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Child abuse algorithms: from science fiction to cost-cutting reality – Councils trying to harness the power of big data also grapple with its ethical implications – by David Pegg and Niamh McIntyre – https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/sep/16/child-abuse-algorithms-from-science-fiction-to-cost-cutting-reality – “Could a computer program flag a problem family, identify a potential victim and prevent another Baby P or Victoria Climbié?.. Years ago, such questions would have been the stuff of science fiction; now they are the stuff of science fact… Bristol is one place experimenting with these new capabilities, and grappling with the moral and ethical questions that come with them… Gary Davies, who oversees the council’s predictive system, can see the advantages… He argues that it does not mean taking humans out of the decision-making process; rather it means using data to stop humans making mistakes… ‘It’s not saying you will be sexually exploited, or you will go missing,’ says Davies. ‘It’s demonstrating the behavioural characteristics of being exploited or going missing. It’s flagging up that risk and vulnerability.’ ” – Comment: When people are saying things that appear to explain something, but are unclear or ambiguous, it may be a sign that something else is being covered up. “cost-cutting reality”: mind bending.

James O’Keefe Launches ‘Deep State’ Series with State Department Exposé – by Joel B. Pollak – https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/18/james-okeefe-launches-deep-state-series-with-state-department-expose/ – “He also identified with the so-called political “resistance” to President Donald Trump: “Resist everything. … Every level. F*ck sh*t up,” he is shown saying… In a statement at the Project Veritas website, O’Keefe promised more exposés in the coming days: ‘We’ve heard a lot about the Deep State; holdovers from the previous administration resisting change or nameless and faceless bureaucrats slowing things down or leaking secrets in an effort to undermine this administration,” he said. “What is truly striking is their boldness, they are not afraid.  They are even boastful about a warped reality, where they won’t get caught and can’t get fired even if they did.’ ”

Russia reveals the MH17 ‘smoking gun’ – Defense Ministry provides missile engine evidence, shifting blame to the Ukrainian military – by Pepe Escobar – http://www.atimes.com/article/russia-reveals-the-mh17-smoking-gun/

Selfish Ledger Video Reveals Google’s Scheme to Direct Human Evolution – by Makia Freeman – http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/selfish-ledger-google-social-engineering/ – ” Google wants a complete ledger of your life – a complete account using extensive data of all your actions, decisions, preferences, movements and relationships. It then wants to use pattern recognition and other tools with this data to direct your life. At first, this so-called Selfish Ledger will be user-driven, but the implication is that soon thereafter it will be driven by the ledger itself (i.e. AI) programmed with “Google’s values” (whatever they are). The deeper meaning of the Selfish Ledger is shocking: Google freely admits that it is aiming for complete species-wide understanding with the Selfish Ledger, and thus to be able to direct human evolution.”

Russian Military: IL-20 Was Shot Down By Syrian S-200 Because Of Israeli F-16s Used It As Coverhttps://southfront.org/russian-military-il-20-was-shot-down-by-syrian-s-200-because-of-israeli-f-16s-used-it-as-cover/ – “Konashenkov said: ‘The bombing raid was not far from France’s frigate The Auvergne and in close proximity to the UIyushin-20 plane of Russia’s Aerospace Force that was about to land.’.. ‘We see these provocative actions of Israel as hostile,’ Konashenkov said. ‘Israel did not warn the command of the Russian troops in Syria about the planned operation. We received a notification via a hotline less than a minute before the strike, which did not allow the Russian aircraft to be directed to a safe zone.’.. Israel’s Embassy in Moscow has refused to comment on the Russian statement on the IL-20 incident… Meanwhile, Rusisan forces found the crash site of the downed IL-20. It’s located in the sea 27km west of the settlement of Banias, the province of Latakia. 8 vessels are participating in the search and rescue operation.” (emphasis added) – Note: This article includes a map of the incident.

Russian Defense Minister: Israel Bears Full Responsibility For Downing Of IL-20 Off Syrian Coasthttps://southfront.org/russian-defense-minister-israel-bears-full-responsibility-for-downing-of-il-20-off-syrian-coast/ – ” ‘The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,’ Shoigu said during a convesation with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on the phone. ‘The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.’.. On September 4, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated that over the last 1.5 years Israel has carried out around 200 airstrikes on Syria using 800 munitions. The scale of the strikes shows Israel’s long-standing intention to remain a powerbroker in the ongoing Syrian conflict. It’s interesting to note that in most of the cases, the IDF strikes led to a further escalation of the war thus making situation more complicated.” (emphasis added)

There Will Be No Military Operation In Idlib: Russian Defense Ministerhttps://southfront.org/there-will-be-no-military-operation-in-idlib-russian-defense-minister/ – “On September 18, Syria welcomed the agreement via its state media citing official diplomatic sources: ‘An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA on Tuesday that the Syrian Arab Republic has always welcomed any initiative that stops bloodshed and contributes to reestablishing security and stability to each inch that was struck by terrorism as it stresses determination to go ahead in its war against terrorism until all the Syrian territories are liberated whether by military operations or by local reconciliations, which proved their capability in stopping bloodshed and reestablishing stability to areas taken place in in a way that contributes to the turning back of the displaced to their areas… The source added that the Idleb agreement announced yesterday is a time-bound agreement and it is part of previous agreements on de-escalation zones resulted from the Astana track since the beginning of 2017, essentially stemming from commitment to sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian territories as well as liberating all the Syrian territories whether from terrorism and terrorists or from any illegitimate foreign presence,’ the country’s news agency SANA reported.”

