Web Research Links for the Week of 2/4/19

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Trade War Causing Severe Pain As Farm Bankruptcies Surge Way Past The Level From The Last Recession – by Michael Snyder – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/trade-war-causing-severe-pain-as-farm-bankruptcies-surge-way-past-the-level-from-the-last-recession.html – ‘Farmers all across the middle part of the country are going bankrupt at an astounding rate, and over half of all farms in America are now losing money.  The trade war with China has been the most devastating crisis to hit the U.S. farming community in decades, and at this point there is no end in sight.  Farm after farm is being financially wiped out, and we haven’t seen this kind of economic pain for farmers since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  In fact, it is being reported that bankruptcies in the key farming regions of the country are way above the level that we witnessed during the last recession… General Motors on Monday said it was starting to hand pink slips to about 4,000 salaried workers in the latest round of a restructuring announced in late November that will ultimately shrink its white-collar workforce in North America by 15 percent out of 54,000… Two people briefed on the cuts said GM is cutting hundreds of jobs at its information technology centers in Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Michigan and more than 1,000 jobs at its Warren, Michigan Tech Center. GM is filing new required mass layoff notices with state agencies and disclosed the cuts to lawmakers… Needless to say, General Motors would not be doing this if the U.S. economy really was “booming”.”

Putin Has Offered Erdogan a Very Sweet Win-Win Deal in Syria, Ankara Now Has a Major Decision to Make – by M K Bhadrakumar – https://russia-insider.com/en/putin-has-offered-erdogan-very-sweet-win-win-deal-syria-ankara-now-has-major-decision-make/ri26061 – “Russia, on the other hand, has consistently voiced its opinion favoring Syrian government control over the regions vacated by the US. Indeed, Syrian leadership also has reiterated its determination to regain control over the entire country… Thus, the meeting in Moscow on Wednesday took place in a surcharged atmosphere amidst speculation that the Russia-Turkey partnership might get rocky. The US never liked the Astana process on Syria between Russia, Turkey and Iran and the American intentions in baiting Turkey with the buffer zone proposal are highly suspect… If good diplomacy is about showing tact in handling awkward situations while brilliant diplomacy lies in creating a pathway through a minefield, Putin was probably at his optimal best in navigating the Russian-Turkish partnership out of the reach of the American tentacles.  Putin’s remarks after the talks with Erdogan once again underscored that in the Russian estimation, any foreign presence on Syrian soil will lack ‘international legal grounds’ if it is not on the basis of an invitation from Damascus or emanating out of a decision of the UN Security Council. He was specifically referring to the US occupation of Syria. But having said that, Putin qualified that “constructive cooperation” nonetheless becomes necessary even with such partners whose presence in Syria may lack legitimacy. Importantly, Putin added that Russia respects Turkey’s security interests. Then he went on to spring a big surprise…”

Hugo Chavez’s Revenge: Will Venezuela Be a Bridge Too Far? – by Peter Koenig – https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/hugo-chavezs-revenge-will-venezuela-be-bridge-too-far/ri26223 – “However, what this latest Trump plunder (the money and gold confiscation) does, is hammering one more nail in the western monetary system’s suicide coffin. It sends an ever-clearer signal to the rest of the world, to those that haven’t noticed yet, the AngloZionist empire cannot – I repeat – CANNOT – be trusted. Ever. And the European Union is intrinsically and “vassalically” linked to the Washington rogue state – not to be trusted either. There is virtually no circumstance under which a countries’ assets in western foreign lands – as bank deposits, or foreign investments – are safe. It will prompt a move away from the dollar system, away from the western (also entirely privately-owned) SWFT international transfer system by which sanctions can be enacted… Indeed, the Russia and China and much of the SCO (Shanghai Organization Cooperation) members are no longer dealing in US dollars but in their own currencies. We are talking about half the world’s population broke free from the dollar hegemony.”

Venezuela: Let’s Cut to the Chase – by Pepe Escobar – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/02/01/venezuela-lets-cut-to-chase.html – “No wonder Caracas is supported by China, Russia and Iran. They are the real hardcore troika – not psycho-killer John Bolton’s cartoonish “troika of tyranny” – fighting against the Trump administration’s energy dominance strategy, which consists essentially in aiming at the total lock down of oil trading in petrodollars, forever… Venezuela is a key cog in the machine. Psycho killer Bolton admitted it on the record; “It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.” It’s not a matter of just letting ExxonMobil take over Venezuela’s massive oil reserves – the largest on the planet. The key is to monopolize their exploitation in US dollars, benefitting a few Big Oil billionaires… Once again, the curse of natural resources is in play. Venezuela must not be allowed to profit from its wealth on its own terms; thus, Exceptionalistan has ruled that the Venezuelan state must be shattered.”

