Web Research Links for the Week of 7/16/18

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From the Technocratic-Morass Desk: The political representation of the European people – by Etienne Balibar – https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/etienne-balibar/political-representation-of-european-people – “EB: Frankly, I find it astonishing that no debate on the crisis besetting European construction is taking place in the European Parliament. Maybe it would be a cacophony, speeches with fascist leanings would be delivered by populist forces, some of which are already in power or about to enter government. But we can’t ignore the fact that the crisis of the system is also its lack of democracy. The more profound it gets, the more technocrats will argue that the population should not have its say. They fear that their capacity for action will be paralysed.”

Illegal Immigrant BEHEADS 13-Year-Old Special Needs Girl, Murders Grandmother, Officials Sayhttps://www.dailywire.com/news/33077/mexican-drug-cartel-beheads-13-year-old-girl-ryan-saavedra – “Several days after the murders, authorities had Aguilar and Palomino in custody. Aguilar allegedly confessed to the crimes… Investigators said that they recovered two knives that they believe were used as the murder weapons and that both of the men’s cellphones gave off signals in the area of the crimes during the time they were committed.”

FBI Chief Mueller Drops Indictments against Russia Intel Ops. as Deep State Panics Over Trump-Putin Summit – by Helen Buyniski – https://www.globalresearch.ca/fbi-chief-mueller-drops-indictments-against-russia-intel-ops-as-deep-state-panics-over-trump-putin-summit/5647560 – “US courts will indict a ham sandwich, goes the proverb. Mueller indicted 13 Russians linked to the “troll farm” Internet Research Agency in February, hoping that they wouldn’t bother to appear in court, not being bound by US law or having anything to gain by participating in his show trial. But a few sent their lawyers and demanded discovery, which would have forced Mueller to reveal the evidence he had against them. Finding his own indictments riddled with errors – one of the companies named didn’t even exist at the time of the election – Mueller quietly backpedaled. Score one for the Russians.”

Legal Proof The Russians Really Did Not Hack Or Disrupt The U.S. Elections? – by Catherine Frompovich – https://www.activistpost.com/2018/07/legal-proof-the-russians-really-did-not-hack-or-disrupt-the-u-s-elections.html – “William Binney, former NSA technical director, dispels the Russian wire taps in the following video (17 min)… I’m going to let Mr. Binney explain the shenanigans pulled off, as he’s the expert data detective…Binney says it’s a “local” job, and it wasn’t a hack—neither from overseas nor from the Russians… According to Binney, Guccifer 2 was manipulating the data and, therefore, the data is false!.. “It’s fabricated data.”  There is ‘Forensic proof it was not a Russian hack but a local hack via a “thumb drive”.’..’We need to expose the bad actors in the Deep State!’

Beheadings Are Now Occurring: UN Sponsored Mexican Cartel Justice Comes to America – by Dave Hodges – http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/beheadings-are-now-occurring-un-sponsored-mexican-cartel-justice-comes-to-america/ – “Last night, this same Border Patrol Agent called me at the number on my business card. He stated that he had been reading my articles and that he felt that I was expressing a deep understating the problem. However, he unequivocally stated my knowledge of UN involvement on the border was significantly outdated and understated.  He stated ‘the UN is already here and he has seen clear evidence that they are calling the shots on the border’… This agent claims that he has encountered UN personnel at the detention facilities that he and fellow agents take the illegal immigrants to, such as MS-13, after arresting them. I asked him how he knew there were UN representatives at the border, he said he saw the proof in the sign-in sheets at the detention centers. Also, he noted that members of the World Health Organization have been in attendance as well. So, Dr. Jane Orient’s fears of a pandemic invasion may indeed be well-founded.”
Meet Lisa H. Barsoomian – The Wife of Whom?https://patriots4truth.org/2018/03/27/meet-lisa-h-barsoomian-the-wife-of-who/ – “Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?.. BECAUSE… She is Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s WIFE… That’s why… Barsoomian’s loyalties are tainted… How could this not have influenced Rosenstein?.. This clearly violates the appearance of impropriety attorney’s rules?.. Both owe their careers as US attorneys to Muller, Obama, Bush, and the Clintons… Impartiality? That’s impossible… Rod Rosenstein has no business involving himself in the Hillary Clinton-DNC funded Steel dossier, and the ongoing Russia investigation… Much less the selection of his mentor and his wife’s mentor Robert Muller as Special Counsel.”

Liberals increasingly living in cesspools of human filth and raw sewage, all while being preoccupied with “climate change” instead of cleaning up their own streets – by Ethan Huff – https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-07-15-liberals-increasingly-living-in-cesspools-of-human-filth-and-raw-sewage.html – ” One of the most “progressive” cities in the country – a well-known hotbed of liberalism, replete with aggressive activism for things like LGBT rights and government action on “climate change” – has become so filthy and disgusting due to its “anything goes” policies that a major medical convention has decided to stop holding its events there… The city in question is San Francisco.”

CONFIRMED: Barack Obama was running the entire spygate operation that violated federal law to spy on Trump campaign officials – by Jayson Veley – https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-06-01-confirmed-barack-obama-was-running-the-entire-spygate-operation.html – “One thing that we know for sure is that Obama’s spying on Trump’s team is turning out to be a much bigger and more significant scandal than the so-called “Russia collusion” narrative ever was. In fact, just this past weekend, Michael Barone of the New York Post made the argument that Obama’s spying scandal has reached a point where it is now starting to resemble Watergate… ‘The crime at the root of Watergate was an attempt at surveillance of the DNC after George McGovern seemed about to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, just as the government misconduct in Russiagate was an attempt at surveillance of the Republican Party’s national campaign after Trump clinched its nomination,’ Barone wrote.”


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