Airstrikes On Government Facilities Reported In Latakia, Tartus, Homs Provinces. Russia Allegedly Employs Own Air Defenseshttps://southfront.org/airstrikes-on-government-facilities-reported-in-latakia-homs-provinces-russia-allegedly-employs-own-air-defenses/ – “UPDATE 2: A Russian IL-20 military plane disappeared from radars over the Mediterranean Sea during the strike, the Russian military says. According to the released statement, the strike on Syria was carried out by four Israeli F-16 warplanes. Russian radars also fixed missile launches from the French frigate Auvergne.” (emphasis added)

Russian IL-20 Disappears From Radars While Israeli Warplanes Strike Syriahttps://southfront.org/russian-il-20-disappears-from-radars-while-israeli-warplanes-strike-syria/ – “A Russian Il-20 surveillance plane with 14 servicemen on board disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea on September 17 during an Israeli strike on the war-torn country, the Russian Defense Ministry said… ‘On September 17, at about 11:00 Moscow time, the connection with the crew of the Russian Il-20 aircraft was lost over the Mediterranean Sea when the plane was returning to the airbase of Khmeimim, 35 kilometers from the coast of Syria,’ a defense ministry official told media… He emphasized that ‘the mark of IL-20 went off the radars disappeared during the attack of four Israeli F-16 aircraft on Syrian targets in the province of Latakia.’.. ‘At the same time, the Russian radars fixed missile launches from the French frigate Auvergne, which was in that area,’ the defense ministry added.” – Comment: WTF were the French firing missiles for during this strange and complex incident?

From the Wake-Up-And-Smell-The-Apocalypse Desk (and, yes I know that apocalypse means revelation): Russia summons Israeli envoy after warning of response over downed plane – Jerusalem refuses to comment as recon aircraft downed by Syria during alleged Israeli strike threatens to damage ties between Jerusalem and Moscow – by Judah Ari Gross – https://www.timesofisrael.com/russia-summons-israeli-envoy-after-warning-of-response-over-downed-plane/ – “Israel, which does not normally acknowledge specific strikes in Syria, has refused to comment on the incident… ‘We consider these provocative actions by Israel as hostile. Fifteen Russian military service members have died because of the irresponsible actions of the Israeli military. This is absolutely contrary to the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership,’ the Russian military said in a statement, according to Russia Today, a Kremlin-linked news outlet.. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the state-run TASS news agency that Israel knew the reconnaissance plane was there and used it as cover to carry out the airstrike… ‘By using the Russian plane as a cover the Israeli air pilots made it vulnerable to Syrian air defense fire. As a result, the Ilyushin-20, its reflective surface being far greater than that of F-16, was downed by a missile launched with the S-200 system,’ Konashenkov said.” Comment: The cleverness of the Israelis is unparalleled.

Mike Pence Rattles Nazi Skeletons – by Finian Cunningham – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50286.htm – “Now that Paraguay’s President Benitez has reversed the earlier embassy decision by his predecessor, both Israel and the US have shown their acute consternation, no doubt because it undermines the political momentum Trump and Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu intended to generate among other nations to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem… Israel has threatened to close its embassy in Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion. And Mike Pence was reportedly hot on the phone to Benitez last week urging him to ‘remember past commitments and the historic relations the country has with both Israel and the United States’… Given the backsliding from the US over a wide range of its own past commitments, Washington’s exhortation to Paraguay rings decidedly hollow. Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear accord, the Paris Climate Agreement, NAFTA, TPP, and trashing its promise not to expand NATO forces towards Russia’s borders, are just some of the “commitments” that the US has shown a self-serving disdain for… Given the backsliding from the US over a wide range of its own past commitments, Washington’s exhortation to Paraguay rings decidedly hollow. Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear accord, the Paris Climate Agreement, NAFTA, TPP, and trashing its promise not to expand NATO forces towards Russia’s borders, are just some of the “commitments” that the US has shown a self-serving disdain for.”