Russia Slides Towards Internal Political Crisis – by Vladimir K. – https://southfront.org/russia-slides-towards-internal-political-crisis/ – “Russia is in a complicated political and economic situation. Smoldering conflicts near its borders and the continued pressure from the US and NATO affect the situation in the country negatively. It is possible to observe the decreasing approval rating of the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, in particular. However, this very tendency is not linked to the foreign policy course of the Kremlin. It’s the result of the recent series of ill-considered liberal-minded economic reforms, which look similar to the economic course undertaken by the Russian government in mid-1990s. For example: ● The government increased the Value Added Tax amid the slowing Russian economy, especially in the industrial sector; ● The government employed an unpopular pension reform increasing the retirement age;”

Canada’s support for the ongoing coup in  Venezuela would allow the Canadian government to collect on this judgment and to expand its corporate influence over Venezuela’s rich natural resources – by Nick Rehwaldt – https://www.mintpressnews.com/corporate-interests-could-underlie-canadas-support-for-venezuela-coup/254835/ – “Canadian corporate interference in Venezuela was in full swing when the Canadian mining company Crystallex, and other transnational firms, received a judgment in their favor stating that they could seize the assets of Citgo, the state-owned oil and gas company of Venezuela… In the judgment, the corporations were: “looking to claim $1.4 billion worth of compensation awarded in 2014 for the 2008 expropriation of the Las Cristales mining installations by the government of Hugo Chavez.” This is a result of backlash from the nationalization of Venezuela’s mining sector in 2008 by the former president… Canada’s support for the ongoing coup in Venezuela would allow the Canadian government to collect on this judgment and to expand its corporate influence over Venezuela’s rich natural resources.”

US Special Forces Descend On Los Angeles After CIA Pilot Linked To Las Vegas Massacre Blown Out Of Sky – “By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers” – http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2781.htmThe whole sordid mess

Gov’t App Wants to Track Every Homeless Person in San Francisco — While Citizen-Run App Was Sued For Wanting To Feed The Homeless – by Aaron Kesel – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/government-app-track-homeless-san-francisco-citizen-app-sued-wanting-feed-homeless.html – “According to Bloomberg, ONE System collects data from 15 city and state agencies. Then homeless persons are asked 17 questions that can help evaluate their individual situation, including their time spent on the street, health, and overall vulnerability… This information combined with a record of the places in the city that a person frequents is used to create a database that acts as a digital profile for caseworkers. The caseworkers helping homeless people get back on their feet would then use this data to aid them in assisting the homeless community to obtain help with their health and housing needs… Caseworkers then must persuade the homeless to join a monitoring system. Participants in ONE System must sign medical records privacy protection forms and other legal forms. Further, to get into a permanent housing program, app users need to pass a background check, which can take 45 days and requires an identification card, a hardship since most homeless people don’t have a phone or an ID card.” (emphasis added) – Quote: “Our New World Order is coming into view.” -Pres. George H W Bush

Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search History – by Dagny Taggart – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/another-state-wants-every-gun-owner-to-hand-over-their-social-media-accounts-and-internet-search-history.html – “Daisy Luther wrote (emphasis mine): ‘Remember, these things never stop with just one state.’.. It turns out, Daisy’s prediction was spot-on. In Illinois, to be allowed to possess your own gun, you have to have a special card, and the requirements to get that card could be about to become much more intrusive: ‘Meanwhile, in the Illinois House, state Rep. Daniel Didech, D-Buffalo Grove, has filed HB 888 which would require those who apply for a state-issued Firearm Owners Identification Card– mandatory for legal gun owners– turn over a list of their social media accounts to authorities under threat of a Class 2 felony. The State Police would use the information to determine if the accounts have any “information that would disqualify the person from obtaining or require revocation” of a FOID card.’ ”

Netizen Report: Philippine News Outlet Faces “Cyber Libel” Chargeshttps://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/netizen-report-philippine-news-outlet-faces-cyber-libel-charges.htmlIn this Report, Netizen covers draconian efforts in government suppression of information in several countries, including Saudi Arabia where several activists potentially face the death penalty.

