrained by reality… But what is actually happening with this summit? Is it a true and genuine desire for peace or is it just cover for the next war to take shape over the next several years?”

From the Agenda-2030-Unchained Desk: So Hong Kong has a smart-city blueprint. What’s the play? – by Massimiliano Claps – http://www.atimes.com/so-hong-kong-has-a-smart-city-blueprint-whats-the-play/ – “Cities worldwide are partnering with academia, global high-tech companies and local startups, utilities, transportation service providers and many other industries to revolutionize the way they deliver services, to make cities “greener, cleaner, more livable, sustainable, resilient and competitive,” as the Hong Kong government advocates in its Smart City Blueprint…. For Hong Kong to realize the benefits of innovation and technology investment across the six key pillars of its Smart City BluePrint – Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Government, Smart Economy – the government should go beyond point-to-point technology-centric solutions. It should drive value in three key areas: ● Ecosystem innovation… ● Process innovation… ● Business-model innovation…”

Kamala Harris Watch: #EMPOWER Californiahttps://outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/view_newsletter.aspx?id=100515&c=SenHarris

How Israeli Banks Finance Theft of Palestinian Land – The Aamer family owns about 100 acres of land just half a kilometer from their home village of Mas’ha. But that land now lies on the other side of Israel’s apartheid wall in the occupied West Bank – by Ali Abunimah – https://portside.org/2018-06-11/how-israeli-banks-finance-theft-palestinian-land

Blackstone, BlackRock or a Public Bank? Putting California’s Funds to Work – by Ellen Brown – https://ellenbrown.com/2018/05/26/blackstone-blackrock-or-a-public-bank-putting-californias-funds-to-work/ – “California has over $700 billion parked in private banks earning minimal interest, private equity funds that contributed to the affordable housing crisis, or shadow banks of the sort that caused the banking collapse of 2008. These funds, or some of them, could be transferred to an infrastructure bank that generated credit for the state – while the funds remained safely on deposit in the bank... A 2011 report by the Brookings Institution found that “in practice [PPPs] have been dogged by contract design problems, waste, and unrealistic expectations.” In their 2015 report “Why Public-Private Partnerships Don’t Work,” Public Services International stated that “experience over the last 15 years shows that PPPs are an expensive and inefficient way of financing infrastructure and divert government spending away from other public services. They conceal public borrowing, while providing long-term state guarantees for profits to private companies.” They also divert public money away from the neediest infrastructure projects, which may not deliver sizable returns, in favor of those big-ticket items that will deliver hefty profits to investors. A March 2017 report by the Economic Policy Institute titled “No Free Bridge” also highlighted the substantial costs and risks involved in public-private partnerships and other “innovative” financing of infrastructure.”

Something Unprecedented Is Happening at Bilderberg 2018 – TruthStream Media (27 min)

Iraqi cleric Sadr rejects election rerun, warns of civil war after ballots burnedhttps://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/06/11/564684/Iraq-Muqtada-alSadr-parliamentary-elections-fire-recount-Abadi – Sadr’s plea made a day after a big fire broke out in a warehouse located in Russafa, one of the largest voting districts in eastern Baghdad, sending a thick column of black smoke to the sky that could be seen across the capital. Several hours after the blaze erupted, firefighters, backed by 10 trucks, managed to extinguish the raging fire at the storage site, holding half of the ballot boxes from Baghdad… Shortly after the news of the fire spread across the Arab country, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi described the incident as a ‘plot to harm the nation and its democracy.’ ”

Court Overturns Decision by Pennsylvania Medical Center to Terminate Nurse Over Refusal of Vaccine – by Brian Shilhavy – http://healthimpactnews.com/2018/court-overturns-decision-by-pennsylvania-medical-center-to-terminate-nurse-over-refusal-of-vaccine/ – “The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania has overturned a lower court’s decision to dismiss a nurse’s lawsuit against Mount Nittany Medical Center for discriminating against her when she supplied a doctor’s exemption to a mandatory tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine as a condition for continued employment, but was nevertheless terminated from employment for refusing to receive the vaccine.”

From the New-America Desk: Kamala D. Harris, U.S. Senator for California – Celebrating Pride Monthhttps://outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/view_newsletter.aspx?id=100490&c=SenHarris – “Dear Friend, There’s no better way to kick off the summer than by celebrating Pride Month. Senator Harris is proud to represent and defend the millions of LGBTQ individuals throughout California and our nation… As a Californian and a Latino member of the LGBTQ community, I feel so proud to work for and be represented by Senator Harris, who, back in 2013 – in her capacity as Attorney General – officiated the first gay marriage in San Francisco between Kristin Perry and Sandy Stier. Today, she continues to lead the charge in defense of the LGBTQ community and won’t back down from defending their rights.”

BREAKING: Rebels, US forces preparing ANOTHER false flag chemical attack in Syria – ‘Staged video on use of chemical substances will become grounds for the US coalition to attack Syrian state objects,’ the Russian Military of Defense has announced. – http://theduran.com/breaking-syrian-rebels-us-forces-preparing-another-false-flag-chemical-attack-in-syria/ – ” ‘According to the information received via three independent channels in Syria, the command of the so-called Free Syrian Army with assistance from the servicemen of US special operations forces is preparing a serious provocation with the use of toxic substance in Deir ez-Zor province,’ Konashenkov said… According to the Russian official, Free Syrian Army militants have already brought canisters with chlorine to a settlement in Deir ez-Zor to stage another “chemical attack against civilians.”.. ‘The staffed video, after it is disseminated in the western media, should become new grounds for the US-led coalition to carry out a missile strike against Syrian state objects and to justify militants’ offensive against Syrian government troops on the eastern bank of Euphrates,’ Konashenkov added.”

5 Facts Proving “They Are Coming For Your Guns” Is Not A Conspiracy Theory – by Rachel Blevins – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/06/5-facts-proving-they-are-coming-for-your-guns-is-not-a-conspiracy-theory.html – “Many of the politicians, mainstream media pundits, and students who call for stricter gun control laws insist that they are only seeking “common sense” gun legislation. But in reality, the real issues that lead to mass shootings are being ignored and the rhetoric that is being shared in the name of “safety,” is instead chipping away at the Second Amendment, and in some cases, pushing to repeal it altogether.”


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