The US Is Encouraging Ukraine to go to War With Russia Over the Sea of Azov – by Peter Korzun – https://russia-insider.com/en/us-encouraging-ukraine-go-war-russia-over-sea-azov/ri24767 – “The only option the US administration is considering is that of providing Ukraine with arms to fight Russia and then egging Kiev on to escalate the tensions. And those are already dangerously running high. A spark can ignite a big fire at any time if the problem is not addressed in a positive way without saber rattling. It’s a pity the US is playing such a destructive role. The time is right for Russian and Ukrainian experts and officials to set their differences aside and start talking to find a peaceful solution to this urgent problem.”

The End of Scientific Integrity? Cochrane Collaboration Expels Critic of Big Pharma – 4 Other Board Members Resign– A moral governance crisis: the growing lack of democratic collaboration and scientific pluralism in Cochrane – by Peter C Gøtzsche – http://healthimpactnews.com/2018/the-end-of-scientific-integrity-cochrane-collaboration-expels-critic-of-big-pharma-4-other-board-members-resign/ – “Dr. Peter Gøtzsche recently sent out an email to the public explaining that he is the first person in 25 years to be expelled from the Cochrane Collaboration. He writes: ‘No clear reasoned justification has been given for my expulsion aside from accusing me of causing “disrepute” for the organization. This is the first time in 25 years that a member has been excluded from membership of Cochrane… Four other board members have resigned from the Cochrane Collaboration as a result of this action…Health Impact News has covered the work of Dr. Gøtzsche frequently over the years, as he is an outspoken critic of Big Pharma, referring to them as “organized crime.”.. He is author of the book, Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare.”

Central Asian jihadis dig in for Idlib battle – by Alison Tahmizian Meuse – http://www.atimes.com/article/central-asian-jihadis-dig-in-for-idlib-battle/ – “An Idlib native who spoke to Asia Times on condition of anonymity said most of the Uyghur and Uzbek “immigrants” settled around Jisr al-Shughur and Idlib city, as well as Turkmen Mountain in neighboring Latakia region, usually with their families in tow… ‘They have their own special security and it’s impossible to enter and talk to them. They set up checkpoints around their areas in Idlib and the villages they live in,’ he said… He estimated there were at least 1,000 Turkistan party fighters in those localities, and 3,000 counting their wives and children… The exact number is difficult to pinpoint, even for journalists who have reported extensively inside Idlib over the course of the war. But Central Asians are ubiquitous in videos that have emerged in the wake of battles in the province, while Western jihadis are barely noticeable, suggesting the numbers to be at least in the low thousands, and possibly far higher.”

Germany hints at long-term military presence in Mideasthttps://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/09/16/574270/Germany-Daesh-Syria – “Asked on Saturday about the need for a strategic base in the Middle East, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen replied that she could not “rule the idea out.”.. ‘First we must bring this deployment to a successful end. I don’t want to rule the idea out, let me put it this way,’ she said during a visit to the Azraq air base in Jordan.”

‘Dr. Novichok’ And Another Guy: British Media Claims There Are Two More Suspects In Skripal Story  – https://southfront.org/dr-novichok-and-another-guy-british-media-claims-there-are-two-more-suspects-in-skripal-story/ – “In addition to the first two suspects in the Skripal poisoning case, UK authorities are looking for a medic, nicknamed Dr. Novichok, and a fourth individual who allegedly helped Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov carry out the attack on former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on March 4th… The Sunday Mirror also cited other sources who, on September 15th, said police know the real ID of Petrov and Borishov, despite both of the suspects claiming those are their real names during their interview with RT’s Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan… The outlet cited another unnamed insider that said: ‘They’ve had hundreds of officers trawling CCTV and the facial recognition software meant they could match them with passports used in the years leading up to the attack.’ ”

Putin, Erdogan Agree To Establish Demilitarized Zone In Syria’s Idlibhttps://sputniknews.com/russia/201809171068089390-putin-erdogan-syria-sochi/ – “Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow and Ankara would establish a demilitarized zone along the contact line between the armed opposition and Syrian troops, which would be controlled by Turkey and Russian military police…

The Russian president added that the Syrian leadership would soon hold consultations on a settlement in the region… Erdogan, in turn, stressed that everything possible would be done in order to get rid of radical groups in Idlib, adding, however, that the opposition groups which were currently controlling the territory should remain there.”

Kavanaugh Accuser is an Anti-Trump Leftist Who Attended Women’s March, Donated to DNC – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://www.infowars.com/kavanaugh-accuser-is-an-anti-trump-leftist-who-attended-womens-march-donated-to-dnc/ – “Ford, now a professor at Palo Alto University in California, accused Kavanaugh of holding her down on a bed and groping her at a house party in Maryland in the early 80’s when Kavanaugh was 17 and Ford was 15… Ford asserts that the attack was so severe, she thought Kavanaugh was going to “inadvertently” kill her, claiming, ‘He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.’.. The professor says that the assault only came to a stop when a third person, Mark Judge, intervened and jumped on top of them… However, Judge has completely denied that the incident ever took place. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California was also first made aware of the allegations back in July but concealed all information relating to them for weeks… It has since emerged that Ford has a history of left-wing political activism…”


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