WikiLeaks Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons – by Whitney Webb –  https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/wikileaks-reveals-us-military-use-of-imf-world-bank-as-unconventional-weapons.html -The document, officially titled “Field Manual (FM) 3-05.130, Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare” and originally written in September 2008, was recently highlighted by WikiLeaks on Twitter in light of recent events in Venezuela as well as the years-long, U.S.-led economic siege of that country through sanctions and other means of economic warfare. Though the document has generated new interest in recent days, it had originally been released by WikiLeaks in December 2008 and has been described as the military’s “regime change handbook.”.. WikiLeaks’ recent tweets on the subject drew attention to a single section of the 248-page-long document, titled “Financial Instrument of U.S. National Power and Unconventional Warfare.” This section in particular notes that the U.S. government applies “unilateral and indirect financial power through persuasive influence to international and domestic financial institutions regarding availability and terms of loans, grants, or other financial assistance to foreign state and nonstate actors,” and specifically names the World Bank, IMF and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as “U.S. diplomatic-financial venues to accomplish” such goals… The manual also touts the ‘state manipulation of tax and interest rates’ along with other ‘legal and bureaucratic measures” to “open, modify or close financial flows’ and further states that the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – which oversees U.S. sanctions on other nations, like Venezuela — ‘has a long history of conducting economic warfare valuable to any ARSOF [Army Special Operations Forces] UW [Unconventional Warfare] campaign.’ ”

Washington Post Told America of Globalist Plan to be Implemented by 2025 – by Daniel Taylor – http://www.oldthinkernews.com/2019/02/07/washington-post-told-america-of-globalist-plan-to-be-implemented-by-2025/ – ” What was warned about by the Post?: ● Illegal immigrant gang wars, “permanent insurrection against state and federal immigration agents.”; ● Americans are forced into compact cities; ● Google dominates our lives with “Google Life Services”; ● Citizen journalists are monitored by the feds; ● Implantable chips allow freedom of travel in and out of safe zones; ● Small scale terror attacks plague the country”

Not since WWII: France withdraws Italy envoyhttps://www.asiatimes.com/2019/02/article/not-since-wii-france-withdraws-italy-envoy/ – “In a dramatic turn of events, the administration of French President Emmanuel Macron has recalled its ambassador to Italy in retaliation for an “unacceptable” meeting between Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and French protesters… Traveling in France this week, Di Maio met and posed for a photo op with organizers of the French “yellow vest” anti-government movement… ‘This new provocation is unacceptable between neighboring countries and partners at the heart of the European Union,’ a French Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a press briefing… ‘Mr Di Maio, who holds government responsibilities, must take care not to undermine, through his repeated interferences, our bilateral relations, in the interest of both France and Italy.’ ”

Syria Belongs to Syrians, Turkey to Give it Back to Its Owners ASAP – Erdogan – https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201901211071675740-syria-turkey-return-erdogan/ – “The Turkish president’s statement comes after Ankara claimed that it was ready to launch a military operation against the Kurdish YPG militia on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River as well as in other parts of Syria… Commenting on the upcoming Wednesday meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, President Erdogan stated that he is planning to discuss the creation of a security zone in Syria. He reportedly noted, however, that Ankara would never allow turning “Syria into a swamp” like northern Iraq… ‘We will ensure the security of our borders on our own. We will defeat Daesh* ourselves, and I told [US President Donald] Trump: it’s enough if you provide logistical support to us. We will also take Manbij and give it back to its hosts’, Erdogan stated.”

 “Green New Deal” Democrats call for eliminating the entire air travel industry, grounding all airplanes to “save the planet” – by JD Heyes – https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-02-07-green-new-deal-democrats-call-for-eliminating-the-entire-air-travel-industry.html – (Natural News) On Thursday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) introduced a so-called “economic development plan” that will not only bankrupt America if it is ever fully adopted, but it will reverse more than a century of societal and technological progress… According to an overview of the plan, which Ocasio-Cortez is calling the “Green New Deal,” it is decade-long “massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline,” Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) said: ‘Specifically, the Green New Deal — and bear in mind we’re not making any of this up — calls for: ● The elimination of all air travel, at least in the United States. Not only does that mean domestic flights, but that also includes foreign travel (not sure if Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow “Democratic Socialists” would allow airliners from foreign countries to fly to the U.S. and land here); ● The replacement of air travel with “high-speed rail” travel, essentially turning a four-and-a-half hour flight from Los Angeles to New York City into a 24-hour ordeal or more. “Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary,” the plan says; ● The literal rebuilding of every single building in the United States: “Upgrade or replace every building in U.S. for state-of-the-art energy efficiency”; ● The end of all traditional forms of energy currently in use in the U.S., to be replaced by ‘green’ renewable energy sans nuclear power (wind and solar). In fact, ‘if possible,’ the plan calls for the elimination of all nuclear power plants. It’s ‘a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.’ ”

<Brazil’s stock market bust is a blinking red light – All the great trades of the past few weeks are exhausted now that carry ETFs have recovered and have no more upside – by David P. Goldman – https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/02/article/brazils-stock-market-bust-is-a-blinking-red-light/ – “The macaw in the coal mine today was Brazil’s stock market, down 4% with large banks down 6%-7%. The start of negotiations over pension reform is the apparent culprit: The new president Jair Bolsonaro has dazzled investors, but he now has to solve a pension problem that appears politically intractable. Brazilians can retire at 55 with a pension equal to 70% of their pay, and this will cost Brazil 14% of GDP by 2021, and 26% of GDP by 2050… But investors knew all that before they bid up Brazil’s ETF (EWZ) by 14% this year, the best performer in the emerging market universe. Today’s tumble in Brazil (and more measured pullback in all emerging markets) is a warning that the Federal Reserve-driven euphoria of the first five weeks of the year is exhausted.” (emphasis addeed)

The TSA (And Other Experiments In Evil) (18 min) – by James Corbett

Finally, Washington Is Now Law-Bound to Compensate Its Victims! – by Grete Mautner – https://www.globalresearch.ca/finally-washington-is-now-law-bound-to-compensate-its-victims/5668000 – “As most of you must be aware, the US legal system is based on the so-called common law principle that America inherited from the United Kingdom. In this situation it’s only natural to ask: could the above mentioned US District Court decision force Washington to pay billions of dollars in compensations to the families of those who are being unscrupulously referred to in the West as “collateral damage”? As it’s pretty clear for everyone that a precedent has been set. Moreover, on numerous occasions, US authorities would be forced to officially describe a great many of the air raids they launched as erroneous, thus taking full responsibility for the civilian death toll those attacks inflicted… And the number of such air strikes is growing by the day! Thus, in Afghanistan alone, there’s been an unprecedented increase in the number of civilians killed by the US Air Force, while Washington pretends to be interested in negotiations with the Taliban. Over the last two months, at least 10 of such erroneous strikes were reported, resulting in 68 people perishing. Over the last two weeks alone, some 35 peaceful Afghan citizens would die in the course of US air raids. A lot of attention should be paid to the most recent incident when a US military drone murdered 16 civilians in a single attack in the Afghan province of Helmand in late January. On the next day, the funeral procession organized by the relatives of the victims of the first strike came under fire of yet another US drone, which resulted in 13 more people perishing. So far, the Pentagon failed to provide any intelligible comment on the bloodbath its people created, while only making a remark that it was going to launch an investigation. However, as it became evident from hundreds of similar investigations, nobody in the US armed forces is ever going to be held accountable for such crimes.” – Question: Does Trump have some clever reason for allowing this carnage to continue?

“No-Knock Raid” is Just Another Term for “Violent Home Invasion” – by Thomas L. Knapp – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/51063.htmComment: Another account of a trajedy resulting from an ill-considered and unlawful warrant issued by a man in a black dress.

Palestinian School Girl: ‘Terrorist’ or MSM Propaganda? – by Robert Inlakesh (3 min)

Integrity Initiative, Browder & The HSBC Connection (w/video 6min) – from Real Media – https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/02/06/integrity-initiative-browder-the-hsbc-connection/ – ” “2 Degrees of separation” – a theory whistleblower Nicholas Wilson has, that wherever in the world a financial scandal occurs HSBC is to be found nearby… Nicholas has been campaigning for 13 years after blowing the whistle on a High Street fraud of excessive bank charges applied to store cards administered by HSBC. He has recently been vindicated by a Financial Conduct Authority ruling and HSBC have had to begin paying back some of the money defrauded from customers. He was dubbed “Mr. Ethical” by his boss at the time for refusing to defraud debtors. In this first of several interviews for Real Media, he connects Government funding and the security services to the recently revealed psyops outfit, Institute for Statecraft and its ‘integrity initiative’.”

An Opinion About Gun Control In America That Mainstream Media Completely Ignores – by Richard Enos – https://www.collective-evolution.com/2019/02/05/an-opinion-about-gun-control-in-america-that-mainstream-media-will-always-ignore/ – “As a consequence, it is no surprise that most mainstream articles on gun control only see the light of day if they are advocates for increased limits on gun ownership. Pay attention to how they subtly try to persuade us that any decent and civilized person should be in favor of removing all guns from the citizenry. Talbot’s slant is to indicate that the Parkland shooting may have finally changed the country’s mood to get serious about gun control. But she has a word of caution: ‘Still, gun-control advocates might not want to place too much hope in any single moment, even this one. They will have to play a long game, made up of many moments.’.. Interesting how Talbot inadvertently reveals the game that the powerful forces behind mainstream media have been playing all along.” (emphasis added)

Is This the Most Blatant US Coup Ever? – by Makia Freeman –  http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/venezuela-coup-time-2019/ – The Venezuela coup currently being orchestrated by the US is so utterly blatant, even by American standards, that large numbers of people are seeing right through it. This is not a black-and-white issue. Yes, extreme socialism can lead to instability and disaster; yes, Maduro is not the greatest leader; and yes, the people of Venezuela are suffering under massive hyperinflation. However, by far and away the largest factor affecting Venezuela now is not Maduro or socialism by rather US foreign interventionJuan Guaido, latest Washington Puppet and Fraudulent Non-President: You can read about the background of Juan Guaido here. Suffice it to say, he’s a US trained agent-provocateur or “opposition leader” who has been carefully groomed to play in a pivotal role in the Venezuelan coup. US VP Mike Pence phoned Guaido to give him the green light with the coup, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly proclaimed the US would be giving the Venezuelan opposition US$20 million… Guaido’s job is to claim he is the interim president of Venezuela (under Article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution) because Maduro somehow didn’t hold fair elections. However, that argument holds no legal water as this Global Research article The Failure of Guaido’s Constitutional Claim to the Presidency of Venezuela explains…”

MUELLER’S JUDGE AND PROSECUTOR TAKE THEIR ORDERS FROM HILLARY – Congressional disclosures prove the Mueller probe is “the fruit of the poisonous tree” Nardone v. U.S. –  Judge Amy B. Jackson’s financial holdings are stacked with Clinton Foundation donors – Prosecutor Jeannie S. Rhee is a Mueller-WilmerHale groomed woman – https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2019/02/muellers-judge-and-prosecutor-take.html – “Judge Boasberg never met an FBI request from Robert Mueller, Eric Holder and James Comey to spy on an American that he did not like… Boasberg hails from Yale’s Skull & Bones (along with the two George Bushes, John Kerry) and from Oxford University’s & Cecil Rhodes’ one-world schoolhouse for the takedown of the American Republic (along with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Sir Nicholas P. Clegg, Lord Richard B. Allan, the Privy Council). See previous post Eric Holder exploits secret FISA laws for personal gainJackson’s ‘random’ assignment to Mueller cases is Magical… Judge Amy B. Jackson was just assigned to Roger Stone’s case on Jan. 24, 2019. Magically, Jackson was also (randomly?) assigned to the Mueller prosecutions of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Skadden Arps LLP lawyer Alex Rolf van der Zwaan… We are just warming up on Judge Jackson’s egregious conflicts of interest in the Mueller probe… Canon 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct requires judges to recuse if their involvement raises even the appearance of impropriety. Canon 3 requires recusal when the judge holds “even one share” in stock of an interested party in a litigation… Jackson has layers of conflicts of interest in violation of multiple Canons in matters related to Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton…”

Venezuela To Redirect US Oil Exports To Customers In Europe & Asiahttps://southfront.org/venezuela-to-redirect-us-oil-exports-to-customers-in-europe-asia/ – “ ‘Yes, we are facing new illegal sanctions from the US. We were exporting about 500,000 bpd to the US. PDVSA will redirect exports to other customers in Europe and Asia,” (Venezuelan representive to OPEC Ronny) Romero told Sputnik… Last week, the US blocked all PDVSA’s assets in its jurisdiction and imposed a ban on deals with the oil company. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained the move by claiming that the US was preserving the assets of the company in the interests of the people of Venezuela and also protecting its own market. Washington claimed that sanctions will be (softened) if Caracas transfers control over the company to opposition leader Juan Guaido or any “democratically” elected government.”

A Passionate Attachment – Deferring to Israel is “what we are” – by Philip Giraldi – http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/a-passionate-attachment/  – “Readers will recall that S.1 the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 , sponsored by the singularly ambitious though demonstrably brain dead Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, included $33 billion in guaranteed aid to Israel for the next ten years, an unprecedented gesture to America’s closest ally and best friend in the whole world, as Congress might describe it… But the legislation also incorporated measures to criminalize criticism of Israel, referred to as the Combating BDS Act of 2019. It has been correctly observed that that portion of the bill is clearly unconstitutional as it limits free speech, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and is considered to be the bedrock of American civil liberties, but there is no guarantee that the Supreme Court will agree if and when the law is contested. Once free expression is abridged for Israel there will be no end to other grievance groups exploiting the precedent to silence criticism and effectively negate the First Amendment… The potential destruction of the Bill of Rights is only one aspect of the power that Israel has over American policymakers. The widely ballyhooed election of several Congresswomen who appear willing to challenge the Israeli orthodoxy on Capitol Hill is already being countered by the establishment within the Democratic Party, demonstrating once again how deep the corruption of America’s political class by Israel has gone.” – Comment: The FIRST bill out of the Senate for the 116th U.S. Congress…

The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool – by The Saker – http://www.unz.com/tsaker/the-us-aggression-against-venezuela-as-a-diagnostic-tool/ – ” “In your face” stupidity or bootcamp-like deliberate public humiliation? – Remember the almost universal reaction of horror when Bolton was appointed as National Security Advisor? Well, apparently, either the Neocons completely missed that, which I doubt, or they did what they always do and decided to double-down by retrieving Elliott Abrams from storage and appointing him US Special Envoy to Venezuela. I mean, yes, of course, the Neocons are stupid and sociopathic enough not to ever care about others, but in this case I think that we are dealing with a “Skripal tactic”: do something so ridiculously stupid and offensive that it places all your vassals before a stark choice: either submit and pretend like you did not notice or, alternatively, dare to say something and face with wrath of Uncle Shmuel (the Neocon’s version of Uncle Sam). And it worked, in the name of “solidarity” or whatever else, the most faithful lackeys of the Empire immediate fell in line behind the latest US aggression against a sovereign nation in spite of the self-evident fact that this aggression violates every letter of the most sacred principles of international law. This is exactly the same tactic as when they make you clean toilets with a toothbrush or do push-ups in the mud during basic training: not only to condition you to total obedience, but to make you publicly give up any semblance of dignity… …Right now the US, backed by its various colonies and vassal states, appears to be ready to deliver a death blow to Venezuela and, truth be told, they might be able to do just that. But, for whatever it is worth, my gut feeling is that they will fail again, even against the weakest countries of the Axis of Resistance. That is not to say that Venezuela is not in a heap of critical problems. But I believe that in spite of being in a critical condition, Venezuela will be able to bounce back, just like Syria did. After all, the Syrian example proves that it *is* possible to resist a superior invading force while at the same time successfully engaging in critically needed reforms. Yes, today’s Caracas is in very bad shape, but the city of Aleppo was in a much worse shape until it was liberated, and now quasi-normal life has returned to it (in sharp contrast to the US liberated devastated city of Raqqa which still lies in ruins). Yankees (to use the usual Latin-American expression) are just like their Israeli overlords: they are capable of devastating violence but they have no staying power: if things don’t go their way fast, really fast, they run and barricade themselves somewhere faraway from danger.” – Comment: A perfect storm of calm reason and informed foreign policy expertise combine in this brilliant (IMO) article on the state-of-the-moment in the ongoing Venezuelan coup. You won’t find better analysis anywhere. Worth your time (unless you want to believe that Trump is playing 5D chess).

Colombia Deploys More Troops, Equipment Near Border As ‘Lima Group’ Declares Support To Guaidohttps://southfront.org/colombia-deploys-more-troops-equipment-near-border-as-lima-group-declares-support-to-guaido/

ISIS could not return after US withdrawal from Syria and Iraq – by Elijah J. Magnier – https://ejmagnier.com/2019/02/04/isis-could-not-return-after-us-withdrawal-from-syria-and-iraq/ – “The US Intelligence community claims that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) will return within twelve months of any US withdrawal from Syria and will be able to control a wide sweep of territory. In 2014 ISIS occupied an area the size of Great Britain– analysts claim that ISIS would soon be able to control half this much territory. At the same time US President Donald Trump is correctly announcing that ISIS is almost defeated, Pentagon sources claim there are still 20,000 to 30,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria… These unfounded statements and predictions are made by analysts whose bread and butter is to keep the fear of ISIS alive. The reality on the ground is different.”

Californians Report Organized-Stalking in Droves, to Local TV News Outlets & Beyond – by Thomas Fontanez McFarlan – https://medium.com/@thomas.mcfarlan/the-numerous-reports-of-organized-stalking-by-california-tv-news-outlets-24d806873606

The Venezuelan Coup and Gilets Jaunes: Great-Power Politics In a Multipolar World Order – by Federico Pieraccini – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/02/04/the-venezuelan-coup-and-gilets-jaunes-great-power-politics-multipolar-world-order.html – “In Venezuela, Western elites would like us to believe that the situation is worse than in France in terms of public order, but that is simply a lie. It is a media creation based on misinformation and censorship. In Europe, the mainstream media has stopped showing images of the protests in France, as if to smother information about it, preferring to portray an image of France that belies the chaos in which it has been immersed for every weekend over the last few months… In Caracas, the right-wing, pro-American and anti-Communist opposition continues the same campaign based on lies and violence as it has customarily conducted following its electoral defeats at the hands of the Bolivarian revolution. The Western mainstream media beams images and videos of massive pro-government Bolivarian rallies and falsely portrays them as anti-Maduro protests. We are dealing here with acts of journalistic terrorism, and the journalists who push this narrative, instigating clashes, should be prosecuted by a criminal court of the Bolivarian people in Caracas. Instead, the West continues to tell us that Assange is a criminal for doing his job, that Wikileaks is a terrorist organization for publishing true information, and that Russia interfered in the US elections. All of these deceptions are carried out by the same Western journalists, media publications and US government that are currently plying their mendacious trade in Venezuela. What double standards!” (emphasis added)

Israel’s Foreign Minister calls for beheading Arab citizens and it’s not anywhere in the New York Times – by Scott Roth and Phil Weiss – https://mondoweiss.net/2015/03/minister-beheading-anywhere/ – “Two days ago Israel’s foreign minister called for beheading Arab citizens of Israel who are “against us.” Haaretz did the story yesterday. So did Newsweek… Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has said that Arab citizens who are not loyal to the state of Israel should have their heads “chopped off with an axe”… The minister, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party and an outspoken critic of Israel’s Arab population, made the controversial remarks on Sunday in a speech to an election rally held in the western Israeli city of Herzliya ahead of the March 17 vote: ‘Those who are with us deserve everything, but those who are against us deserve to have their heads chopped off with an axe,’ the ultra-nationalist politician said.”

‘Assassination Guide’ Directed at German Populists Posted on Antifa-Linked Site – by Chris Tomlinson – https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/02/02/assassination-guide-directed-at-german-populists-posted-on-antifa-linked-site/ – “Calls for the assassination of several major figures in the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), including detailed instructions on how to do so, have been found on a web platform linked to Antifa far-left extremists… The post was made on the infamous “Indymedia” web platform that has long been used by far-left extremists in Germany and called for the murder of several AfD MPs, including co-chairs Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel, Tichys Einblick reports… Under the title ‘The AfD and the election campaign!’ the post calls on Antifa members to examine the dates of AfD public appearances and study maps of venues to escape once they have finished their assassination.” – Comment: This is in the context of the fatal stabbing of a popular liberal Polish Mayor on stage on Jan. 13.

(EXCLUSIVE to RT espanol, overdubbed – 23min)

Nicolas Maduro’s message to the people of the U.S. (4min, subtitled)

John Bolton’s Plan to Starve Millions of Venezuelans into Submission – by Kurt Nimmo – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/john-boltons-plan-to-starve-millions-of-venezuelans-into-submission.html – “Trump’s National Security Advisor has tweeted (in Spanish -translated): ‘To the Venezuelan military high command, now is the time to stand on the side of the Venezuelan people. It is your right and responsibility to defend the constitution and democracy for Venezuela!’.. This is unprecedented—Bolton publicly announcing a military coup (usually with hundreds if not thousands of deaths). He deliberately showed off his notebook with scribbled invasion plans, so there would be no question about the agenda… Let’s get real. Bolton doesn’t care about the people of Venezuela. If he did the US would not be imposing harsh sanctions that are resulting in malnutrition and starvation. Bolton is using the age-old technique of starving and depriving people so they will overthrow the government (this tactic rarely works—leading me to believe it is inflicted out of pure sadism—leading to the exact opposite reaction)… The people know the rule of the elite in Venezuela results in endless poverty and a large underclass of desperate people. This is primary reason they voted for Hugo Chávez and his version of the Bolivarian Revolution. His Bolivarian missions provided access to food, housing, healthcare, and education. Standard socialist nationalization took control away from transnational corporations and banks eager to financialize everything in sight.”

GILETS JAUNES: Macron’s State-Sanctioned Violence against Civilians is Condemned by Doctors and Human Rights Groups – by Vanessa Beeley – https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/02/01/gilets-jaunes-macrons-state-sanctioned-violence-against-civilians-is-condemned-by-doctors-and-human-rights-groups/ – “In 2016, Benali took part in a study on the risk of the “Flashballs” (now replaced by the LBD40) –  The hazardous nature of Flash-Ball®: A case of cranioencephalic trauma and a literature review. This scientific article appeared in the legal medicine review but never prompted a public debate in governmental circles. The following is taken from the summary of the report: ‘For two decades, Flash-Ball® is commonly used by police forces in France as a sub-lethal weapon. Injuries due to Flash-Ball® are regularly relayed in media but remain poorly described in the literature. However, we report the case of a healthy 34-year-old male victim of a Flash-Ball® shot outside a sporting fixture. This young man presented serious craniocerebral injuries with a left temporal fracture, moderate cerebral oedema, fronto-temporal haemorrhagic contusion along with an extra-dural haematoma and subarachnoid haemorrhage requiring neurological and rehabilitation care for two months leaving important sequelae. Although the risk is obviously lower than with firearms, authors report a case demonstrating that Flash-Ball® may cause serious physical injuries particularly after a headshot but also death.’ (Emphasis added)…” – Statement from the Gilets Jaunes: “The Council of State (Conseil d’Etat, highest administrative jurisdiction ) officially declined to forbid or even suspend the use of LBD40 bullets, despite all available evidence that are being used against all rules of police engagement and are causing terrible mutilation to civilians, risking life in many cases… The Council of State effectively dismissed all evidence of Police violations of their own regulations and infractions against civilians. So, Acte XII will go ahead in the knowledge that there is a high risk of further injuries and targeting of civilians by the forces of law and order with weapons described as “sub-lethal” but lethal when misused.”

Possible Big Foot Sighting: Young Boy Lost In The Woods Says He Made Friends With A “Bear”… But Could It Have Been Something Else? – by Mac Slavo – http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/possible-big-foot-sighting-young-boy-lost-in-the-woods-says-he-made-friends-with-a-bear-but-could-it-have-been-something-else_02022019 – “When 3 year-old toddler Casey Hathaway was found by police three days after he disappeared from his grandmother’s backyard in North Carolina, he told his family that he had “made friends with a bear.”.. While the kid has no reason to make up such a story, what’s interesting is that temperatures dipped into the 20’s – well below freezing – suggesting that something most definitely helped him to survive in the vast wilderness. According to the family, the boy is medically fine, showing no serious signs of exposure… One commentor suggested that this is actually the most plausible scenario: ‘Kurt von Blanckensee: There is no possible way a 3 year old could survive for that amount of time in temperatures as low as 17 degrees without some way of keeping warm. The Sasquatch scenario actually makes the most sense.”

New York Democrats just legalized murdering children who survive failed abortions… pure EVIL – by  Ethan Huff – http://www.thedailysheeple.com/new-york-democrats-just-legalized-murdering-children-who-survive-failed-abortions-pure-evil_012019 – “After a careful reading of the law’s provisions, it’s clear that, in addition to legalizing abortion at any point during pregnancy, the changes to Section 4164 of New York’s Public Health Law also allow for babies to be aborted afterthey’re born – a form of murder known as infanticide… As reported by LifeNews.com, the legislation’s wording suggests that botched abortions, in which an unborn baby ends up being birthed rather than murdered, can be attempted again after that baby has left the birth canal… ‘When an abortion is to be performed after the twentieth week of pregnancy, a physician other than the physician performing the abortion shall be in attendance to take control of and to provide immediate medical care for any live birth that is the result of the abortion,’ the law reads… In other words, should a baby be born instead of aborted as intended, another physician can step in and engage the process a second time.” (emphasis added)Comment: I surmise that the truth of the meaning of this “piece” of legislation must depend on the applicable definition of “medical care.” Beyond that, it seems clear that permitting “abortion” right up to the moment of birth is an extremely dicey proposition, guaranteeing further division among the people.

U.S. Southern Command In Colombia Along The Border, Venezuela Military Moves, U.S. Pulls Out Of INF Treaty; Russia Threatens U.S; China Calls For Calm. – by Aaron Kesel – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/us-southern-command-colombia-venezuela-military-moves-us-pulls-out-inf-treaty-russia-threatens-us-china-calls-calm.html – “According to a State Department source, corroborated by a video news report, U.S. troops are already along Colombia’s border. This comes as Venezuela has reportedly moved military armaments and ammunition to Colombia’s border as well… Although it’s not 5,000 troops along the border; a source said the U.S. was propagandizing 5,000 troops on John Bolton’s notepad to hide a larger troop count of 30,000+ proposed to Colombia… This writer’s source stated that recently a former Pentagon official stressed the fact that if the U.S. was to get militarily involved it would need way more than 5,000 troops. The former official was reported by The Times. “A military operation in Venezuela requires the presence of between 25,000 and 30,000 American soldiers, especially since the success of this operation depends largely on the loyalty of the Venezuelan military forces to Nicolas Maduro,” the official told The Times… A news report by Vesti, a Russian news outlet, corroborates my own source who stated U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) is already down on the ground in Colombia.”

Jair Bolsonaro, new President of Brazil, shakes hands with Bibi Netanyahu in Rio during Bibi’s visit. Brazil has a border of hundreds of miles with Venezuela. Bolsonaro suggested, before the emergence of Juan Guaido with his personal declaration of Presidenthood, that he intended to take steps to depose the Chavista “Regime” next door. Would you buy a proxy invasion from this man?

Monika Schaefer “Unbowed & Proud” My Story: My Trial, My “Crime” & 10 Months in a German Jail (1.5 hours) – https://www.bitchute.com/video/43IODget0mHO/Monika Schaefer is out of jail and back home in Canada after being arrested for making a video in Canada two years before her trip to Germany.


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